How To Make Money Selling Books: Best Guide [2021]

How To Make Money Selling Books

As we all know, book flipping really can help you build authority in the topic matter or market in which you’re apart. With the addition of a book to the selection of content you supply in your topic area, it will become evident you know a lot about a specific topic. This assists you become a visible portion of this broader dialog.

In any case, by selling guides on your site, you retain all of the gains of your book rather than trading on external websites, which take a portion of your fee. How to make money selling books? Penn Book will discuss with you all the most OK full manual.


Many books are read after (or maybe not at all) and given to some thrift store, offered at auction, or lost by being abandoned on public transportation. You could have the ability to generate a buck by purchasing them on the internet again. Earning money this way isn’t a simple choice, but it requires hard work and persistence. Finding the ideal books to market and then fitting them to waiting clients is the secret to success. You will find you have weeks or days of zero earnings, but make a super-sale. To produce this kind of business to pay, you will need expert knowledge.

You can use an intermediary to market, or you might create your site. The movie below clarifies how small money-based online wholesalers provide you to get secondhand books. The areas reviewed inside are,,, and





The used textbook market is between $5.5 billion and $8 billion, based on a recent post. That means there’s a LOT of money to be produced within this disjointed market location.

Sure, a whole lot of textbook sales occur on school campuses. But a fast perusal of both Amazon and eBay listings will show you that lots of individuals are still buying and selling used textbooks on the web.


If you’re selling your textbooks, that is one thing. However, what if you would like to turn into a textbook flipper where you purchase and sell for profit?

I’d Begin by searching in these areas:

  • Second hand or thrift shops, like Goodwill
  • Garage sales…you will never know!
  • You could have the ability to get an inexpensive book and then turn around and sell it on Amazon or someplace else for a higher cost.
  • Craigslist. Particularly if you’re close to a college town, your odds are better for scoring a few cheap textbooks.
  • Ask family and friends. You may be amazed at what they have lying about!
  • The odds are probably smaller to locate anything relatively low priced here, but it is still possible to stumble upon the ideal prospect.


Textbooks particularly have a lot of areas where you can sell. It’s possible to utilize and as an excellent way to record and sell your stock online.

These are websites where each school student will try to find a less expensive version of their required textbooks. This was true from the early 2000s, and the only real change is that MORE pupils are searching online to buy used books.

Since the ridiculous markups in the school bookstore have not altered, that means there is a significant market for older textbooks.

But, there are also many additional textbooks in specific marketplaces that are worth having a peek at. Here are Some of the textbook marketplaces where you can promote:

  • AbeBooks


Modern first edition books are books printed in the past 30 or 40 decades; many people are collectible for their favorite authors or books. For others, they’re only prepared to pay a bit higher price for something which may become collectible.

These initial versions aren’t tough to locate for books that are current or current best sellers. But they do tend to find a little harder THAT further back in time you go.

When I got started, I honestly did not understand what sort of books to search for. So after doing a bit of study, I found that modern-day editions are now collectible!

A modern-day edition is just the first variant of a current book (in the previous 30 decades). First versions for readers older than that will generally control even higher costs.

If you do not understand how to tell whether a book is the first edition, Tissot is always simple. But here’s a fantastic manual that describes how to figure out whether the book is the first edition.


With my limited understanding of what books to be aware of, I probably missed some excellent ones. But I’d find some decent modern-day editions. One book I sold for approximately $50 was the first edition of The Company by John Grisham.

I also discovered a few other books that sold for $20 or $30. On the other hand, nearly all the books I found sold for about $5 to $7. However not too bad for a $1 buy.

If you receive a large enough quantity of book sales which may be a reasonably clear profit!

I just kept at it for around three or four months. I’d go book hunting on the weekends and offer them online and email them through this week. Since I had been in college and attempting to receive my prospective spouse interested in meI did not spend a lot of time or effort on it.

But I did figure out how to generate a couple of hundred bucks here and there.


  • Second hand or thrift shops, like Goodwill
  • Condo sales & yard sales
  • Flea markets
  • Craigslist
  • Ask Family and Friends
  • Sometimes you can Discover Fantastic bargains on eBay in case you understand what to search for.


I’d stick to eBay all the time for promoting these kinds of books. Folks understand they can visit eBay to locate rare and collectible things, such as modern first edition books.

Amazon is likely not the ideal place to market these kinds of books (but you might even check for your specific books).

Suppose you’re considering this a long-term endeavor and are ready to maintain a vast inventory of older books available to receive the best cost for every. In that case, you may wish to think about an internet bookstore. is a superb alternative with this, though you’ll have a monthly fee along with the percentage obtained from every book sold.

