Top 34 Best Books For 10-Year-Olds 2022 For Boys And Girls

Best Books For 10 Year Olds

Would you like your 10-year-olds to read more? When your child turns 10-year-olds, it’s an important milestone. Products you used to love may no longer be suitable. How can you ensure that your child is reading great books?

This article will tell you everything you need to know about great books for your child, as well as our recommendations for the best books for 10-year-olds must-read.

Top Rated Best Books For 10 Year Olds To Read

Best Books For 10-Year-Olds Worth Reading

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Below are the best book series for 10-year-olds for your young readers.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down

by Jeff Kinney

The most recent book in this best-selling series will undoubtedly fill a lot of Christmas stockings this season. In this experience, Greg finds an older movie camera in his cellar, and with the assistance of his very best buddy, Rowley, he hatches a plan to create a scary film, with the ultimate aim of creating his fortune. Rumbustious, action packed, and incredibly humorous.


Nation (2008)

by Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett’s books are essential reading. The Nation is the one you must read. Terry Pratchett, the late Terry Pratchett, said Nation was the most excellent book he had ever written.

We can’t agree with him. In this coming of age story, Mau (an Indian boy of the Nation) and Daphne (an English governor’s girl) come together to form a lasting friendship.

The tsunami that decimated Mau’s village, along with all its inhabitants, caused Daphne’s ship’s collision into the island. Although they can’t communicate at first, they eventually work together to create a new home. As more people arrive on the island, both good and evil, Mau and Daphne must work together to protect their Nation.


by Jason Reynolds

The Ghost wishes to be the fastest runner. In real life, running is, he knows. Yet Ghost is operating for the wrong motives, like a last that always brings him to his knees.

Then Ghost matches the athlete, who attracts Ghost to the middle school track team combined with Lu, Sunny, and Patina.

And when Ghost can just remain on course, both literally and figuratively, he is the best sprinter in his town and perhaps even be eligible for the Junior Olympics.

Intense, volatile, and a National Book Award Finalist in the first book from the Track show that children will not soon forget. A must read!


by R.J. Palacio

Best Realistic Fiction & Books About Social Issues

“I will not describe what I look like. Whatever you are thinking, it is probably worse.”

Talk about a book that can pull you right from the beginning. This is the story of Auggie, an ordinary kid with severe facial anomalies. Up till the 5th grade, he had been schooled in the home.

He’s now being sent to school for the first time. However, if he has ready to start fifth grade in a real school, he needs nothing more than to be treated just like a healthy child. Can his new classmates to be able to get beyond his jarring facial workings?

The book sparked the Choose Kind movement, and it’s an outstanding, poignant narrative that resonates profoundly with both kids and adults alike.

Funny, tender, and oh so honest, this book ought to be mandatory reading for every single child around the entire world. Amazing… and also the ideal reminder that being trendy is oh so kind.

Trivia: Wonder by R. J....
2 Reviews

The Girl Who Drank the Moon

by Kelly Barnhill

(Good books for 10-year-olds girl)

In this Newbery Medal Award winner, a city is haunted by a yearly convention: a Day of Sacrifice, one which entails leaving the eldest infant born this year in the forests.

Why? To appease a witch who threatens to destroy the village when her orders aren’t obeyed. Thus begins the story of a single infant who’s shot and magicked, the families from whom infants are shot, a witch who’s anything but, a tiny dragon, and a tale looming in front of a village might or might not be accurate.

In this magnificent book, Barnhill introduces a spring stage for discussions about truths versus lies and how adherence to particular stories can develop into the very foundations on which societies have been constructed and even claimed. A spellbinding read.

Amari and the Night Brothers

by B.B. Alston

You’ll like this book for various reasons, including the fantastic fantasy world-building, superb writing, strong female characters of color, and the unexpected conclusion to the narrative.

Additionally, a thrilling, suspenseful narrative of Amari, whose brother inexplicably disappears. He notifies her that she should enroll in a particular school since she is a magician. She learns there that she is a magician who practices forbidden black magic. Still, she’s determined to stick around the school to locate her brother.

