How Many Books Has Danielle Steel Written To Date? Best Update [2022]

How Many Books Has Danielle Steel Written? Best Update

Danielle Steel, a highly successful American novelist, has sold over eight hundred million copies. This makes her one of America’s most popular fiction authors. It can be daunting for new Steel readers to start reading her books, as there is a huge bibliography that includes hundreds of Danielle Steel books list.

It’s worth it, though, because her novels are filled with lovable characters and plots with unexpected but satisfying twists. Next, how many books has Danielle Steel written? Penn Book will share the complete book lists with you.

List Of Danielle Steele Books

About Danielle Steel

Every society has its unique traditions and exceptional people. Book reading is a timeless tradition that will be passed on to other societies. Because stories can reach everyone, regardless of race or age, this is why book reading has become a cultural staple. This is why great authors can capture readers. Danielle Steel is more than a great writer.

Her creation of some of the most memorable stories of all time has made her a hero in her own right. Her admirers are many and span all ages. Her books include romance, drama, and fiction. Biography of Danielle Steel New York City.

Steel was born on August 14, 1947. John Steel, her father, was the owner of a drug manufacturing company. Steel’s mother was a socialite. She was named Danielle – Fernande Dominique – Schulein Steel.

She spent most of her childhood in France, where she lived with both her parents. She moved to New York with her father and lived mostly in New York after her parents divorced at seven years old. Steel was raised in the catholic faith. She even aspired to become a nun one day. Steel went to school in her hometown.

Her first school was in French, which was a preparatory school for Manhattan. She was home alone most of the time, as her father was on business. This enabled her to be more focused on her education, which helped her excel at school.

She graduated from the school in 1963 at age fifteen and was ready to go to college. She enrolled in a school for design to fulfill her dream of working as a fashion designer. She left the school after only a few months.

She enlisted at New York University. She majored in French Literature at New York University. She graduated from college in 1967. Danielle Steel, a French-American banker, married Claude – Eric Lazard at the age of 18. As she started writing, she had to balance her roles of wife and student at university.

This was not her first attempt at writing. She wrote stories as a child and poetry as an adult. At nineteen, she completed her first manuscript. Beatrix, her first child, was born to her at twenty two. Lazard and Steel split after nine years of marriage. Steel was involved in several divorces after her subsequent marriages. In 2002, she divorced her fifth husband after four years.

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Steel had nine children. Nicholas, one of her children, was killed in 1997 after he took a heroin overdose. Steel published a book in honor of Nicholas, a book that focuses on his life and death.

