How Many Magic Tree House Books Are There? Top Full Guide 2022

How Many Magic Tree House Books Are There

Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House books, a bestselling series, have captured the imaginations and helped readers read chapter books. The Magic Tree House has been published in more than 50 books since 1992 publicized Dinosaurs Before Dark, which is a testimony to its appeal to parents and kids alike. You can view our Magic Treehouse Book List by clicking here. How many magic tree house books are there? Keep reading; Penn Book will give you the best information.

Who is Mary Pope Osborne?

Mary Pope Osborne was born in Fort Sill in Oklahoma on May 20, 1949. Her love for adventure began when her family moved a lot due to her father’s military service. Oklahoma, Virginia, and Austria are some of the places she grew up in.

Osborne spent her university years traveling the globe and had some amazing adventures. After suffering from severe food poisoning, Osborne had to stop her travels.

In 1982, she debuted as a writer with a YA novel titled Run, Run As Fast as You Can. Before moving on to children’s books, she wrote several more novels for young adults.

Osborne explored other genres in addition to the Magic Tree House series. He also wrote biographies and tall tales about America and stories inspired by Norse mythology and Greek mythology.

In February 1993, she was elected the 27th President of the Author’s Guild, the oldest writers’ organization in America.

How Many Magic Tree House Books Are There?

The entire book series tells of the incredible adventures of Annie and Jack, who discover a magical treehouse hidden in the woods. Jack and Annie can travel to many places and times throughout history with the treehouse.

These books chronicle their travels and lead them to various places and times in history.

Over 40 books have been published worldwide by the Magic Tree House series. Book number 29 marked the beginning of the second series. The book series began with Merlin the Magician giving the quests to the readers.

The books were then switched to Morgan, who gave Jack in 2014, and Annie in 2015.

Magic Tree House Books Are There

The Magic Tree House Book Series Complete Booklist & Summary

For anyone interested in starting the series, here are the Magic Tree House books arranged chronologically.

1) Dinosaurs Before Dark – 1992

The treehouse is a mystery. It takes Jack and Annie back to the prehistoric past. They now have to find a way to return home. They must figure out how to get home before it gets dark.

2) Magic Tree House: The Knight At Dawn – 1993

Summary: A castle with an underground passage! Jack and Annie discover when the Magic Tree House takes them back to the Middle Ages for a wild adventure. A feast is underway in the Great Hall. A feast is underway in the Great Hall of the castle.

3) Mummies in the Morning – 1993

Jack and Annie don’t need another mummy. They get it when the Magic Tree House takes them back to ancient Egypt. They meet an old queen who is dying and needs their help. Jack and Annie meet a long-dead queen who needs their help.

4) Pirates Past Noon – 1994

It’s a treasure chest of trouble! Jack and Annie will be on a high-seas adventure with the Magic Tree House, which takes them back to the days when secret maps, deserted islands, and ruthless pirates. They will find a hidden treasure. Will they find a hidden treasure?

5) Night of the Ninjas – 1994

Are you a real ninja? Jack and Annie find out when the Magic Tree House takes them back to ancient Japan. They are transported into the cave of a master ninja. Will they discover the secrets of the Ninja? Will they learn the secrets of the Ninja?

6) Afternoon on the Amazon – 1995

What about vampire bats and killer bugs? Jack and Annie will soon find themselves in this situation when the Magic Tree House takes them to the Amazon River. They soon become lost. Will they find their way back home to the treehouse? Or will Jack and Annie be unable to find their way back to the treehouse?

7) Sunset of the Sabertooth – 1996

Two kids in bathing suits can experience the Ice Age. Jack and Annie almost freeze when they are taken back in time to the Magic Tree House, which takes them back to the days of cave people and woolly mammals. They can have another wild adventure, even though Annie and Jack nearly freeze when the Magic Tree House takes them back in time to the days of cave people and woolly mammoths.

