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How Many Warriors Books Are There

If you are new to the worlds of Warriors, it is possible that you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of characters and plots in this series. Fireheart and his warrior cats were so important to us; our teacher had us stand aside and tell us that every book we read must have a human protagonist. This seemed deeply unfair.

You’ll see that the Warrior Series wasn’t just a collection of silly books about cats. They were complex novels full of political intrigue, religious war, forbidden love, and violent cat deaths. They were frightening and disturbing. But, how many Warriors books are there? Continue reading to learn more.

How Many Warriors Books Are There?

The Warriors series contains over 60 books! The original Warriors series includes six books. There are four spinoffs: Power of Three and The New Prophecy. Omen of the Stars and Dawn of the Clans also have special editions and stand alone guides.

Parents who love to read with their children can find the sheer number of books a huge asset. If your child is captivated, you will be able to come up with great gift ideas for future birthdays.

A Forest Divided is the latest Warriors novel, and it is available in bookstores this week.

About the Warriors Books:

About the Warriors Books

Erin Hunter is the best selling author of the Warriors series, a junior fantasy series for young adults. The primary series contains six books. The adventures and tales of Warrior Cats are featured in more than 80 books. Harper Collins publishes the series.

The three authors are Cherith Baldry and Kate Cary, and Tui T. S. Sutherland, as well as Victoria Holmes, the editor, who creates the stories for the books. Harper Collins asked Victoria Holmes for a story about feral cats.

Holmes used classic themes such as love, war, religion, and politics to create enough material to write his first novel. Harper Collins gave the green light to a six-book series. All four authors use Erin Hunter as their collective pen name.

Into the Wild

Into The Wild is the debut novel in the Warriors Series. This novel tells the story of wild cats whose ancestors shared the forest with the four clans.

The Four Clans of the Four Clans are the ShadowClan ThunderClan WindClan and RiverClan. They live in the forest and on the water, and each clan has its prey type. In addition to being taught or having special skills specific to their territory and clan,

The story is about a domestic cat that leaves his home to go with the wild cats in the woods. He joins the ThunderClan and is taught their ways.

The ShadowClan, however, may threaten the law and peace in the forest and ThunderClan. Each day, the ShadowClan becomes more dangerous. SkyClan, the fifth clan, was expelled by humans who built their homes. They find shelter in the canyon but disappear quickly.

Some of the most respected noble Warriors are now dying. It’s up to the clans and the people to stop this. The book opens into a battle between the ThunderClans and RiverClans over a small piece of land.

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Cat Redtail asks for the Thunderclan’s retreat. Spottedleaf receives a prophecy of the StarClan from the spirit ancestors after they have lost the battle. The ancestors tell Spottedleaf that only fire can save ThunderClan.

BlueStar, the leader of the cats, claims that it is impossible. All cats are afraid of fire. A combination of a cat human language English lexicon and a cat is used in the novel.

This has been compared with Harry Potter and Brian Jacques’ Redwall series. Because of its proximity to Jacques’, Erin Hunter was chosen as Erin Hunter. They believed that Redwall series readers would be equally open to the fantasy worlds of intelligent animals in their unique domain.

When the cats speak, the language uses two legs for humans and kitty pet for cats who were not wild or feral but owned by humans. Mewed or purred to denote a cat that is, said when they’re talking will be used.

Two words are used to name the cats, one for each cat’s personality and appearance. Rusty, a kitty pet, runs into Graypaw in Graypaw’s backyard and engages in a fight with him rather than running away.

Bluestar and Lionheart are two cats that see Graypaw fighting and invite Graypaw to their family. Rusty gets into a second fight with a cat and is given the new name Firepaw.

Firepaw makes fast feline friends, Graypaw and Ravenpaw. However, he is shocked to learn that Tigerclaw murdered the Warrior Redtail. He wants to lead the clan. Tigerclaw plans to kill Ravenpaw to keep Redtail’s murder quiet.

Graypaw and Firepaw move Ravenpaw into a safe place where he lives with Barley, a cat named Barley. Tigerclaw is not suspected of being a traitor.

However, the ShadowClan attacks the ThunderClan, and Lionheart is killed. It’s now more important than ever that Tigerclaw be exposed and defeated by the ShadowClan to preserve the ThunderClan.