Danielle Steel

List Of Danielle Steel Books In Order

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

  1. Going Home (1973)
  2. Passion’s Promise / Golden Moments (1976)
  3. Now and Forever (1977)
  4. The Promise (1977)
  5. Season of Passion (1979)
  6. Summer’s End (1979)
  7. The Ring (1980)
  8. Palomino (1981)
  9. To Love Again (1981)
  10. Remembrance (1981)
  11. Loving (1981)
  12. Once in a Lifetime (1982)
  13. Crossings (1982)
  14. A Perfect Stranger (1983)
  15. Thurston House (1983)
  16. Changes (1983)
  17. Full Circle (1984)
  18. Family Album (1985)
  19. Secrets (1985)
  20. Wanderlust (1986)
  21. Fine Things (1987)
  22. Kaleidoscope (1987)
  23. Zoya (1988)
  24. Star (1988)
  25. Daddy (1989)
  26. Message from Nam (1990)
  27. Heartbeat (1991)
  28. No Greater Love (1991)
  29. Jewels (1992)
  30. Mixed Blessings (1992)
  31. Vanished (1993)
  32. Accident (1994)
  33. The Gift (1994)
  34. Wings (1994)
  35. Lightning (1995)
  36. Five Days in Paris (1995)
  37. Malice (1996)
  38. Silent Honor (1996)
  39. The Ranch (1997)
  40. Special Delivery (1997)
  41. The Ghost (1997)
  42. The Long Road Home (1998)
  43. The Klone and I (1998)
  44. Mirror Image (1998)
  45. Bittersweet (1998)
  46. Granny Dan (1999)
  47. Irresistible Forces (1999)
  48. The Wedding (2000)
  49. The House on Hope Street (2000)
  50. Journey (2000)
  51. Lone Eagle (2001)
  52. Leap of Faith (2001)
  53. The Kiss (2001)
  54. The Cottage (2002)
  55. Sunset In St. Tropez (2002)
  56. Answered Prayers (2002)
  57. Dating Game (2003)
  58. Johnny Angel (2003)
  59. Safe Harbour (2003)
  60. Ransom (2004)
  61. Second Chance (2004)
  62. Echoes (2004)
  63. Impossible (2005)
  64. Miracle (2005)
  65. Toxic Bachelors (2005)
  66. The House (2006)
  67. Coming Out (2006)
  68. H.R.H. (2006)
  69. Sisters (2007)
  70. Bungalow 2 (2007)
  71. Amazing Grace (2007)
  72. Honor Thyself (2008)
  73. Rogue (2008)
  74. A Good Woman (2008)
  75. One Day at a Time (2009)
  76. Matters of the Heart (2009)
  77. Southern Lights (2009)
  78. Big Girl (2010)
  79. Family Ties (2010)
  80. Legacy (2010)
  81. Happy Birthday (2011)
  82. Hotel Vendome (2011)
  83. 44 Charles Street (2011)
  84. Betrayal (2012)
  85. Friends Forever (2012)
  86. The Sins of the Mother (2012)
  87. Until the End of Time (2013)
  88. First Sight (2013)
  89. Winners (2013)
  90. A Perfect Life (2014)
  91. Pegasus (2014)
  92. Power Play (2014)
  93. Prodigal Son (2015)
  94. Country (2015)
  95. Undercover (2015)
  96. Precious Gifts (2015)
  97. Blue (2016)
  98. Property of a Noblewoman (2016)
  99. The Apartment (2016)
  100. Magic (2016)
  101. Rushing Waters (2016)
  102. The Award (2016)
  103. The Mistress (2017)
  104. Dangerous Games (2017)
  105. Against All Odds (2017)
  106. The Duchess (2017)
  107. The Right Time (2017)
  108. Fairytale (2017)
  109. Past Perfect (2017)
  110. Fall from Grace (2018)
  111. Accidental Heroes (2018)
  112. The Cast (2018)
  113. The Good Fight (2018)
  114. In His Father’s Footsteps (2018)
  115. Beauchamp Hall (2018)
  116. Turning Point (2019)
  117. Silent Night (2019)
  118. Blessing in Disguise (2019)
  119. Lost and Found (2019)
  120. The Dark Side (2019)
  121. Child’s Play (2019)
  122. Spy (2019)
  123. Moral Compass (2020)
  124. The Numbers Game (2020)
  125. The Wedding Dress (2020)
  126. Daddy’s Girls (2020)
  127. Royal (2020)
  128. All That Glitters (2020)
  129. Neighbors (2021)
  130. The Affair (2021)
  131. Finding Ashley (2021)
  132. Nine Lives (2021)
  133. Complications (2021)
  134. The Butler (2021)
  135. Flying Angels (2021)
  136. Invisible (2022)
  137. High Stakes (2022)
  138. Beautiful (2022)
  139. Suspects (June 28, 2024)
  140. The Challenge (August 16, 2024)
  141. The High Notes (October 11, 2024)
  142. The Whittiers (November 22, 2024)
  143. Without a Trace (January 3, 2024)
  144. Worthy Opponents (March 7, 2024)
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Publication Order of Max & Martha Children’s Books

Publication Order of Max & Martha Children's Books Books

  1. Martha’s New Daddy (1989)
  2. Max’s Daddy Goes to the Hospital (1989)
  3. Martha’s Best Friend (1989)
  4. Max and the Baby-sitter (1989)
  5. Max’s New Baby (1989)
  6. Martha’s New School (1989)
  7. Max Runs Away (1990)
  8. Martha’s New Puppy (1990)
  9. Max and Grandpa and Grandpa Winky (1991)
  10. Martha and Hilary and the Stranger (1991)