8) Midnight on the Moon – 1994

It’s three, two, one…BLAST OFF! Jack and Annie have whisked away to the Magic Tree House. Their mission? Their mission? To find the “M” last thing that will release Morgan from the spell. Will they be able to do it before their oxygen tank runs dry? The moon man will help them. The moon man will help them.

9) Dolphins at Daybreak – 1997

Jack and Annie have to decide if they want to sink or swim when the Magic Tree House takes them out into the middle of the ocean. They find a miniature submarine on a coral reef. They are about to encounter a huge octopus and a hungry shark. Will the dolphins save them? Or will Jack and Annie be eaten by the dolphins?

10) Ghost Town At Sundown – 1997

Is this town haunted? Jack and Annie wonder what happens when the Magic Tree House takes them to the Wild West. Before they can say “Boo!” The pair rush into an adventure that includes horse thieves, a lost colt, and rattlesnakes. Will Jack and Annie be able to solve the next Tree House Riddle in time? The answer could be a ghost! Did you know there is a Magic Tree House book that can help every child? Magic Tree House: Adventures With Jack and Annie is perfect for just starting chapter books.

11) Lions at Lunchtime – 1998

Jack wonders, “Where are the Lions?” when the Magic Tree House takes him and his sister to Africa’s vast plains. Annie helps hundreds of wildebeests to cross a river. They follow a beautiful bird to meet a Masai warrior. Jack is hopeful that any lions will stay away. Jack is about to be disappointed.

12) Polar Bears Past Bedtime – 1998

It’s an icicle city…when the Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie to the frozen Arctic. A seal hunter riding a dogsled lends warm clothes to them. They get trapped on cracking ice, which is unfortunate. Will the giant Polar bear save them? Or will Jack, Annie, and Annie be frozen dinners?

13) Vacation Under the Volcano – 1998

It’s hard to imagine a vacation near a volcano. Jack and Annie will soon find out what the Magic Tree House can do for them. It will take them back to the Roman Empire’s glory days. Soon, they discover that Pompeii will be destroyed when they arrive. Jack and Annie are now racing against the clock to find an ancient library before it’s destroyed by ash.

14) Day of the Dragon King – 1998

Who would ever burn books? Jack and Annie discover this when the Magic Tree House takes them back to ancient China. The Dragon King, a powerful Emperor, has ordered all books to be destroyed. Will Jack and Annie manage to save at most one book? Or will they be captured and executed by the Emperor’s soldiers? Magic Tree House: Adventures With Jack and Annie is perfect for those who just started chapter books.

15) Viking Ships at Sunrise – 1998

Morgan warns, “Beware Vikings!” Jack and Annie are then whisked back into ancient Ireland. They land on a mountaintop on a remote island. How will they find the story that they want? How will they find the story they are looking for?

16) Hour of the Olympics – 1998

The Olympic Games are not open to girls! This is the rule when Annie and Jack are whisked back to ancient Greece by the Magic Tree House. Annie tells Jack to go to the games alone, but he knows that she is up to something. Annie, will she find a way for Jack to go to the games? Or will she end up in Olympic-sized trouble with Jack and herself? Hour of the Olympics will tell you.

17) Tonight on the Titanic – 1999

Titanic trouble! Jack and Annie are set for an exciting, frightening, and tragic adventure when the Magic Tree House takes them back to Titanic’s decks. Can they do anything to save the ship that is in peril? They will be able to save everyone. Will they be able to save anyone?

18) Buffalo Before Breakfast – 1999

Buffalo! Jack and Annie tell this story when Teddy, their enchanted dog, and the Magic Tree House take them back nearly 200 years to the Great Plains. They meet a Lakota boy who teaches them how to hunt buffalo. But then something happens! They have to stop a thousand buffalo stampeding!

19) Tigers at Twilight – 1999

Are Tigers in Trouble? Jack and Annie discover this when The Magic Tree House whisks Annie and Teddy to an Indian forest. Grateful poachers are capturing rare tigers! Jack and Annie can help! Will Jack and Annie find a way to help?

