How To Sell Used Books On Amazon? Best Full Guide 2022

How to Sell Used Books On Amazon

Amazon advantage is a program that allows publishers to distribute physical media such as books, DVDs, and CDs. Amazon Advantage is a program that allows booksellers to sell paperback and hardcover books directly through Amazon.

How To Sell Used Books On Amazon? When it comes to used bookselling continue reading to learn more about Penn Book best methods for selling used books on Amazon.

Why selling used books on Amazon is profitable and simple

In the beginning, I didn’t have much capital. I felt hesitant to risk the few hundred dollars I did have, so I turned to my old comic book collection. It was dusty and a bit worn. It was an easy way to start selling used books on Amazon.

I wanted to resell my comics and learn how to sell on Amazon. It was so much fun to be my boss without putting my savings at risk.

Let’s not get bogged down. These are just a few reasons to get books sold on Amazon.

Why selling used books on Amazon is profitable and simple

1. It’s much easier than you might think

Before I started Amazon, I didn’t know much about the business. Now that I know better, I am certain that more than half of the driving force behind the sales on Amazon is made by third party sellers.

CNBC or the Consumer News Channel published an article by Jeff Bezos last year, in which he stated that third party sellers were responsible for more than half of Amazon’s sales. In addition, he stated that Amazon had accumulated one hundred thousand dollars in sales through the involvement of more than one hundred forty thousand businesses.

Many third party sellers are selling used books on Amazon. The Amazon book sales had reached fifty three million books and three hundred eighty thousand at the beginning of the year.

What does this mean for you, the future bookseller? This only means that many people will find the next book they want on Amazon. Reselling books on Amazon is a huge thing, considering that the average American can read twelve books per year and ninety million Amazon Prime subscribers.

These are the options available to you as a third party vendor:

  • Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM): In FBM, the seller creates the Amazon listing and then packs & ships the item. This is for those who have a great network.
  • Amazon Vendors (AMZ). In AMZ, you will have to sell inventory directly to Amazon through central vendor services. This is for enterprise sellers who need to unload a lot of inventory quickly.
  • Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) – In FBA, you will need to create the listing on Amazon. However, Amazon will store, pack and ship the products at a charge. FBA sellers get fast and free shipping. This option is very popular with new sellers.

I began my career as an FBM seller. However, today many people are FBA sellers. You have to decide which option is best for you.

It is much easier to list books on Amazon than listing other products. A Master Listing is required before you can list a book. The Master Listing organizes the titles according to price and condition. This is a far better way to list your titles than a full listing.

If the seller has the lowest price listing, but the rating is not very low, they can get the desired Buy Box. This is the orange-colored button that allows shoppers to click on to purchase a product.

2. Amazon’s Best Seller Ranking (BSR) makes it a great place to sell books.

Amazon will assign a BSR to a product if it sells. A product’s potential sales will increase if its BSR is lower.

If a book has a BSR value of 1, the product is likely the most sold. One book that ranks number one can sell many copies in a single day. Contrarily, if the book’s BSR is two million, it may take sixty days to sell one copy. The product’s BSR is lower, the more it can sell.

3. FBA makes selling easier

My sales are now about ten per day after months of hard work. Although I was making decent money, I could have done better had I used a profit tracking tool. The problem was that shipping and packaging the books took up a lot of my time. FBA was my solution.

FBA is an Amazon program that offers sellers the following:

  • Amazon’s fulfillment centers allow sellers to store and ship their products for a fee.
  • Once a sale has been made, the seller must select, pack, and ship the product to the customer.
  • Customer service issues, such as complaints and returns, are handled by the seller.
  • Customers can access Amazon Prime’s shipping program faster by registering for Amazon Prime.

Instead of spending 3-4 hours packing books and waiting for the post office to take 30 minutes, I now pack the books and send them to Amazon. My books are sent out PRIME, which means that conversions can be quite high.

What Books Sell Well on Amazon?

What Books Sell Well on Amazon

Amazon is the dominant eCommerce platform. The platform allows you to buy just about anything.

Amazon began selling used books, and you can, too.

