Listening To Audio Books vs Reading 2024 – What Is Better?


Is Better Than? It is essential to state that the prevalence of books in audio form does not necessarily need to come at the cost of this book reading world. Nothing could ever replace conventional books, but relative newcomers enjoying audiobooks provide something fresh, something different.

Have you ever wondered about Audio Books Vs Reading: Are audiobooks as good as reading? In the article below, we’ll reply to you with that struggle query.

Do Audiobooks Count as Reading?

Yes, audiobooks can count as reading. Listening to an audiobook requires engaging with the story, characters, and plot, which are fundamental elements of reading. While the experience of reading a physical book and listening to an audiobook may differ, both offer opportunities for comprehension, reflection, and enjoyment.

What the Difference Between Listening to Audiobooks and Reading

The way that information is decoded by our brain makes a difference. The way spoken language is processed is entirely different from how written language is handled. While reading, among other things, uses our visual cortex, listening uses our brain’s hearing center.

The end effect is essentially the same even though the message is decoded differently and in separate sections of the brain. Of course, it also relies on what we are trying to read and understand.

A book or novel we read for pleasure will be processed precisely the same whether we read it or listen to it, but literature we are trying to genuinely learn from will be processed somewhat differently.

Audio Books vs Reading: Comprehension


When it comes to reading vs listening comprehension, reading a physical book and listening to the audiobook are two distinct avenues that lead to the same destination.

Each generates differing memories and experiences, but neither is worse or better than another. For example, the written word is more meaningful when you hear the tone and cadence of the speaker.

There is a reasonable amount of study on the topic of understanding audiobooks versus studying. The most positive and helpful of those I stumbled upon were Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke of the University of Texas, Austin, and Austin NPR’s Two Men on Your Head.

On reading: “If you read something, you’re taking a look at symbols onto a webpage, and your mind is actively filling in all of the blanks. Much like the sounds of the listeners, the spectacle, the inflection, the deeper meaning, the storyline, etc.”

About audiobooks: “Since you can not go back and reread something, you are a lot more inclined to do a much better job of attempting to pull the gist of what someone meant when you are hearing them than once you are studying.” Conveniently, if you click on both Men links, you may either read or listen to their own opinions. Aces.

Audiobooks could be great for children also. Most of us begin listening to stories read to us by parents, teachers, librarians, and also, at certain frightening instances, Teddy Ruxpin.

Can this be Operation or narrative time?! Anyhow, Scholastic lists the reasons why music is a good solution for young children, such as how after a long visually may enhance word recognition ability, while listening can expand vocabulary.

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Another study assigned adult volunteers one of three groups. The first group listened to excerpts from a nonfiction book about  World War II story. The second group read the same material using an e-reader, while the third group used both. The test scores did not differ based on the method used.

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Audiobooks vs Reading: Emotional Response


Drs. Markman and Duke utilize the illustration of laughter and humor to demonstrate how audiobooks can occasionally evoke a more emotional reaction to the content. It is a societal experience to listen to the vocal nuances, sarcasm, etc., that come from hearing the other human talk.

Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen audiobook, Audiobooks vs. Reading, Book RiotIf you have not fully committed to this good life. However, memoirs would be the gateway into being receptive to loving audiobooks, in my personal opinion. Look up your favorite star, actor, or artist and see whether they possess a memoir.

The majority of the time, they will narrate their particular audiobook. If this humor example tickles your ear canals, then any book by an SNL alum is a fantastic place to get started.

Furthermore, if you can not manage Springsteen on Broadway tickets such as me, I envision Bruce’s audiobook, Born to Run, is very similar to a nosebleed seat.

Reading Printed Books

According to those above outstanding physicians, physically studying a book can be a much more private experience. Your internal voice is responsible for producing everything that is not on the webpage, from just the words onto the webpage. I recently completed reading the paperback version of Uprooted from Naomi Novik.

As a result, I can not even envision the narrative with no creativity and internal voice producing that world within my mind. It is a personal choice for everybody, and as you become more versed in both studying worlds, you will know which edition is ideal for you.

You can argue back and forth concerning the private vs. the societal reading experience. Still, I understand when Richard Armitage’s fantastic voice is reading me a story in my ears and my ears; this shit is private.

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reading while listening to audiobook

The straightforward winner in this class is your audiobook. It’s possible to operate mental machinery completely while listening! When it’s household actions, your work out of selection, or your everyday commute, is it forcing or cans on mass transit, there is no wonder that audiobooks help active readers read longer.

When I am multitasking, I discover that audiobooks work best when the job does not ask that you pay too much attention to anything else staring out the window onto the train, audiobooks infant. Matching animated jelly or candy, I am listening to your lovely book.

