How Many Books Are In The Boxcar Children’s Series? Best Update [2022]

How Many Boxcar Children Books Are There

The Boxcar Children books are the best children’s book I know that covers all aspects of adventure and mystery. These books are not a winner, but they give parents the satisfaction of knowing that their children will be in good hands. How Many Boxcar Children Books Are There? Continue reading, and Penn Book will provide you with the complete information in the article.

What Are The Boxcar Children Books About?

The Boxcar Children books are a series of children’s books written by Gertrude Chandler Warner. The books follow the adventures of four orphans, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny, as they live together in an abandoned boxcar and solve mysteries.

The books are aimed at young readers and are known for their wholesome, adventurous, and educational themes.

Who Are The Main Characters Of The Boxcar Children Books?


The Boxcar Children books feature the Alden children Henry, Jessie, and Violet.

Henry Alden

Henry, a fourteen-year-old boy, is Alden’s oldest child. He is capable and takes on a lot of responsibility to his siblings.

Jessie Alden

Jessie, twelve years old, is a take charge type of child. Her organizational skills are very useful for the children as they try to solve various mysteries.

Violet Alden

Violet, a ten-year-old Alden child, is creative and shy. She enjoys art and can see details that her siblings and brothers miss.

Benny Alden

Benny, Alden’s youngest child, is a playful, impulsive six-year-old. He is eager to solve mysteries for his older siblings and is curious.


How Many Boxcar Children Books Are There?

The Boxcar Children Books In Order

The complete series now contains upwards of 150 titles. Gertrude Chandler Warner’s original series consisted of 19 books. Ghostwriters created the subsequent books.

