28 Best Manga To Read Similar To Solo Leveling 2024

Best Manga Like Solo Leveling

Solo leveling Manga is the most popular webtoon and is well known for creating huge waves in the webtoon community. Despite this widespread, many people are still unaware of Manhwa’s true identity.

Reading an incredible manga series might be very frustrating due to this right to abandon reading. But after taking some time to enter them, most readers turned into major fans of the kind of comic.

You read Korean comics. You proceed via Solo Leveling, an epic fantasy where ordinary men and women become extraordinary heroes to resist devils and monsters. But, most of the heroes at Solo Leveling do have no basic skills.

If you’re interested in the types of tales in which the unreal and impossible things seem unavoidable along with the components of individual determination, sacrifice, and willpower would be the most extraordinary powers, keep reading to explore much regarding the great Manga like Solo Leveling collected from Penn Book.

What is Solo Leveling

“Solo Leveling” is a popular South Korean webtoon (digital manga) written by Chugong. It follows the story of Jinwoo Sung, a weak and low-ranking hunter who suddenly gains the ability to level up like a video game character.

With his newfound power, he sets out to become the strongest hunter in the world and uncover the truth behind his sudden transformation.

The manga is known for its action-packed storyline, well-developed characters, and unique premise. It has gained a large following for its combination of fantasy, action, and character development. Fans of “Solo Leveling” often recommend it to those who enjoy stories about growth, power, and self-discovery.

28 Best Anime Manga Like Solo Leveling To Read

12 Best Anime Manga To Read

Tomb Raider King: Top manga like Solo Leveling

This freaking amazing manhwa is like Solo leveling. The MC includes an extremely similar kind of system, which helps him get more powerful. You may take a look at the description beneath.

Everyone was shocked when God’s Tombs started appearing around the globe. They can use the Tombs’ relics to gain unimaginable legendary power. Some can use these powers, while others are unable to.

But the Tomb Raider appears and has the mission to steal all the relics from the Tombs around the globe. The journey of the revived Tomb Raider begins, and he will take the stolen relics back at all costs.

God damn it! Did that bastard currently loot this location too?! Everything you have belongs to me, what I have indeed belonged to me. This is the narrative of a restored Tomb Raider King who’ll do anything he can to assert all the tombs and relics for himself!

This manga has many funny characters and is well drawn. This manga’s most important feature is how the protagonist and the great characters are combined to create a fantastic story. The tombs, weapons, and other items in this manga would remind you of Solo Leveling.

If you would like to read Manga like Solo leveling, you must check it out. The narrative has a similar kind of system, which helps him get more powerful.

The Gamer

Han Jihan, a regular secondary school understudy out of nowhere, suddenly gains a mysterious power that overlays RPG characteristics in the real world.

He builds an extraordinary force in which his hidden world is transferred to some game like setting. He can observe that people’s force levels have a gander in the particulars of a seemingly ordinary item, get abilities, and sometimes even level up! Follow Han Jihan because he finds a way to use this force and the world of Skill customers.

This, however, forces Jihan to manage the homework and complete the quests. Jihan must also do the navigation for the newfound power to increase his life’s level within the manga, such as Solo Leveling.

Metropolitan System

Jiang Bai was killed in a truck accident when seeking to escape from a high risk casino after winning a large sum of money, but rather than dying, his spirit was transported to a parallel universe comparable to Earth and united with his alternative pathetic self.

Over that, he met with the mad God that grants him an effective BUG ability within this new universe. Jiang Bai has become stuck in his alternative world, which’s much more flawed and not as powerful compared to the original. Could he make a comeback in this new parallel world with his brand new cheat skills?

It’s comparable to Solo Leveling in that both Manga includes a system that assists the main character. In the two Solo Leveling and urban systems, both of those MC were feeble initially but gradually got them and became stronger.

