How To Organize Kindle Library? Best Full Guide 2024

How To Organize Books On Kindle? Best Full Guide
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How To Organize Books On Kindle? Many people struggle to locate the books they desire on their Kindle device. To resolve this issue, one can arrange their books into different categories and sort them by author, title, or publication date.

How To Organize Books On Kindle

Most people leave their Kindle library completely untouched when they first get it. They figure that it’s automatically organized is a good thing, so why would anyone want to change anything? But there are many reasons to schedule your Kindle books!

The main reason is that if you don’t, you’ll waste time looking for novels or biographies, only to remember you read them on your Kindle and can’t find the book now.

Buying a Kindle adds all of your Amazon books to your library and sends them to your device. The device may take a long to deliver all of your Amazon books if you have hundreds or thousands.

Your Kindle will automatically organize everything into categories like “Books,” “Movies,” or “Audiobooks.” If you have over 100 books on your Kindle, this category may be set up with only one screen of about 100 titles.

Finding a particular novel or biography on an extensive list may be challenging, depending on how many books you have.

Organize Books On Kindle

Remove Kindle Books You Don’t Need

You probably need to get rid of some books if you feel overwhelmed when you glance at your Kindle. Over time, books you’ve acquired through the numerous Kindle services offered can fill up your digital bookshelf. You can always get your digital books back because they are kept in your Amazon account.

To view a list of your books, hit the Library option at the bottom of the home screen. Tap the three-line Sort button in the top-right corner, then select List or Grid based on your preferences to make them easier to navigate. If you’ve created any collections, you can also view your books by them.

After doing this, you can sort by Most Recent and Ascending to display your collection’s oldest books, which are probably easy to get rid of. Select the Settings icon on the left to filter your books. This makes it simple to find old Samples, only display read books, remove unwanted Prime Reading titles, and find similar books.

Once you’ve sorted and applied any filters, scroll down the list until you come across a book you want to delete. To access the book’s settings, press down on it or tap the three-dot button next to it.

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To remove the book from your Kindle’s library, click Remove download. By doing this, it is taken off your device, but you can later put it back.

Sort Your Kindle Books

Use List view if you want it to be simple to use. Select List under View options by tapping Sort (three lines) in the top-right corner of the library. With a smaller cover and text representation of your books’ authors, this will make it simpler for people to recognize them.

You should select a method for sorting the books in your library from the Sort menu as well. The order of the books you see will depend on when you last opened them.

It’s practical since it places the book you were most recently reading at the top of the list. However, if you frequently go back to read other books or look at the highlights, the sequence will be disturbed.

Filter By Document Type

Depending on the type of Kindle you purchased, and whether or not you have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, your library will be replaced by various document types. To synchronize your device with the Kindle app, open the app and tap on the “Actions” button positioned in the upper right corner. Then, opt for “Sync to Device” from the available alternatives.

Make Use of Kindle Collections (Folders)

Take Advantage of Kindle Collections

If you’re reading a few novels from the same series, but you’ve purchased several, it can get frustrating to find them. If you already have a folder for the series, it allows you to press “All” and see every book from the series all in one place.

If you’re adding several books at once, there’s an option called “Add to the existing collection.” This makes an organization much easier than having tons of individual folders.

Beforehand, if you do not have a Collection, it is recommended to create one. To accomplish this, access the menu by tapping the three-dot icon located at the top right corner of the Library tab, beneath the clock. Then, select “Create a Collection” from the available list of choices.

The Collection’s name should be entered. You may create Collections for the books you wish to read next, works by your favorite author, works in a certain genre, or according to other standards. To create a name, enter one and then tap OK.

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Search Your Kindle Library

If you have books in different categories, sometimes it can be challenging to find the correct search term. If you’re looking for novels that are mysteries, you may want to try “mysteries” or “mystery.” You might get all of your fiction and some non-fiction books about mystery stories.

Utilize Reading Lists

Reading lists provide an excellent method for storing books that you intend to read but haven’t yet. By arranging all the books based on your reading list, it becomes significantly more convenient to locate them than in other parts of your library.

Change Organization Preferences in Kindle Settings/

It’s always good to organize your stuff. It is also easy to do on your Kindle device or app. On the homepage, access the “Settings” tab, where you will find a menu item labeled “Organize Your Library.”

If you have many books that haven’t been read yet, it may be best to select “Re-Download” and wait for the device to push everything into place.

Keep Your Kindle Books Organized

Keep Your Kindle Books Organized

If you want to keep your Kindle books organized (and you should), organizing them is pretty simple. You can manage everyone by genre, title, and author, all from the home page.

You can even organize your books by the time you read them. It’s a good idea to keep everything organized to avoid getting too cluttered and hard to find specific things.

Using The Calibre Or Kindlian Desktop Organizers

There was a time when one of the many third-party desktop organizers could be used to manage the books on your Kindle reader. Subsequently, Amazon has since walled off its firmware. It is no longer the case. However, you may still manage your library with these tools.

Calibre and Kindlian are two of the finest (compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux) (Windows only). The desktop organizer analyzes your device’s collection when your Kindle is connected to your computer via USB, showing the books in a stylish, full-color interface. You may modify the metadata for your ebooks and categorize them according to the author, format, rating, tags, and other factors.

Even since everything just exists on your computer and not the Kindle hardware, your whole library remains friendly and organized. However, many users, like this one, find your library simpler to interpret and more aesthetically pleasing than Amazon’s own tools.

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They may also be used to transfer books to and from your Kindle and side-load eBooks that you have purchased elsewhere than Amazon.

How To Organize Kindle Books

FAQs About How To Organize Kindle Books

How do I manage my books on Kindle?

Manage Kindle Content

Log in to Amazon. Manage Your Content and Devices and click on the Content heading at the top to view all your ebooks. Click the Sort By menu to arrange books. You can change the sort order to Acquired Date, Title, Author, or Acquired Date. Click the Action button to manage one item.

How do I organize my Kindle books into collections?

Place your books in the collection. Hold the cover image of a book in your hands. The pop-up screen will open, and the first option is “Add To Collection.” Click the box to the right of the collection you wish to add the book, and then hit the Done button at the bottom.

How do you organize Kindle books on iPad?

Tap the three stacked bars at the top left corner of your screen to open the menu. Tap Collections. Tap Collections to open a new screen that will display your collections, if any. To add a group, tap the + sign in the upper left corner.

How do I separate two Kindles on the same account?

Click Manage Your Devices from the Manage Your Kindle Page. Click on the Kindle that you wish to deregister. Click Deregister. Click the Deregister button in the Deregister This device pop-up.

Why aren’t my books showing up on Kindle?

Do not forget to connect your Kindle to the internet. Kindle sync through settings. Alternate views or disable any filters on your home screen. Start your Kindle again.

How to see books I’ve read on Kindle?

  1. On your smartphone, go to the Library view.
  2. Select Read or Unread using the Filter button.


There are many ways to organize your Kindle library, and it really depends on your preferences. You can organize by author, genre, or title. You can also create custom shelves to organize your books however you want. The crucial aspect of organizing your library is that it should be effective for you and aid you in locating the books you wish to read, irrespective of the method you adopt.

Thank you for reading!