Python Single Vs Double Quotes: Which Should You Use? Best Full Guide 2022

Python Single Vs Double Quotes

Python is an interpretable high-level programming language that can be used for general purposes. Python’s design philosophy emphasizes code readability and its prominent use of significant indentation. Many people are confused about quotes in Python.

Python Single Vs Double Quotes: Which Should You Use? Penn Book will show you the best ways to solve this problem. Continue reading.

What Are Single Quotes Used For In Python?

A single quote can indicate a quote within a quotation or a direct quote in the headline of a news story.

For string literals in Python programming, we use single quotes. For example, my-identifier could be used. Let’s look at a Python example.

When you are aware that your string may have double quotes, always use single quotes.

What are single quotes used for in Python

Python single quote example

Here is the code to see how you can implement a single quote.


  1. word = ‘Ask?’
  2. print(word)
  3. sentence = ‘Python Programming’
  4. print(sentence)
  5. name = ‘”Hi” ABC’
  6. print(name)
  7. congrat = ‘We congrat’s you.’
  8. print(congrat)


  • Ask?
  • Python Programming
  • Hi ABC
  • Invalid Syntax

What Are Double Quotes In Python Used For?

To set off a direct quotation (word for word), a double quotation mark is used. He said, “I hope that you will be there,” as an example. Double quotes are used in Python programming to represent strings. Let’s look at an example using python code.

NOTE: Double quotes are used to wrap strings if you know that there will be single quotes in your string

What are double quotes in Python used for


  1. wish = “Hello World!”
  2. print(wish)
  3. hey = “AskPython says “Hi””
  4. print(hey)
  5. famous =”‘Taj Mahal’ is in Agra.”
  6. print(famous)


  • Hello World!
  • Invalid Syntax
  • ‘Taj Mahal’ is in Agra.

Difference Between Single And Double Quotes Python

Single Quotation Mark

  • Represented as ‘ ‘
  • Single quotes for anything that behaves like an Identifier.
  • Single quotes are used for regular expressions, dict keys or SQL.
  • Eg. ‘We “welcome” you.’

Double Quotation Mark

  • Represented as ” “
  • Double quotes generally we used for text.
  • Double quotes are used for string representation.
  • Eg. “Hello it’s me.”

Bonus – Triple Quotes in Python

Triple Quotes in Python

What happens if you need to use strings with both single and multiple quotes? Python allows you to use triple quotes. Below is an example of the same. You can also add multiple lines to Python variables using triple quotes instead of just one line.

Example of triple quotations

sentence1 = ”’He asked, “did you speak with him?””’


sentence2 = ”'”That’s great”, she said.”’



He asked, “did you speak with him?”

“That’s great”, she said.

Python understands that double and single quotes are part of the string and don’t need to be escaped.


Should I use single or double quotes in Python?

Use single quotes

For string literals, use single quotes. Use ‘my-identifier’ for string literals, but double quote strings that may contain single quote characters (such as error messages or strings containing natural languages), e.g., “You have an error!” “.

What is the difference between Python single vs double quotes?

This sequence of characters can be included in single or double quotes in Python. Language syntax doesn’t differ between single and double quoted strings. Both representations can be interchangeable.

What is the difference between single double and triple quotes in Python?

Answer. Answer. There is one exception: when we use an extra quotation mark or an apostrophe within the string, we might need to escape that punctuation using a backslash ( ).

Can we use single quotes in Python?

What is the purpose of single quotes in Python? Single quotes can be used to indicate a quote within a sentence or in a headline. For string literals in Python programming, we use single quotes. For example, my-identifier is an example.

Why do we use triple quotes in Python?

You can use Python’s triple quotations to span strings across multiple lines. This is also useful for code comments. You can also use special characters such as TABs, verbatim, or NEWLINES within triple quotes. Its syntax is, as the name implies, three consecutive single or double quotes.

Is there any difference between 1 or 1 in Python?

The primary difference between 1 and 1 is their type. Any equations that contain float numbers will produce a result of type float. This would include addition subtraction multiplication exponents and integer divisions, even if one operand was an afloat answer.


Let me conclude with a simple point: the difference in Python single and double quotes isn’t huge. It all depends on what circumstances we use single or double quotes in.

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