A Returner’s Magic Must Be Special

A Returner's Magic Must Be Special

Now I’m back. I will not let my loved ones perish again! The Shadow Labyrinth, the very devastating existence humanity has ever faced. Desir Arman is one of the six surviving lands of humankind inside.

The six try to clear the last degree of this labyrinth but finally fail, and the world concludes. However, if Desir believed he’d satisfy his passing, what’s shown ahead of him is the planet… thirteen years back?! Desir is returned into the past back to this time when he registered in the country’s most excellent magic academy Havrion.

He’s reunited with his cherished friends and is ready to modify the past to conserve the entire world and his loved ones…! Three years are remaining before the development of the Shadow World! Change the past and collect strong comrades to save mankind!

This manhwa is with no doubt among the very highly recommended manhwa, such as Solo Leveling.

The Ranker Who Lives Twice

Yeon-woo had a twin brother who disappeared five decades back. One afternoon, a pocket watch abandoned with his brother returned into his ownership. Inside, he discovered a hidden journal which listed from the time you hear that I figure I will be dead…

Obelisk, the Tower of the Sun God, is a planet where many universes and dimensions intersect. Within this world, his brother had fallen prey to betrayal while scaling the Tower up. After learning the facts, Yeon-woo chose to scale the Tower together with his brother’s journal.

“From today on, I’m Jeong-woo Cha.”

This manhwa has about 67 chapters, but it’s definitely worth every moment. Should you enjoy Solo Leveling, then you are certainly going to enjoy it as well.

If you are interested in comic books, check out Top 50+ Best Comic Books Of All Time Review [2022] to know more before reading.

FFF Class Trashero

Protagonist Kang Han Soo killed the demon king after ten decades of being summoned from the fantasy world. Now it is time to be routed back to the ground. What is this? The dream world god looks at with his card.

This does not happen. His report card is presented to the Fantasy worlds god appears. Because of his personality, he gets an F Score and must now start over. The regression that follows is that he must come back to the beginning and begin again. Can Kang Han Soo end these endless yields?

Solo Leveling

Tower Of God

If the name of the protagonist is Twenty Fifth Bam, you know that this story is a serious departure from the norm. Bam a young boy, been alone his entire life before he met Rachel.

Nevertheless, Rachel is put on climbing the Tower, and she’s prepared to depart Bam supporting to do so. After Rachel disappears at a veil of light, Bam follows with only one person HER, vowing to ascend the Tower in hopes of fulfilling her.

However, the Tower is a dangerous place filled with ancient secrets, fearsome creatures, and infamous people. Every floor is protected by an Administrator who places the bold challengers through grueling tests that can push them to their limitations.

As he faces Headon, the Administrator of this initial floor, Bam learns he is helpless, somebody who wasn’t picked by the Tower but managed to input it on his own, an infrequent event within the Tower.

Irrespective of the revelation, nevertheless, his route forward is clear. Can it be Isalth, glory, power, or perhaps reuniting with Rachel? All needs will be accomplished at the peak of the Tower.

SIU, the author, has been working on this series from 2010 to 2010. His hard work and detailed story line are what make the series worth his time. There are humor elements and emotional connections. You can also hate a nation as a whole and not feel guilty about it.

This Fantasy manhwa’s author does an excellent job of building the story. Bam is also likable, as are Khun and Rak. Although the art and story style is simple initially, it becomes more complex as the story develops and the characters become more attractive.

Dungeon Reset

When it starts up, the underground dungeon a process known as Reset the User. Why not this reset process apply to me personally?! I’m the only one left out of this endless reset of the dungeon. With easy abilities and an overpowering weapon, the Jung down game begins within the dungeon.

Versatile Mage

Mo Fan lives an everyday life as a student, but everything changes when he inherits the magic necklace. He awakened, and the entire world was changed. Today’s recognizable high school teaches magic, encouraging pupils to develop into the best magicians they could be. Beyond the city limits, drifting magical beasts prey on people.

