Abridged vs Unabridged Audio Books: Best Comparison [2022]

Abridged vs Unabridged Audio Books

What exactly do abridged vs unabridged audio books mean? To get considerably more useful deeper info about those kinds of the audiobook industry, please read on, Penn Book can help you expand your knowledge.

What’s an Abridged Audiobook?

What is an abridged audiobook

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An abridged audiobook is a shortened version of a book that has been recorded onto an audio cassette, CD, or MP3 format.

An abridged audiobook is a book that has been adapted for the audio format, typically by removing unnecessary or non-essential content in order to make it more concise. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as to make the book more accessible to a wider audience or to make it more suitable for a shorter attention span.

In some cases, an abridged audiobook can also be created to make the story more exciting or suspenseful by adding in new music or sound effects.

Pros & Cons


One of the main advantages of abridged audio books is their length. They are typically much shorter than their unabridged counterparts, making them perfect for those who have limited time to listen to books.

Abridged versions also tend to be less expensive than unabridged ones, as they require less recording time and resources. This can make them an affordable option for those who want to listen to a particular book but do not want to invest too much time or money.


However, one of the main drawbacks of abridged audio books is that they often sacrifice important details and character development in favor of brevity.

The omitted sections can alter the overall story and make it less satisfying for some listeners. Additionally, the abridgment process can sometimes be done poorly, resulting in a disjointed or confusing listening experience.

What’s an Unabridged Audiobook?

An unabridged audiobook is a recording of a text read aloud, either word for word or with slight variations. The word “unabridged” comes from the Latin word “unabridged,” which means “not shortened.” In other words, an unabridged audiobook is the full version of a text, without any omitted passages.

There are two types of audiobooks: those that are meant to be listened to, and those that are meant to be read along with. The latter are called “read-along.” Unabridged audiobooks can be either type.

The main benefit of an unabridged audiobook is that it allows the listener to hear the text in its entirety. This can be especially helpful when trying to follow a complicated plot, or when learning new material. Additionally, listening to an audiobook can be a more immersive experience than reading the text alone.

There are some drawbacks to unabridged audiobooks, as well. They can be expensive, and they can take up a lot of storage space. Additionally, they can be difficult to find. Many libraries only carry abridged versions of popular texts.

Pros & Cons


Unabridged audio books offer the advantage of experiencing the complete story, with no sections or details left out. They provide a more immersive and in-depth experience for listeners, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the world of the book.

Unabridged versions are also ideal for those who enjoy listening to books over an extended period and want to savor every detail.


However, one of the main drawbacks of unabridged audio books is their length. They can often be very long, sometimes lasting for dozens of hours.

This can be overwhelming for some listeners, especially those who have limited time to devote to listening. Additionally, unabridged versions can be more expensive than abridged ones, as they require more recording time and resources.

Abridged vs Unabridged Audio Books: What’s The Difference?

Abridged vs. Unabridged Audiobooks – Pros and Cons

The main difference between abridged and unabridged audio books is the level of content.

An unabridged audio book is the complete version of the book, including all of the original text. This means that every chapter, paragraph, and sentence in the book is included in the audio version.

On the other hand, an abridged audio book is a shortened version of the original book. It is edited to include only the most important parts of the story or the key points the author wants to make. This means that some parts of the book may be omitted or condensed to make the audio book shorter and more manageable.

The choice between abridged and unabridged audio books largely depends on personal preference. Some people prefer unabridged audio books because they want to experience the full story as the author intended it. Others may prefer abridged audio books because they are shorter and easier to listen to in one sitting.

In some cases, an abridged audio book may be more appropriate for certain audiences. For example, children’s books may be abridged to make them more accessible to young readers. Likewise, some non-fiction books may be abridged to focus on the most important information and to make the content more manageable for readers who are looking for specific information.

In summary:

  1. Unabridged books are more complete (more) in content compared to these abridged books having easier (shorter version) content.
  2. Unabridged audiobooks are best for their recreational kind of readers, while abridged stories are best for pupils.
  3. Unabridged books practically cost more expensive than abridged novels.
  4. Unabridged versions are largely duller than abridged versions due to their lengthy nature.
  5. Unabridged audiobooks are learned longer since it takes more time to finish compared to abridged versions.

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Is Unabridged Better Than Abridged?

Typically, unabridged audiobooks offer you a much better user experience compared to abridged audiobooks. Often, once the writer takes the opportunity to manage their words, they’re considering the effect on the reader or reader. Abridging the narrative takes away a number of the writer’s purposes in writing the screenplay.

