Best Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Quotes [2022]

Best Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Quotes

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World was a cultural success in 2010. Although the film did not do well in theatres, it was met with great critical response and built a huge fan base. It even inspired a video game called Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game that will soon be re-released.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is a cult film (a consolation prize for many who hoped the first film would become a franchise). This film blends comedy, action, and romance to create a film that is true to Bryan Lee O’Malley’s source comic and an entertaining movie for people who have not read the books. The film’s charm lies in its dialogue. Many great lines have been adapted from the comic. Here are some of the most memorable Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Quotes.

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Best Scott Pilgrim vs The World Quotes

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

1. Wallace: If you want something bad, you have to fight for it. Step up your game, Scott. Break out the L word.

Scott: Lesbians?

Scott Pilgrim was a child who didn’t want his parents to love him. He would have to discuss his feelings to do that openly. Wallace, his roommate, was there to give him a much-needed pep talk. Maybe he just wanted Scott to watch The L Word, a Showtime series.

2. “Because I’m in lesbians with you. I really, really mean it.” – Scott

The lesson is still relevant! It’s kind of. Scott can tell Ramona his true feelings about “the L word”. She is as confused as one would expect, but she goes with the flow.

3. “Chicken isn’t vegan?” – Todd Ingram

If veganism gave you superpowers, I would eat lettuce and drink soymilk for the rest of my life. This is not the case. This is why I will continue to enjoy hot wings. Unfortunately, Todd can’t eat Chicken Parmesan as a part of a vegan diet. Gelato is also not vegan. “Milk, eggs, b*tch.”

4. “No vegan diet, NO VEGAN POWERS!” — Officer John Punnisherman of the Vegan Police (Probably)

What good is a society that doesn’t have rules?

5. “If I peed my pants would you pretend that I just got wet from the rain?” – Scott

This is something that only true love could do. Scott’s only problem is that it didn’t rain.

6. “Is that girl a boy too?” – Wallace

If your band goes by the name “Crash and the Boys”, you have two options. You can either live in the 1950s and let only men join, or you can B. Change your name. Wallace Wells, the King of Sass, will always be there for you to make it right.

7. “You once were a ve-gone, but now you will be gone. – Scott

Scott is the most skilled fighter in the province. His post-battle catchphrases are a bit lacking.

8. “I gotta pee on her!… I mean, I gotta pee. Pee time.” – Scott

Scott isn’t making an impression of Dave Chappelle or channeling his inner “alleged” R. Kelly. This is just a glimpse into our brains when we don’t know what we should say. So we make up something really stupid.

9. “The only thing keeping me and her apart is the two minutes it’s gonna take to kick your ass.” – Lucas Lee

Scott Pilgrim not only headbutted Superman into unconsciousness but also sent Captain America flying toward his doom. Although Ramona’s evil ex-partners most liked Lucas, it could have been the Chris Evans effect.

10. “You made me swallow my gum! That’s going to be in my digestive tract for seven years!” – Gideon

Do you remember when as a child, you were challenged to chew gum? It may still be in your digestive system (not really, but you can look into it if it’s a concern). Gideon now has plenty of reason to seek revenge because he didn’t do it before.

11. “You broke the heart that broke mine.” – Knives

Knives Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Ah, teenage infatuation. Emotions take control, and logic is completely lost. Knives Chau somehow convinced herself that Scott was her sole responsibility.

12. “You punched me in the boob. Prepare to die, obviously!” – Roxy

Bro, I think you were raised much better.

13. “Wallace? Again?” – Stacey

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is about Scott winning Ramona’s heart and getting rid of all the competition. Wallace is attracting the attention of every man he can while he does all that. It’s even funnier that he stole Stacey’s boyfriend. Later, you will see Wallace, Jimmy (Other Scott), Scott, and Scott sharing the same bed.

14. “Didn’t You Get My Email Explaining The Situation?”

Scott Pilgrim’s greatest feature is its absurd logic. Scott Pilgrim’s story is set in Toronto, a time before cell phones. This sets up Scott’s first battle with Matthew Patel.

Scott’s confused ex-boyfriend, who looks like a pirate, responds to Scott’s sincere question about why he wanted to fight. He also inquires whether Scott received his email. After Scott admits that he had only “skimmed” his email, Patel explodes and starts the fight.

15. “He Just Left.”

Scott’s character arc includes the fact that Scott dates Knives Chau (Ellen Wong) while Ramona is his girlfriend. Knives visit Scott’s apartment in the early stages of his relationship. We see Scott running to the kitchen as Wallace, his roommate (Kieran Culkin), answers the door. Knives ask Scott if Scott is there, and Scott jumps headfirst out of the window. “He just left.”

