How Does Negan Die In The Walking Dead Comic Books? Best Update 2024

How Does Negan Die In The Walking Dead Comic Books

The Walking Dead was once the most popular TV show. The show attracted over 22 million viewers when there were no cable cutters or streaming services. As the seasons passed, however, more viewers left.

The exact time of the show’s decline is still up for debate. Some say it was season five, while others believe it was the beginning of the Negan story arc. However, the show reached an all time low in ratings at the end of season seven. It felt like The Walking Dead was amid its demise, as its title characters.

You’ve probably seen the comic Negan Lives! and you know that the ex-villain isn’t dead. Instead, he is sentenced to live in exile. But that wasn’t always the character’s fate.

Robert Kirkman, the creator of Negan, said that Negan was meant to be killed by Maggie. But How Does Negan Die In The Walking Dead Comic Books? The complete information can be found on Penn Book.

How Does Negan Die In The Walking Dead Comic Books?

does negan die in the comics

Does Negan die in The Walking Dead series?

Season 10’s finale: Carol (Melissa McBride) forces Negan into a cabin in the woods and explains that the Alexandria council voted to exile the community.

Negan pushes back, and Carol warns him that Maggie will murder him if he doesn’t leave the town. He ignores Carol’s warnings and returns to Alexandria to confront Maggie.

Season 10 concludes with Negan smiling a villainous smile at Negan as they meet face to face again. What does this mean for Season 11’s characters?

I would love people to make their conclusions about Maggie’s thoughts when she and Negan meet again. Lauren Cohan, a behind the scenes video producer, said that there is a long road ahead and many things to do. He’s in trouble.

How Does Negan Die

Insider claims that Maggie was supposed to shoot and kill Negan in issue No. Kirkman wrote the entire issue script ending in Negan’s death, according to 174. So why was the writer suddenly receptive to the Walking Dead character?

Charlie Adlard, The Walking Dead’s graphic artist, sent Kirkman a long email about Negan’s passing. This forced Kirkman to reevaluate the fate of the villain.

We, the audience, demand the ultimate punishment for our fantasies, bad guys. It’s a shame that we didn’t break [the] mold with Negan… The worst of bad guys, but very far down on the road to redemption, forgiveness, and death, pays the usual final price death. What could we say about society if Negan lived? Kirkman was inspired to rewrite Negan’s storyline by reading a portion of the email.

Maggie is determined to take revenge on Glen’s killer and confronts Negan in a house to kill him. Negan tells Maggie he is ready to accept his fate. Maggie decides not to pull the trigger but instead wants him to live his remaining days in exile.

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Is the AMC series going to follow a similar storyline as its predecessor?

The Walking Dead Comic Books

Read more: What Happened To Negan Before The Final Walking Dead Comic Issue?

What Happened To Negan Before The Final Walking Dead Comic Issue?

Judith and Dog were saved from freezing by the leather clad villain in the snow covered finale of the Walking Dead’s Season 9. Although the Walking Dead comic and TV series were largely on the same page about Negan’s incarceration story throughout most of Season 9, AMC’s drama went off the rails with its snow covered finale.

Comic World shows Negan escaping from his prison cell thanks to Brandon Rose, a random dum dum who wanted to inform the Whisperers about Rick’s next move.

Negan killed Brandon to get his rescue. He then began antagonizing Alpha, her Whisperers, and his Negan esque ways. I won’t spoil the dramatic ending of the situation if the TV series follows the same path. But suffice it to say that Negan made the most compelling case for his redemption story.

After the Whisperers have been defeated, Rick finally agrees to let Negan go on his own, free of the confines of Alexandria and other communities.

While Eugene, Rick, and other Commonwealth members headed to Ohio to see Stephanie and the Commonwealth community in person, Negan set out on his own to go back to the area where he had buried Lucille, the name of his fatal baseball bat.

Dante, Maggie’s first post 1999 boyfriend, followed Negan’s progress and watched Negan scream at his grave. (Lucille was hospitalized and died from cancer shortly before the zombie apocalypse. The situation becomes so severe that Negan cannot face walkers properly and decides to replace his bat Lucille who was injured during the Whisperers incident.

Maggie is at this point reentering Negan’s world with the only vengeance in her thoughts. He would not have understood if Maggie had taken Lucille, his new Lucille, and clubbed him with it. He tries to convince Maggie to use her gun to get him out of his misery. But she discovers certain contentment in allowing him to live with his guilt and to regret his actions.