Amazon has been controlling around 50%+ US book sales for years. Amazon has millions of titles to choose from, so you may be wondering, How will my book sell with all those competitors?

These are just a few of the tips and tricks that will help you stand out from the rest.

First, consider which books are most popular on Amazon.

  • Digital vs. print: While e-books are growing rapidly, Amazon’s print sales remain strong. You can also make more profit with rare and unusual books.
  • New vs. old: The smell of freshly printed manuscripts is the best. A well loved book in search of a new home is perhaps the best thing. If you aren’t prepared to work with wholesalers and suppliers, new books can be difficult. Selling used books can reduce that need and make it a lot easier.
  • Fiction vs. Nonfiction: While nonfiction books are more popular, they sell in larger volumes than fiction.

Okay, so there’s no one way to be successful. But this is the good news: You can choose your preferred route and maneuver around it.

Check out their BSR – Best Seller Rating to determine what books are selling, their competition, and how highly they are coveted.

Understanding Sales Rankings

Knowing Amazon’s Best Sellers in Books and the ranking system will help determine if a book is worth buying and how long it takes to sell.

The number of items in each category determines the ranking. Although the list only shows the top 100 bestsellers, all books rank somewhere. You can find their ranking under Product Details and Best Sellers Rank.

There will be stiff competition for the most popular books, with many new or used copies of these available to purchase. These books tend to be very expensive, so you will need to offer a unique selling proposition to sell them and make a profit.

The opposite end of the spectrum is where less popular books can take years to sell. It cannot be easy to price popular books.

The goal is to find a compromise: A good selling rate, good condition, and a good price range comparable to similar listings. Amazon’s prices for similar titles and the same item will give you an indication of how much people are spending.

How to Sell Used Books on Amazon FBA?

It would help if you had inventory, a seller account, and a fulfillment method to start selling second hand or new books on Amazon FBA. We’ll cover everything you need about each.

Get the Amazon Seller App. This app will come in handy when you are researching books to sell. It allows you to scan barcodes and analyze pricing data. You can also view book ratings, estimate profit after fees, and even see book ratings. This tool will allow you to make smart inventory decisions, and it will also help you spot a good deal instinctually.

How much does it cost to sell used books on Amazon?

You will pay Amazon for books. It all depends on the type of account you choose (professional or individual), how much you price your products, and whether you use FBA or FBM as your fulfillment method.

These will be discussed in detail below. However, it is important to estimate these before you purchase inventory or start any business. This will ensure that your business is profitable long term.

How to source used books for Amazon?

Newsflash: You can find used books all over the world!

If you don’t have a collection that you want to sell, there are many places where stock can be found. Just make sure you know what you want.

Source used books locally

Thrift shops are treasure troves of books and other low-priced goods. Books donated by Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and Savers are often on shelves at Savers and The Salvation Army.

You might also consider specifically used book shops that may be easier to find books but are more expensive.

Although they are not as consistent as other stores, Ollie’s and Big Lots can still be good sources for used books. These are great places to find excess stock.

You might be able to find a garage or estate sales and library sales in your area. These might be easy to find via Facebook or Google.

Source used books online

Are you not keen to browse through dusty stacks of books in person but are you still interested? It’s okay to surf the internet. It can be difficult to determine the condition of a book when you aren’t there to inspect it.

You can start by looking at Craigslist and Facebook. You can browse through the posts and post your request for books. Maybe people will give them to you.

Amazon could be purchased and then flipped, but this is certainly a more expensive option.

Warning: Don’t fall for the trap of retail arbitrage. This is a murky area, and you may be penalized by Amazon or your customers if you don’t play it carefully.

Setting up your Amazon seller account

Now that you have stock, it’s time to start selling. This part is easy, regardless of whether you have an Amazon account or are a complete beginner.

You can create your Amazon seller account, and you can choose to be an individual seller or a professional seller. You can sell your products as an individual for free, but you will be charged a fee per unit. Professional sellers will pay a monthly fee.

It’s best to begin as an individual for new booksellers. Once you have sold more than 40 units per month, you can upgrade to a professional account.

How to list and price your used books?

