Kindle Vs Nook: Which is Better Choice? Best Comparison [2021]

Kindle Vs Nook: Best Comparison [2021]
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There are many ultra-affordable e-ink readers, midprice color tablets like Nexus 7, Apple iPad Mini, and Kindle Fire HD, and even the more expensive iPads. The competition between the best e-readers Kindle vs Nook has been going on for years, but no one can seem to figure out which is a better option. Some people prefer the look of a Kindle, while others are drawn to the design of a Nook. The two devices have different key features that make them appealing to certain types of customers. Which device is best for you? The question everyone wants to be answered: Which best e-reader should I buy?

Penn Book will show you how they compare pricing, design, storage capacity, durability, battery life, and more so you can decide!

The Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

There are two types of Kindles: the Wi-Fi version only and the Wi-Fi+ 3G. The Wi-Fi version costs $139 while the Wi-Fi + 3G version costs $189. Amazon calls their 3rd generation devices their best.

A 6-inch E Ink screen is included with the Kindle. This screen is much more comfortable than a traditional laptop screen or desktop screen. It looks almost like a flat piece of paper. There is reflection and glare-free. It is incredibly light and smaller than a standard paperback book.

Amazon claims that the Kindle’s refresh rate is a problem. The E Ink screen is responsible for the slow refresh rate. It’s still their best yet reading experience in terms of the Kindle.

Webkit browser is also available on the Kindle. It’s sufficient if you want just to look up something online while you read, but not for regular or heavy internet usage. It’s still interesting to see the Web in grayscale.

Although the latest Kindle versions supports PDF files, it doesn’t yet support EPUB files. You can also share your books with the latest version. If you are interested in Kindle Unlimited Book, read books in this Top 27 Best Kindle Unlimited Books of All Time Review 2021 to know more.

Who should buy it:

For those who want to enjoy a pleasant reading experience and don’t care about the extras. The Kindle Store currently has over 900,000. Titles available. This means that you will have a good choice of books. You can also use Amazon Associate gift certificates to make your purchase. Swagbucks members may also cash in their points to get Amazon gift cards.

The Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet

The Barnes & Noble Nook

You can choose between two types of  NookColor ($249) or the Nook ($149). The standard Nook has a 6-inch E Ink display and is very similar to the Kindle. This is the perfect device if you only want to read.

The Nook Color has a 7-inch full-color screen. It can also be used as a media player and enhanced books, newspapers, magazines, and interactive books for kids. Reflective screens on LCD tablets can make it difficult to read books in bright light. Many people also find that long reading books sessions are tiring due to the backlight.

The NookColor has the LendMe feature that allows you to share e-books with your friends. This is something the Kindle does not offer. B&N also offers a Lifetime Library that allows you to save your favorite books and make them available for download from any device with the Nook app.

There are more than 2 million titles available, so you have a wide selection of books to choose from.

Who should buy it:

The Nook devices offer a wide selection of titles. B&N offers more titles than the Kindle, with over twice as many. The Nook Color is a better reading experience with color and web browsing.

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Keys Difference Between Kindle Vs Nook

Keys Difference Between Kindle Vs Nook

Nook vs. Kindle – Cost

Let’s face it, most of our buying decisions are based on one factor: price.

Amazon (which makes Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (which makes the Nook) offer a range of models under the same brand.

Amazon sells the entry-level Kindle for $79.99. The Kindle Paperwhite is a mid-range device and costs $129.99. The Kindle Oasis is the top-spec device at $249.99.

The spec sheets of the three devices are very different, which is not surprising. We’ll be looking at them more closely shortly.

There are many Nook products. Only one, the Nook GlowLight 3, is a true e-reader. All other devices are Android tablets and look similar to Kindle Fire tablets. They can be used to read the lowest-priced e-books. On the other hand, severe bookworms, their brighter screen, and shorter battery life make them unsuitable options.

The Nook GlowLight can be purchased for $119.99 and is in direct competition with the Kindle Paperwhite.

Depending on the technology and features of your Kindle, it can cost between $79 and $379 (Kindle $79, Kindle Touch $99, Kindle Touch 3G $149, Kindle Keyboard 3G $139, Kindle DX $379, Kindle Fire $199). Nook can be purchased for $99 to $249 (Nook Simple Touch $99,Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight $139, Nook Color $199, Nook Tablet 8GB $199, Nook Tablet 16GB $249).

Nook vs. Kindle – The Specs

Let’s compare the specs of Kindle Paperwhite and Nook GlowLight, which are Paperwhite’s closest competitors.

The devices feature a 6-inch screen and a 300 PPI resolution.

The Nook is only available in 8GB, while the Kindle Paperwhite comes in 32GB and 8GB versions. 8GB should be sufficient for most Nook users, especially when considering that content can be stored in the cloud.

From a usability standpoint, the most crucial difference is the physical button located on the Nook. You can also use the button to flip multiple pages while reading. Even though I have a Kindle, I prefer to use a physical button to turn the pages. But ultimately, it is up to your personal preference.

The Kindle Paperwhite is also waterproof, which is a massive advantage over the Nook. It can be submerged for up to one hour in the water, which is two meters deep. This is a massive advantage for those who enjoy comfortable reading in the bathtub every night and people who wish to take their devices to the beach or pool while on vacation.

Although the Nook has some hardware advantages (a removable battery, a card slot, and a slimmer shape due to narrow plastic margins), the Kindle is still superior. It is faster, lighter, and easier to use.