This means you want to have enough classic books and used first edition books available to warrant those yearly charges. But in case you have rooms filled with used books, this can be a fantastic way to get the best price from book buyers to your first variants.


From print, books are just your ordinary used books you may find at any bookstore or thrift shop. There’s usually not a great deal of cash to be produced in such”run of the mill” type books.

Particularly with the contest and fees that Amazon will bill, it is harder and more challenging to earn much cash to get a book that costs you to purchase and sell for $5. Once you cover your packing and transport expenses, there is not much gain left.

But, there are still plenty of used book vendors on Amazon selling these kinds of books. Therefore, you can make it work…but it is not simple.

These are the types of books that are regarded as the “long tail”. A number of these books will only sell a few copies a month, and when there are 50 vendors all attempting to market a secondhand copy of the same book, well, you do the mathematics. You may need to wait a year or two more before the book will sell.

The majority of people making decent money at non-collectible secondhand books are large used bookstores with enormous stock at a fantastic physical place or individual book vendors who serve a particular market.


Many men and women are amazed by exactly how much of a marketplace you will find for classic and classic books on the market. Selling classic books on the internet, limited first edition books or even specialization collectible books is a massive industry!

Getting good at this requires a readiness to learn a few new skills and spend time. However, the pay-off possibility is enormous!

One of our authors on this website, Shane, has bought and sold classic books on the side for more than 15 decades. He jokes about being able to”smell” the cash on any text in the flea market, garage sale, or perhaps used book shop.

While a scarce book is an unusual find, it will occur. He recalls purchasing a 1919 first variant for $55 off eBay and flipping it four weeks later on Abebooks for $775.

Five minutes of research before purchasing, fifteen minutes setting up the list, 5 minutes packing and transport afterward, and $720 is a fantastic payout to get half an hour of actual work!

Most rewarding second handbooks are not likely to return to the degree of gain.

Shane claims for every $10 he spent an old book; he anticipates about $40-50 back. That is still pretty good money selling books as a side gig.

That is not imagined in the significant money makers like the former narrative. Here is the profit margin over the typical old book he might discover at a flea market, an estate purchase, underpriced on the internet, or perhaps the actual occasional garage sale.

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There are good arguments made for these two methods of selling used books on the internet. Locating popular secondhand books you can select up for nickels and dimes on the pay cost that you sell can create some quite excellent return on investment.

Then again, as you might need to keep old collectible books or classic first variants longer before purchasing them on the internet, they frequently go for much higher costs, too.

To put it differently, both these methods of selling old books on the internet are an excellent way to earn some serious cash if you understand what you are doing. So is one way better than another?

Flipping books can make a fantastic negative hustle, or possibly a full-time occupation, in an assortment of ways. The crucial thing is to enter the sport of selling used books, determine what you like about it, what you can always find in the region, and use it to keep moving ahead.


Shane was kind enough to deliver a few of his 15 decades of firsthand knowledge about the best way to make money selling used books for this article. He specialized mainly in first variant antique books and old collectible books.

If you are inclined to prefer to study things in detail before leaping in, the notion of looking to find, identify, and purchase used books before turning them in again could be overpowering. There is a good deal of information involved with becoming a book hound (slang for someone who does so, particularly with classic or collectible original editions).

Enough it could easily overwhelm you.

But do not worry. Suppose you are excited about the possible benefit in this yard sale, garage sale, or library sale, even if you like the sense of a physical book from the palms. In that case, the massive amount following a $ which shows up once you sell it then does not allow the entire world of flipping books to intimidate you.

Follow these hints, consider it as an experience, and there is a fantastic chance you will catch the bug, also! And also make a tidy profit on the way.


You shouldn’t lie about the status of the used book. Being truthful is only fantastic coverage, period. However, this applies to grey regions.

Imagine if the book falls in this grey area between “very good” and “good?” Or”nice” and”very good?”

When there are potent guidelines for estimating the status of an older book, it is not set in stone. There are occasions in which a rare book’s condition is balancing directly between two states. In that circumstance, I tag it as the worst of both.


Since I’d rather be known as the man who offered an excellent book at a fantastic cost than the scam artist that overcharged and under-delivered.

Reputation matters, particularly if you wind up going heavy to the rare book or classic book route.

Additionally, from the description mentioning, it’s straddling those two states, but you recorded it worse to be on the flip side…it is one hell of a final tactic for selling classic books. Those always sold fast for me.

Every collector enjoys a fantastic thing. Worst case scenario, they understand they are getting a book that’s at least at the very best selection of the decreased condition. In the most exemplary case, they receive a whole lot. And will return to hunting my online shop for more great bargains on future old book discoveries!


