How Much Does It Cost To Sell Books On Amazon? Best Guide [2022]

How Much Does It Cost To Sell Books On Amazon

Have you ever thought about starting your own small business selling on Amazon? The most significant advantage to selling Amazon is accessibility to countless engaged consumers. Amazon provides a ready made flow of faithful clients. They anticipate excellent value products, lots of selection, superb customer service, and quick shipping.

In regards to book promotion, how much does it cost to sell on Amazon? Reading, Penn Book will discuss with you the complete guide.

How Much Does It Cost To Sell Books On Amazon?

Before we speak about numbers, let us look at the two sorts of selling plans readily available on Amazon: Individual and Professional. Based upon your sales quantity, your selection of marketing strategy can affect your profits. You are not tied to any one program, but sooner or later, you will probably choose the Professional.

Individual Versus Professional Selling Plan

Individual Versus Professional Selling Plan

The Individual one is not a strategy but more of a pay as you go sort of deal. You pay Amazon $0.99 in selling charges for every unit sold. In return, you have to record things to sell on Amazon. And you also obtain access to this Fulfilled from Amazon (FBA) program if you want to outsource your earnings.

The second solution is that the Professional program (a.k.a the “Pro” program), which includes a monthly selling fee of $39.99.

The advantages of a Pro account are given below. They include entry to advertising as a way of communication… More, promotions (e.g., free transport), bulk feeds, uploads, Business clients, and API integration.

If you sell over 40 things a month, it is sensible to change to the Pro program instead of cover more in per-item fees (>40 x $0.99).

Selling fees are generally similar across all Amazon’s 18 places, and they have been the same for ages.

On the other hand, the language may be different.

On Amazon UK, for example, the programs are known as Basic and Pro. Similarly, selling fees are known as subscription fees.

Lately, the default choice when establishing an Amazon accounts is your Pro program since it pays for itself.

However, if you want to check the waters before committing to a monthly fee, you are free to contact Amazon to tell them that the Pro program is not for you and you desire any fees reversed.

You are free to toggle between marketing strategies. But if you would like to downgrade from Pro to Individual, then be sure that you do this towards the end of your subscription period to don’t wind up paying any per-item charges you did not anticipate.

Cost of Selling Books on Amazon from FBM Versus FBA

On Amazon, you are also free to meet your orders or outsource Amazon.

The first choice is Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) Seller lingo for the Amazon third-p… Moreover, it is also part of this Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) of solutions accessible to third party vendors (3PThird party sellers are separate and… Much More).

The second choice is Fulfilled from Amazon (FBA), plus it entails sending the stock to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. After that, Amazon manages all elements of this order, such as client support and refunds. This program is available to third party vendors in addition to sellers (a.k.a. first party vendors or 1PVendors, first party retailers or 1P are… More).

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Cost of Selling Books on Amazon from FBM Versus FBA

Orders Fulfilled from the Seller (FBM)

Books are a part of this BMVD category (Books, Music, Video, and DVD), or press for short.

Therefore, they include adjusted shipping rates (precisely what the US client pays for transport) or sending credits (UK). They generally cover the vendor’s price to send the book, but they are nowhere near sufficient to get heavy books.

To give you a notion about what you’d expect to pay to send a book to your purchaser, examine the table below showing the recent Media Mail prices for retailers.

With their packaging, many books weigh 1 pound. (16 oz / 0.45kg) or less, and that means you’d pay the USPS $2.80 to send them.

If the buyer paid you 3.99 for Standard delivery, this dispatch is within budget.

However, if you like to send a book weighing over 3 pounds. (48 oz / 1.36kg), you would be out of pocket. As you can not place your shipping charges for networking products on Amazon, you would want to offset this reduction by increasing the cost.

That brings us to the pricing. Assuming that the book is mild, you need to attempt to price it, so it covers Amazon’s fees, at the very least. Here are some of Amazon’s prices for items listed in the category, based on the present Selling on Amazon Fee Program:

  • An estimated fee of 15 percent of the total sale price (item price + shipping costs) or $0.3/thing whichever is greater.
  • Closing fee of 1.8 related to media items just per purchase, not even unit.
  • Refund Administration Fee, which will be $5.00 or 20 percent of their referral fee whichever is less.
  • Monthly high volume list fee of $0.005 each ASIN for listings over the 100,000 free limitations.
  • A rental book service charge of USD 5.00, if appropriate.
  • See that the referral fee is charged depending on the total sale price.

For other categories, the actual cost may consist of optional extras compensated for by the purchaser, such as gift wrapping.

Regrettably, for booksellers, Managing Gift Choices isn’t readily available for networking products. Thus, gift wrapping is on you.

Additionally, you should be aware that closing charges vary by place.

For example, Amazon UK currently costs just #0.5, which even if it doubles at 2024 does not compare to Amazon US’ final charge of $1.80.

Please be aware that the Revenue Margin Calculator does not include the final fee in its calculation.

This usually means that the margin exhibited will be $1.80 greater than that which you have to expect to see occur.

Furthermore, make sure to include your packaging, labor, transport materials, and CS prices in the price of Goods area.

If you are attempting to place your set cost, consider not merely the margin you need but likewise the markup you want. Whereas your margin reflects your profit based on selling price, your markup demonstrates how well you have done according to your costs (actual or anticipated), like overheads and labor.

