Best Plants Vs Zombies Books 2024

Plants Vs Zombies Books

We’ve collected the top children’s books, from classic tales to novellas, for every reader. We have recommendations for the top stories that are best for young children, whether they’re a one year old or a teenager. Plants vs zombies books by Paul Tobin are a great choice. Do you want to know more about these great comic books? Continue reading to learn more.

Plants Vs Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a popular video game developed and published by PopCap Games. The game was initially released in 2009 and has since become a household name in the gaming community.

In Plants vs. Zombies, players are tasked with defending their homes from an army of zombies by strategically placing plants that have unique abilities to attack or defend against the incoming zombies. The game has been widely acclaimed for its entertaining gameplay, appealing design, and witty humor.

In addition to the video game, there are several books based on the Plants vs. Zombies franchise that offer fans a deeper look into the game’s world and characters.

These books include graphic novels, activity books, and fiction novels, all of which expand on the lore and storyline of the game. With its engaging gameplay and charming characters, Plants vs. Zombies has become a beloved franchise that has captured the hearts of gamers and book lovers alike.

How many Plants vs Zombies books are there?

The Art of Plants vs. Zombies

The Art of Plants vs. Zombies

The zombies view the story of Plants vs. Zombies(TM), the super popular emulsifying game. This treasure trove contains never before seen concept artwork that covers Plants vs. Zombies Adventures and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. It is part zombie memoir, part celebration, and part antiplant screed.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 1: Lawnmageddon

Crazy Dave, a confusing but brilliant inventor, helps Patrice and Nate Timely fight off a funny neighborhood invasion in Plants vs. Zombies. Plants vs. Zombies has won over 30 Game of the Year awards. Now, the game is ready to shuffle onto all ages the shelves to entertain and thrill all ages.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 2: Timepocalypse

PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies comics add another dose of funny, plant filled, zombie zapping humor to their immensely popular game! Crazy Dave, a babbling but brilliant inventor and top notch neighborhood defender, helps his niece Patrice and young adventurer Nate Timely fend off Zomboss’s latest global attack in Plants vs. Zombies.

This standalone story will entertain and excite you. Your brains! Paul Tobin (Bandette: Plants vs. Zombies Falling Skies), Ron Chan (The Guild of Husbands) team up with a host of time tossed plants to bring a hilarious, all ages romp on your timeline!

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 3: Bully For You

Patrice and Nate, young adventurers, have been following Crazy Dave, the neighborhood defender, throughout his life. But are they prepared to visit a school campus to protect the streets from zombies? Plants vs. Zombies Bully For You will see them visit a strange college to try to eliminate Dr. Zomboss once more. And any school visit is tolerable if you can fight zombies!

Paul Tobin (Prometheus Bandette, Bandette) and Ron Chan (The Guild, X-Men) team up with the Anti Bully Squad for a hilarious, all ages romp at your school. Special bonus stories by Dustin Nguyen and Jennifer Meyer, as well as Peter Bagge, are included!

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Plants vs. Zombies Volume 4: Grown Sweet Home

The new story begins! A group of young plants, led by Fred the Sunflower and Jeff the Bloomerang move from Crazy Dave’s garage to his large family home in Neighborville. Patrice and Nate go with them to ensure they don’t accidentally damage the place. But why is Dr. Zomboss watching them? What secrets is he hoping to discover and share with his zombie army?

For the feature story, artist Andie Tong (Zodiac Tron: Betrayal) joins Paul Tobin (Bandette Marvel Adventures, Marvel Adventures), Karim Friha, and NnekaMyers as the bonus stories!

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Get ready to read the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare graphic book! Based on the popular video game Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, this comic tells the story of how it all leads to the sequel! What is the story behind Zombossification’ in suburbia? From where did the new power plants and zombies originate?

You’ll find the answer here! Paul Tobin wrote the book Plants vs. Zombies, Timepocalypse Bandette Banana Sundae, and Jacob Chabot illustrated it. Don’t miss this action packed, all ages zombie fighting adventure! Suburbia has been overtaken by something sinister. Is yours. Are you. . Brain Sssssssssssss. . . Are you ready for the zombie invasion?

