How To Send Books To Inmates From Amazon In 2024: Best Guide

How To Send Books To Inmates From Amazon

Maybe you have wondered how to send books to inmates from Amazon? Along with letters and photographs from their nearest and dearest, getting novels is essential to help them pass the time at the correctional center.

If your plan is to ship books to your loved ones in jail, but you do not know how to do so, Penn Book is prepared to assist you with the profound info in the attribute below.

What Can You Send An Inmate Through Amazon?

What Can You Send An Inmate Through Amazon

Here are the top five items to include in a care gift for an inmate:

  • Messages and Letters. Sending letters is the most excellent method to let your loved one feel connected to home, according to
  • Commissary Cash
  • Photos.

How To Send Books To Inmates From Amazon?

The first thing you should know about delivering books to offenders is that most correctional facilities don’t allow prisoners to read hardback novels.

Therefore, you must send books directly from the market or an authorised seller like Amazon. Before buying and sending a parcel to an inmate, check with the prison.

You should also realize that many U.S. detention facilities only accept USPS-delivered books. Convicts can’t sign for parcels.

That is where it becomes tricky to use Amazon’s services. They send packages via three shipping solutions:

You can’t opt for the courier, and if they don’t ship with the USPS, the center will return the bundle, and the inmate will not receive the books. That is why Amazon recommends performing the following:

Order books from Amazon for your house address

After the books arrive, then send them through USPS straight to the prison.

How to Force Amazon to Ship Using USPS

How to Force Amazon to Ship Using USPS

Prisons only accept new novels from

Amazon, the world’s largest bookseller, will send you to prison, but they use U.S. Mail, UPS, and FedEx, so you can’t choose a shipper.

USPS is needed because inmates can’t signal for packages. Signature-needed packages will be returned. Amazon can only ship USPS.

How To Deal With the Amazon USPS Problem?

Amazon can mail your novels via USPS, which is great. It’s easy to write the correctional center’s ribbon as a P.O. number and send it by USPS. Check if the prison has a P.O. box.

Your purchase can’t be anonymous, and so that your Amazon package should contain the following advice:

  • Inmate’s full name and I.D. number
  • P.O. box number and center’s initials
  • The destination address
  • The return address*
  • The purchase statement will include the sender’s billing address.
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Top tips for shipping by USPS with Amazon

  • Purchase just from Amazon themselves rather than the third party retailers who sell on
  • Figure the P.O. Box for your prison. You can try calling the email room.
  • Always deal with your Amazon delivery utilizing this P.O. Box.
  • Enter the box number as PO BOX¬†followed by the amount
  • Only send new paperback novels.
  • Restrict your deliveries without longer than ten items
  • Don’t send more than one package per month or two over ten novels.

What Happens if Your Amazon Book Package Cannot Be Delivered?

Amazon for Sending Books to Inmates

Amazon says they’ll give a complete refund, including all delivery fees, if the package is returned as undeliverable. Such parcels can not be re-shipped. You’ll need to put in a fresh order.

If you don’t receive your cash within fourteen days, you’ll have to contact Amazon’s customer support by phoning 00-1-206-922-0880.

Alternatives to Amazon for Sending Books to Inmates

Each correctional center has its own rules and regulations concerning prisoner packages and mail, so ensure that you acquire that advice on their site or by telephone. These are a few of the options you can use for sending books to offenders:

  • Barnes & Noble: P.O. Box 111, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071, 1-800-843-2665
  • LLC, P.O. Box 15, Falls Village, CT 06031-0015
  • Chicago Books To Women In Prison: 4511 N. Hermitage Ave. Chicago, IL 60640
  • Books Through Bars: 4722 Baltimore Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19143, (215) 727-8170

Keep in Touch With a Convict With DoNotPay’s Assistance

Maintaining contact with offenders is vital for their rehabilitation. Writing to offenders and seeing them is equally significant. If you’re not confident that an inmate is serving their sentence, then DoNotPay can locate them. Open our program on your Internet browser and then choose one of the following attributes:

  • Find Someone
  • Send a Personalized Letter
  • Digital Spotlight

Not Sure Where an Inmate Is Located? DoNotPay Can Help You Find Them

how to send a book to an inmate through amazon

Knowing the precise location of an inmate is vital if you would like to stay in contact with them rather than neglect your connection. DoNotPay has a Method of finding offenders in a few Straightforward measures:

  • Accessibility DoNotPay
  • Scroll until you locate the Link With an Inmate segment
  • Pick the Find Someone attribute.
  • Type from the convict’s name
  • Please enter the country that you think they are located at
  • Click Proceed
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That is sufficient for us to supply you with the inmate’s correctional center and unit amount. After that, you can select the right approach to remain in contact with them.