An innovative scientific universe transformed into one with innovative magic. However, what hasn’t changed was the same instructor who looks upon him with disdain, the very same pupils who look upon him with contempt, the identical father who struggles in the bottom rung of society, and the same innocent step sister who isn’t able to walk.

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But, Mo Fan discovered that although everybody else can use one significant component, he can use all magic!



The narrative follows Dongtae, an unfortunate boy with problems with virtually everything, like a woman he can not get or does not wish to get embarrassed. Looks, grades, as well as getting bullied, he hates his life.

But everything changes when Taebin, a Dicer, transports. Upon getting a mysterious, iridescent stunt, his life becomes a bit more interesting. The dice is a magic cube that could transform anything around YOU! For Dongtae, he alters everything. Consider it: what would you alter?

Cultivation Chat Group

One afternoon, Song Shuhang was added to a talk group with several seniors who endured chuuni disease. The folks within the group would phone each other fellow Daoist’ and had various sorts of names: Palace Master, Cave Lord, Authentic Monarch, Immortal Master, etc.

And the furry friend of the creator of this group which had run away from home has been known as a monster puppy’. They’d talk all day about tablet refining, exploring ancient ruins, or discuss their expertise on techniques.

But after lurking within the group for some time, he discovered that not everybody had been what it appeared…

Ultimate Scheming System

I’m the very best in regards to taking appropriate paths. With only a flip of the hands, I will choose the course less frequently traveled. I look far and wide to find myself unbeatable and unrivaled. So today, I ask, who can match my awesomeness?

This manhua combines both martial art (Xianxia) and the RPG leveling system with Isekai. This story is packed with action, similar to Solo Leveling.

Acting tough is second nature for me personally, and I’m a single wolf.

The street is long and twisting winding. I shan’t feel lonely as long as I’m in a position to act hard!

Life and death bore me, and I do anything I’ve fit.

“Young man, back when I began acting hard, you’re learning how to put in your underpants!” Xu Que, therefore, decided to take the route of acting hard. He chose to act hard every single god damned moment. If he was not acting hard, he had been scheming to find the ideal method to act hard!

I am The Sorcerer King

The story in I am The Sorcerer King takes place in a world populated by monsters who appear from nowhere and attack humanity. Soon, people realize their hidden talents and fight to defend their world. Lee Sung Hoon is also an avid monster hunter. However, he took on a dangerous job to pay her medical bills. he acts as bait for her mother’s sickness.

He is severely injured one day and recalls his past life. He discovers that he was the sorcerer king from his past life, and, with the knowledge of his previous life, he slowly restores his powers to save the world.

Although the story is reminiscent of Solo Leveling initially, it becomes a diversion as the story progresses. Although the concepts are similar in both manhwas, MC does not get his powers from an unknown entity.

Solo Leveling is limited to only the MC. However, this manhwa gives all awakened hunters their power.

How are you going to believe there will be good character development? Although it may sound cliché, it doesn’t stop telling the story. It is, in fact, one of the most enjoyable Solo Leveling games out there.

It is a beautiful art style, and you will be immersed in the story. The similarities in the development of the main characters are another thing to be noted.

You can also see that the characters’ paths to success are different. However, the outgoing vibes are the same. It is also possible to see the differences in ideologies and priorities among both the characters.

Solo Leveling’s main character development is an exception in the entire system. However, this aspect doesn’t linger in Solo Leveling. This manhwa is deserving of the first slot, keeping in mind the plot, characters, and similarities.

It is easy to see the similarities of both Solo Leveling, and I am The Sorcerer Kings. Both stories have a lot of uniqueness. This adds to the enjoyment of reading stories with a unique tone.

This manhwa’s story pace is much faster than Solo leveling. This story can be described as a mixture of several different plots. The author manages to keep both the plot and the image of the OP character fresh and exciting.

So I’m a Spider, So What?

So I’m a Spider, So What?

