How To Get Mending Books? Top Full Guide [2021]

How To Get Mending Books in Minecraft

You can use the Mending enchantment to repair your armor, weapons, and tools. You can gain experience by killing mobs and mining items. This will allow you to repair any weapons, armor, or tools that have been damaged. How To Get Mending Books? Continue reading to find out the latest Penn Book guide, which was updated in 2021.

Where to Get Mending Books in Minecraft

Two main ways to obtain Mending books are available. The easiest and most obvious way to get Mending books is by chance. You can either loot treasure chests in temples or dungeons to find mending books, or you can catch one while fishing. These methods can be quite inconsistent and time-consuming. An alternative is to set up an auto-fishing operation, which will make the task easier and reduce your time.

You can also trade Mending books with village Librarians. You can flip him some emeralds and get an enchanting novel; everyone is happy. However, you will need a Librarian who deals only in Mending books. You can make a Villager interested in Mending books if the Librarian in your village is not available.

Make a lectern from planks and a bookshelf. Then lure the generic Villager out of the village. He will soon fall in love with library science after you give him the podium. You can trade with him, and hopefully, you’ll have a Mending manual to offer. If he doesn’t have one, you can take it away, and he’ll become a generic Villager. You can give him the podium to roll his inventory again, and you will get a Mending-oriented Librarian.

Mending Books in Minecraft

How To Get Mending Books?

Mending can be found on almost any weapon or tool in Minecraft that has durability. Any experience gained for Mending an item will be used to repair it at a rate of 2 durabilities per point. Minecraft players will not receive experience if an item is being fixed. Mending repairs only items in a player’s hand, offhand, or armor slot and not in their inventory.

A player can only have one item that has Mending on it at any one time. The experience will go to the randomly selected one. It is currently not possible to repair items in priority order. However, this may change in future versions of Minecraft.

Getting Mending Enchantment Books

Players must first find a mending guide before they can put a mending spell on an item. Mending is not possible. Most Minecraft enchantments can still be made using an enchanting tablet. Players will need to find, buy, or loot these books.

  • Fishing: The Mending Enchantment Books can be fished from water sources, just like Minecraft fish. Although some may find fishing boring, it is the fastest and easiest way to get Mending items.
  • Looting Chests-Mending enchantment books are found in Dungeon Chests and Temples. Mending books are easy to find for players who are already on the move looking for loot.
  • Trade: Find a villager that is a librarian to trade with. Librarians will trade an enchantment book to get one emerald.

Making A Librarian Villager

Players can create a librarian if they are unable to find one. First, you need to lure a Minecraft villager who doesn’t have a profession and then give them a podium. The Villager will accept the job, and players can then trade emeralds to buy books. Players can take the podium from the Villager captured and return it to get the Mending Book. Players will then be able to trade with them again to try and get a Mending Book.

Mending Books


Can you get mending from enchanting a book?

Books are less likely to be able to obtain multiple enchantments. An enchantment table cannot provide treasure enchantments like Mending.

What are the chances of getting a mending book from fishing?

The odds of you getting a mending handbook are 0.113×0.167×0.037=0.000698, which is 0.07%. This means you’ll need to catch on average 1,400 items before you can get a mending book.

Can librarians sell mending?

Click on your Librarian to see the stock they trade. To re-assign the Villager as Librarian, you can continue to place and remove the podium until the mending books appear.

Can you get mending from a Level 1 villager?

A level 1 librarian, can you give me a mending manual? Yes, novice villagers can make their first trades at random.

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