Difference Between Ebook Vs Audiobook: Best Comparison [2022]

Ebook Vs Audiobook
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Digital copies of books like audiobooks and ebooks are two popular ways to consume literature. These options are not meant to replace traditional books. They offer an alternative way to experience what books have to offer.

This post will explore the differences between an audiobook and an ebook version and how they compare to one another. There are many benefits to reading both eBook vs audiobook, but there is no perfect solution for everyone.

In this blog post, PennBook will cover some of the pros and cons that come with each ebook format so you can make a more informed decision about which type of book you want to read next!

Ebook Vs Audiobook: What’s The Difference?

Electronic Books (eBooks)


While printed books remain the most popular form of reading, most people prefer eBooks. As we’ll see, there are many reasons why this is so:


  • The selection is vast: You can get most of the classics and new releases on eBook. On the other hand, you also have a vast array of fan fiction and self-published eBook content.
  • Highlighting eBooks: It is easy to highlight. Highlights can be made without worrying about whether the best book is intact. It’s easy to scan through an eBook to find highlights. This is a big plus for non-fiction readers, as a review session can be essential to understand the contents thoroughly.
  • No clutter: If you are a big reader, there is no need to have an extensive library. This is a great space saver. This is an enormous advantage if you are moving to another state or even a different country.
  • Portable: Your library can be taken with you wherever you go. All your information is stored online.
  • Transferable: You can quickly transfer books between devices using popular e-reading apps like Google Play or Amazon Kindle.
  • It’s easy to store: All of your eBooks purchased with the Nook and Kindle are easily accessible on your account. They can be transferred onto your tablet or cell phone easily.
  • Note Writing: E-reader software allows you to take notes without affecting the integrity of the book.
  • Can the Kindle Paperwhite Keep the Book Look and Feel: While this isn’t true for all e-readers, but it does mean that the Kindle Paperwhite, which is an excellent eReader, retains the feeling of reading a book.
  • More connected: Your books can be connected to Goodreads services to make it easy to share your reading experience with other readers.
  • eBooks are cheaper: eBooks are much less expensive to produce and distribute. These ebooks are often available at a significant discount compared to the paperback and audiobook versions.
  • More accessible: Anyone can publish a book, market it well, and make a living from it. To write a book, it doesn’t take an author to be a big publisher. This is especially true for the eBook file. However, it also applies to the paperback. Writers who were discouraged in the past can now produce more quality writing.
  • There is a market for shorter books: This is something we’ve already said, but we love short books. An excellent short book can provide a great background to a topic without being too detailed or filled with fluff. It is easy to create a high-quality, quick book using eBooks.

Cons of eBooks


  • A Physical Copy is Not for You: Some people prefer to have hard copies of the book. Without a book, it doesn’t feel like reading. Others like the feel of having a vast library in their bedroom or living room. For some guests, the benefit of being able to browse their book collection is a bonus.
  • Require power: An eBook reader that isn’t charged will not allow you to read any content. This can lead to a serious problem if your power goes out or the battery is dead.
  • Distractions: Notifications that appear on your phone or tablet can be very distracting, depending on your reading content. This is especially true if you read ebooks on a tablet, phone, or another device other than a Kindle. It can distract you from the book and make it difficult to focus. We recommend a Kindle Paperwhite (see above).

The Rundown on eBooks

If you are looking for convenience, portability, and easy highlighting, ebooks are the best option.

We prefer to read eBooks on a Kindle. We recommend the Kindle Paperwhite for this reason:

  • It has the feel of a book.
  • It can store all your books on it.
  • You can download books or connect online using Wi-Fi, but it doesn’t pop up.
  • It is highly durable.
  • It eliminates distractions from reading.
  • It is highly affordable.
  • The Kindle Paperwhite makes reading ebooks simple and accessible. You can take it with you wherever you go.

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The Rundown on E-Books

Audiobooks, like electronic books, have revolutionized the publishing industry for authors, readers, and publishers. Many people don’t enjoy reading books and turn to audiobooks for the information they need.

Audiobooks make the information in books more accessible for everyone. We will see that audiobooks have both many benefits and some drawbacks.


  • You can listen to audiobooks from anywhere: This is huge. You don’t need to be anywhere as long as you have your audiobook (such as your smartphone) with you. You can go hiking in the mountains, fly in an airplane, cook in the kitchen, or anywhere else. This is great for when you want to finish the book and have other things to do.
  • Audiobooks do not require reading books: You don’t have to look at the book. You can listen to audiobooks while doing other things. Audio plays can also be a great way to read books. Ex: Shakespeare plays Harry Potter.
  • Productive: If you don’t have to pay attention to a task like learning how to cook a new recipe or driving in unsafe conditions, you can multitask with audiobooks. Audiobook listening can be used to multitask on tasks that your brain automates, such as cleaning up, cooking meals, and driving safely in an area you are familiar with (PSA: Drive Safely).
  • Amazon pairs a Kindle book and an Audible audiobook. You can listen to the audiobook from your phone or tablet anytime you like if you have the Audible edition. This is a great way to keep reading the book while doing something else.
  • Bookmarking: While the bookmarking and highlighting method may not be as effective as an electronic or physical book, you can bookmark a 30-second excerpt of the book using Audible. This can be shared with a friend. Although it isn’t perfect, this is much better than nothing.


