Where To Read Light Novels? Best Full Guide [2021]

Where To Read Light Novels

You may have noticed that many anime titles these days are based on light novels. Light novels are the basis of Sword Art Online and Re: ZERO. The anime will not give you a full view of the light novel medium. Now is the best time to check out light novels in English. Next, you need to know where to read light novels. Penn Book will guide you to the best places to read light novels.

Where To Read Light Novels?

Let us help you to find the best ten websites to read the most recent Light Novels in the spirit of trying new things.



KissLightNovels is the best website for light novels. They offer a simple user interface and a large selection of light novels. They have a functional website that updates new novels every day.

You can read every novel in at most four languages thanks to their expert translators. The user interface is easy to read and the fonts they use make manga reading like solo leveling or Cultivation chat group all the more enjoyable!

It was also very easy to keep your bookmarks. You can even create your list. You can also find kiss light novels here.


WuxiaWorld is still a relatively new website, but they have received lots of love for their quick updates and many novels available.

NanoDesu Translations

NanoDesu Translations is an elite community of translators who translate light novels for readers around the globe. You can find them here.

Their website has a wide selection of translated light novels. They follow a strict translation process, and they have a lengthy merit-based placement test that allows them to hire new translators to help translate their content. The community can access their entire library of light novels for free.


WebNovel is a site that offers a wide selection of light novels for free to all members of the community. It is divided and has one of the largest collections of translated light novels in many languages. It is the ideal place for those who wish to read the novel in their native language.


DotNOVEL is a completely different website than the two mentioned above. You can download your favorite light novel and also read it on your mobile device. If you want dotNOVEL, you will need an EPUB reader.

You are done! There are sections on dotNOVEL dedicated to Korean Light Novels as well as Chinese Light Novels. This community allows people to post their favorite translated light novels, and other community members can download them for free.


Baka Tsuki is an online community that allows people to translate light novels into English or other languages using the WIKI format.

Baka Tsuki is a well-known and respected community that has evolved to become one of the most important hubs for Light novels online.

The best thing about the website is the free Light Novels. The website allows you to read and even translate your favorite light novels.

Baka-Tsuki’s Light Novel Bank, as we like it to be called, is getting larger every day. Stop by to start reading a light novel!

Who should read light fiction


Asian Translated Novels

A database of Asian translated light novels is available. It contains light novels from all over Asia. They have a large following and have experienced significant growth in the past two years.

Kureha One

Although Kureha One looks torrent-like, it’s not dangerous. It is similar to dotNOVEL in structure and composition. You can download Kureha One novels and then view them through an EPUB reader after you have downloaded them. You can view the most recent uploaded content on the homepage. However, you can search for specific content using the search menu.

Barnes and Noble

American bookstore Barnes and Noble allows you to read and buy novels. The nook app is a downloadable app that allows users to access free books online and light novels. It allows users to access the most recent light novels easily.

Royal Road

Royal Road is home to a huge collection of translated novels. This community loves their content and is a huge fan of the translations.

Who should read light fiction?

Light novels are a great choice for anyone who is a Manga or anime fan. It’s an incredible experience! Some of our favorite anime, which haven’t had sequels, continue their stories with their Light Novels.


  • Can adults read light novels?

Light novels are intended for middle/high school students only.

Dengeki is a brand that offers content for young adults and high school students. It also has content for readers in their 30s and 40s.

  • How do light novels work?

A light novel (ライトノベル, raito noberu) is a young adult novel that focuses primarily on middle school students. … While light novels are generally published as books, some chapters are first serialized in anthology publications before being collected. This is similar to the way manga is published.

  • Do light novels have pictures?

Light novels have pictures, contrary to what you might think. Each volume has several illustrations on the splash pages, as well as the cover.

  • Should I read light novels?

Although many of them are targeted at young adults, light novels can be written in any genre and of any length. They don’t have to be more difficult to read than regular novels. Light novels can offer a lot of variety.

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