The One and Only Ivan

by Katherine Applegate

This Newbery Award winning novel and New York Times bestseller increased on actual events. It is narrated by Ivan – a gorilla who has spent 27 years at a glass enclosure in a mall. He’s used to people and does not miss home at all.

Everything changes when he meets Ruby, a baby elephant that had been taken from her property. Her birth forces him to rethink his entire life and character.

Many times, kids are not conscious of what exactly we put animals through. This moving story may offer your 10-year-olds a new outlook on animals and character.


Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster

by Jonathan Auxier

In this novel, a lonely orphan named Nan does not have any option but to perform tedious, unrewarding work for a chimney sweep.

After she gets trapped in a chimney fire, she awakens in an abandoned attic and discovers a golem made of soot and ash in the room with her, she begins a new life full of hope, friendship, and courage to conquer her greatest challenges.  to discover she is unharmed and alone. Gorillas joined her.

Bonding since they are outcasts, Nan and the golem have come to rely on each other. It is a superbly written tale of an unlikely friendship.

Your child’s creativity will ignite, and they will have the ability to research what friendship means.

The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise

by Dan Gemeinhart

Coyote and her dad have been on the road since their family’s automobile disaster five years ago, traversing the country in a school bus. They still haven’t made it home after all that time.

However, Coyote decides they must undertake the challenging trip back when she learns that the park next to her former house is about to be demolished. Coyote finds herself where she needs to go with the assistance of some new (weird) buddies at her side.

Roller Girl

by Victoria Jamieson

This Amazing graphic novel is a Newbery Honor Winner along with also a New York Times bestseller. It is a company favorite in children’s literature.

It follows 12-year-old Astrid, that does everything with her very close friend, Nicole, especially, surviving junior high through the power of roller derby.

Their friendship requires a little knock when Astrid selects roller derby, and Nicole goes for dance instead. Astrid now must balance her new fire, insatiable harmony, and struggles with school.

This coming of age story is a great blend that shows kids the directly speak. It impacts friendship, fame, and after your heart.

Roller Girl
2,174 Reviews

Odd and the Frost Giants

by Neil Gaiman

I doubt Neil Gaiman requires any introduction. It just so happens he has struck.

Odd is a young Viking who loses his father in a raid. After he has hurt, he escapes into the woods. He discovers (and devotes ) a trapped keep, maybe not realizing that he is freeing a Norse God.

With fresh and influential friends, he can help restore balance to the world and Asgard. This original story will present your 10-year-olds into a number of the world’s beloved legends. Additionally, it covers topics like reduction, survival, and kindness.

All Four Stars

by Tara Dairman

Here is a cute story that is bound to put a smile on your own 10-year-old’s face. It is an effortless experience that is simple to follow.

Gladys is an enthusiastic chef. Her disapproving parents (who adore junk food) prohibit her from the kitchen and cut off her allowance. She seizes the chance to receive them back when she is confused for a food critic.

She’s invited to write reviews for its very popular newspaper on earth. The only way she can accomplish that could be to sneak into New York City. She has to conceal her identity.


by Raina Telgemeier

This graphic novel memoir is based on the writer’s youth. It is a New York Times bestseller.

Raina would like to become a normal sixth-grader, and she’s until an injury occurs. While on a young girl scout trip, she drops, severely damaging her front teeth. After that, she must battle braces, surgery, unflattering headgear, as well as false teeth.

Life becomes much more chaotic when an earthquake strikes; she finds that a boy and her best friend betrays her. Your 10-year-olds will get this magical story to be relatable.

Treasure Hunters

by James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein, Mark Shulman

James Patterson has written another winner, and your child will be mesmerized by this exciting new experience.

It follows the Kidd sisters, who’ve grown up after their adventurer parents round the world. On a single excursion, their parents evaporate on the job. The children are turned into a search for the most precious treasure, nonetheless: their parents.