Additionally, the Audio Publishers Association ceased reporting abridged audiobooks several decades back. The APA 2016 Revenue and Research Report lists unabridged version intake at 96.3 percent. This implies significantly less than 4 percent of audiobook listeners picked abridged audiobooks.

However, as I mentioned previously, there are particular instances in which the abridged version will offer a better listening and reading experience. Abridged books and audiobooks are a lot better when a pupil should quickly absorbs a lot of information.

Additionally, abridged children’s books and audiobooks work well for parents to acquire a brand new reader excited. If my daughter was younger, I read a few history books.

They were abridged with heaps of colored pictures. Afterward, she had been interested. We continued our conversation and even published extra details online. It was a fantastic learning experience.

Throughout this time, she listened to audiobooks, but they had been in the science fiction genre. These audiobooks were constantly unabridged.

Abridged audiobooks are great if the listener attempts to understand the main topics or topics of an audiobook. Furthermore, they assist students in obtaining information more quicker. Unabridged audiobooks will also be great once you’re listening to leisure and wish to get lost in the twists and turns of your most recent thriller.

What Genres Use Abridged and Unabridged versions Publishing Formats

What Genres Use Abridged Vs Unabridged Audiobook Publishing Formats

When surfing online audiobook hubs, the genres of Business & Money, Biographies and Memoirs, Children’s Books, Self-Help, Classics, and Religion and Spirituality compose the great bulk of the available abridged audiobooks.

That right reflects the usage cases cited previously (post-secondary students seeking to be knowledgeable about classic literature, introducing youngsters to audiobooks, etc.) and speaks to the condition of mind people are at when looking at an audiobook in an abridged audiobook.

That state of being a “Could I have only the principal information I want, fast thanks and please?” Instead of the riding the waves condition of mind that you are in when looking for an unabridged audiobook structure.

As anticipated, the classes that provide the most unabridged audiobook formats are both Literature and Fiction and Mystery and Thrillers. These are the forms of books offering thick plots and character development so rich you can practically taste it! Individuals who adore these genres will be less inclined to find an abridged version of a publication from such genres.

How Is an Abridged Book Edited?

Usually, an editor may choose which narratives, references, components, notations, and phrases, or whatever could be considered superfluous could be eliminated without affecting the report.

For example; In the event of a fiction novel, in a case where a narrative component reads, “Steve met an old friend for coffee, John was an old friend who he’d known since youth from when they lived in the united states.” To”Steve fulfilled John, an old childhood friend of java.”

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What are the Most Common Reasons for Abridging an Audiobook



What are the benefits of listening to an abridged audiobook?

Abridged audiobooks are great for people who want to enjoy a book, but don’t have the time to commit to reading the entire thing.

Listening to an abridged book can help you appreciate the storyline and characters without having to dedicate hours to reading. Audiobooks are a great way to experience a book if you are struggling with reading comprehension or have a visual impairment.

Additionally, audiobooks are often less expensive than their print counterparts, making them a budget-friendly option. And because they can be enjoyed again and again, audiobooks offer great value for the money.

What are the benefits of listening to an unabridged audiobook?

Listening to an unabridged audio book has many benefits. For one, it allows you to hear the story in the author’s own voice, which can give you a better sense of the author’s style and the tone of the book.

Additionally, listening to an unabridged audiobook can help you follow the plot more easily than if you were reading the book yourself. This is because you can listen to the book at your own pace and can rewind if you need to.

Finally, listening to an audiobook can be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day.

How do I know if an audiobook is abridged or unabridged?

When you’re looking for an audiobook, it’s important to know whether or not it’s abridged or unabridged. An abridged audiobook is a shortened version of the original work, while an unabridged audiobook is the full, unedited version. There are pros and cons to both types of audiobooks, so it’s important to choose the one that’s right for you.

If you’re looking for a quick way to consume a book, an abridged audiobook may be the way to go. These books are often shorter than their unabridged counterparts, so you can get through them faster. However, some people prefer the full, unedited version of a book, and may feel like they’re missing out on important details by listening to an abridged version.

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing an audiobook. It’s all about what you’re looking for in a listening experience. If you want to save time, go for an abridged book. If you want the full, unedited story, go for an unabridged book.


In summary, an unabridged audiobook is the complete length version of the first publication, which hasn’t yet been shortened, changed, or altered at all. Meanwhile, an abridged audiobook is a shorter, more concise version of the first publication.

If you’re searching for a more concise, simple, and fast read, an abridged version may be a fantastic alternative. However, if you want to listen to the publication in its pure, original type, then an unabridged audiobook is your ideal alternative.

Which kind of audiobook do you prefer? Abridged? Unabridged? Does this depend on why you are reading? Allow me to know in the comments below.

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