Harry Potter Books Vs Movies: What’s The Difference? Best 2024

Harry Potter Books Vs Movies

The argument surrounding which is much better from these Harry Potter books and movies has raged on as the first movie hit cinemas in 2000.

There are differences between both, together with many characters playing with a secondary or active function in the books, which are entirely omitted or mentioned only in the movies.

Charles Weasley and Bertha Jorkins play a much more significant part in the literature than they do in the movie equivalent.

Afterward, Harry Potter books vs movies: What is the difference? Reading to find out more.

Differences Between Harry Potter Books And Movies

Differences Between Harry Potter Books And Movies

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

  • Daniel Radcliffe, with blue eyes, has been allergic to colored contacts, so from the movies, The Boy Who Lived eyes weren’t green like they were in the books.
  • Rowling explained Hermione as having exceptionally bushy hair and prominent front teeth, but as we could see, Emma Watson didn’t.
  • Compared to Rupert Grint’s look, Rowling explains Ron as skinny and tall, with a very long nose and blue eyes. (Grint has green).
  • Aunt Petunia and Dudley are blond, but in the movies, they are brunettes.
  • The films never cite Hagrid’s motorbike as Sirius Black’s.
  • From the film, the snake Harry speaks Parseltongue to in the zoo is a Burmese Python; however, it is a Boa Constrictor in the book.
  • Harry met Draco Malfoy from the publication and refused his friendship with Diagon Alley, but in the film, this occurs at Hogwarts before the Sorting Hat service.
  • The Sorting Hat sings a tune before each service, although not at the film.
  • Voldemort kills Quirrell by departing his mind from the book, but in the movie, Harry kills Quirrell by touching his face.
  • Most of Harry’s time at the Privet Drive Dursleys isn’t seen in the movies.
  • There were two missing tasks from “Sorcerer’s Stone.”
  • A vital caution from Professor McGonagall is disregarded in the movies.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  • From the book, Mr. Weasley fixes Harry’s glasses in Diagon Alley rather than Hermione.
  • Hermione is mindful of the expression Mudblood, while the book character has to be educated on its significance by Ron.
  • The film never explains that Mr. Filch is a squib and doesn’t have magic.
  • In the movie, the heir of Slytherin’s message is composed of blood, while in the book, it is paint.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

  • Harry pretends to be Neville Longbottom while about the Knight Bus in the publication.
  • There’s no Hogwarts choir from the book. However, you see them function in the next movie.
  • In the book, Sir Cadogan’s portrait replaces the Fat Lady’s after Sirius Black attacks her.
  • On the large screen, it has never demonstrated that Harry wins Hogwarts’ Quidditch Cup.
  • The movie does not explain the origin story of these Marauders James Potter (Prongs), Sirius (Padfoot), Remus Lupin (Moony), and Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail) or their Marauder’s Map and Lupin’s link to the Shrieking Shack.
  • Harry was joined by Ron and Hermione from the publication when he eavesdropped on Fudge’s Leaky Cauldron dialog.
  • In “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” the pets are intended to provide some crucial information.
  • In the movies, Harry never receives a signed authorization form for Hogsmeade.
  • The novels claim a link between the Muggle World and the Wizarding World.
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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  • Percy Weasley’s job in the ministry and the betrayal of his family are not in the movie.
  • Dumbledore calmly confronted Harry about placing his name in the Goblet of Fire from the book, whereas in the film, he had been rather mad. . .and extreme.
  • Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports, Ludo Bagman, was omitted from the film, as his personality was united with Barty Crouches.
  • From the books, journalist Rita Skeeter can become a beetle and is an unregistered Animagus.
  • Hermione’s SPEW (The Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare) was not cited in the film.
  • Neville gave Harry the Gillyweed to its next Triwizard Tournament job, but it was Dobby from the book.
  • Voldemort has red eyes in the books, maybe white.
  • Following Harry winning the Triwizard Tournament, he gave his 1000 galleon winnings to Fred and George to begin Weasley Wizard Wheezes that are not in the movie.
  • In the movies, the house elves were entirely removed.
  • The movies don’t provide background on Pigwidgeon.
  • Moviegoers presumably had a lot of questions after Barty Crouch Jr.’s major revelation in “Goblet of Fire.”

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  • Quidditch isn’t featured in any way in the fifth movie, such as Ron being called keeper and Professor Umbridge banning Harry, Fred, and George from Quidditch. Ginny subsequently substituted Harry as a seeker.
  • Hagrid told Harry about Thestrals from the book, while Luna Lovegood failed at the film.
  • The movie does not demonstrate the full scope of Snape’s worst memory, which included Lily Potter and the Marauders.
  • Even though Cho Chang spills the beans around Dumbledore’s Army from the film, Marietta Edgecombe is really from the book.
  • Harry goes on a date with Cho Chang from the publication, but not the film.
  • Ron and Hermione are prefects, although not in the film.
  • It’s disclosed in the books, but not the films, that Professor Trelawney’s prophecy concerning The Chosen One will conquer Voldemort born to people who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies might have been employed to Neville Longbottom.
  • The films mostly omit the heartbreaking tale of what happened to Neville’s parents.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

