Where Does Calibre Store Books? Best Full Guide [2022]

Where Does Calibre Store Books

When you run Calibre, it will ask you for a folder in which to save your books. At any time you add a book to Calibre, it will replicate the text inside that folder. Then, where does Calibre store books? Reading, Penn Book will show you the complete guide.

Where Does Calibre Store Books?

When you initially run Calibre, it will ask you for a folder in which to save your books. At any time you add a book to Calibre, it will replicate the text inside that folder. Books in the folder are all well arranged into sub-folders by Author and Title.

Be aware that Calibre will automatically manage the folder contents and don’t include any files/folders manually for this folder since they might be manually deleted.

If you would like to bring a file connected to a specific book, use the top right area of the Edit metadata conversation to achieve that. Subsequently, Calibre will automatically place that file in the proper folder and then move it around once the title/author changes.

Metadata concerning the books are saved in the document metadata. DB in the very top layer of the library folder. This document is an SQLite database. When backing up your library, be sure to copy the whole folder and all of its sub-folders.

The library folder and its contents constitute what’s referred to as a Calibre library. You’ll have multiple libraries. To handle the libraries, then click on the Calibre icon onto the toolbar. It’s possible to create new libraries, remove/rename present ones, and change between libraries readily.

You may copy or transfer books between different libraries (when you’ve got more than one library installment) by directly clicking on a book and choosing the Copy to library actions.

Calibre Library

Where’s your Calibre Library located?

The first time we operate Calibre, it will ask you for a folder in which to save your books. Whenever we add a book to Calibre and convert formats, it will replicate the book inside that folder.

We could even click on Route: Click to start under the book, open the Calibre library.

As you see, there’s metadata.DB file saved in the very top layer of the library folder. It is an SQLite database.

And books in the folder are all well arranged into subfolders by Author and Title.

Each book folder includes a cover picture, metadata.opf, the original book file, and many others.

Might it be feasible to move our library to some other location? Click on the library’s title ( Calibre Library button near the peak of the window) and choose Switch/create library….

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On the following screen, choose the new route for our library and then click on the option to Transfer current library into new location.

Afterward, the library location is going to be altered in Calibre.

Important notice:

  1. Calibre will automatically manage the folder contents and don’t include files/folders manually for this folder since they might be manually deleted.
  2. The library folder and its contents constitute what’s referred to as a Calibre library. If you would like to back up your Calibre library, copy the whole folder (Calibre Library) and its subfolders.
  3. We could even back up our Calibre library by Export all of Calibre information.

ebook store

Part 2. How can I get Calibre to understand my device?

Calibre can instantly connect to smartphones, tablets, and all ebook scanning devices. Calibre should find your device when you plug it onto the computer via USB. Then click Send to device to transfer books.


When the Kindle to get Mac program is downloaded from the Program store, the downloaded azw file location is here:

/Users/Mac consumer name/Library/Containers/com.amazon.Kindle/Data/Library/Application Support/Kindle/My Kindle Content

And after we’ve understood the saved location of our Kindle/Kobo/Google ebooks can detect our downloaded files easily and then put them into the Calibre library to handle them.

We can aim the folder to ensure Calibre can help manage our documents simultaneously.

Then click the Connect/share button and then choose Connect to folder.

Goal and choose a folder, and then you’ll find a Device button displayed near the Library button. Click it (or select Show books in the primary memory of this apparatus in the dropdown list).

See? Calibre admits your downloaded eBooks and reveals them in 1 area.

This procedure helps add books out of a single dedicated location folder using only one one 1-click. Calibre will treat this folder for a device, and following you aim this, it is possible to configure this apparatus and edit eBooks’ metadata. Restart Calibre to your modifications on Folder Device to be implemented.

But should you would like to convert eBooks formats, then do not add books through this method. Directly drag them click on the Insert books button to import those downloaded eBooks on the pc, please.

How to Change Calibre Library Location?

Although you are not permitted to do so, you may use this method to modify the default place where Calibre stores your converted books.