Do not underestimate the possibility of picking up unwanted books. As these are usually chosen more frequently than not, it’s easy to overlook some precious old ones.

Even if there are not any precious first versions of textbooks frequently, it’s still possible to earn a profit selling classes of books on eBay. It will not be a massive amount, but gain is profit.

packing book for moving


Donate to a local library or college library. Produce those tiny street library homes to make books accessible to kids and neighbors. Dedicate to prisons if you’ve got a blog or site, phone local news websites or neighborhood bloggers and find some fantastic PR and several traffic from this.

Loads of ways buying and selling used books may benefit you beyond the immediate sale.

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Several of the very precious old books are not always valuable. However, they fall to a particular area a collector may like (example: older medical books or 1930s college lesson books) or are ghostwritten by writers who afterward became famous under a different title.

In this scenario with that knowledge will permit you to see precious books that the best programs or AI may not see.

If you would like to get more from selling books on the web, purchase some books on book hound or distinctive valuable first editions.

This will teach you valuable skills such as:

  • Being able to tell the condition of a book
  • Knowing vague titles which are valuable
  • Spotting overlooked potential jewels.
  • Help you recall titles that are worth something to collectors but not mainstream.

The number of times I sensed a”ping” in my mind like I understood that name from someplace, purchased the book, then found out it had been in one of many books on precious first editions I’d read is pretty substantial.

Since I knew it came from knowledge and study, trusting that gut instinct has contributed to fantastic gains, I would have missed.


If you have done any purchasing or selling on Amazon, eBay, or anywhere else, you understand that which you pay for transport is frequently a set cost that’s more than the accurate postal fees. This not only covers envelopes, stamps/postage, delivery, or insurance monitoring, but it is also accepted that the seller takes just a bit of their own time/trouble.

Keep a watch on what sounds like an “acceptable” shipping and handling cost. When it’s $5, and you are just charging $3, $2 a bundle, you leave it on the table. If you wind up selling 1,000 books in a calendar year, that adds up.

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Library revenue can be a terrific place to find used books. It’s possible to turn for a profit, notably in bulk. But if you’re focusing mainly on precious original edition collectible books, remember that ink stamps together with the library’s title is a worthy killer, even if the remainder of the book is in perfect form.

“Library copy” is most frequently a cuss word in regards to classic fiction book hounds.


  • Purchase some guidebooks to find out about book requirements, the way to identify the first edition, and find out about classic books.
  • Search for helpful programs like Scout IQ or even Textrader to remain at the top of trends
  • Have a Look at shared websites to sell used books and get acquainted with how they operate
  • For collectible/antique books, a Fantastic beginning Guideline is thought to be a list collector to get non-fiction, first edition/first printing for fiction.
  • Get out there and take action, nothing beats real-world experience!


Most of you might already understand how to test completed listings on eBay; nonetheless, if not, it’s pretty easy. There’s an alternative on the left sidebar that says”Completed List” Just check this box, then simply the listings to the specific search topic you’ve entered that are finished will reveal.

In doing this type of study, it is possible to learn pretty fast just how much you can expect to market a book.

Probably, you’re not likely to get some natural “stone” from the used book section. You likely won’t find any books worth tens of thousands and probably not even tens of thousands of dollars unless you’re blessed.

But, you are certainly able to find some books valued in the $10 to $20 range.

The issue with selling books such as this is that the margins are so low for the total amount of time it takes to discover the books, produce the list, react to buyers, pack the books, and bring them into the post office. I was probably making far less than minimum wage within my small enterprise.

But, I believe there is some possibility for somebody who gets serious about it.



When there are a couple of different approaches to choose from, I like best to purchase used books on Amazon and then back on Amazon and pocket the difference. If I were to begin reselling now, this is the route I’d take.

Reselling Faculties has been quite strong. If I were to do everything over, I would not even bother with low-priced books. Fiction, non-fiction, it does not matter. Textbooks cost an astronomical sum, plus there is a massive chance.

Sounds too good to be true?

There are now more bargains on the market that enjoy this than you would think due to how sellers record used books for low costs on Amazon all the time, not knowing that they may exchange that book into Amazon for much more income.

As an instance, you may observe a Biology 101 textbook that has a used price of $45, and the typical selling cost is $70. Meaning you can purchase it at the present low cost and possibly sell it directly back for around a $25 profit.

There are a lot of opportunities such as this. Pupils get new textbooks each year. And tons of savvy students do not need the 4th version that came out. They’re more than pleased with the 3rd version that is less than half of the cost.

This opens up a huge chance for you to obtain the “older” textbook when new versions come out. Wait just a bit, and there’ll be more than sufficient buyers for what you are offering.

