How Many Animorphs Books Are There? Best [2022]

How Many Animorphs Books Are There

How Many Animorphs Books Are There? Reading to find out more. The mid-90s book show was composed by Katherine Applegate and Michael Grant under the title K.A. Applegate.

The books follow a set of children having the capability to change into whatever animal they touch. Rachel, Cassie, Marco Jake, and Tobias, Together with their alien friend Aximili Esgarrouth Isthil (nicknamed Ax), would be the Animorphs.

They utilized their creature shape shifting powers to save humanity contrary to a covert alien invasion of Earth with a parasitic race of slug like critters called Yeerks.

Just like any great power, there’s a catch that the children can not remain in creature shape for more than two weeks. Should they stay changed for a long time, they will become permanent.

Why Do You Need To Read Animorphs in 2022?

Katherine Applegate’s Animorphs books are probably a familiar sight for anybody who spent time in Western classrooms or libraries in the mid 2000s.

They stood on shelves using their vivid colors, punchy summaries, and honestly disturbing cover artwork. Regardless of the prominence of those books in people, children’s distances, not many men and women appear to have read a lot of the sequence.

Some were chased off by the pictures on the cover of every book that portrays children’s bodies changing grotesquely into animal types.

Others began the first book to discover it too upsetting to complete. The surfaces of Animorphs might appear to be promising enjoyable sci-fi adventures about children turning into creatures. Still, as soon as they’re opened, it quickly becomes evident that this isn’t the situation.

The sci-fi world construction of this show is fun, yes, and the children become critters, but that’s far from the only thing the show offers.

Beyond it is campy plot assumption, Animorphs is all about the injury of this youthful carrying the burden of prior generation’s errors.

It is all about the confusion and pain of body dysphoria as well as also the feelings of isolation and paranoia which come from retaining deadly keys; it is around the lie of benevolent paternalistic imperialism; also it’s a gory anti-war catastrophe where there are no such things as heroes.

The epic narrative, laid out over fifty four books, has aliens and laser guns and shape shifting. Nonetheless, additionally, it is subtle, nuanced, and dim, and it’s never been more applicable to modern day struggles and views.

Animorphs Books

How Many Animorphs Books Are There?

1: The Invasion (Spring 1997)

2: The Visitor

3: The Encounter

4: The Message

5: The Predator

6: The Capture

7: The Stranger

Megamorphs 1: The Andalite’s Gift (Summer 1997)

8: The Alien

9: The Secret

10: The Android

11: The Forgotten

12: The Reaction

13: The Change

14: The Unknown

15: The Escape

16: The Warning

17: The Underground

18: The Decision—(c. 1998)

In the Time of Dinosaurs

Megamorphs 2: In the Time of Dinosaurs—(Sario Rip time travel to 65,000,000 BC.)

19: The Departure

The Hork-Bajir Chronicles (1966, 1968–69, 1998)

Although the events in this story occur between The Ellimist Chronicles and The Andalite Chronicles, the entire story is being told by Jara Hamee to Tobias after book #13, The Change, and before the events of #23 The Pretender. Tobias makes reference to his restlessness and the fact that there were no missions planned (Prologue, pg ix).

However, in The Pretender, (pg 12) Tobias makes reference to the fact that they had worked plenty lately, dealing with the horrifying matter of David, the first new Animorph. This places the last possible break before book #20, the first book in the David trilogy.

20: The Discovery

21: The Threat

22: The Solution

23: The Pretender

24: The Suspicion

25: The Extreme

26: The Attack

27: The Exposed

28: The Experiment

29: The Sickness

Megamorphs 3: Elfangor’s Secret (Time Matrix time travel to 10/25/1415, 12/25/1776, 10/21/1805, c. 1932-1939, 6/6/44, and 1967)

30: The Reunion—(sometime a little bit before or after 12/18/98)

31: The Conspiracy

32: The Separation—(c. 1999)

33: The Illusion

34: The Prophecy (no earlier than 5/19/99)

35: The Proposal

Visser (1976, 1980s, 1991–1999)

The trial chronicled in Visser is set during and after the events of The Proposal, but the book also covers events before The Andalite Chronicles.

36: The Mutation

37: The Weakness

38: The Arrival

39: The Hidden

40: The Other

Back to Before

Megamorphs 4: Back to Before (1999, experimental timeline to 1997)

41: The Familiar

42: The Journey

43: The Test

44: The Unexpected (c. 2000)

45: The Revelation

46: The Deception

47: The Resistance

48: The Return

49: The Diversion

50: The Ultimate

51: The Absolute

52: The Sacrifice

53: The Answer

The Ellimist Chronicles (story stretching billions of years into the past)

Technically this is set during the same time as the first chapters of The Beginning even though it covers events set far before The Andalite Chronicles.

54: The Beginning (2000-c. 2004)


How did Animorphs end?

The One threatens to consume the Animorphs, as it had done to Ax. Jake remarks on Marco’s previous call to be mad, reckless and callous and, with a grin that Marco notes makes him seem like Rachel, orders them to ram the Blade Ship. The show finishes with Jake, Marco, Tobias, and Ax’s ultimate fates left unidentified.

Where can I read Animorphs books?

All of the 54 books in the Animorphs series are currently available to download at no cost, in the two ePub and PDF format, even for individuals needing entertaining books to see while still in quarantine, due to this Reddit Animorphs forum.

Does Tobias ever become human again?

Regaining the Morphing Skill

Tobias subsequently finds himself in a different airplane and sees himself as a cross between individual and hawk. … At the instant, the Ellimist restores Tobias’s capacity to morph but doesn’t return him to humankind.

Do any of the Animorphs die?

From the penultimate book, Jake, arguably the principal part of this show, orders many secondary Animorphs for their deaths (all the Animorphs are kids, incidentally), then commits an act of genocide by flushing countless Deadly Yeerks to the cold vacuum of space.

Does David die in Animorphs?

David was a person who discovered the morphing block and became the seventh Animorph. But he soon proved to be reckless and sociopathic, trying to betray and afterward murder the Animorphs, deriving enjoyment out of his activities, and moving up to killing Saddler to morph to him and live his lifestyle.

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