20) Dingoes at Dinnertime – 2000

Wildfire! Jack and Annie will be up against it when they’re whisked off to Australia. They’re not the only ones! Jack and Annie must rescue a baby kangaroo from a forest fire. They must rescue the animals before they run out of time.

Civil War On Sunday – 2000

21) Civil War On Sunday – 2000

Cannon fire! Jack and Annie hear this when they are taken back to the American Civil War by the Magic Tree House. They meet Clara Barton, a well-known nurse, and try to help the wounded soldiers. This is their most difficult journey yet, and the one that will make the biggest difference in their lives.

22) Revolutionary War on Wednesday – 2000

The Magic Tree House takes Jack and Annie back in time to colonial days on a dark, snowy night. General George Washington is about to lead his army in an attack against the enemy. However, the terrible weather has made General George Washington question his plans. Can Jack and Annie maintain the course of history? They hold the destiny of this country in their hands. Magic Tree House: Adventures With Jack and Annie is perfect for those who are just starting chapter books

23) Twister on Tuesday – 2001

A thrilling adventure that will blow your mind! Jack and Annie are transported back in time to the 1870s by the Magic Tree House. They find themselves on the prairie, near a small schoolhouse. There they meet a teenage schoolteacher, some other cool kids, and a scary bully. The best and most frightening thing is yet to come!

24) Earthquake in the Early Morning – 2001

A thrilling adventure that will shake your world! Jack and Annie experience this when they are whisked back to California by the Magic Tree House in 1906. The famous San Francisco earthquake strikes the city as soon as they arrive. Can Jack and Annie save the day, or will they be destroyed first? Or will San Francisco fall first?

25) Stage Fright on a Summer Night – 2002

It’s a must that the show goes on! This is what Jack and Annie discover when the Magic Tree House takes them back to Elizabethan England. They meet William Shakespeare, one of the most important writers of all time. However, Mr. Shakespeare is having trouble with some of his actors in the latest production. Will Jack and Annie be ready for a grand entrance? Are Jack and Annie ready to make a big entrance?

26) Good Morning, Gorillas – 2002

Our gentle giants, giant monsters? Jack and Annie are swept to Africa by the Magic Tree House, where they have to answer this question about gorillas. They meet an amazing but sometimes terrifying group of mountain gorillas. Annie can interact with these creatures immediately. Jack is not included. Jack is the only one left.

27) Thanksgiving on Thursday – 2002

Enjoy a journey back to the first Thanksgiving, Jack, and Annie with the Magic Tree House. The Magic Tree House takes Jack and Annie back in time to 1621 for the first Thanksgiving Day. The Pilgrims ask them to help prepare. Jack and Annie aren’t able to cook or clammy like the Pilgrims. Will they ruin the holiday? Will they ruin the holiday forever?

28) High Tide in Hawaii – 2003

Take the wave! Jack and Annie can catch the wave when Annie is whisked back to Hawaii by Magic Tree House. They learn to surf and have a lot of fun until strange things happen. Annie and Jack soon realize the reason: A tidal surge is heading their way. They must save their friends!

29) A Big Day for Baseball – 2017

PLAY BALL! Jack and Annie are not great baseball players. . ?. Yet! Morgan, the librarian, gives them magic baseball caps that will make you an expert. The caps can be worn to a Brooklyn, New York special ballgame. They are transported back to 1947 by the magic tree house. Jack and Annie discover that they will be playing as batboys, not ballplayers.

What is Morgan trying to teach them? What’s so special in this game? The only thing they have to do is play nine innings. The topics include magic, adventure, and science, as well as cuteness. There’s something for everyone! Have more fun with Jack or Annie at

30) Hurricane Heroes in Texas – 2018

Jack and Annie get caught in the rain on the most dangerous Magic Tree House mission ever! They discover a major storm coming when they are taken back to Galveston in 1900 by the magic tree house. But even though it is raining and windy, nobody believes that there is danger. Seawater floods cities as the storm intensifies. Everyone needs to be helped! Jack and Annie have a little magic and a lot of hope, but will that be enough for them?