You can begin looking for deals or utilize TexTrader to accelerate the process considerably.


This may be a critical choice that impacts your profits. You do not wish to create a poor option. Do not forget on the opposite side of Shane’s narrative of selling a book for $775 was a man who was pleased for $50 for this.

In that instance, Abebooks was the correct telephone over eBay for bottom-line profit margin. This will not necessarily be true.

The fantastic thing is there are far more places than where it is possible to sell used books. Additionally, there are more used books offered in a year than ever before therefore there are loads of chances.

Listed below is listing some of the top places to go on the internet to sell used books. Remember that based on which kind of old books you are selling or used books you are flipping, a few of those sites will function better than others.

We are going to provide you the basic principles of significant areas to sell used books online. Remember that nothing beats good old trial and error testing.


They are the biggest seller of all, well, pretty much everything, on earth. Selling used books on Amazon could be a great alternative, mainly if you receive a trendy modern book cheap.

Amazon is not likely to be the ideal location for classic books or rare early editions. However, for modern readers and a few popular books, it is a beautiful spot to market. Download the Scout IQ program to understand exactly what a book is now selling for on Amazon.

This is a program for retail arbitrage that shows you precisely what a product is selling for right now, especially on Amazon. This makes it an excellent tool for book hounds seeking to supplement which occasional immense dollar treasure with lucrative smaller earnings in route.


The majority of the time, you will not get special prices from the favorite books on eBay. However, you can find a good deal of earnings off this stage. If you’re running out of space-suited to many comparatively collectible first editions, which are not super rare, eBay may be a terrific way to produce cash flow from unwanted books.

On many occasions, eBay is on the brief list of areas to search for a fantastic bargain instead of selling books for gain. But if you obtain many books to get a dime every day, you may be pleased with $10 and allow somebody else to do the legwork to reverse it for longer.


Abebooks got a reputation early on as the place to go for rare books, classic first versions, and precious collectible books. This standing stays. If you’re searching for an ancient book, fiction books many decades from print, you then visit Abebooks.

That makes this an excellent spot for vendors that have a selection of first edition fiction books, collectible,on-fiction books, or even those unconventional books which sell for much more but that might require time to find the very best price for.

If you’re more for the “burn and churn” mode of flipping books, you may skip this. However, Abebooks is a superb place where significant money may be made out of earnings.


Flipsy is an intriguing site created for Placing just a tiny bit of everything, but their book section is bustling. This may be an excellent place for selling popular books. They’ve started to provide Abebooks a run for their money when it comes to collectible books.

If you previously have marketed with Flipsy, then you need to have a look at its book section, too. This is a location where you may sell classic and collectible books. Along with more contemporary popular names, too.


Used mainly for looking at secondhand textbooks, this can be popular if you’re able to find faculty students who do not wish to invest $350 to get a new book that then gets used just once.

Which are many of them.


That will be last on the list as while I am all about encouraging local used bookstores. From pure earning money selling books standpoint, it is seldom going to be your very best alternative. You will rarely get money.

Nevertheless, should you require space or have many books that you can not market fast, the store credit or gift cards that you get are fantastic for filling out your reading list or buying for those bookworms in the household.



Charlie uses Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment from Amazon) service. This implies he packs up all of his books in one giant box, prints a tag, and sends it off to one of Amazon’s supply warehouses.

From that point, Amazon manages all of the sorting, tracking, tracking, returns, refunds, etc.

You want an Amazon vendor account, and there are transparent fees for them managing all this, but many sellers find it much easier than sending out individual items.

The intriguing part is that Charlie stated you may even charge a bit more because your books are now Prime-shipping qualified.

Amazon into Amazon Flips?

He has even purchased books off Amazon being marketed by retailer fulfilled sellers and flipped them around for gain.

If you are considering doing so, there’s a bit of software named eFlip that can find retailer things to reverse.


Usually, Charlie said that he spends 1-2 hours scanning books in shops 4-5 days each week.

It may have an entire day when he wants to drive to get a couple of hours to reach some new places. He will go out of the way to come across large book sales.

Charlie also started being constant is a massive part of becoming successful in this position. The more areas he strikes, the more chances he must find good books.

He carries $10 Starbucks gift cards round to contribute to thrift shop workers that may be happy to let him move into the backroom and receive first dibs on a few books.

Next, after sourcing the stock, it is an issue to list those things on Amazon and send them in. A scanner and stock software such as Charlie said is a harem aid here.


Can you be satisfied with all the preceding articles? We expect it will provide you a hand to create a simpler book. In case you have any suggestions you wish to share with viewers, please free comment chat.

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