Shiraori is a typical high school girl. But now, she’s reborn as a spider in a magical world. Is this how the Isekai stories continue? Can she try again? But that’s not the point. How can she survive in the dungeon with the weakest monsters?

She may need to say goodbye to her second life. I tried to make the story as funny and straightforward as possible. This is because the manhwa’s natural nature is identical to the one we describe.

Another Sekai manga like Solo Leveling, but this time it has total uniqueness. The manga has many funny moments, as well as some exciting battles.

The fantastic artwork is quite decent, and with a good story and character development, it is an excellent manga for Isekai lovers. The artwork is decent and has a good story. It is all the system favored with special items/armors.

This might not be the right manhwa for you. It all depends on your pace. It is, however, an excellent manhwa for Solo Leveling.

Emperor of Solo Play

It is a very cliché plot with action and heroic stuff. In reality, it is quite the opposite. This is a story about Jaehyun, set in 2035. Warlord, a virtual reality game that has brought about significant changes in the world, is now available.

Jaehyun is a dedicated player who puts his all into the game. He faces betrayal just as he is about to achieve the rewards he deserves. He is betrayed by his party and left behind.

The story begins when the main character is killed in an accident. He then travels back in history. He plans to do things right this time by playing solo. Because the VRMMORPG requires that guilds be established to gain levels, the protagonist chooses a unique role. He is a Necromancer.

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

The story of Desir Arman one of six remaining survivors is told in the manhwa. He has been redirected back to the past when he was enrolled at Havrion, the nation’s finest magic academy. He has been reunited with his precious friends and is determined to make the past right to save the world, his loved ones, and himself, this time.

The Shadow Labyrinth is the most deadly catastrophe humanity has ever faced, and Desir will have to face it three more years later.

This manhwa could be expressed in just a few words using unique. Some epic battles with each arc are well-written and will bring you to the forefront of the story. The art is excellent, and the characters are what make this manhwa so unique.

It seemed that the story was changing pace. However, the humor and relationships of the characters make up for the difference. The precious concept is the most important and best part of this fantastic manhwa.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Dokja had no idea his favorite web novel, Three Ways to Survive The Apocalypse, would come to life and that he would be the only person to know the end of the world.

He also had no idea he would end up becoming the protagonist of this novel turned reality. Dokja is now on a mission to alter the course of the story and save humanity once and for all.

Although the series of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint is new, it is very similar in many ways to Solo Leveling. It has a game system that is real life and not an Isekai.

It is also worth noting that the MC in this series does not die as in Solo Leveling. This manhwa is unique in its own right and very enjoyable to read.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

The story of Hardcore Leveling Warrior revolves around the game Lucid Dreams. It is a game where a player called hardcore leveling fighter is renowned for being the strongest.

He is then relegated to level 1 by an unidentified player who kills him. The so-called hardcore leveling fighter should now make up his mind to regain his position and find the anonymous attacker.

We found the opposite when you were searching for Solo Leveling. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t similar to Solo Leveling. However, the concept proves our point.

It’s a great mix of humor, fight scenes, and lovable characters that will keep you entertained until the end. It’ll be a thrilling ride.

Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society

Shin follows in his father’s footsteps and continues to explore the depths of dungeons within this MMORPG type universe. The Solo Leveling manhwa is the central adventure theme of the light novel. The world is changing rapidly, and it is now a warzone.

There are monsters and their dungeons popping up all over the globe. Shin, however, is only interested in reaching the depths of one invite only Dungeon. This Dungeon is only accessible to those who are at least 15 years of age.

There are two types, and Shin is continuing to explore the new one. Other dungeons are information and are relatively small. The plot doesn’t complicate the world.

There are always reasons why something is happening. However, the female characters of this universe are one dimensional and follow the main character. This isn’t very pleasant, but it’s manageable. Due to repeated events, the story can become a little boring. It might disappoint those who don’t like stories that have similar plots.

