Top Best 13 Reasons Why Clay Jensen Quotes And Sayings 2024

13 Reasons Why Clay Jensen Quotes

Why 13 Reasons Why is so beloved? It combines humanity with a high level of attraction. You will then need to find 13 Reasons why Clay Jensen quotes. This is one of the key factors that made the film so successful. Clay Jensen’s quotes: What is their greatest quality? These quotes are just for fun. Is there a deeper meaning? Read on to learn more.

Who is Clay Jensen

Clay Jensen is a central character in the popular Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”. He is a high school student who is grappling with the aftermath of the suicide of his classmate and crush, Hannah Baker.

Throughout the series, Clay listens to a series of tapes recorded by Hannah before her death, which reveal the reasons behind her decision to take her own life and the ways in which those around her contributed to her suffering.

As he listens to the tapes, Clay embarks on a journey of self-discovery and attempts to make sense of the events leading up to Hannah’s death.

Best 13 Reasons Why Clay Jensen Quotes

The Best 13 Reasons Why Clay Jensen Quotes

1. Whatever happens, keep moving. Get through it. Choose to live. Because even on the worst day, some people love you. There’s new music waiting for you to hear, something you haven’t seen before that will blow your mind in the best way. So even on the worst day, life is a pretty spectacular thing.

2. But no matter when I go back, the fact remains, eventually I need to face the other people on the tapes.

3. Every drama has to be your drama, or it doesn’t count. Somehow, this is all about you. – Clay Jensen

4. Ancient history is somehow present tense. Everything is ending, but nothing is over. And none of us knows how to make sense of the jumble of things that happened.

5. And she was new to the school, so the rumors overshadowed everything else I knew about her.

6. How can we find joy in our lives… in this world after Hannah? How do we take what hurts most? Take the darkness and turn it into the light? I think the answer is we love each other. Easy to say. But what do we do when it’s hard to love? – Clay Jensen

7. There comes a time when enough is enough, and you have to stand up and face up and fight back.

8. I hardly knew Hannah Baker. But, I mean, I wanted to. I wanted to know her more than I had the chance. […] [W]e never had the chance to get closer. And not once did I take her for granted. Not once.

9. Who would send me a shoebox full of audiotapes? No one listens to tapes anymore. Do I even have a way to play them? – Clay Jensen.

10. That truth first came to light a few weeks ago, at a party, with Hannah directly in front of me. An amazing moment when everything seemed to be falling into place.

11. Hannah Baker came into my life at the end of one summer like a star that fell to Earth. Like nothing I had seen, like no one I had ever met. She was funny and smart, and moody, and… and maddening, and beautiful… And… I loved her. I loved her so much. And I ask her every day why she did what she did. But I get no answers.

She took those with her when she went. Leaving me, all of us, angry, empty, confused. And I know that hurt won’t ever go away. But there will come a day when I don’t feel it every minute. And the anger won’t be so hot, and the other feelings will fade, and I’ll be left with only love. A good friend once said to me, I can love you and still let you go.

So, Hannah, I love you, and I let you go. And I miss you. And I hope that wherever you go next, you feel peace, you feel safe in a way that you never did here. So, wherever you go next, I hope you know that I love you. – Clay Jensen.

12. Anxiety, panic, it’s not about what you know is coming. It’s about what you don’t.

13. Why would you want to mail out a bunch of tapes blaming you for a suicide? You wouldn’t. But Hannah wants us, those of us on the list, to hear what she has to say. And we’ll do what she says if only to keep them away from the people not on the list.

14. Just, like, I don’t understand them. What’s their story? They don’t want to take over the world, kill their masters, anything interesting. They’re not good or evil. They’re just hungry for brains. I mean, like, brains. – Clay Jensen

15. I’m a person in a thousand pieces. But I’m seeing a counselor. It’s a long, hard process, but little by little, you start picking up the pieces. And you realize that what you’re making is a mirror. And the more pieces you put together, the more you see yourself.

16. Sometimes I feel like that’s all life is. It’s just all the mistakes you make and all the s*** you gotta do to set it right.