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice is the second novel of the Warriors series. After being promoted to Warriors, it begins with Graypaw and Firepaw keeping watch. Graystripe is Graypaw’s Warrior title and Firepaw’s new name, Fireheart.

The two Warriors set out to aid the WindClan, driven from their home by the ShadowClan. Two Warriors discover the clan hiding beneath the Thunder paths, a term used by feral cats for human built highways.

Graystripe is assigned Cinderpaw as an apprentice, and Brackenpaw, a cat, becomes Fireheart’s new apprentice. Graystripe falls into a lake after trying to chase a vole onto the ice.

However, Silverstream, a Warrior of the RiverClan tribe, rescues Graystripe. Silverstream and Graystripe are in love, which is against the Warrior Code. Fireheart discovers their relationship but fails to convince them to end it.

Graystripe agrees to meet only with Silverstream during the full moon and at the Gathering. This is where the four clans meet to discuss their issues monthly.

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Fireheart discovers that Graystripe is regularly breaking this promise and has been sneaking off to Silverstream. Fireheart also takes on Graystripe’s apprentice training. Bluestar is being held hostage by Tigerclaw’s human made Thunderpants.

Bluestar is killed, and Tigerclaw is brought closer to becoming the leader of ThunderClan. Instead, Cinderpaw, the apprentice, is hurt by the blast. Cinderpaw discovers that she is permanently handicapped and cannot become a Warrior.

She is trained under Yellowfang, a medicine cat. Fireheart is reunited with his sister, a kitty pet who lives with humans in a two legged place. Fireheart is given a kit by Princess, one of her kittens called kits.

Cloudkit is accepted as an apprentice into ThunderClan. The rest of the clan rejects Cloudkit because she has kitty pet blood. Bluestar eventually decides that Cloudkit will remain and become part of the ThunderClan.

Brokenstar, a ShadowClan Warrior rogue, is trying to wipe out the ThunderClan forever. The clan must be strong to defend the Clan from Brokenstar’s attacks. Fireheart must figure out a way for the clan to be safe as the fur is flying and to expose Tigerclaw.

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The Warriors Brochures In Order

Warriors Books

Publication Order of Warriors Books

  1. Into the Wild (2003)
  2. Fire and Ice (2003)
  3. Forest of Secrets (2003)
  4. Rising Storm (2004)
  5. A Dangerous Path (2004)
  6. The Darkest Hour (2005)

Publication Order of Warriors: The New Prophecy Books

  1. Midnight (2005)
  2. Moonrise (2005)
  3. Dawn (2005)
  4. Starlight (2006)
  5. Twilight (2006)
  6. Sunset (2006)

Publication Order of Warriors: Power of Three Books

  1. The Sight (2007)
  2. Dark River (2007)
  3. Outcast (2008)
  4. Eclipse (2008)
  5. Long Shadows (2008)
  6. Sunrise (2009)

Publication Order of Warriors: Field Guide Books

  1. Secrets of the Clans (2007)
  2. Cats of the Clans (2008)
  3. Code of the Clans (2009)
  4. Battles of the Clans (2010)
  5. Warriors: The Ultimate Guide (2013)

Publication Order of Warriors Super Edition Books

  1. Firestar’s Quest (2007)
  2. Bluestar’s Prophecy (2009)
  3. SkyClan’s Destiny (2010)
  4. Crookedstar’s Promise (2011)
  5. Yellowfang’s Secret (2012)
  6. Tallstar’s Revenge (2013)
  7. Bramblestar’s Storm (2014)
  8. Moth Flight’s Vision (2015)
  9. Hawkwing’s Journey (2016)
  10. Tigerheart’s Shadow (2017)
  11. Crowfeather’s Trial (2018)
  12. Squirrelflight’s Hope (2019)
  13. Graystripe’s Vow (2020)

Publication Order of Warriors: Omen of the Stars Books

  1. The Fourth Apprentice (2009)
  2. Fading Echoes (2010)
  3. Night Whispers (2010)
  4. Sign of the Moon (2011)
  5. The Forgotten Warrior (2011)
  6. The Last Hope (2012)