Wallace is a big fan of Knives, and he feels guilty covering up for Scott. We see Scott reach through the window to get his quote. It’s a brilliant piece of physical comedy, and Culkin delivers the lines with great humor.


Scott is a neglected bandmate of Mark Webber, Kim Pine (Allison Pill), Young Neil (Johnny Simmons), and Stephen Stills (Mark Webber). After they sell out to the seventh evil ex, it seems that Scott’s friendships have been dissolved.

Scott then apologizes to his bandmates. As a surprise, Kim shouts the band’s countdown for Scott to set a beat as he begins the final battle, one last act of solidarity for Sex Bobomb’s former bassist.

17. “Bread Makes You Fat??”

Ramona finally comes over to Scott’s apartment after several dates. Things begin slow, but things improve once they sit down to eat Scott’s favorite dish, garlic bread. Scott confesses that he would love to eat garlic bread more often, but Ramona counters by providing basic nutrition knowledge, which Scott can’t believe.

Through a large mouthful, he exclaims, “bread makes you fat?” This quote is the highlight of the whole date night sequence.

18. “He Punched The Highlights Out Of Her Hair!!!”

Todd Ingram, Ramona’s third and evil ex (played by Brandon Routh, who learned to play bass for this role), is a sophisticated-looking vegan with psychic mind abilities. Scott is also currently dating Envy (Brie Larson), a woman who does not like Knives.

Todd signals her to stop yelling, and he hits Knives so hard that her hair is bloated with blue highlights. Young Neil assists her and weeps in shock at what has happened. It’s an incredibly shocking moment that shows how evil Todd is and makes Todd’s downfall all the more satisfying.

19. “Tell It To The Cleaning Lady On Monday.”

After punching Scott through a wall with his fist, Todd smartly criticizes Scott’s grammar. This strikes a nerve, and Todd tells Scott that he will “tell it to her on Monday.” Because there will be dust Monday. Because you will be pulverized within two seconds. The cleaning lady… cleans up… dust. She dusts. She has weekends off, so she can dust on Monday. “Right?” For a moment, all the tension dissipates as everyone realizes that Todd is not only a girl-hitting jerk but also a moron who is incapable of delivering any good retorts.

20. “This One’s For The Guy In The Balcony That Keeps Yelling At Us. It’s Called ‘We Hate You, Please Die.'”

Wallace, Scott’s roommate, is one of the funniest characters in the movie. He is completely detached from all the crazy battles and loyal to tell Scott what he should do. Scott’s sister is also a victim of his stealing. Wallace, who is at the Battle of the Bands at the Rock-it’s first round, puts on a show of confidence by heckling the Boys and Crash while he’s there.

The singer suddenly snaps, “This is for the guy on the balcony who keeps screaming at us.” It’s called “We Hate You, Please Die.” It occurs in the film’s early scenes. The zaniness of this story is still unfolding, so the entire exchange is completely hilarious and unplanned.

Other considered Quotes

Other considered Quotes

1. Stephen Stills: I’m afraid I have some bad news.

Kim Pine: Is it the news that we suck? Because I really don’t think I can take it.

2. Scott Pilgrim: Dude, what do you know about Romana Flowers??

Scott Pilgrim: Dude, what do you know about Romana Flowers?

Comeau: All I know is that she’s American.

Scott Pilgrim: *sigh* Americann…

Scott Pilgrim: American…

3. Scott Pilgrim: What is the website for ?

Scott Pilgrim: What is the website for

Wallace Wells:

Wallace Wells:

4. Scott Pilgrim: You know what sucks?

Wallace Wells: What?

Scott Pilgrim: EVERYTHING.

5. Scott Pilgrim: (to Knives) Ciao, Knives!

Scott Pilgrim: [to Knives] Ciao, Knives!

6. Scott Pilgrim: I kind of feel like I’m on drugs when I’m with you. Not that I do drugs. Unless you do drugs. Then I do drugs all the time, every drug.

7. Ramona Flowers: Dude, I’m changing

Scott Pilgrim: Ah! [covers his eyes] Sorry. It’s just cold.

Ramona Flowers: Here. Does that help?

Scott Pilgrim: Yeah, that’s very warm. What is that? [Scott’s hands are pulled away to reveal Ramona] Okay…

8. Scott Pilgrim: You cocky cock! You’ll pay for your crimes against humanity!

9. Lucas Lee: (checks phone) Hahaha! That’s actually hilarious.

Lucas Lee: [checks phone] Hahaha! That’s actually hilarious.

10. Scott Pilgrim: Wait! We’re fighting over Ramona?

Matthew Patel: Didn’t you get my E-mail explaining the situation?

Scott Pilgrim: I skimmed it.

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