How To Do Block Quotes In Word? Best Full Guide 2021

How To Do Block Quotes In Word

For direct quotations of more than four lines of prose or three lines of poetry, the block quote is used. A blockquote can also be used to quote dialogue between characters in a play. The block format is also a freestanding quote without quotation marks. How To Do Block Quotes In Word? Continue reading to learn more.

How To Do Block Quotes In Word?

Blockquotes can be used to indent or separate quoted comments from your writing. Blockquotes can be added in Microsoft Word in a different way to normal indents.

Academic writing must adhere to specific styling guidelines. Therefore, block quotes in Word are required to be formatted according to the style. You can adjust the size of indents using the ruler or the “Paragraph” settings in the “Layout” menu or the “Paragraph” settings window.

Block Quotes In Word

Use the Layout Menu

Blockquotes can be added to Microsoft Word documents quickly by using the “Paragraph” settings located in the ribbon bar’s “Layout” tab.

Open your Word document, select the quoted text and add a block quotation using this menu. To display the Paragraph settings, click on the “Layout” tab in the ribbon bar.

Both the APA style and the MLA style require block quotes to be placed on their lines. Indents must be left at 0.5 cm in size. Blockquotes in the APA style must not exceed 40 words, while those in the MLA style must not exceed four lines.

Please refer to your style guide if you have a different academic style.

Both APA and MLA use 0.5cm blocks with quotes indents. To confirm, change the Left Indent value to “0.5cm” and hit the Enter key. Alternatively, you can use the arrow buttons to the right to increase indent sizing by increments of 0.01cm.

This will alter the indentation size of the text that you have selected. It will also create a blockquote. To make your text stand out, even more, you can add formatting such as italics. These steps will be repeated for every additional block quote that you add to your document.

Use the Ruler Bar

The ruler bar was used in earlier versions of Microsoft Word to add a block quotation to a Word document. It shows the margins, indents, and margins. In recent Microsoft Word versions, however, the ruler bar has been removed by default.

Although it’s a fast and simple way to add a blockquote to your Word document, you will need first to enable the ruler bar. Open your Word document, then click the “View” tab in the ribbon bar.

To enable the ruler, check the box next to “Show” in the “Show” category.

This will place the ruler at the top of the document and to the left. The white areas are located within the print area of your document and match the margins on the page. Each point of the ruler measures 0.25cm.

Select your quote to create a blockquote and drag the hourglass icons at the top of the menu bar until the top and bottom icons are at the 0.5cm mark.

This will create a block quotation indent that is 0.5cm wide, which can be used for APA or MLA academic style documents.

Use the Paragraph Settings Menu

To create a blockquote indentation, you can also use Microsoft Word’s “Paragraph” settings menu.

This is done by selecting the blockquote text in your document, right-clicking it, and then choosing the “Paragraph” option from the menu.

You can indent your text using the “Indents and Spacing” tab from the “Paragraph” menu.

APA and MLA block quotations require 0.5cm left indents. Set the “Left Indentation” value to “0.5cm” and hit Enter. You can also check the style guide for other academic styles to determine the right sizing.

You can either type the value manually or use the arrow keys to increase the indent by 0.1cm increments.

To save your settings, click “OK” and add the block quote indent for your selected text.

After saving, the 0.5 cm indent will be applied in your text, creating a block quotation. These steps will be repeated for every additional block quote that you add to your document.

Block Quotes

How can I create a blockquote using Word on my APA/MLA style paper?


APA requires that all quotations exceeding 40 words must be placed on a new line. Here’s how it works:

  • Enter before the first and last words of the quote.
  • Highlight the text
  • Select paragraph by right-clicking
  • Indent change left at.5.”


MLA demands that all quotations over four lines or three lines of verse be started on a new, indented line 1/2 inch from the margin. The lines must also be double spaced, without quotation marks. Here’s how it works:

  • Enter before the first and last words of the quote.
  • Highlight the text
  • Select paragraph by right-clicking
  • Indent change left at.5.”


When should you not use a block quote?

If the text is more than 40 words (APA), or four lines (MLA), block quotations can be used. All lines should be double spaced. You should not add any extra space between the blockquote and the end of it.

How do you quote a dialogue?

Quote a section of dialogue: To indicate that you are quoting part of the text, you should use double quotation marks at the ends of the quote. To indicate that someone is speaking, use single quotation marks within the double quotation marks.

How many block quotes can I use?

If in doubt, use the rule of five full sentences. A block quote is not allowed for any quoted section with less than three lines of text in your editing interface or five sentences. This is exactly what I said in No.

How do I find missing quotes in Word?

When you search for left quotes, you’ll be taken to the place where it is. Next, check for the right. You can drag the find box out of the way to verify the quote is present.

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