Publication Order of Freddie Children’s Books Books

Publication Order of Freddie Children’s Books

  1. Freddie’s Trip (1992)
  2. Freddie’s First Night Away (1992)
  3. Freddie’s Accident (1992)
  4. Freddie and the Doctor (1992)

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

  1. Love (1984)

Publication Order of Picture Books

  1. The Happiest Hippo in the World (2000)
  2. Pretty Minnie in Paris (2014)
  3. Pretty Minnie in Hollywood (2016)

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

  1. His Bright Light (1998)
  2. A Gift of Hope (2010)
  3. Pure Joy (2013)
  4. Expect a Miracle (2020)

The Literary Works Of Danielle Steel

The literary works of Danielle Steel

Steel’s novels have been bestsellers for decades, with many of them making honorary lists. Her books have been read by over 800 million people all around the globe. Many of her books were translated into 43 languages and are now circulating in more than forty-seven countries.

Her writing skills extend to poetry and children’s fiction. Her books all have a common theme. The story usually involves characters in some kind of crisis that threatens to interfere with their relationships.

The stories often focus on important life issues like death, relationships, and suicide, as well as war, illness, divorce, conflict, and other problems. Her life experiences, such as those with her ex-husbands, inspired some of her books.

Danielle Steel’s principal does not write sequels. This is another unique characteristic. She says this is to avoid comparisons with her other novels. She is the queen of literary awards and other honors.

She was awarded a French government award in 2002 for her contributions to the culture of France and the wider world. Her name was inscribed in the legendary Guinness Book when one or more books from her topped the Times Bestsellers List consecutively for a total of 380 times.

Two-thirds of her books were adapted for television. Two of her books were nominated for Golden Globes. Danielle Steel entered into an agreement in 2005 with New Line Home Entertainment to purchase film rights for thirty of her novels. These rights would be made into DVDs.

Going Home is the title of her first novel. It was published in 1973 by Pocket Books, earning her $3500. The five books she later wrote were not published. In 1977, Passion’s Promise was her second book. This was her breakthrough. It was bestseller after bestseller that followed, which continued to grow her fan base.

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Her books The Long Road Home and Family Album were two of her bestsellers. Random House published a Family Album for the first time in 1985. Steel’s classic theme of life important issues is evident in the story.

The story tells the story of Faye Price Thayer, who lived through World War II and then died later. She started as an actress in Hollywood and rose to become the first woman director in Hollywood.

However, the intrigues of this story are provided by her family life: marriage, children’s births, and the storms in her marriage. The story tells how she overcomes them and emerges stronger from their lifelong struggles.

Gabriella Harrison, abused by her mother as a child, is featured in The Long Road Home. Her father, an alcoholic, seems overwhelmed by all the happenings at home and decides to leave with another woman.

Her mother abandons Gabriella because she hates children. She blossoms with the nuns and is a talented writer. She falls in love with a priest later. The priest then commits suicide, and Gabriella is expelled from the convent. Gabriella starts a new life, pursuing her writing talent and meeting new friends. More sorrows still plague her, but she perseveres in living a happy and fulfilled life.

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What is Danielle Steel best selling book?

According to Goodreads, Safe Harbour is Danielle Steel’s most-read book. Sisters, The Gift, and Kaleidoscope are some other favorites.

What is Danielle Steel worth?

Danielle Steel Net Worth: Danielle Steel, a prolific American novelist, has over $400 million. Steel has published more than 180 books. She is also the world’s most popular author, with more than 800 million copies sold.

How long does it take Danielle Steel to write a book?

The steel used the 20-22 hour mark to describe her exhausting past process. She said, “I start the novel and don’t leave the desk until the first draft has been finished. I also avoid all contact with my nine children, except for phone calls.”

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Who is the richest writer in the world?

JK Rowling, who has a net worth of $1 billion, holds the title of the richest author in all of the world. She is also the first author ever to achieve this level of financial success through their writing.


Danielle Steel is a master storyteller. She can transport readers to different places and times and make them care about her characters. Her stories are often heartwarming, but they can also be poignant and thought-provoking. Whether you’re looking for a light read or something more substantial, Danielle Steel is sure to have a book that will suit your needs. Thank you for reading!