31) Warriors in Winter – 2019

We are warriors! Jack and Annie have met pirates and knights and met ninjas and Vikings. But they have never met Roman soldiers, the terrifying warriors. Jack and Annie are transported back in time to the early 100s AD by the magic treehouse. Their mission is to be like a soldier. This is not an easy task. Roman soldiers are more dangerous than they appear in person and much more suspicious of strangers.

A mysterious black-horseman then gives Jack and Annie some guidance. The man might not be what he appears to be. Will Jack and Annie become good soldiers? What is it that makes Roman soldiers so powerful? Who is the mysterious rider? Did you know there is a Magic Tree House book that every child can use?

32) To the Future, Ben Franklin! – 2019

Jack and Annie will take you on a journey through time with Jack and Annie. They’ll also meet Ben Franklin, the famous Founding Father. He was a journalist, Founding Father, and inventor. They aren’t sure their mission is when the magic tree house whisks them back to the man. Ben Franklin has a different mission. He is intrigued by Jack and Annie’s story, and he wants to know more about their origins. They are also very curious about their treehouse. . . .

33) Narwhal on a Sunny Night – 2020

You can travel through time with Jack or Annie in the #1-bestselling Magic Tree House series! Meet Leif Erikson, a famous explorer, and save a narwhal this time! They meet Leif Erikson, a young hunter, and ask him for help. Leif Erikson has other ideas.

34) Late Lunch with Llamas – 2020

The #1 best-selling Magic Tree House series will whisk you away with Jack and Annie through time, this time to South America. Jack and Annie discover that the baby llama of the farmer has been stolen. They vow to return the animal to its rightful owners. The journey to Machu Picchu is difficult. They must climb up to the top and then climb down to complete the mission. Jack and Annie have been on many dangerous journeys, but this is their first. They must climb to the top of Machu Picchu and then return down.

35) Christmas in Camelot – 2001

This holiday fantasy adventure takes you to Camelot, where Jack, Annie, and The Magic Tree House will be your guide! Jack and Annie are thrilled to receive an invitation from Camelot, a magical land that exists only in fantasy and myth. They don’t realize that their invitation will take them on a mission to save Camelot. They don’t know that the invitation will send them on a quest to save Camelot.

36) Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve – 2003

Annie and Jack are summoned to Camelot, a fantasy realm. Merlin, the Magician, informs Jack and Annie that the Stone of Destiny was stolen. A haunted castle is a key to its disappearance. Teddy, a young magician, joins Jack and Annie. Their adventure takes them to new heights, places, and people they never imagined.

37) Summer of the Sea Serpent – 2004

Jack and Annie embark on a mythical mission to Merlin, the Magician. They have Teddy, a young wizard, to assist them. This Magic Tree House adventure features a Spider Queen, underwater caves, and a Spider Queen. It also includes mystical selkies and a magical sword.

38) Winter of the Ice Wizard – 2004

Jack and Annie must overcome their fears and solve the Ice Wizard’s riddle to find Merlin and Morgan le Fay. If Jack and Annie don’t complete their mission in time, Morgan and Merlin will disappear forever. They must overcome their fears to solve the Ice Wizard’s riddle. If Jack and Annie fail to complete their mission on time, Morgan and Merlin will vanish forever.

39) Carnival at Candlelight – 2005

Jack and Annie travel back in time to Venice in the 1700s. The heroes save Venice from a flood with the help of a research guide, a book full of magic rhymes, and vague instructions from Merlin.

40) Season of the Sandstorm – 2005

Season of the Sandstorm – 2005

Annie and Jack travel back in time to a Middle East desert. They meet the Bedouin tribe, learn about their lives and get to know them. They meet a Bedouin tribe and learn about their culture.