1. Simply copy every piece of information from your Calibre Library folder and save it in the brand-new folder.

Because it contains all the information for your ebooks, don’t forget to copy the metadata.db file.

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2. Go to Calibre and choose the Library option. Library switch/creation

Navigate to the newly created folder where your Calibre books and information are kept by clicking the “Folder” icon in the pop-up windows.

Once everything is done, your existing Calibre library will remain. Still, a new Calibre library with the same name as your new Calibre ebook folder will be created. And your Calibre allows you to swap between these two libraries.

Sync Calibre Library between Computers (Advanced Tutorial)

Sync Calibre Library between Computers (Advanced Tutorial)

Is it possible to maintain Calibre library synchronization across two computers? Yes, you can access your Calibre library from any computer if you can move it to your cloud storage and set it up as the new Calibre library. Let’s explore our options for doing this.

1/ Install the cloud storage program after downloading it.

Download using OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Since I’ve previously installed OneDrive, I’ll demonstrate how to use it to sync your Calibre library across computers in this section.

2 In your OneDrive, create a new folder called “Calibre cloud library,” and then copy and paste all of the content from your original Calibre library into that folder. Wait until all of the data has successfully been copied to your OneDrive storage.

3 Return to Calibre, choose “Calibre library” from the top menu bar, enter the URL for the “Calibre cloud library,” and then click “OK.” Then, one machine was configured with the Calibre cloud library. Now shut down Calibre on this machine and let your Calibre library some time to sync its information. Otherwise, your library will get congested.

4 Please follow the instructions above to access the Calibre Cloud library from any other computer. You may create your own web-based ebook library at the exact OneDrive location as the Calibre Library.

Alerts for synchronizing Calibre across several computers:

  1. You must ensure that only one instance of Calibre uses this cloud library as it is not multi-user software.
  2.  After you’re done reading, kindly shut down Calibre and sync its information. If you don’t, your Calibre library database will suffer, and the files in your library will become inconsistent.
  3. Regardless of your computer, be sure to sync before each use.

After reading this article, can you discover the location of your local Calibre library? Or do you have any other advice for using the Calibre library? Just post them in the comments section below.

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Where is an ebook stored?

Connect your Android device to your computer through USB. On your computer, go to a File Explorer and open the folder in which the eBook documents are located. Open a brand new File Explorer window, find your Android apparatus, and navigate to the file location where your ebook will live (/sdcard/Books/MoonReader).

Where are eBooks stored on PC?

EPUB and PDF ebooks

As soon as you start the ebook in Adobe Digital Editions, the valid EPUB or PDF file for the book is going to be saved on your computer’s [My] Digital Editions folder (underRecords).

How do I get books from Calibre to my Kindle?

Calibre can do a lot of this for you. Just choose the book you would like to convert to your Kindle, and click Connect / Share. Email it to your Kindle accounts and in a couple of seconds, provided your Kindle includes a wifi link, it is going to show up on your apparatus as a Kindle book which you can start and use. LINK TRONG

How do I transfer books from Calibre to my iPhone?

It is possible to browse files onto the apparatus from Calibre and use the Send to apparatus button to move files into your device. Merge the books you would like to see in your iDevice into EPUB format by selecting them and clicking the Convert button. LINK

How do I make my OverDrive eBooks forever?

If you are after your financing period and you are not finished with your audiobook, the very first thing you may try would be the Renew alternative. This is easy; just like in a standard library, you may opt to renew your book and expand the lending period so long as nobody else has a grip on the name.

How do I make my library ebooks forever?

The secret is super easy. Before OverDrive reaches back through the ether to recover their material, throw your apparatus into plane mode. This works for almost any ereader, tablet computer, or smartphone.


The Calibre Store is a great place to buy books. They have a wide selection of books, and the prices are very reasonable. The staff is also amiable and helpful. I would recommend this store to anyone looking for an excellent place to buy books. Thank you for reading!

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