Cons of Audiobooks

  • It can be challenging to highlight: You can bookmark a section of Audible that you can return later. Although this is a beautiful feature, it’s not as effective as having an eBook or paper book to highlight. It is much easier to read the highlights in physical books or eReaders than to listen to 30-second clips.
  • Large files: Audiobooks can take up quite a bit of space on your phone. Although this may not be the biggest problem if you have a large SD card, it can cause problems if combined with other files on your device. Audiobooks typically range in size from 50 to 300MB.
  • Require power: Audiobooks require that your device has a power source. If your phone battery runs low or is dead, this can cause problems.
  • Audiobooks are usually more expensive than eBooks or physical books. Audiobooks are more expensive to store and distribute than eBooks. This is due to the cost of the studio, labor, and voice actor expenses plus royalties.
  • Long books can be challenging to read: An audiobook cannot be skipped, and the story must be followed. Each line will be heard. Every. Detail. Speed reading skills are useless. It’s like trying to finish the last chapter in an audiobook. What is the bottom line? What’s the bottom line? The bottom line? Choose a book that tells a good story, one with separate chapters (such as an essay collection or anthology) or one shorter.
  • Listening when your mind is elsewhere. Many people listen to audiobooks while doing tedious chores like cooking, cleaning, or taking the dog outside. We can’t. When we are doing chores, our mind wanders. Music works better than background music. Audiobooks are better saved for reading time when we can and want to focus on the books.

The Rundown on Audiobooks

While audiobooks are great for learning and listening while on the move, they can be less valuable if the goal is to read the book to make notes, they can be paired with an eBook on a tablet or phone to allow you to listen, read and highlight the e-book version. You will probably be less concerned about highlighting fiction, so this is not something you should consider.

We highly recommend an Audible membership. You will receive two audiobooks free of charge for your first month. The ebooks can be kept even if your membership is canceled. It’s only $14.99 per month for the free audiobook and a 30% discount on any subsequent audiobook purchased that month.

Audiobooks are great for listening while on the move, and Audible is a great option if you frequently stream audiobooks.

More Infor about Physical Books

Print Books


  • You don’t need power. You can still read your book even if the power goes out or your phone or e-reader dies.
  • That New Book Feel: Regular books have that classic feel. Some people prefer to read physical books over one on their Kindle.
  • Physical books are yours: Some people prefer to feel they own the book.
  • There are no changes that can be made to a book. There is no possibility of censorship. Although censorship is not a matter for books, it has become a matter for other online media like YouTube, Facebook, and Google. This could spread to other online media in the future, so physical copies of books are pretty good.
  • A Physical Library is Possible: Not everyone wants to own one. They are classy, and people love books that they can borrow from their library and make comments on.
  • You can borrow a book easily: A paper book is the best way to lend a book out to friends.
  • You can eliminate distractions with regular books. For example, you can take a book to the park and leave your phone at home. It is fantastic to read in nature without distractions.

Cons of Physical Book


  • It’s impossible to read physical books in the dark: At least not without a reading lamp. Some readers enjoy the dark atmosphere of a book. Others prefer an ebook reader.
  • Space: Your books can take up much of your home if you are a regular reader.
  • Books are more expensive: Books are often much less expensive than other items. When you compare the prices for different books, eBooks are much more expensive than regular books. This is especially true for large, hardcover textbooks that students use for school.
  • Not highlighting: Some people are uncomfortable with highlighting in books. They feel it can damage the book’s integrity. You won’t get the best out of a good book if you don’t highlight or have a note-taking system. This can be a problem for many readers, even though some people don’t care.

The Rundown on Regular Books

Paper books are great for those who want a physical copy for various reasons. They still remain the most popular method of reading, despite the increasing popularity of audiobooks vs ebooks.



How do pricing and availability differ between ebooks and audiobooks?

There are a few critical differences between ebooks and audiobooks regarding pricing and availability. Audiobooks are generally more expensive than ebooks because they require more production costs. Audiobooks are often released later than ebooks, so if you’re looking for the latest release, you may have to wait a bit longer for the audiobook version.

What about the reading/listening experience itself – how do they compare?

There is no denying that reading and listening are two very different experiences. When you read, you are actively engaged in the process, while when you listen, you can sit back and let the words wash over you.

That being said, both experiences have their own merits. Reading allows you to go at your own pace and take in the meaning of the words, while listening can be a more relaxing experience. Ultimately, it boils down to personal preference.

Are there other considerations to consider when choosing between an ebook and an audiobook?

There are a few things to consider if you’re trying to decide between an ebook and an audiobook. First, think about what format you prefer. Do you like to read books, or do you prefer to listen to them?

Ebooks can be cheaper and more convenient to carry around, but you may find it harder to stay focused while reading one. Audiobooks can be a bit more expensive, but you can listen to them while doing other things. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which format suits you.

How do I get started with ebooks?

If you’re looking to get started with ebooks, you first need to decide what format you want to read them in. There are a few options available, so take some time researching which would be best for you.

Once your format is selected, you can start browsing for free ebooks to buy or download. If you’re unsure where to start, try looking for recommended reads from your favorite authors or genre.

How do I get started with audiobooks?

Getting started with audiobooks is easy: choose the book you want to listen to, and download it from your favorite retailer. Most audiobooks can be played on any type of mp3 player or even on your computer. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your moment!


In conclusion, both Ebooks and Audiobooks have their benefits and drawbacks. If you are considering buying an electronic book or audiobook for your next read, it’s worth researching the pros and cons of each format before making a decision about which one to buy. Which is better? We hope this article helped answer that question!

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