How To Sell Books On eBay? Best Full Guide 2022

How To Sell Books On eBay? Best Full Guide

eBay is a great place to sell collectibles or used books. The platform is known for selling used items. You can make a lot of money selling used books on eBay. How to sell books on eBay? Continue reading to learn how Penn Book can help you sell books on eBay.

What needs to sell books on eBay?


You must have the right to the ebook or the copyright to it if you wish to sell it on eBay. You must either have the authorship of the book and no copyrighted material or have the owner’s explicit permission to sell it.

These include self-written guides, fiction books, and recipe compilations. Copyright and trademark laws prohibit the use of someone else’s ideas or content in ebooks. These types of materials are not allowed to be sold on eBay.

eBay Categories

All ebooks sent electronically must be listed under the Everything Else category. This is to prevent users from purchasing an ebook by mistake through the Books category. You must physically mail your ebook to other categories if you wish to sell it through those categories.

The following message must be included in all listings if you send the ebook by post: It is against eBay policy to send it via email or any other digital delivery medium.

Type of eBay Listing

Ebooks should be classified as classified ads. This can be done in two ways. First, you can place an ad-free of charge on It works just like Craigslist, and your ad will be displayed for as long or little as you need.

The second option is via a regular eBay listing. While the eBay listing prices can vary, the selection for Classified Ads must be made during the creation of the page.

Take into account

To avoid fraud, the ebook listing and content have strict guidelines. An ebook cannot be focused on more than one topic. For example, you cannot sell a gold selling listing and a game guide in the same ebook.

Two separate books would be required. You would need to create two separate books. Listings cannot contain links to websites that direct sales of the ebook to other locations than eBay.

What needs to sell books on eBay

How to Sell Books on eBay?

1. Install the eBay App

Although it is not necessary, adding photos to your listing makes it so much easier.

You will need an account if you don’t have one.

This page outlines the steps involved in setting up an account.

You don’t have to be an expert on the internet, but it is not difficult.

2. You can search eBay for the book that you are looking to sell.

Click Completed Listings in the sidebar. This will allow you to see if your book has been completed.

  • Selling at a fair price.
  • Selling at all

I don’t believe it’s worth my time to list a book if it goes for $0.99.

It’s worth it.

(On mobile, click on Filter on the right-hand side, and scroll down to toggle completed listings.

3. Click Sell one like this.

This will take you to a page that has a pre-filled listing. It makes life so much easier. Much of the information, such as the author and genre, is already filled out. You will have already filled in the information.

4. Make sure the listing is accurate.

Check the condition of your book (new, used, like new, etc.). Ensure the condition (new, like new, good, etc.) is correct for your book.

Add any pertinent information about the book to the description (page 42 has markings, and the back cover is torn).

It is always best to be as transparent as possible about the condition of your book. This way, the buyer will know exactly what they are getting, and you won’t be able to complain when they receive their book.

5. Upload photos.

Although you can use an eBay stock image of the book, I always add my photos.

As a buyer, I prefer to see a photo of the item I am buying. Not just a stock image. So I assume that my buyers are also like me.

Would you please take photos of any defects so your buyer can see what they are getting?

6. Select Media Mail to receive your shipment

Select Media Mail to receive your shipment

Shipping books by media mail is the most affordable way to send them. This is the method I use when I list books.

It is necessary to weigh the book and then enter this information in the shipping area. My kitchen scale is perfect for small books.

For larger books, I use my bathroom scale to weigh the book with and without it. Then I can determine the difference.

7. Decide whether you will accept returns.

My account will not accept returns. It’s too stressful to deal with books that aren’t worth the cost.

My account is set in this manner, but my buyers still can return the book if it isn’t as described. They cannot return the book if they are not described by the no returns setting.

8. You can decide to auction it or buy it now and set a price.

Because it’s easier than an auction, I do all my listings as buy now.

Although eBay suggests a price for your book based on the information you have gathered from previous listings, you can still make your own decision.

Because I value fast sales, I price my books a bit slower than the rest. You need to get that book out! Get the book out of here!

9. For maximum speed, use your computer and your smartphone.

I prefer to complete the listing, except for the photos that I have on my computer. Typing on a computer is much quicker!

I complete the listing, except for the photos, and then click save as for later.

Next, I open my eBay phone app and find my draft. Then, I add photos to my phone camera.

Although you could make the entire listing on the app, I prefer having a keyboard.

10. Wait for someone else to buy your book.

You might be offered counter-offers.

They may even pay the full price.

11. After you have been paid, pack and ship your book.

I keep padded envelopes that I order online and use them to package the books that I sell. Make sure to cover up any barcodes that were in the previous shipment. Next, place your book in the box and seal it with tape.

eBay will send an email to you once payment has been received. This email will contain a link that you can use to print shipping labels.

First, you will need to fill in some information. Then, you can print and pay for the label at home. It’s so much faster than going to the post office!

Media Mail is not accessible directly via the USPS website. However, it IS available through eBay for items that are sold on eBay. It’s amazing.

Tape the label to your package.

12. Drop the package in the mail

I will put the package in my mailbox if it is small enough. If it is too small, I will put it in my mailbox.

How long does it take

How long does it take? Is it worth it?

Although it sounds complicated, listing on eBay should not take more than five minutes.

I usually take less than five minutes to package a book for shipping.

For just a few minutes, I can get some cash in my pocket, and my used book will go directly to someone who needs it.

Although it would be faster to donate my book directly to Goodwill, there is a good chance that the book will end up in the trash, especially if the book is a niche, like a book about homeschooling.

My eBay selling is a matchmaking process. I can unite a reader with a book that they want.

Why not sell on Amazon?

It is much faster than listing on Amazon.

However, I haven’t had much success selling my items (too many competitors, likely), and Amazon’s seller fees seem to be higher than eBay’s.

So, I almost always list books on eBay.


Is it profitable to sell books on eBay?

Yes! You can sell your collectibles or used books on eBay. The platform is known for selling used items. You can make a lot of money selling used books on eBay.

Is eBay a good place to sell books?

I recommend selling books on eBay if you haven’t done so before. As a minimizing tool, eBay can be time consuming. For a mere $4 profit, taking pictures, writing descriptions, and shipping packages can be quite a chore. eBay takes out nearly all of the hassles associated with books.

What sells the best on eBay?

The best-selling items on eBay are home furnishing items like lighting, coffee tables, and sofas. Parasols, parasols, and barbecues are all popular garden items. This category has the most popular items on eBay: Printers, scanners, and laptops.

How can I sell books for cash?

It’s easy to sell your old books for cash. Submit your books online for an instant offer, and we will pay you the next day. It’s easy. You only need to follow four simple steps to make some dough. Enter your ISBN, get a quote and send your stuff to get paid.

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