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Although this Solo Leveling manhwa hasn’t been very well known yet, as a light novel reader, I can tell you that its story is far more compelling than Solo Leveling’s. The world building in this book is simply fantastic. Although the leveling concept may be slightly different from “Only I Load Up,” it still has all you need.

It sets in a Post apocalyptic World. The story is well paced and will not let you forget it. Comparing Solo Leveling to the light novels is a fair comparison the Omniscient Reader’s Perspective The latter wins.

Second Life Ranker

Yeon-woo, the elder of the brothers, the old pocket watch left alone after his younger sibling disappears. He had not been in touch with his brother since the incident five years ago. He finally finds the pocket watch that belonged to his brother and boy one fateful day. Do we have a twist to the story? Yes! We do.

While examining the watch, he discovers a hidden diary which suggests that his brother might still be alive. It would be not easy to get him back to Yeon-woo’s dimension.

his brother has fallen victim to climbing up Obelisk (or Tower of the Sun God), was betrayed. He decides to save himself by climbing up the same tower, but be careful! This tower is not your average tower. Dimensions and the entire world collide here.

Yeon-Woo would do almost anything to save his brother. He even tried to reach the bottom of an unknown universe. It’s why it’s recommended by many.

From a distance, the good storyline smells like a dark mystery. You can also tell from the first glance that there will be some serious action. This Korean Manga is very popular and has even been featured in a webtoon.

You want something with a lot of emotion, action, mystery, and storyline. Solo Leveling is not your best choice, but Ranker Who Lives a Second Time could be your top pick.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Although the manhwa in this title isn’t too bad, it lacks a plot compared to the lighter novel. I, therefore, recommend the light book. This story is about Lee Hyun, an average guy in his real life who is the legendary God of War from the MMORPG Continent of Magic despite being a regular guy.

Lee Hyun is a video game player who escapes from all the tragedies of his life. He decides to sell his iconic character, even though he has to repay loan sharks.

He is now a millionaire from what began as a simple way to make some extra money. He soon loses the money to loan sharks. He is driven by saving money for his sister’s college education and plans to play another MMORPG, Royal Road. This game introduces virtual reality into the gaming world.

Imaginator (Gong Heon Ja)

Imaginator (Gong Heon Ja)

Best Manhwa Like Solo Leveling

This story takes place in the far future, where a meteor nearly hits Earth. At the same time, the world changes as superpowered people and monsters emerge.

Tae Min Park realizes that something is behind everything, so he does everything he can to find it.

Imaginator can be described as another way to solo level, but it primarily uses guns and fantasy weapons. It is a beautiful piece of artwork. The story is slow, but it builds the stage with each chapter.

You won’t find a better manhwa/webtoon if you are looking for a similar Solo Leveling, but with a different approach to the story and a great story.

The Beginning After the End

In a world filled with excellent martial skills, King Grey is a strong, wealthy, and respected figure. Behind this man is a shell that is full of will and purpose.

He is given a second chance at life when he reincarnates in a new world filled with magic. He must not make the same mistakes he made in the past. But, correcting the mistakes of his past will not be his only challenge. He must have had a purpose for being reincarnated in this world. What is his destiny?

This is probably the most thrilling and exciting Isekai story in all of the manhwa. This manhwa is worth reading solely for the artwork visuals during the entire action scenes.

It is #1 on our list of top manhwa, Solo Leveling. You can’t miss it. You’ll find many funny moments that will make you smile as well as an excitable fantasy element. You won’t get bored at all.

Re: Monster

The manga’s description is fascinating, even before you read it. Rou, the protagonist, is not like the other main characters because he is a monster. Rou was once a human with unique abilities. He then dies and reincarnates as an evil monster.

To make this manga entertaining, you will need to be aware that Rou was born as a very low level goblin. This allows him to recall his past lives, which helps him gain power.

The manga is similar to Solo Leveling and has a video game setting. Rou eats more beings to gain XP and so evolves into a more extraordinary being.