Publication Order of Warriors: Dawn of the Clans Books

  1. The Sun Trail (2013)
  2. Thunder Rising (2013)
  3. The First Battle (2014)
  4. The Blazing Star (2014)
  5. A Forest Divided (2015)
  6. Path of Stars (2015)

Publication Order of Warriors: A Vision of Shadows Books

  1. The Apprentice’s Quest (2016)
  2. Shattered Sky (2017)
  3. Darkest Night (2017)
  4. Thunder and Shadow (2017)
  5. River of Fire (2018)
  6. The Raging Storm (2018)

Publication Order of Warriors Short Stories/Novellas

  1. Hollyleaf’s Story (2012)
  2. Mistystar’s Omen (2012)
  3. Cloudstar’s Journey (2013)
  4. Tigerclaw’s Fury (2014)
  5. Leafpool’s Wish (2014)
  6. Dovewing’s Silence (2014)
  7. Mapleshade’s Vengeance (2015)
  8. Goosefeather’s Curse (2015)
  9. Shadows of the Clans (2016)
  10. Ravenpaw’s Farewell (2016)
  11. Path of a Warrior (2019)
  12. A Warrior’s Spirit (2020)
  13. A Warrior’s Choice (2021)
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Publication Order of Warriors Collections

  1. The Untold Stories (2013)
  2. Legends of the Clans (2017)

Publication Order of Warriors: Graystripe’s Adventure Graphic Novels

  1. The Lost Warrior (2007)
  2. Warrior’s Refuge (2007)
  3. Warrior’s Return (2008)

Publication Order of Warriors: Tigerstar and Sasha Graphic Novels

  1. Into the Woods (2008)
  2. Escape From the Forest (2008)
  3. Return to the Clans (2009)

Publication Order of Warriors: Ravenpaw’s Path Graphic Novels

  1. The Heart of a Warrior (2009)
  2. Shattered Peace (2009)
  3. A Clan in Need (2010)

Publication Order of Warriors: The Broken Code Books

  1. Lost Stars (2019)
  2. The Silent Thaw (2019)
  3. Veil of Shadows (2020)
  4. Darkness Within (2020)
  5. The Place of No Stars (2021)

Publication Order of Warriors Graphic Novels

  1. The Rise of Scourge (2008)
  2. A Shadow in RiverClan (2020)
  3. Wind of Change (2021)

Publication Order of Warriors: SkyClan and The Stranger Graphic Novels

  1. The Rescue (2011)
  2. Beyond the Code (2011)
  3. After the Flood (2012)

FAQs About Warrior Books Series

How many Warrior cats books are there in total 2024?

It contains six books: Into The Wild, Fire, and Ice, Forest of Secrets, Rising Storm, A dangerous path, and Darkest Hour. This series is about Rusty, a cat living in a house that is invited to Thunderclan.

Does Netflix have Warrior cats?

Warrior Cats, an animated TV series, is based on Erin Hunter’s Warriors book series. Warriors cartoon to Netflix. The animated adaptation of the best selling feline series Warriors by Erin Hunter was acquired for Netflix. It will air in 2019

Why is Jaypaw blind?

He was born with vision at first. He was only a few months old when he fell into a thorn bush while playing with his littermates. He was blinded when some thorns got in his eyes.

How did Cloudtail die?

When A rabbit scratches longtail’s tabby Warrior, he is permanently blinded and assigned to the hunting patrol. Willowpelt, one of Cloudtail’s Clanmates, is killed when a badger tries to enter ThunderClan territory.

Is Erin Hunter still making warriors books?

These books were signed by Victoria Holmes for Erin Hunter, who is not an actual person. Holmes posted on her Facebook page on 14 April 2017 that she will no longer be writing for this series because she feels she can no longer contribute.

What is the next Warrior Cats book 2024?

Warriors: A Starless Clan #1 River Hardcover – April 5, 20,22


The Warrior Books Series is a great series of books for readers of all ages. It’s an exciting and action-packed adventure that follows the journey of two brave warriors as they battle their way through a magical world of dragons and monsters. With its mix of fantasy and adventure, it’s sure to keep readers entertained. In conclusion, the Warrior Books Series is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an epic and captivating read.

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