The siblings work together to fight pirates and escape an evil competitor. They also need to follow clues to solve the puzzle of the parent’s disappearance.

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by Cynthia Lord

10-year-olds will expand their worldview with this narrative of handicap and tradition.

12-year-old Catherine can not have a healthy life since her household revolves around her female brother’s particular needs. She has tried to teach him the principles of ordinary human behavior, to no avail.

If she meets two new friends, she discovers that she’s the odd person out. Her notion of ordinary is contested, and Catherine has no option except to watch her brother in a different light.


Out of My Mind

by Sharon Draper

Hands down among the very best life changing books you will ever read. Narrated from Melody, we know exactly what it is like for her, trapped within a human body with cerebral palsy that does not allow her to talk or take care of herself.

No one, except her parents, thinks that she is smart. Then one day, she gets an opportunity to prove how clever she is. Heartbreaking. Real. Inspiring. Beautifully composed.

The War That Saved My Life

by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

One of the best children’s chapter books ever!!! A moving story of triumph over all odds, set during World War 2. Written by the celebrated author of Jefferson’s Sons. Also for fans of Number the Stars.

Ada hasn’t left her one room apartment. Her mum is overly intimidated by Ada’s club to allow her outside. When her little brother Jamie is shipping to London to escape the war, Ada sneaks out to join him.

The kids are sent to live with Miss Susan Smith, who’s made to take from the two kids. Once fearful of her mother, at the nation, Ada learns to calm the anxiety in her for a long time. However, what’s going to happen when the war ends?

The Terrible Two

by Mac Barnett

Miles does not wish to proceed. And he surely does not want to begin at a new school. In his previous school, everybody understood Miles as the city’s greatest prankster.

However, Miles quickly finds that his new school has a prankster…and a good one at that! It is a prankster contrary to a prankster in an epic war of trickery.

The Terrible Two
813 Reviews

The Capture (book 1 of the Guardians of Ga’hoole series)

by Kathryn Lasky

Books for Fantasy & Adventure Lovers

When an infant owl, Soren, is pushed from the nest with his nasty older brother, he’s kidnapped and taken to an orphanage, St Aggies a creepy and outright dangerous location.

Soren finds a best friend in Gylfie and also both jobs to find allies to help them escape St Aggies once they escape, Soren and Gylfie tourney towards Ga’Hoole in an attempt to locate the Guardians to warn them of their evil brewing at St Aggie’s.

Goodnight Mister Tom

by Michelle Magorian

With the Second World War looming, Willie Beech is evacuated to the countryside and placed in the care of older widower Tom Oakley. This is a touching and thought provoking portrait of how two people can find solace in the middle of chaos.

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A Wrinkle in Time ( W.T)

by Madeleine L’Engle

You may not understand this. However, the hit Disney movie, A W.T (starring Oprah, Chris Pine, and Reese Witherspoon), is based on a famed science fiction book, one everybody should find time for.

After young, insecure Meg goes searching for her missing father with her brother, she discovers more than she ever bargained for. The couple soon finds themselves on a sudden adventure via a W.T.

With cosmic evil forces threatening to consume the world, Meg has to find her inner power to rescue her loved ones. This narrative is the best mixture of adventure, dreams, and science fiction.

The Great Escape

by Megan Rix

Best Chapter Books for Animal Lovers

Rix’s Best Books For 10 Year Olds on animal stories gives insight into the most significant events in history through animals who have lived through them. The Great Escape is the story of Robert & Lucy’s escape from London during World War II.

Their dogs Buster and Rose and their ginger tomcat Tiger are devastated to have to go. The pets escape when the beloved trio is being put to sleep. Can they escape danger and make it across the country to find Lucy and Robert?

The Mysterious Benedict Society

by Trenton Lee Stewart

Are you a gifted child? Looking for special opportunities? This is one of those books I can’t keep on the shelves in my school library. An ad in the newspaper requesting gifted children looking for special opportunities, Two boys and two young girls successfully pass the mind bending tests. What is their mission?