The Easiest Way To Send a Personalized Letter to an Inmate

As soon as you get the convict’s place, you can depend on DoNotpay to help you in composing a letter to your own loved one. If you do not understand how to address a letter to an inmate, do not worry. We will deal with this for your benefit. All these are the only things You Will Need to do:

  • Open DoNotPay
  • Locate the Link With an Inmate class
  • Click the Send a Personalized Letter option
  • Sort the captive’s name and I.D. number
  • Publish your message into the convict
  • Include photos if you believe they would cheer your prison pen pal
  • Decide on a template to get your letter to make it more memorable.
  • We’ll publish your message, place it in an envelope, and send it directly to a friend or relative in prison.


Do You Wish To Receive a Reply From an Inmate? DoNotPay Has Got You Covered

Sending one way messages is not any fun because nobody wants to speak with a wall. DoNotPay understands the significance of mutual attention, and because of this, we generated our digital Spotlight attribute. This is how it works:

  • The inmate writes their message and sends it to our speech
  • We carry the hard copy and change it into an electronic one.
  • We deliver the final product for you.
  • You assess your Digital Spotlight and browse the inmate’s message.
  • To make this choice select the Create a Virtual Mailbox choice in the Connect With an Inmate section.

Escape the Prison of Bureaucracy With DoNotPay

If you’re thinking about sending books to inmates through Amazon, then DoNotPay includes a very simple steer you can use to educate yourself concerning this procedure.

In addition, we know if it’s permitted to send images or stamps to offenders and the best approach to be sure that they get your email.

Maybe you want to send emails and text messages to convicts? We can tell you just how to accomplish that.

If you’re interested in finding creative email suggestions to increase your love letters, then you can depend on DoNotPay for your top illustrations. With our assistance, you are going to research prison unions very quickly.

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Does Amazon deliver books to prisons? makes deliveries to prisons. But we advise that you contact the prison initially to affirm that they take deliveries and inquire about any particular policies they have.

What book stores ship to prisons?

Powell’s Books Inc. ships to a lot of correctional facilities, both state and national. For your friend or relative to get what you’re sending, it’s of extreme importance that you’re sure of their center’s rules and regulations concerning incoming email.

Can you give books to prisoners?

Provides a list of all prisons that take novels. Please send books directly to the prison. Accepts book donations by email but strongly encourages contemplating donating books to one of its sister books to inmates apps (connected on their site) that could be somewhat nearer.

What kind of photos can you send to an inmate?

Photographs shouldn’t include nudity, sexually suggestive material. Hand tattoos and gestures are frequently not allowed since they could have gang consequences.

Just five pictures could be sent in an envelope with one stamp at one time, and often a center is only going to let 3-5 photos.

Do prisons accept hardcover books?

Most correctional facilities have a site that lists the limitations due to their offenders. The majority of the prisons by which I’m familiar don’t let hardback novels or used books.

They need to be brand new paperbacks. Those that get returned typically possess a note in saying hardback stories aren’t permitted.

How do prisons get books?

In budget strapped prisons, offenders are writing to volunteer classes that send free novels. The Prisoners Literature Project obtained about five to ten letters per month as it began in the 1980s; now, it receives tens of thousands from across the nation. The most frequent request is for dictionaries.

Can you send jewelry to inmates?

Necklaces may be purchased by inmates from a licensed outside vendor (jewelry brought from home is not allowed) or, in certain prisons, from the commissary, which often has a variety of medallions available.


In summary, we expect that the preceding article can allow you to get an opportunity to send the book through Amazon to your loved ones supporting the bars. In case you have any queries, please feel free to comment in the conversation box.