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 5: Petal to the Metal

Plant powered speedsters take on impotent, zombie driven hotrods. Let’s get ready for the races! Crazy Dave will face the Don’t Blink video game. He also challenges Dr. Zomboss in a series of contests to determine the future for Neighborville.

Crazy Dave and Dr. Zomboss have already entered the car filled contest. Paul Tobin (Bandette and The Witcher) and Ron Chan (Star Wars, The Guild, The Guild) will be returning to bring another hilarious zombie battle to your burg.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 6: Boom Boom Mushroom

Crazy Dave and Patrice, Crazy Dave’s intelligent niece, discover “Zomboss’s Secret Plan to Raise a Zombie Army Underground, Then Swallowing the Whole of Neighborville Whole!”. A group of plants finds the plan.

To save the people above ground, a rare Boom Boom Mushroom must also be found! Crazy Dave and a new friend, a strange animal friend, perhaps stranger than Dave! While Zomboss plots his subterranean subterfuge, Dave searches for the mushroom.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 7: Battle Extravagonzo

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 7 Battle Extravagonzo

The Plants vs. Zombies graphic book is a standalone novel by the award winning creators Paul Tobin and Brian Smith. Zomboss, the evil mastermind behind the zombie factory in Neighborville, is back. He wants to purchase the factory and place his army in the best possible location.

Crazy Dave and his team of helpers Nate, Patrice, and their group of intelligent plants will beat Zomboss and take the factory for their use.

The Battle Extravagonzo continues – Eisner Award winner Paul Tobin continues the acclaimed PvZ series All ages madness from award winning creators Brian Smith and Paul Tobin – Official comic of addictive video games – The most sold game adaptation roars forward.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 8: Lawn of Doom – Language Edition

As Halloween approaches, odd creatures and strange contraptions begin appearing on Neighborville’s lawns every year. Although a Neighborville Halloween may seem strange enough, Zomboss and his zombie force want to make the holiday even more frightening by turning it into their Lawn of Doom. Zomboss is filling every yard with zombies and traps.

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Crazy Dave, Patrice, Nate, the neighborhood daredevil, and Crazy Dave are among those who participate in the contests for best tricks, best treats, and best costumes. This tale is about Halloween hijinks, told by Ron Chan and Paul Tobin, Eisner Award-winning writer.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 9: The Greatest Show Unearthed

Based on the video game. Dr. Zomboss mistakenly believes that all people have a secret desire for freedom and to join the circus. He plans to use Big Z’s Adequately Amazing flytrap Circus to lure Neighborville citizens to their doom. 6 x 9.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 10: Rumble at Lake Gumbo

Dr. Zomboss finds Lake Gumbo near Neighborville and uses an underwater drill to make the lake muddy. Crazy Dave, Patrice, and Nate are neighborhood defenders and spot any trouble. They grab all the Tangle Kelps and Party Crabs they have to stop another zombie invasion. Bonus stories included.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 11: War and Peas

Based on the video game. A literary war ensues when Crazy Dave and Dr. Zomboss become members of the same book club. The club leader position is open, and the rivalry between plants and zombies heats up.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 12: Dino-Might

Dr. Zomboss plans to destroy the yards of Neighborville. It is up to Neighborville’s resident adventurers Nate, Patrice, Crazy Dave, and his band of plants to stop Zomboss from claiming victory.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 13: Snow Thanks

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 13 Snow Thanks

Dr. Zomboss creates a Cold Crystal that can freeze Neighborville. This will cause an eternal winter, burying both humans and plants in snow and ice.

Zomboss plans to take his zombie soldiers on a mission to conquer the city, with most zombie fighting plants immobile and chilled. Patrice, Crazy Dave, and Nate are the only ones who can adapt and fight for Neighborville.

Eisner Award winning author and series staple Paul Tobin (Bandette and I Were the Cat) collaborates with Cat Farris on this standalone graphic novel.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 14: A Little Problem

These tiny menaces must be defeated by the plant’s Crazy Dave, Patrice, and Nate. How will Neighborville’s tiny insects react to this invasion? Will This mini zombie invasion ruin crazy Dave’s two hundred year old pants?