  • Harry inherited Grimmauld Place and Kreacher from the book after Sirius Black’s departure.
  • From the book, Bill and Fleur are residing at The Burrow, planning their marriage, and Fleur clashes with Mrs. Weasley.
  • Following Draco renders Harry unconscious on Hogwarts Express, Tonks finds him at the publication, but Luna is at the movie.
  • The narrative of this pureblood Gaunt household, Voldemort’s descendants, is cut out of the movie.
  • Although Death Eaters attack the Burrow during Christmas on the large screen, that never happens in the book.
  • In the movie, it is not mentioned that the werewolf Greyback switched Lupin.
  • Years before, Dumbledore refused Voldemort’s Defense Against the Dark Arts program, which might function as the position is murdered.
  • Ginny hid the Half-Blood Prince’s book from the Room of Requirement in the film, but Harry did it at the book.
  • Harry and Ginny’s first kiss is in front of the entire school through a Quidditch match for the publication.
  • It is not explained in the movie that Snape named himself the Half-Blood Prince because he is half wizard, half muggle, along with his mother’s maiden name is Prince.
  • Fenrir Greyback bites Bill Weasley from the book.
  • Ginny and Harry are connected during much of the book, but Harry breaks up with her for security.
  • There was a significant reduction in the Pensieve scenes.
  • The movies also omitted an explanation of how Voldemort’s army of Inferi came to be.
  • Bill Weasley’s proper scar-making process is never revealed.
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

  • Harry’s farewell using the Dursleys is omitted from the movie, such as Dudley thanking Harry for saving his life. (However, it’s a deleted scene from the adaptation.)
  • The backstory of Regulus Black, a former Death Eater and Sirius’ brother, isn’t expanded upon from the movies.
  • Remus’s show of Tonks’ pregnancy, the birth of the son Teddy, and the fact that Harry is the godfather are not mentioned in the movie.
  • Harry and Hermione don’t dance together in the tent at the books as they do in the movie.
  • From the publication, Harry discovers that the message is on the Snitch shortly after he receives it, instead of in the movie when he figures it out much later.
  • Peter Pettigrew expires in the books after being forced to strangle himself with all the hands gifted to him by Voldemort.
  • Harry’s thought is to launch the Gringotts dragon from the publication, but Hermione’s from the movies.
  • Dumbledore’s entire backstory out of his friendship with Gellert Grindelwald into the catastrophe of his sister Ariana is not detailed in the film.
  • Percy is quite much present in the Battle of Hogwarts.
  • Hermione and Ron’s first kiss is in front of Harry from the book after they ruin the Horcrux.
  • Harry violates the Elder Wand in half at the end of the film. But in the book, he uses it to repair his wand and then returns it to Dumbledore’s tomb.
  • More information about Dumbledore’s past would have probably been helpful to moviegoers.

Harry Potter Missing Film Characters

Missing Film Characters

  • Charlie Weasley – Ron’s second oldest brother that works with dragons in Romania
  • Peeves – A mischievous Poltergeist
  • Winky – Barty Crouch’s drunken former home elf
  • Professor Binns – A ghost that teaches History of Magic in Hogwarts
  • Andromeda and Ted Tonks – Nymphadora Tonks’ parents

General Notes About Harry Potter Book Vs Movie Differences

  • James and Lily Potter were only 21 when they expired but were depicted by much older celebrities. Much like Remus, Sirius, and Peter, who’d have been about 32 if they were introduced in Prisoner of Azkaban.
  • Potter heads have complained about the way Ron was depicted in the movies. While he mainly functioned as comic relief, many of his more intelligent minutes during the books were awarded to Hermione about the giant screen.
  • Fans also believe that Ginny had been dealt with a disservice in the movies, as she had been a lot more outgoing, lively, and energetic from the books.
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FAQs about Harry Potter Books Vs Movies

Are Harry Potter books better than movies?

Among the most significant benefits, the Harry Potter books have over the films is the total amount of time that they have with the viewers. J.K. Rowling had time to inform Harry’s epic scale narrative, which allowed her to flesh out the Wizarding World and the numerous characters that live in her tales.

Do the Harry Potter movies follow the books?

The first two films follow the books fairly well. A couple of items are eliminated, but nothing significant. The next movie begins to leave out essential details, and also, the fourth film is the abomination of mashed up characters and scenes, which makes no-shows.

Are Harry Potter books different than movies?

The Harry Potter books, by controversial author J. K. Rowling, include details that never made it into the films. Many characters and scenes are cut or shortened, and there are many moments essential to the narrative that was not shown on screen in any way.

Which Harry Potter movie is most like the book?

Philosopher’s Stone

Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets are the most like their books. I have never read a Harry Potter book or seen films.

Did Draco and Hermione actually kiss?

Draco Malfoy had only taken Hermione Granger to his arms and was kissing her passionately. It was not only that. However, it was what he’d stated. These words have been echoing over and over again in Hermione’s head.

Did Hermione die in Harry Potter?

On April 16, Riddle places a hill troll made resistant to the sun on Hermione to kill her. Harry and Fred, and George Weasley come to help her. Voldemort and Harry revive Hermione with a dark ritual and the Philosopher’s Stone to fix her body along with the authentic Patronus charm to ignite her back into life.


There is no clear winner regarding the Harry Potter books vs movies debate. Both have their own unique charms and appeal to different audiences.

While the books offer a more in-depth and detailed look at the world of Harry Potter, the movies provide a more visually stunning and action-packed experience. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference as to which is better. Thank you for reading!

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