41) Night of the New Magicians – 2006

Merlin sends Jack, Annie, and their secret mission to Paris, France, 100 years ago. They must locate four magicians to give Merlin an urgent message. Jack and Annie arrive in Paris to find the 1889 World’s Fair. There are thousands of exhibits from around the globe below the Eiffel Tower, which was built specifically for the fair. How will Jack and Annie locate the magicians among the crowds? Who are these magicians? Jack and Annie will find out the truth in this adventure packed with history, magic, and incredible surprises.

42) Blizzard of the Blue Moon – 2005

Jack and Annie are in New York City during the Depression of the 1930s. They are confused about where to find a unicorn within a large city.

43) Dragon of the Red Dawn – 2007

Jack and Annie will be traveling to Japan, a land of great beauty and fierce samurai. They’ll be staying in Edo, which is now the capital of Tokyo. This was in ancient Japan in the 1600s. Jack and Annie are traveling to Japan in search of samurai and beauty. They will be taking only a research guide and a magic wand. This book is perfect for beginning readers of chapter books.

44) Monday with a Mad Genius – 2007

Jack and Annie set out to rescue Merlin from his troubles! The brother-and-sister team travels back to the Renaissance period in the magic treehouse. Jack and Annie will need more resources than just a research book or a magic wand to succeed this time. They will need the help of one of the greatest minds ever to come along. They will need to learn from Leonardo da Vinci.

45) Dark Day in the Deep Sea – 2008

Jack and Annie are soon rescued by a ship of scientists and explorers searching for…a sea monster! A ship of scientists and explorers rescue the brother-sister team, and soon they are rescued by the Magic Tree House. They are searching for…a sea monster!

46) Eve of the Emperor Penguin – 2008

Annie and Jack arrive in Antarctica, a continent they’ve never visited before. What can they learn about happiness in such a sterile environment? Only the penguins can tell…Jack, Annie will find out! Magic Tree House: Adventures With Jack and Annie is perfect for just starting chapter books.

47) Moonlight on the Magic Flute – 2009

Annie and Jack travel to 18th century Austria in search of a Mozart-like musician. The siblings are dressed in some of the most outrageous outfits they have ever seen, including a wig for Jack and a huge hoop skirt and wig for Annie. They search a whole palace for answers. The appearance of a little boy with mischievous intentions is a further obstacle to their hunt. Jack and Annie cannot hunt the naughty boy, and he is determined to follow them everywhere.

48) A Good Night for Ghosts – 2009

Jack and Annie embark on a mission: to inspire a musician who brings joy to millions. Jack and Annie travel to New Orleans to meet with real ghosts and learn about jazz.

49) Leprechaun in Late Winter – 2010

Jack and Annie are on an adventure to inspire! Jack and Annie are on a mission to find (and inspire!) creative people. Creative people.

50) A Ghost Tale for Christmas – 2010

This historical holiday tale features Jack, Annie, and the Magic Tree House. It is a modern twist on Charles Dickens classic The Christmas Carol. Jack and Annie must assist Charles Dickens, the famed writer! The siblings are transported back in time to Victorian England and then on to the foggy streets of London. Jack and Annie find out that Charles Dickens was taken to jail. They must find a way to help Charles Dickens. How can they help him?

51) A Crazy Day with Cobras – 2010

Penny, Merlin’s beloved penguin, has been placed under a spell! Jack and Annie must save Penny by finding a rare and valuable emerald. Jack and Annie must save her by finding a rare and precious emerald.

52) Dogs in the Dead of Night – 2011

Avalanches are a danger! Jack and Annie are whisked back in time by the magic tree house to reach the highest point in the Swiss Alps. There they find an ancient monastery with monks as well as Saint Bernard dogs. Annie is unable to resist the offer to train Barry, a young wild dog. But he is quite the trooper! Annie and Jack will have to make some magic before the night ends.

53) Abe Lincoln at Last – 2011

Are you up for a presidential adventure! Jack and Annie are ready! They were taken back to Washington, D.C., in 1861. Jack is eager to meet Abraham Lincoln! The new President is too busy trying to save a nation in trouble to meet them. It’s a race against the clock as Jack and Annie attempt to help a president and a nation in crisis.