This is a secret mission that only the most intelligent and innovative children can accomplish. To do this, they will need to covertly go undercover at The Learning Institute for the Very Eligible. Surprisingly, there is only one rule. There are no rules.

Front Desk

by Kelly Yang

Mia Tang, along with her parents, travels to America looking for the American Dream. But their hard work and determination don’t mean life will be easy.

When Mia’s family finds themselves operating a motel for a cruel and exploitative owner, life is anything but what they had imagined. Mia manages the front desk at the motel.

The more difficult her days get, the more she yearns for a simpler and better life. With the help of a new friend, the motel’s weeklies, her devoted parents, and a lucky pencil, Mia may be able to find that she can achieve her American dreams with a hefty amount of perseverance and a whole lot of heart. This is a beautiful book for teens and was the favorite of my school’s book club this semester.

Front Desk (Front Desk #1)...
4,077 Reviews

Kristy’s Great Idea

by Raina Telgemeier

Raina has adapted this graphic novel full color adaptation of The Baby Sitter’s Club. Watch four friends face the challenges of being babysitters, from cranky toddlers to scary neighbors.

Prank calls they must. They must also manage their homes and social lives. However, they are always there for each other. This sweet and colorful tale of friendship is perfect for young girls. It is both comforting and funny and will make your child smile.

The Secret Lake

by Karen Inglis

A children’s mystery adventure

Tom, Stella’s younger brother, and they are perplexed by Harry, their elderly neighbor’s tiny dog, going missing after moving into their new London house. How does he move? Why does he constantly show up wet-through, too?

They discover a boat hidden behind a grassy mound and a tunnel that connects to a hidden lake as they try to unravel the mystery during the summer vacation.

Who is the youngster rowing toward them who seems to be in such fear? Whose sounds are those children’s voices coming from beyond the trees on the wind?

Soon after arriving at their house and its grounds, Stella and Tom learn that they have time-traveled back over a century. Here, they meet both allies and foes while discovering unexpected ties between the past and the present.

The Graveyard Book

by Neil Gaiman

Here is one more from Neil Gaiman. I can’t take it off this list because it’s that excellent. The only book to get both the Newbery and Carnegie medals is this one.

If Bod didn’t live in a cemetery, he’d be a typical young man. He has a ghostly guardian and was reared by ghosts. Although he had many adventures there, he is unable to ever leave.

If he does, a guy called Jack, who slaughtered Bod’s family and intended to complete the job, will jeopardize him. It will inspire your child’s creativity and teach them about bravery and family.

Kelcie Murphy and the Academy for the Unbreakable Arts

by Erika Lewis

This thrilling middle-grade novel with Celtic mythology is about a foster youngster attending a magical school and looking for answers about her enigmatic ancestry. It is fast-paced and has an intriguing idea.

Foster child Kelcie has been living in the human world. When she arrives at the Academy, she finds out she is a Saiga, a distrusted elemental whose lineage includes a deadly traitor.

Together with her new pals, she battles the creatures who keep attacking the school and appear to be seeking Kelcie. She finds friends who teach her about her unique abilities.

The first novel is powerful and primes the reader for the second one, which I am eager to read. very recommended

Belly Up

by Stuart Gibbs

This fun mystery follows Teddy, a 12-year-old who thinks that Henry the Hippo was killed. The zoo says that Henry died of natural causes, but Teddy is not buying it.

Together with his buddy, Teddy decides to solve the puzzle. The longer they dig into it, the more risk they locate themselves in.

10-year-olds will delight in trying to figure out this puzzle before Teddy does. It is fun, humorous, and fascinating.


by Louis Sachar

Masterful Mystery Books for Ten-Year-Olds

Stanley Yelnats is falsely accused of stealing a pair of shoes and place in Camp Green Lake for offender boys. To build character, the boys put up at 4:30 each morning and dig giant holes.