The Boxcar Children Books In Order

  1. The Boxcar Children (1942)
  2. The Movie Star Mystery (1948)
  3. Surprise Island (1949)
  4. The Yellow House Mystery (1952)
  5. Mystery Ranch (1957)
  6. Mike’s Mystery (1960)
  7. Blue Bay Mystery (1961)
  8. The Woodshed Mystery (1962)
  9. The Lighthouse Mystery (1962)
  10. Mountain Top Mystery (1964)
  11. Schoolhouse Mystery (1965)
  12. Caboose Mystery (1966)
  13. Houseboat Mystery (1967)
  14. Snowbound Mystery (1968)
  15. Tree House Mystery (1969)
  16. Bicycle Mystery (1970)
  17. Mystery in the Sand (1971)
  18. Mystery Behind the Wall (1973)
  19. Bus Station Mystery (1974)
  20. Benny Uncovers a Mystery (1976)
  21. The Animal Shelter Mystery (1991)
  22. The Haunted Cabin Mystery (1991)
  23. The Deserted Library Mystery (1991)
  24. The Old Motel Mystery (1991)
  25. The Disappearing Friend Mystery (1991)
  26. The Mystery Girl (1992)
  27. The Mystery of the Singing Ghost (1992)
  28. The Mystery of the Hidden Painting (1992)
  29. The Amusement Park Mystery (1992)
  30. The Mystery of the Mixed-Up Zoo (1992)
  31. The Camp-Out Mystery (1992)
  32. The Mystery Cruise (1992)
  33. The Mystery in the Snow (1992)
  34. The Castle Mystery (1993)
  35. The Pizza Mystery (1993)
  36. The Mystery Horse (1993)
  37. The Mystery at the Dog Show (1993)
  38. The Mystery of the Lost Village (1993)
  39. The Canoe Trip Mystery (1994)
  40. The Mystery of the Purple Pool (1994)
  41. The Ghost Ship Mystery (1994)
  42. The Mystery of the Hidden Beach (1994)
  43. The Mystery of the Missing Cat (1994)
  44. The Mystery on Stage (1994)
  45. The Dinosaur Mystery (1995)
  46. The Mystery of the Stolen Music (1995)
  47. The Chocolate Sundae Mystery (1995)
  48. The Mystery of the Hot Air Balloon (1995)
  49. The Mystery Bookstore (1995)
  50. The Mystery of the Stolen Boxcar (1995)
  51. The Mystery in the Cave (1995)
  52. The Mystery of the Lost Mine (1996)
  53. The Mystery of the Secret Message (1996)
  54. The Mystery on the Train (1996)
  55. The Mystery of the Lost Mine (1996)
  56. The Guide Dog Mystery (1996)
  57. The Hurricane Mystery (1996)
  58. The Mystery of the Secret Message (1996)
  59. Boxcar Children Bookshelf (1996)
  60. The Mystery in San Francisco (1997)
  61. The Outer Space Mystery (1997)
  62. The Mystery at the Alamo (1997)
  63. The Firehouse Mystery (1997)
  64. The Soccer Mystery (1997)
  65. The Growling Bear Mystery (1997)
  66. The Cereal Box Mystery (1998)
  67. The Mystery at Peacock Hall (1998)
  68. The Panther Mystery (1998)
  69. The Black Pearl Mystery (1998)
  70. The Mystery of the Lake Monster (1998)
  71. The Mystery of the Stolen Sword (1998)
  72. The Mystery in the Mall (1999)
  73. The Basketball Mystery (1999)
  74. The Gymnastics Mystery (1999)
  75. The Mystery of the Pirate’s Map (1999)
  76. The Ghost Town Mystery (1999)
  77. The Mystery of the Wild Ponies (2000)
  78. The Mystery of the Empty Safe (2000)
  79. The Mystery at the Crooked House (2000)
  80. The Poison Frog Mystery (2000)
  81. The Great Bicycle Race Mystery (2000)
  82. The Mystery in the Computer Game (2000)
  83. The Hockey Mystery (2000)
  84. The Copycat Mystery (2001)
  85. The Mystery of the Midnight Dog (2001)
  86. The Summer Camp Mystery (2001)
  87. The Haunted Clock Tower Mystery (2001)
  88. The Disappearing Staircase Mystery (2001)
  89. The Mystery of the Mummy’s Curse (2002)
  90. The Mystery of the Blizzard Mountain (2002)
  91. The Stuffed Bear Mystery (2002)
  92. The Mystery of the Spider’s Clue (2002)
  93. The Mystery on Blizzard Mountain (2002)
  94. The Mystery of the Star Ruby (2002)
  95. The Mystery at Skeleton Point (2002)
  96. Mystery of the Fortune Cookie (2003)
  97. The Mystery in the Fortune Cookie (2003)
  98. The Midnight Mystery (2003)
  99. The Ice Cream Mystery (2003)
  100. The Tattletale Mystery (2003)
  101. The Comic Book Mystery (2003)
  102. The Radio Mystery (2003)
  103. The Clue In The Corn Maze (2004)
  104. The Mystery Of The Haunted Boxcar (2004)
  105. The Mystery of the Runaway Ghost (2004)
  106. The Finders Keepers Mystery (2004)
  107. The Ghost Of The Chattering Bones (2005)
  108. The Sword of the Silver Knight (2005)
  109. The Game Store Mystery (2005)
  110. The Mystery of the Orphan Train (2005)
  111. The Giant Yo-yo Mystery (2006)
  112. The Creature in Ogopogo Lake (2006)
  113. The Vanishing Passenger (2006)
  114. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Mystery (2006)
  115. The Secret of the Mask (2007)
  116. The Ghost in the First Row (2007)
  117. The Seattle Puzzle (2007)
  118. The Box That Watch Found (2007)
  119. The Great Detective Race (2008)
  120. A Horse Named Dragon (2008)
  121. The Ghost At The Drive-In Movie (2008)
  122. The Mystery Of The Traveling Tomatoes (2008)
  123. The Boxcar Children Mysteries Dog Lovers’ Special (2009)
  124. Superstar Watch (2009)
  125. The Spy Game (2009)
  126. The Dog-gone Mystery (2009)
  127. The Vampire Mystery (2009)
  128. The Spy in the Bleachers (2010)
  129. The Amazing Mystery Show (2010)
  130. The Pumpkin Head Mystery (2010)
  131. The Cupcake Caper (2010)
  132. The Clue in the Recycling Bin (2011)
  133. The Zombie Project (2011)
  134. The Mystery of the Soccer Snitch (2014)
  135. The Legend of the Irish Castle (2016)
  136. The Election Day Dilemma (2016)
  137. Mystery at Camp Survival (2020)
  138. The Skeleton Key Mystery (2020)
  139. Trouble on the Wild West Express (2020)
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Publication Order of Boxcar Children Special Books