This was probably the only confrontation Negan needed. He quickly reversed his judgment on Lucille’s resurrection and threw his new bat into the fire. Negan seemed to believe that he could now move on from his past, from murdering his wife as a walker to killing Glenn to burning Dwight and everything in between.

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Fans were left wondering what happened to Negan over the next 19 months and issues.

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What Happened To Negan In The Walking Dead's Final Comic Issue

What Happened To Negan In The Walking Dead’s Final Comic Issue?

Robert Kirkman deliberately shocked many of his fans by abruptly ending The Walking Dead (to all except his comic team) with issue #193. However, he didn’t set up fans with high expectations for Negan’s return.

Kirkman was a surprising outspoken critic of Walking Dead fans in the Letter Hacks section, repeatedly stating that Negan would not be seen again. He joked in #192 that Negan would become the main focus of the series after Rick’s passing.

The entirety of issue #193 occurs in the future, and Negan doesn’t make a significant impact. However, Robert Kirkman didn’t skimp on an update. Negan seems to be living alone, in the same place he last saw Maggie asking him to kill her. The front door and window are identical, and Lucille is buried beside a tree.

The final Walking Dead story centers on Carl Grimes, a fully grown adult in serious trouble for murdering a roamer years after the main zombie threat was eradicated.

Grown up Hershel is the son of President Maggie and has a strange traveling sideshow that uses walkers to entertain him. Carl, a married man to Sofia and father to Andrea, goes on a brief run to get supplies to the people in the area. The latter is on the brink of getting the country’s railway system back on track.

Carl stops in Springhaven with Lydia, his ex-love, to get some help. Although Negan is not mentioned, it’s obvious that this is the abode of Carl and Lydia.

Lydia points out that Negan is never there, which means that the protagonists keep an eye on him. Although it may not be a full time job, Carl points out that Negan uses the supplies left at his house even though nobody sees him doing anything.

Carl mentions that the person who is staying in the area could be Negan. They are probably hiding from him. Lydia agrees that there may be reasons for this. It makes me wonder if Negan had another fallout with people after Maggie saved him or if everyone still considered him a monster because of his reign as Saviors’ leader.

Although it is clear that Negan is still talked about, Carl suggests that the villain has become a legend for those who were not there during the All Out War or the period leading up to it. Carl can speak to people who have known Negan, but he doesn’t seem to see him often enough to be able to.

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After Judge Michonne Hawthorne has dismissed the central roamer killing case, Carl sits down with Andrea and begins to read to her from a book about Rick and how he contributed to the reshaping of civilization before his death.

It’s shown that everyone refers to the zombie ruled era as The Trials. As Carl discusses how survival instinct can distort people’s beliefs about good and bad, comic readers had a last glimpse at Negan as Negan placed flowers on Lucille’s (assumedly).

Robert Kirkman was largely faithful to his word that Negan would not appear in The Walking Dead’s pages, but he did leave enough breadcrumbs for readers so they could see that Negan is still around and kicking like the best of them.

Although disappointing for those who hoped to see him die elegantly, it’s probably a good sign for Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s part on the TV series.

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Who killed Negan in The Walking Dead comics?

It was published one year after Walking Dead ended its 16-year run. It follows the story of Negan’s death after issue No. 174. Robert Kirkman, the creator of this issue, confirmed that Maggie nearly killed Negan in a letter to his fans.

Is Negan worse in the comics?

Negan is worse than the Governor in comics. But he’s more like the comics. Negan has principles. He has clear rules that he and his people must follow.

Why did Negan kill Glenn?

Negan, the leader of the Saviors, chooses Glenn as his punishment for Saviors Rick’s death; he then beats Glenn with a baseball bat. The group is initially devastated by his death. Maggie soon becomes an emotional wreck, and Rick is on the brink of giving in to Negan’s will.

Why does Negan want Maggie?

He wanted Maggie to give up everything that would hinder her ability to be the mother and leader this world needs. He would tell Maggie that Negan was responsible for protecting his people.


Negan’s death in the Walking Dead comic books is a bit of a mystery. The cause of his death is unknown, but it is speculated that he was bitten by a walker. However, the circumstances surrounding his death are unclear. Thank you for reading!