The latest issue of Plants vs. Zombies is out! It features Eisner Award winning writer Paul Tobin, Bandette (Red & Blue), and artist Sara Ester Soler (Red & Blue), creating this graphic novel.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 15: Better Homes and Guardens

Prepare for a fierce and persistent battle to design Neighborville dwellings. Patrice and Nate, plant pals, suggest a brilliant idea. They will put Guard-ens in homes and yards to stop any zombie attack.

But Dr. Zomboss, zombie leader and Pop Smarts fan, quickly becomes obsessed with this idea and creates an evil cage that he can use to trap all the delicious brains and people who live within it.

For this graphic novel, Crazy Dave, Nate, and Patrice, the plants must counter Dr. Zomboss’s havoc-filled scheme. Eisner Award winning writer Paul Tobin (Bandette & Genius Factor) and Christianne Gillendardo–Goudreau (Plants vs. Zombies – War and Peas / Plants vs. Zombies: Rumble At Lake Gumbo) will collaborate with Christianne Gillendardo-

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 16: The Garden Path

Our story starts with Dr. Zomboss’s latest evil genius plan disguise his zombies as one another in an attempt to confuse plants and their plant pals Crazy Dave and Nate. These scheming disguises will not stop the friendly fronds from getting into Neighborville’s tourist attractions and Watson Elementary School to unleash their hungry ways.

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You will make every major decision on the way and decide if any of our horticultural heroes are to die. . ?. Or victory! Eisner Award winning author Paul Tobin (Bandette and Genius Factor) collaborates with Kieron Dwyer (Captain America and The Avengers) to create a new interactive Plants vs. Zombies adventure!

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 17: Multi-ball-istic — Paul Tobin

As Dr. Zomboss transforms Neighborville into an enormous, fully functional pinball machine, you can get into yet another battle between zombies and plants! Patrice and Nate have a plant team that must work together to stop this zombie invasion. They are equipped with bumpers, flippers, and pegs and will need to find a way for Neighborville back to normal.

Will they be able to hit a series of skill shots against the zombies, or will the ball and bumper continue to be thrown at them? Paul Tobin, Eisner Award winning writer (Bandette and Genius Factor), teams up with Christianne Gillenardo–Goudreau (Plants vs. Zombies – Better Homes and Gardens) to create a new Plants vs. Zombies adventure!

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 18: Constructionary Tales — Paul Tobin

The fight to save Neighborville goes on!

Dave is armed with his niece Patrice and Nate Timely (neighborhood hero) and his army of strange inventions and plants to fight any Zomboss invasion! Paul Tobin, Eisner Award winning author (Bandette and Genius Factor), teams up with Jesse Hamm (Batman 66/Hawkeye) to create a new Plants vs. Zombies graphic book adventure!


What are the Plants vs. Zombies books about?

Plants vs. Zombies books are based on the popular video game and expand on the game’s world and characters through a variety of different mediums, including graphic novels, activity books, and fiction novels. The books often feature familiar characters, such as Crazy Dave and the various plants and zombies, and explore their stories in greater detail.

How many Plants vs. Zombies books are there?

There are currently over a dozen books in the Plants vs. Zombies franchise, including several graphic novels, activity books, and fiction novels.

Are the Plants vs. Zombies books suitable for children?

Yes, the Plants vs. Zombies books are generally considered suitable for children, as they are designed to be entertaining and age-appropriate. However, parents should still review the books to ensure they are appropriate for their child’s reading level and interests.


Plants vs. Zombies books are an excellent way for fans of the video game to delve deeper into the world and characters of the franchise. Whether it’s through graphic novels, activity books, or fiction novels, the books offer a range of entertaining and age-appropriate stories that are sure to capture the imagination of readers. From exploring the backstories of familiar characters to introducing new and exciting storylines, the books expand on the lore of Plants vs. Zombies in creative and engaging ways.

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