54) A Perfect Time for Pandas – 2012

Jack and Annie, a time-traveling brother-and-sister team, must find a particular kind of food. They have whisked away to a village high up in the mountains of Southeast China by the magic tree house. It is close to a famous panda reserve. It will be their most exciting adventure yet. It’s not likely! Jack and Annie aren’t aware that they have arrived on the anniversary of a historic earthquake.

55) Stallion by Starlight – 2013

Be careful! Jack and Annie need to discover four secrets of greatness that will allow them to help Merlin the Magician. They travel back in history to meet Alexander The Great. He ought to be a master of greatness, right? Alexander, however, is a bossy, vain young man who is not very good at anything. What can they learn from him! It will take a wild black horse, magic from Merlin, and lots of courage to succeed. Jack and Annie are brave and clever enough to accomplish their mission.

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56) Hurry Up, Houdini! – 2013

Abracadabra! Jack and Annie are on an adventure to find Merlin the Magician. They are on a mission to find Harry Houdini, the greatest escape artist ever. Jack and Annie use the magic tree house to travel back to the past, and they head to Coney Island in search of the mysterious Magician. How will they find the master of escape?! It will take determination, some trouble, and a lot of magic to find the master of escape.

57) High Time for Heroes – 2014

Jack and Annie go on a quest for Merlin, the Magician. The magic tree house takes them to Thebes in Egypt to meet Florence Nightingale. She is a famous nurse. They discover that Florence Nightingale isn’t a well-known nurse. She’s not a regular nurse. Are they sure that they have found the right person? Or was Merlin wrong? A simple mission becomes dangerous when Jack, Annie, and Merlin try to solve it!

58) Soccer on Sunday – 2014

T Goal! Jack and Annie can get tickets for the 1970 World Cup, one of the most thrilling soccer matches ever! They know Pele, the legendary soccer player, will share his secrets of greatness with them. The game is packed, and there’s no stopping it. How will they find Pele among 100,000 soccer fans? Are they failing their mission? Are they failing their mission?

59) Shadow of the Shark – 2015

Jack and Annie will travel to deep, dark waters to meet the shark, the stealthiest underwater predators.

Jack and Annie are on vacation! Or so they think. Teddy, the young sorcerer, has promised them a relaxing vacation off the coast of Mexico. Jack and Annie can raft down the ocean waves from the magic tree house, whisking them away. Their dream vacation becomes a nightmare when a hungry shark attacks.

60) Balto of the Blue Dawn – 2016

Jack and Annie are going back to Alaska in 1925 when the magic tree house is back. They meet Balto, a Siberian Siberian husky destined to save the victims of the diphtheria outbreak. The trail is not easy, and Balto will need Jack and Annie to help him.

61) Night of the Ninth Dragon – 2010

Come to Camelot. Jack and Annie are taken through time and space by the magic tree house and discover that King Arthur has been severely wounded, and the castle of Camelot is under attack. Jack and Annie must solve a riddle to save the kingdom and King Arthur.


Will there be more Magic Tree House books?

On May 4, 2022, the first graphic novel installment will go on sale. It will be an adaptation from Magic Tree House #1: DINOSAURS BEFORE DARK. The KNIGHT AT DAWN graphic book is scheduled to be released in Fall 2022.

Do the Magic Tree House books have to be read in order?

You don’t have to read the books in a specific order.

What is the longest Magic Treehouse book?

Super editions are the longest books within the Magic Tree House Collection! Experienced Magic Tree House readers will enjoy more challenging adventures!

What age are the Magic Tree House books for?

You can bring your 6 to the 10-year old reader along with Jack and Annie on their time-traveling adventure through history in the magic tree house. Mary Pope Osbourne’s award-winning series, The Magic Tree House, allows young readers to travel through history without ever leaving their homes.

Are Jack and Annie real?

There are two parts to the series. The first group books 1 through 28. In this book, Morgan Le Fay sends Jack Smith and Annie Smith, normal children, to numerous adventures and missions with the magical treehouse.

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