Kathy Wakile Net Worth 2024: Family, Relationships, Wiki, Weight, Age, Height, And More

Kathy Wakile Net Worth 2024 Family, Relationships, Wiki, Weight, Age, Height, And More

Kathy Wakile is a well-known television personality and entrepreneur. She gained fame through her appearance on the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Over the years, she has ventured into various business opportunities, which have contributed to her impressive net worth. In this article, we will explore Kathy Wakile net worth, her career achievements, personal life, and more.

Quick Facts

Real NameKatherina Pierri Wakile
Popular NameKathy Wakile
Birth DateOctober 4, 1965
ParentsNot Mentioned
SiblingsRosie (sister), Three Brothers
Birth PlaceNew Jersey, U.S.
EducationCaldwell University
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
SpouseRichard “Richie” Wakile
ChildrenVictoria and Joseph
Net Worth$5 Million
Source of WealthTelevision, Business Ventures
Height1.58 m (5′ 2″)
Weight59 kg (130 lbs)

What is Kathy Wakile Net Worth and Salary in 2024?

What is Net Worth of Kathy Wakile and Salary in 2024

As of 2024, Kathy Wakile’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $5 million. Her wealth primarily stems from her diverse business ventures and appearances on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Also, check out Jude Deveraux Net Worth.

In terms of salary, it is reported that Wakile earned a substantial income during her time as a main cast member on the reality TV series. Additionally, her various product lines, cookbook, and restaurant have proven to be lucrative endeavors, solidifying her strong financial standing.


Kathy Wakile Career

Wakile’s career took off when she joined the hit reality TV show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Her debut on the show during its third season instantly garnered attention, putting her in the midst of ongoing conflicts between her cousin, Teresa Giudice, and her cousin-in-law, Melissa Gorga.

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While appearing on the reality series, Kathy Wakile simultaneously pursued various business ventures. She introduced three product lines: Dolci Della Dea, offering a cannoli kit; Goddess Eye Jewelry, which donates a portion of sales to the National Brain Tumor Society; and Red Velvet Cosmo, a ready-to-pour cocktail inspired by her favorite dessert.

Her entrepreneurial endeavors have been well-received, showcasing her ability to diversify her income sources beyond television appearances.

Furthermore, Wakile authored a cookbook titled “Indulge: Delicious Little Desserts That Keep Life Real Sweet.”

Her culinary expertise and passion for desserts shine through in this publication, which has gained popularity among food enthusiasts. The success of her cookbook further solidifies her reputation as a multi-talented entrepreneur.

In May 2017, Wakile made headlines once again when she announced her plans to open a restaurant called Pizza Love in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Alongside her husband Rich, she ventured into the culinary world, specializing in pizza, Italian cuisine, Mediterranean dishes, and delectable desserts. The restaurant opened its doors in September 2017, attracting both locals and fans of Wakile’s cooking talents.


Throughout her career, Kathy Wakile has received recognition and acclaim for her contributions to the entertainment industry and entrepreneurial pursuits.

While she may not have garnered major awards, her achievements and influence in the world of reality television and business speak for themselves. Her ability to establish successful product lines, author a popular cookbook, and open a thriving restaurant reflects her entrepreneurial prowess and dedication.

Kathy Wakile Overview and Wiki

Kathy Wakile Overview and Wiki

Early Life and Education

Kathy Wakile was born in New Jersey to her unnamed parents. While details about her early life and education are not available, it is known that she grew up in a family with three brothers and a sister named Rosie.

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Her Italian heritage has played a significant role in shaping her culinary interests and business ventures, particularly within the realm of desserts.

Personal Life

Kathy Wakile is married to Richard “Richie” Wakile, and they have two children together, Victoria and Joseph. The couple has been able to maintain a successful marriage while navigating the challenges and demands of their respective careers.

Kathy Wakile List News 2024

  • In 2024, Wakile has been in the news for a few different reasons. First, she has been speaking out about her time on the show and why she left. In an interview with Us Weekly, Wakile said that she quit the show because she was tired of the drama and the way that her family was being portrayed.
  • Second, Wakile has been promoting her new business venture, a line of frozen pizzas called Wakile’s Pizzas. The pizzas are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and are available in a variety of flavors, including classic Margherita, pepperoni, and sausage.

Social Media

Follow her on social media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kathywakile/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KathyWakile

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kathywakile/

FAQs about Kathy Wakile

How did Kathy Wakile become famous?

Kathy Wakile gained fame through her appearances on the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

Does Kathy Wakile have any siblings?

Yes, Kathy Wakile has a sister named Rosie and three brothers.

What are Kathy Wakile’s successful business ventures?

Kathy Wakile has launched several product lines, including Dolci Della Dea (cannoli kit), Goddess Eye Jewelry (donating to the National Brain Tumor Society), and Red Velvet Cosmo (ready-to-pour cocktail). She has also authored a cookbook and opened a restaurant called Pizza Love.

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What philanthropic activities is Kathy Wakile involved in?

Kathy Wakile’s jewelry line, Goddess Eye Jewelry, donates a portion of its sales to the National Brain Tumor Society, reflecting her commitment to charitable causes.

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Kathy Wakile’s journey from reality television star to successful entrepreneur is an inspiring example of turning fame into fortune. Through her appearances on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Wakile gained recognition and used her platform to launch various business ventures.

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