Publication Order of Boxcar Children Special Books

  1. The Mystery on the Ice (1993)
  2. The Mystery in Washington D.C. (1994)
  3. The Mystery at Snowflake Inn (1994)
  4. The Mystery at the Ballpark (1995)
  5. The Pilgrim Village Mystery (1995)
  6. The Mystery at the Fair (1996)
  7. The Pet Shop Mystery (1996)
  8. The Mystery in the Old Attic (1997)
  9. The Niagara Falls Mystery (1997)
  10. The Windy City Mystery (1998)
  11. The Mystery of the Queen’s Jewels (1998)
  12. The Mystery in New York (1999)
  13. The Mystery of the Black Raven (1999)
  14. The Home Run Mystery (2000)
  15. The Honeybee Mystery (2000)
  16. The Mystery of the Tiger’s Eye (2001)
  17. The Mystery of the Screech Owl (2001)
  18. The Mystery of Alligator Swamp (2002)
  19. The Candy Factory Mystery (2002)
  20. The Great Shark Mystery (2003)
  21. The Black Widow Spider Mystery (2003)

Publication Order of Boxcar Children Graphic Novels

Publication Order of Boxcar Children Graphic Novels

  1. The Yellow House Mystery (2009)
  2. Tree House Mystery (2009)
  3. Surprise Island (2009)
  4. The Boxcar Children (2009)
  5. Mystery Ranch (2009)
  6. Blue Bay Mystery (2009)
  7. Mike’s Mystery (2009)
  8. The Haunted Cabin Mystery (2010)
  9. The Amusement Park Mystery (2010)
  10. The Pizza Mystery (2010)
  11. The Castle Mystery (2010)
  12. The Woodshed Mystery (2011)
  13. The Lighthouse Mystery (2011)
  14. Mountain Top Mystery (2011)

Publication Order of The Boxcar Children Great Adventure Books

Publication Order of The Boxcar Children Great Adventure Books

  1. Journey on a Runaway Train (2017)
  2. The Clue in the Papyrus Scroll (2017)
  3. The Detour of the Elephants (2017)
  4. The Shackleton Sabotage (2017)
  5. The Khipu and the Final Key (2017)

What Age Group Is Boxcar For?


Boxcar Children books were written for children aged 8-10. This is roughly equivalent to kids in grades 2-6. This range is not intended to indicate content suitability but readability.

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The best time to introduce the series to your child is in the middle and later elementary grades.

What Reading Level Are The Boxcar Books?

The Boxcar Children series is designed for children who are reading at the second or third-grade level.

Who Wrote The Boxcar-Children Books?

Gertrude Chandler Warner was a Putnam, Connecticut, first grade teacher who created and wrote The Boxcar Children series.

Warner was born on April 16, 1890, to Edgar and Jane Warner. Her family included Frances Warner, a sister, and John Warner, a brother.

Gertrude dreamed from a young age of being a writer. Gertrude would write stories and gift one to her Grandfather Carpenter each Christmas.

Warner is most well known today as the author and illustrator of the Boxcar Children mystery books.

Gertrude imagined what it would be like to live in a freight train’s caboose, which led to creating a series that was overwhelmingly popular.

The original publication of the books was in 1924. Although Warner wrote the first 19 books, there are more than 150 books by other authors.

Warner passed away in 1979. He is still credited as the original creator of the Boxcar Children series on Boxcar Children books.

Although the authors of the latest titles are not always identified directly, Rhody Cohen and Stacia German are listed as ghostwriters behind many Boxcar Children books.

Who Is The Boxcar Children Illustrator?

Who Is The Boxcar Children Illustrator

Over the years, the books have been illustrated by many artists.

Anne Yvonne Gilbert illustrated the 75th anniversary issue of the classic series. Gretchen Ellen Powers illustrated it.

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L. Kate Deal was also an artist on the series.


Who are the main characters in the series?

The main characters are Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny Alden, four orphaned siblings.

Who wrote The Boxcar Children books?

The books were written by Gertrude Chandler Warner.

How many books are in the series?

There are over 150 books in the series.

What is the age range for the books?

The books are aimed at young readers, typically ages 6 to 9.

What are the books about?

The books follow the adventures of the Alden siblings as they live together in an abandoned boxcar and solve mysteries.

Are the books still being published today?

Yes, new books in the series are still being published.

What is the original publication date of the first book in the series?

The first book in the series was published in 1924.

What is the setting of the books?

The books take place in various locations, including small towns and rural areas.

What themes are explored in the books?

The books explore themes of family, friendship, adventure, and problem-solving.


The Boxcar Children’s Series is a popular children’s book series that was created by Gertrude Chandler Warner. The series follows the adventures of four orphaned siblings who live in a boxcar in the woods. The series has been praised for its simple, yet engaging storytelling and its characters’ strong moral values. Thank you for reading!

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