17. The next time someone is in desperate need… and they’re about to make a terrible mistake, what do we do? Do we look the other way? Do we protect ourselves, or do we help them? Do we do whatever we can to save them? I think I know what Hannah would want us to do. – Clay Jensen

13 Reasons Why

18. It always makes me want to grab him by the shirt and push him until he lets the girl go.

But instead, every time, I pretend not to notice.

What could I do anyway?

19. ” People always tell you who they are. You have to listen.”

20. This is not an obsession. It’s respect. I’m living out her last requests.

21. The truth is, you’re right, I have been in love before. I’ve done a lot of what I’ve done out of love, and where’s it ever gotten me? Love has made me angry, paranoid, afraid. Love has made me a monster, more than once.

Love has the only f*cked up my life, has made me question my relationships, my closest friends. And God knows, love has made my closest friends question me. So you know what? F*ck love. – Clay Jensen

22. My dad loves to tell me stories about when he was in high school. The stories usually involve chess clubs and obscure bands with funny haircuts because the ’80s were a strange, strange time. But he always gets one thing right. He knows high school can hurt. That can be painful. That there are days when that’s all it is.

And he once told me that he’s living proof… you can survive. You can get through it. He’s living proof, and so am I. And so are all of you. And the thing is, for me, for us, this class, this… this generation, the high school, actually is life or death.

We show up every day, not knowing if this is the day we die. If this is the day, someone shows up with a gun and tries to kill us all. We practice what we’ll do if that happens. Life or death. – Clay Jensen.

23. Tyler, listen. You don’t get out of this alive. And I don’t want you to die. I… I don’t want you to die. If you think this is the way if you really think that’ll change a goddamn thing and not just be another fucking tragedy that adults cry about for a week and then forget, if you really think this is gonna be different, then do what you gotta do. Come on, Tyler. Please? – Clay Jensen.

13 reasons why clay quotes

It has to get better. The way we treat each other and look out for each other. It has to get better somehow.

Everyone is just so nice until they drive you to kill yourself.

I cost a girl her life because I was afraid to love her.

Those tapes are messing me up. They’re doing shit to my head.

Everybody wants to talk. No one wants to do anything.

Just, like, I don’t understand ’em. What’s their story? They don’t want to take over the world, kill their masters, anything interesting. They’re not good or evil. They’re just hungry for brains. I mean, like, brains.

I love you. And I will never hurt you. I’m not going. Not now. Not ever. I love you.

It’s time we stop thinking about what Hannah wanted and start thinking about what she needs.

Every drama has to be your drama or it doesn’t count. Somehow, this is all about you.

I wanted to talk about Hannah Baker. She pushed me away. I was thinking about how hurt I was, and I didn’t even for a minute stop to think that…she was hurting, too.

But wouldn’t you like to know what happened after Hannah left that day? She walked out of this office…and she hoped you would come after her. But you didn’t. You let her walk away. We all let her walk away. She walked out of school… went home… and put some things in order. She returned her uniform to the Crestmont, where I worked with her. She didn’t say anything. She dropped it on the counter and walked away. She dropped a package off with a friend, then took another to the post office. 

FAQs about 13 Reasons Why Quotes Clay Jensen

FAQs about 13 Reasons Why Quotes Clay Jensen

Clay Jensen is a good guy. He is a shy high school student grieving the loss of his best friend, Hannah Baker. Clay is kind, compassionate, and sensitive. He is also a good listener.

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What does Clay Jensen suffer from?

Clay has been suffering from PTSD, Monty being the star of his recurring nightmares.

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Did Clay Kill Hannah?

On the tapes, Hannah admits that she doesn’t blame Clay for her death. She simply needs him to hear her side of the story. Clay didn’t kill Hannah Baker, after all.

What does Clay say at Hannah’s funeral?

I miss you and I hope that wherever you go next, you feel peace, you feel safe, in a way that you never did here. Wherever you go next. I hope you know that I love you. Clay Jensen to the attendees at the funeral and then to his hallucination of Hannah.

Does Hannah Love Clay?

Yes, Hannah did love, Clay. He played an important role in her life. Clay loved Hannah too and Hannah knew about this but since she mentioned it in her tapes, according to Hannah he deserves someone better.


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