If they find something unusual, they should examine it. However, the warden is not searching for fossils or somewhat stones. Something is going on apart from character construction, and Stanley begins to wonder what they’re searching for!


The Supervillain’s Guide to Being a Fat Kid

by Matt Wallace

An excellent, unexpectedly intellectual, poignant story about overcoming bullies, gaining self-confidence, and the complexity of people.

Matt writes the supervillain Master Plan, a “gentleman of stature,” pleading for assistance since he doesn’t believe he can endure three more years of middle school bullying. Surprisingly, Master Plan replies to Max’s email with wise, practical counsel, but is Master Plan really thinking about Max or himself?

Snow and Rose

by Emily Winfield Martin

If your 10-year-old likes fairy tales, they will enjoy this updated version of the obscure classic “Snow White and Rose Red.”

Two girls named Snow and Rose live in the woods with their mother after their father disappeared there. The girls become friends with a big bear and a young boy from a family of mushrooms.

However, danger approaches in the form of the Huntsman and a cunning Little Man who aims to either charm or kill them. Unexpectedly, this is a MARVELOUS Grimm tale with a successful conclusion!

The relatable characters in this book are likable, and the artwork is outstanding. The tale of family, magic, and bravery is certain to capture the interest of your 10-year-mind. old’s

New Kid

by Jerry Craft

The Newbery Award for this graphic novel was given in 2020! Jordan is one of only kids of color at the private school his parents need him to attend across town. He now has to contend with bigotry, the two disparate worlds of his neighborhood and school, and the challenging task of juggling academics with his artistic endeavors. This narrative strikes me as vital, relevant, and accurate.

Edge of Extinction The Ark Plan

by Laura Martin

The action begins on the opening page on a dangerous world where dinosaur clones have seized control. Sky and her fellow humans live safely below under Noah’s leadership. Sky escapes the subterranean metropolis searching for her father after discovering a hidden message with vague directions.

She and her companion Shawn are besieged by ravenous dinosaurs after spending almost any time outdoors until a guy who lives in a treetop enclave saves them. The sky soon comes to the realization that everything she thought to be true is false, which makes her even more desperate to track out her father. This series was AMAZING.


great Books For 10-Year-Olds

Other Top Books For 10-Year-Olds Recommendations

  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Part 1 & 2 by JK Rowling, Jack Thorne, and John Tiffany
  • Prairie Lotus by Linda Sue Park
  • Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart
  • Trapped in a Video Game by Dustin Brady
  • Girl’s Best Friend: A Maggie Brooklyn Mystery

How to Choose Great Books For 10-Year-Olds?

Top Books For 10-Year-Olds

Graphic novels these days are prevalent. These books are great for growing readers. Series books are important because if your kids love the first book, they will be compelled to read more. Romances in verse make reading more quickly but still oh so powerful reads, and fantasy delight readers of all ages.

Grab books for your kids their interests correspond. So that you and your children can discuss them, read them first. Even better? Take them all together chapter by chapter.

What is the most important? Make it easy for your children to choose to take them to the library or book store. Let them explore the library and book shop. Please give them a stack and let them pick what interests them. Let them read the same book over and over again if that is what they desire!

Each book is highly acclaimed and worth the effort. Our favorite, though, hands down, is The One and Only Ivan. It is a beautiful story with a powerful message.

It’s so charming that 10-year-olds will not be able to resist it. They’ll also love Ivan for all he is. They’ll enjoy fun digging deeper into the story and learning more about Ivan.

These most popular books are a great way to get your child started to more complicated themes. Your 10-year-old will love expressing their opinions through Ivan, a great conversation starter.


There is no one answer to this question as kids will enjoy different books. However, some good books for 10-year-olds include Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, and Percy Jackson. These books are all exciting and engaging and will help encourage a love of reading in young children.

What are your children’s favorite books in the popular books for 10-year-olds list above? Please share with Penn Book and readers. Happy reading!

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