Winter Moon

The series follows Florence, a gay sorcerer, and Risa, a seductive priestess on an online RPG game. This webtoon shows how they cross paths. The author introduces a few additional characters later in the story. The art style is stunning, and there are many intelligent characters throughout.

Even though the webtoon is based on snippet views, it’s easy to see everyone’s aura from the beginning. The story quickly becomes a flow through. It is updated three times weekly, despite having fewer panels and taking a shorter time to read. It is easy to binge.

Solo Leveling is an RPG game, so it’s easy to compare. It has good action packed tales featuring a strong male lead and lots of leveling up. Season 2 shows that Florence is trapped in the game world and must escape.

There are bullying, abuse, stalkers, and other real life situations that were portrayed in the series. This adds depth to the webtoon. It also adds many hidden features. If you’re looking for something unusual, it might be worth a look.

Legend Of The Northern Blade

This story may seem a boring story to some, but is this manga boring? Comparing it to Solo Leveling, we can see that this manga’s storyline is slower pace, which is good. It helps with the story development.

A Monster Who Levels up

The story of Kim Sae-jin is A Monster Who Levels up. He one day awakes as a Monster. He is on a journey to become a human again while becoming more monstrous. It’s a fascinating plot.

The protagonist wants to go back to his roots and not seek more power. However, the ending is not great if you take a look at it. The ending is not what you expected. The antagonist of a story is the missing element that causes it to become linear.

The novel has many exciting plot arcs. The world setting is beautiful, and Sae Jin, the protagonist, draws his energy from his desire to return to his former self.

This shows how he struggles between getting higher and finding a way to stop all of this. It is a great read, even if you have to deal with severe arcs in other writings. It is a light novel that I enjoy reading. You might find the bittersweet ending reasonable, although your thoughts might differ.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

The manga like Solo Leveling shows how a robber was stabbing a man who, while lying in his blood pool, hears his voice which is quite strange.

This voice interprets his regret at being a virgin while dying, giving him the unique ability of a great sage. The question was: Did it make fun of him, or was it so obvious?

This MC is a strong performer and has a dedicated system in front to assist him. It shares many similarities with solo-leveling.


This light novel could be described as epic and must read. You know I want to read it, so I will. The main character Shin Young-woo, a new player, is the protagonist. As we all know, noobs feed on bad luck and silly misunderstandings. He reached out to the Ultimate Noob title.

The story begins with Grid’s shortcomings and setbacks. He then starts to reboot, and with proper concentration, he earns the title of Over geared. It is all about having the best Over Powered gear. This is the downfall.

This web novel is not like webtoons and manhwa. It does not contain any art, unlike webtoons and webtoons. Many people find the plotting of the first 100 chapters very linear.

These chapters only show the weaknesses of the main character. I find them hilarious, though. You also get a good understanding of your character. Sometimes, the author can be a bit too detailed about things. This is especially true when you are binging on books.

Perfect character development planning is done. The plot is proper justice by the character development. It focuses on the negative aspect of the main character. Realistic portrayals will be a plus, as the main character is shown overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

The protagonist will touch Solo Leveling if you look for a similar manhwa. This RPG based light novel follows the protagonist’s journey.

The story begins not after the main character has been granted a rare chance of luck but right from the beginning. This makes it easy to visualize the past and makes the story flow from the beginning. We can accept that the protagonist’s growth and reaction are sometimes hazy or hyper, but this is not a problem in an action novel.

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Legendary Moon Light Sculptor

Hyun Lee and his grandma live in poverty. They work part time, but they can’t be happy. He enters the VR game Royal Road one day. He only wants to make money. He wants to make money, but he earns less.

He enjoys flirting with NPCs for free lunches, and he works hard every day to improve his skills. He should now create an avatar that will determine his family’s future. This is a great way to level up solo, and we love it.

Legendary Moon Light Sculptor is the only manhwa that can be equal to Solo Leveling. The manhwa’s artwork is fantastic, and the story is excellent too.