Nook vs. Amazon – Screen Size and Resolution

It’s easy to argue that 6-inch screens are not enough if you spend much time reading e-books.

The Kindle Oasis, which has a seven-inch screen, is the only model with a big screen. The Oasis has a 300 PPI screen resolution, just like the Kindle Paperwhite, Nook GlowLight.

You might prefer a lower resolution if you are a casual ebook reader. If this is the case, then you might consider the entry-level Kindle. By accepting a resolution of only 167 DPI, you can save $50. The screen size remains at six inches.

Even though the Nook uses the same E Ink technology as the Kindle, Sony Readers, and Kindles, its screen is achingly slower than the Kindles. The Nook takes almost three seconds to turn a page, three times as long as the Kindle. This can be disruptive if you are in the middle of a sentence.

Nook and Kindle: Battery Life

Nook and Kindle’s battery life is so great that it shouldn’t be a significant part of your decision. The Nook’s makers claim that the devices can last 50 days. Amazon, however, suggests a shorter “Weeks” for its three Kindle models.

Nook vs. Amazon Kindle: Audio Books

Over the past few years, audiobooks have seen a rapid rise in popularity. It is now believed that over 25% of Americans have listened to audio books in the past 12 months.

The Kindle book is the clear winner if you are an audiobook addict trying to choose between a Nook or Kindle.

All three models support audiobook playback via Bluetooth or through the headphone jack.

Audiobooks are not supported by the Nook GlowLight 3. However, audiobooks can be downloaded and played on other Nook tablets.

Nook vs. Kindle: Supported Ebook Formats

There are many ebook formats available, so it is essential to be compatible.

Amazon’s proprietary AZW format is supported by the Kindle, MOBI, DOC, and TXT. The lack of EPUB books support is the elephant in the room.

Nook devices can open EPUB and PDF files from other online retailers like Sony and Google.

It is possible to read ebooks in both formats, despite the differences. If you are willing to use an online ebook converter, you can.

Kindle: Kindle books are accessible on many devices, including iPhones, Android phones (version 2.1 or later), Android tablets and smartphones, as well as Windows PCs and Macs. You can find more information here.

Nook: Nook books are available on iPads and iPhones, iPod Touch and Android smartphones (version 2.1 or later), Android tablets, and Windows PCs and Macs. Nook for Web is also available. You can find more information here.

Nook vs. Kindle: Online Stores

Without ebooks, an ebook reader is useless. Amazon’s Kindle Books Store is where Kindle owners can shop for their ebooks (Kindle Apps). Nook owners have access to Nook Books.

Amazon’s ebook store is the most comprehensive and frequently cheaper of the two. Nook Books also adds DRM to ebooks. You’ll need it to be removed if you wish to use the EPUB file with other readers.

Nook vs. Kindle: Updates & Iteration

Amazon updates Kindle devices very quickly. Many people still can’t believe the fantastic features of Kindle Voyage and still want to purchase it over other readers.

It is still possible to get it through third-party sellers. However, Amazon has stopped selling it. Instead, they are focusing on a new line of Kindle devices.

Every Kindle version improves the user experience and adds value to an already rich ecosystem. Nook releases its e-reader iterations as well, although not as frequently and consistently as Amazon.

For example, the Nook Glowlight PLUS is waterproof. People expected Nook’s next-generation e-reader to be waterproof. It should also have better features and performance.

The market didn’t expect it to be waterproofed when it was launched. This is a significant step back from the previous model and makes it appear that Barnes and Noble aren’t sure what upgrades they intend to add to their e-reader.

Nook vs. Kindle: Other Unique Features

Each device comes with its own set of apps and features.

Although Kindle does not have this feature, their process for borrowing books from a public library is much easier than the Nook. Transferring books from a Nook to a public library is a tedious process. However, Kindle makes it feel like sharing a file.

Kindle users can access in-book dictionary definitions and Word Wise vocabulary builders, as well as the X-Ray scanner. The scanner makes it easy for readers to scan through a book quickly to locate references to characters, events, or other information.

The Nook device has a night mode to prevent eye strain and an automated content discovery program called B&N Readouts.

Other design features that make Nook stand out from other e-readers on the market include a removable battery, an expandable memory card slot, and slimmer bezels.

Each product offers various usability options, including different fonts, text sizes, and a backlight option.

You can find many third-party accessories, such as sleeves and cases for both Nooks and Kindles.

Nook vs. Kindle: Which Is Right for You?

Let’s go full circle. Which simple e-reader is best for you? The Amazon Kindle is our favorite e-reader. While the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch offers some excellent features, the Amazon Kindle is quicker, easier to use, and has greater access to more stores. There are three Kindle models, so there is a model for everyone.

According to David Pogue,

Of the current 175 New York Times best sellers, 12 of them aren’t available for Kindle; 21 are unavailable for the Nook. Kindle books are less expensive, too. studied the top-selling 11,604 books for early November, and found that 74 percent of the time, Amazon offers the lowest-priced e-books (cheaper than B&N or Sony) by an average of 15 percent.


Nook and Kindle 2021 is a hot topic in the digital reading world. If you find yourself stuck between these two products, we hope this article has helped make your decision more accessible and more informed. We’ve done our best to cover all of the significant points that could help you decide which product may be better for your needs, as well as outline some tips on how to use these devices most effectively.

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