Your markup must also take into consideration things as the forthcoming fee varies.

For example, Amazon UK sellers are currently billed a Digital Services Tax on referral and other penalties. The change was announced in March, and informed sellers must have improved their mark this spring to reflect the modifications.

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Orders Fulfilled from Amazon (FBA)

Orders Fulfilled from Amazon (FBA)

Sellers frequently toggle between FBM and FBA satisfaction for a number of their things to produce cost savings. In case, at any stage, you choose to send a couple of units to a fulfillment center and allow Amazon to manage those requests for you, you need first to understand Amazon FBA satisfaction prices.

Let us utilize the FBA Revenue Code to reveal what it’d cost to market a book 8x4x1 inches in size and weighing 0.7 pounds by FBM versus FBA.

In this instance, a book price:

  • $5 per unit to supply
  • $2.3 to send to FBA
  • $0.8/month to store from the vendor’s warehouse, and
  • $4.7 for your vendor to package and send.

The comparison excludes labor costs related to preparing a dispatch to be shipped to Amazon (a labor intensive and time consuming process).

And we also utilize the premise that the book sells within days instead of months.

Note: the 1.80 closing fee isn’t contained in the calculation.

For this particular book, it will be cost effective for your vendor to fulfill an arrangement themselves then. Though the seller pays in referral fees to utilize FBA also, it costs less to send books in boxes into Amazon. Why so? Fulfillment expenses and Storage prices/units sold consume the vendor’s proceeds.

So, as stated in our article titled 2020 Amazon Fees Described, FBA charges can accumulate. Unlike FBM fees, which can be one off fees billed with every purchase or return, a few FBA prices are predicated on storage limitations, the era of the stock, and compliance with all Amazon’s packaging, labeling, and transport principles.

Here’s a breakdown of those charges sellers may expect Amazon to bill for FBA orders:

  • Size based FBA satisfaction charge of $2.5, at the very least.
  • Monthly storage cost of $2.40 per cubic foot at Q4 and $0.75 the remainder of the year.
  • Long term storage cost of $6.90 per cubic foot or $0.15/unit, whichever is greater.
  • Removal order charges of $0.25 per unit, at the least.
  • Optional Manual Processing charge of $0.15 in Nov. and Dec., but $0.1 the rest of the year.
  • Optional Planned Prep Service charge of $0.5 per unit
  • Unplanned Prep Service, which may charge seven times up to intended prep.
  • Optional FBA Label Service charge of $0.3 for each unit.
  • Returns processing fee equivalent to satisfaction fees.
  • Overage charge of $10 for each additional cubic foot.

Nevertheless, if you think about how to market books on Amazon FBA for a profit, you should not worry. Based on how big your shipments, just how nicely your process and time, and how you price your items, you can expect to conduct a compelling hybrid design, where you pick on FBM versus FBA satisfaction on a case by case foundation.

Fortunately, Seller Engine has developed a suite of software products that may help mitigate the expense of selling books on Amazon.

When it’s sourcing things that are certain to sell for a profit due to our Profit Bandit scouting program, creating FBA imports at a flash using Seller Engine Plus, or even obtaining the top of your opponents using Sellery, our resources are with you each step along the way.

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When you utilize Profit Bandit, it is possible to toggle between both FBA and FBM satisfaction with a click.

Profit Bandit shows you a breakdown of those prices you would expect to incur with your product depending on the hottest Amazon fee program.

There is no need to go into the size and weight of this book.

But above all, Profit Bandit shows you what the market looks like on the name.

According to historical cost, sales rank the sales rank of products on Amazon. With more information and competition, you may make an educated choice regarding purchasing a book available by FBM versus FBA.

That is about it for now, but please follow our website for part 3 of our show How to Sell Books on Amazon. Spoiler alarm! You can not speak about the price of selling books on Amazon without touching the pricing plan. Meanwhile, make sure to download Profit Bandit. You do not even require a Pro program to begin using it!

FAQs Amazon Book Sale

Does Amazon charge to sell books?

If you’re a single vendor, you don’t need to pay the professional vendor subscription fee. However, you need to cover the $0.99 Individual per-item charge. Unlike individual vendors, professional vendors are Amazon sellers that market over 40 products a month.

What percentage does Amazon take on book sales?

15 percentage

Here is what happens to your money when you purchase a book through Amazon but by a third party vendor: Amazon gets 15% of their total sales cost, including shipping, and a flat rate of $1.85 for each item. The remainder goes to the third party vendor.

Can you sell books on Amazon for free?

It’s true; you may sell books on Amazon at no cost. Included in: there is not any monthly fee if you start an Individual Seller account. You still will need to pay $0.99 per product offered + additional selling charges (opens in new tab) (final commission, referral fee, etc.).

Is it better to sell books on eBay or Amazon?

Amazon has broad viewers, and eBay is perfect for beginners and people who prefer to control listings and transport. I suggest getting started selling books on eBay then expand to Amazon after you have the process down.


The main takeaway from this article is that it costs money to sell books on Amazon, and there are a few different ways to go about it.

There are some things to consider when deciding to sell on Amazon, such as whether or not you have a good reputation as a seller, how much it will cost to list your items, and if you’re willing to ship internationally. With all of that in mind, we hope this article has helped you decide whether selling books on Amazon is right for you.

Thank you for reading!

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