You’ll see the effort and time that went into each scene if you look closely. You will have moments where you want to shout, “Wow!”. However, the changing of artists will make it a more enjoyable ride.

The Tutorial Is Too Hard

The Tutorial Is Too Hard

This light novel has a very descriptive title. Solo Leveling is a similar story. Lee Ho Jae is trying to solo level up. Lee Ho Jae attempts to enter a tutorial to learn how to fight the monsters that threaten to take over the world. When he chooses Hell as the most challenging difficulty, things get out of control.

It might seem like a slow paced story, with each level being descriptive. All details about the author’s abilities and their problems are taken into consideration. Because the narration is a recollection by the protagonist, it lacks tension because we know that he is alive.

This novel is unlike other light novels and manhwas. Each adventure is presented on a level basis. Although the protagonist is OP, he faces enough difficulties to move up. There are no other characters because the difficulty is too great. You are searching for a friendlier main character.

I enjoy the technical problems that cause him setbacks. When they are contributing reasonably to games, they aren’t usually noticed by writers.

The Blade of Evolution Walking Alone in the Dungeon

This is a gory, bloody manhua about Song Ran, a man who has gained his healing ability, but it is rubbish. One time, his entire team was killed in an underground dungeon. A hidden boss made this killing, and he was left alone. Song Ran was given a sword in this dungeon, and that sword upgraded his powers. The problem is: how can Song Ran fight against them all?

The world is full of monsters now, therefore, I want to live as I wish

Our hero was driving home from work when he saw a large dog shadow and picked up the remains. The world is now a game-like place full of monsters, levels, skills, status, and other elements. Our hero must now fight for survival in this fantasy world. He also teams up with a girl and a dog to help him survive.

This Manga is a great read. It has an engaging story. Solo leveling is the same as the primary protagonist leveling. Monsters are fundamental in the real world, and it’s necessary to fight for survival.

Best Manhwa Like Solo Leveling

Best Manhwa Like Solo Leveling 


In the post-apocalyptic world of Leviathan, mankind fight to live aboard enormous ships while fending off terrifying sea monsters like Genod, the Kraken, Kentrassi, and others.

Humanity developed an elite force of skilled harpoonists that could slay the enormous sea monsters in order to fight these monstrous beasts.

The main character, Bota Ma, loses his father, a famed six-star harpoonist, to the ferocious sea monster Kentrassi at the beginning of the novel.

Following his near-death encounter with Kentrassi, Bota Ma made the decision to train as a harpoonist under the guidance of three-star harpoonist Kana.

The story told in Leviathan is intriguing, showing how the main people fight against marine animals while trying to live in a corrupt and prejudiced society. Leviathan is a fantastic option if you want to read a manhwa like Solo Leveling since it contains huge combat sequences and a beautiful visual style.

Reverse Villain

A unique manhwa featuring a villain as its protagonist is called Reverse Villain. Jung-woo, the primary character, had one great ambition: to conquer and rule Murim.

Unfortunately, Shin-Ryong, his foe, stops him from completing this job as they both reincarnate five times, with Shin-Ryong constantly stopping Jung-woo.

The sixth time around, Jung-woo modifies his goal since Murim is no longer a thing because of modernity. Instead, he concentrates on becoming stronger so that he may finally defeat Shin-Ryong, his archrival, even if it isn’t for the sake of gaining control of a country.

Fans of Solo Leveling must-read Reverse Villain since it has an overpowering protagonist that is identical to Jin-woo from that game.


Gosu is an action-comedy series that centers on impressive bouts and skilled martial artists. The protagonist, Gang Ryong, first presents as a laid-back figure with his fat appearance and funny antics before unleashing devastating skills that can flatten trees in a single blow.

Gang Ryong’s mission is to get revenge on his instructor, Dokgo Ryong, a formidable martial artist known as the “Heavenly Destroyer.”