Reading your social networking feed, no great someone’s baby sex display video only caused me to overlook a significant plot point.

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On the flip side, this isn’t to state that I do not have a tangible book in my person in any way for airplanes, trains, and the waiting room that’s LIFE.

Public vs Private


Aristotle and Dante Discover, the Secrets of the Universe audiobook, Audiobooks vs. Reading, Book Riot Social networking articles aside, if you are presently on the afternoon of the week in which you put yourself in real society, audiobooks vs. studying are incredibly distinct in the public world. Audiobooks enable you to be anonymous.

You could be listening to love, literary, literary, self-love, literally anything, and nobody will know. The sole judgment here comes in the centuries lamenting the collapse of society because of needing to watch you with cans on in people.

Perhaps You’re listening to the leading sound version of Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, narrated by the incomparable Lin-Manuel Miranda. It is not Hamilton, however, bop your mind merely to mess together.

Reading Traditional Books

Unless you are still in the middle school practice of newspaper bag covers in your books, studying physical books in public demands you to allow the world to know precisely what you are reading.

That public and prominent book display might be the ticket to locating your new book buddy, or perhaps you’ll only feel that the cold, clammy eyes of ruling sticking into the back of your mind. If you are like me, only let your freak flag fly…or do not just would you be fine. We’ll get through this…using ebooks.

reading vs listening to books

Reading Vs Audiobooks: Pronunciation

Do you understand when you see a book and fall in love with the main character? You scour the web for much more information and discover an interview with a writer. She starts to discuss your loved ones, which is when you realize you have been stating that the character’s name is wrong on your mind the entire time. Doh!

Something similar occurs with audiobooks, just in the opposite way. You found the ideal book with the perfect narrator: peas and carrots, both of these.

You understand and appreciate this character’s lovely sounding title and precisely where to roll up those luscious R. Away to social websites to find out who is gushing. However, when you view it in print for the first time, you are like, “who is that?”

All these are the pros and cons of both types of reading. In other words, the two of these situations will lead you to awkward moments at the book club by the water cooler, to put it differently.

Similarities between reading and listening

Own Voices

America isn’t the Heart by Elaine Castillo – Audiobooks vs. Rounding, book RiotA succinct definition of this expression #OwnVoices, that writer Corinne Duyvis coined, is, in her words: varied personalities composed by writers from the exact same diverse group. As it is rewarding and valuable to select up #ownvoices books, it is equally gratifying to hear them.

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By way of instance, you may read Elaine Castillo’s America Is Not The Heart, a book about three generations of Filipino immigrants, OR hear this audio version narrated by celebrity Donnabella Mortel.

Additionally, it is excellent once the writer reads their painstaking work. The writer knows best? I find this Particularly persuasive with poetry, such as Elizabeth Acevedo’s The Poet X, Jason Reynolds’s Long Way DownTown, or Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey.

Reading diversely is such a significant aim. Books will save the planet, okay! There is no downside with this one. Just consider it as a portion of your ear portfolio.

Audiobooks Vs Paper Books: Sharing

Pretty much all sharing of stuff people find interesting or cool happens over social networking or through texting programs. That is even how my mother stocks things with me and thus doesn’t @ me on this stage. Nevertheless, this remains pretty analog throughout the board, as in typed out.

Folks love quotes! My notes program is full of book quotations that I’ve either typed from the webpage or transcribed in the sound. However, there are programs like Audible that permit you to share brief clips of audiobooks, also.

So talk about a clip, talk about a screenshot, talk about an earbud, select enjoy, choose life! And you’re still able to attain that perfect #bookstagram shot with audiobooks. I mean, look at the reasons here. Sharing is caring.

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is it better to read or listen to a book

FAQs About Reading Or Listening

Do audiobooks count as reading?

For many books, reading and listening skills are more or less the same things for many functions. Listening to an audiobook be considered cheating when decoding was the point; good books enable you to appear to have interpreted without doing this. However, if enjoying the speech and the narrative is your stage, it is not.

Is listening to a book the same thing as reading it?

Adhering to an audiobook activates the mind system technique for auditory processing while reading a published book activates the procedure involved in visual processing, clarifies Matthew Traxler, an associate professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis.

What device is best for listening to audiobooks?

Without a doubt, Apple iPod Touch is thought of as among the best mp3 player for audiobook functions similar to that of a smartphone. It’s possible to access several programs for your audiobook, such as Over Drive, Audible, Librivox, and far more. This device also lets you download audiobooks online therethrough.


In summary, we have compared audiobooks and paper books and realized that audible and book have their particular advantages, as brilliant readers could select the acceptable ones for our desktop. We expect that the feature above will satisfy in determining what kind of consumed wisdom.

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