How to list and price your used books

There are a few options available when you want to list your books on Amazon FBA.

  • You can use the Amazon Seller app for photos and uploads to your books.
  • In Amazon’s search bar, enter the ISBN and click the “I have one for sale” option. This will load all information for that book.
  • Amazon has very clear guidelines for how to list and grade used books. This includes the description of the condition of your books.

Amazon’s used-book condition categories are:

  • New
  • Used – Like New
  • Used – Very Good
  • Used – Good
  • Used – Acceptable

You can add additional information to used books by adding a specific conditions note. This book has highlighted on the front page or a handwritten note.

These details are crucial for customer satisfaction and feedback. Make sure to prepare your books before you sell and make sure you check for them.

Pricing should also be smart. This is the first thing that can turn customers towards you or away.

Things to consider when pricing your used books for Amazon:

  • The condition: Books with less wear and tear will be worth more and vice versa.
  • Amazon’s pricing: Compare Amazon’s prices with your competitors. Also, could you take a look at their customer ratings? Customers trust ratings. If you have lower ratings, you will need to earn their trust and interest in another way. Your pricing should be appropriate for your presence on this platform.
  • Your goal: Would it be better to sell the book to a low bidder or wait longer for a higher potential payout?
  • Multiples: Do you own multiple copies of the same title or more?
  • Amazon fees: Amazon charges various fees, including listing fees, FBA fees, variable closing fees, referral fees, and per-item fees. After the sale closes, all applicable fees will be collected. This will affect your margin. To make any profit, you must keep track of all these. Amazon statements are not easy to understand, so A2X for Amazon is a great solution (we’ll discuss that later).
  • The Buy Box: The winner receives the Add to Cart spot, which most Amazon shoppers choose when shopping online. The Buy Box is responsible for 82% of all sales. It’s well worth the effort. Jungle Scout has a guide for winning it.

You’ll soon be selling if you do your research and position yourself among your competitors.

Fulfillment by Amazon for used books

The next step after pricing and listing? Well, sales are the next step.

This can be done by you or Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

Partnering with FBA means that you can pack your books and send them to Amazon’s fulfillment centers in the US. They will be stored, picked up, packed, and shipped to your customers when a sale is made.

This service is charged but automates your distribution and takes the burden off of your shoulders. Customers can benefit from Amazon’s quick shipping times. However, books are expensive and may be difficult to ship individually.

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Getting your books to an Amazon FBA warehouse

Amazon will send you a list of fulfillment centers when you sign up for FBA. Follow the shipping instructions and choose the closest one.

Amazon will provide shipping labels to you for your packages. It is your responsibility to ship the books to Amazon and package them according to Amazon’s instructions. After Amazon has received them, all the rest will be handled for you.

Amazon FBA allows customers to benefit from fast Amazon shipping without putting too much strain on their business. With Amazon FBA, you can concentrate on other aspects knowing that experts are handling your distribution.

Make Your Business One for the Books

Whatever your motivation for entering the bookselling industry, there are a few things you can do to ensure success. To support and grow the front, your backend must be strong.

They’re only the beginning.

Our blog offers a wealth and trusted directory of eCommerce accountants to help you get started with your bookkeeping.

Save Time and Money with A2X for Amazon

Remember how we said that Amazon fees could be complex and diverse? This is an understatement. Sellers need to be aware of the differences.

A2X for Amazon connects with your seller account or accounting software to capture all details, so you don’t lose track of how much money your business spends.

Amazon statements and bank deposits don’t include all fees. They do not calculate your sales tax, reimbursements received, or FBA charges. A2X does.

A2X organizes your books using the accrual accounting method. It splits statements by month and separates income and expense lines associated with each bank deposit into journal summaries. This makes reconciliations quick and easy.

This will give you a better view of your cash flow and forecasts, as well as a quick reference on the health of your company from anywhere.


Is it worth it to sell used books on Amazon?

FBA is a good option for used books, contrary to what some may say. As you can see, FBA is not a good option for most books.

Is selling books on Amazon profitable?

Books can be a great way to increase your inventory and get high return items for Amazon sellers. For a small amount of money, you can purchase a lot of books.

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