Gang Ryong was his master’s final, most lethal means of retaliation against the adversaries who had deceived and almost murdered him. Dokgo Ryong raised Gang as a formidable protege and taught him every single lethal trick in his bag of tricks. It’s worth looking at Solo Leveling and Gosu since they both have overpowering main characters.

Tower of God

Popular manhwa Tower of God was written by Lee Jong-Hwi, who wrote under the alias SIU. The tale began in 2010, and in 2020 an anime version was released.

The plot of the show centers on a mystical tower that grants wishes and holds enormous power and riches for those who can climb it.

Rachel becomes a friend of the main character, Twenty-Fifth Bam, who has an undefined past. Rachel later leaves him to explore the tower on his own.

Bam sought to track down Rachel since she was his first buddy, but every time he did, she betrayed him. This change sends Bam on a new course as he now seeks to control Shinshu, the tower’s underlying energy, as a strong irregular. Tower of God and its powerful power system ought to pique your attention if you like solo leveling.

The Boxer

A manhwa called The Boxer has been running since 2019 on Webtoon. Yu, the protagonist of the novel, is a cool, gifted boxer who is introduced to the sport.

Yu managed to overcome well-known, seasoned boxers despite being fresh to the sport because of his extraordinary technique and fighting prowess.

Yu makes his way up the boxing world, beating top-tier fighters with ease and grace, much like the renowned Saitama from the One-Punch Man series, under the tutelage of the great boxing instructor K.

Using the opposing personalities in the narrative, The Boxer discreetly promotes the harsh word v. raw talent ideal. Yu and Sung Jin-woo are comparable in certain ways, but in the field of sports. You may add The Boxer to your reading list as a result of this resemblance.

FAQs about Manga Like Solo Leveling

Manga Like Solo Leveling

What type of manga is solo Levelling?

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solo_Leveling

Is Solo Leveling a game or anime?

For Solo Leveling, an anime has been formally revealed, and fans seem as excited as they should be.

Is Solo Leveling a good?

Although Solo Leveling is beneficial, it doesn’t seem very novel. A manga or anime may be cliched and yet fantastic, so clichés are not necessarily negative. The two parts that makeup Solo Leveling are the main character sacrificing themselves for others and RPG-style power systems.

What is a Solo Leveling game?

A video game adaptation of the well-known online book series Solo Leveling is being developed. The adaption would be an action RPG game for PC and mobile devices, which was formally announced during Netmarble’s most recent press event.

Is there an anime similar to Solo Leveling?

Soul Land is a Chinese anime/Donghua with a great blend of action and fantasy genres. It is a well-thought adventure story like Solo Leveling, and the similarity is, the MC becomes stronger the same way as Sung Jin-woo did.

Who is the strongest character in Solo Leveling?

Jin-Woo is invincible and the strongest character in Solo-Leveling.

What is Solo Leveling?

Solo Leveling is a Korean manga series written by Chu-Gong and illustrated by Jang Sung-Lak. The series was serialized online in Naver Webtoon from November 2016 to October 2019, with the individual chapters collected and published by Kakao as two physical tankōbon volumes in August 2017 and December 2019.

What is the plot of Solo Leveling?

The story follows the adventures of Jin Woo, the world’s weakest man who somehow manages to become the world’s strongest when monsters begin appearing and attacking humans.

Who are the main characters in Solo Leveling?

The main characters in Solo Leveling are Jin Woo, Sung Jin-Woo, and Cha Hae-In.

Where can I read Solo Leveling?

You can read Solo Leveling on the official Naver Webtoon website or on the Line Webtoon app.


All the Manga above isn’t officially available in English. However, you can guys in several of the many foolish Scanlation sites. I hope you have a much relaxing time to satisfy creativity and imagination with all the manga like Solo Leveling above the list. When you discover other amazing Manga recognizable to Solo Leveling, please believe free to recommend it to us.

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