What is Josh Malerman Net Worth 2024: Family, Relationships, Wiki, Weight, Age, Height, And More

What is Josh Malerman Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Family, And More

Josh Malerman is a successful author and musician. He has sold millions of books, including the best-selling Bird Box, which was adapted into a movie by Netflix. With such an impressive career and financial portfolio, it’s no wonder that Josh Malerman net worth in 2024 is projected to be quite high.

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What is Josh Malerman Net Worth and Salary in 2024?

What is Josh Malerman Net Worth and Salary in 2024

Josh Malerman has a net worth of $1.55 million as of 2024. Josh Malerman earns his income through various sources, including book sales, royalties, advances from publishers, and potential film or television adaptations.

Full NameJosh Malerman
Popular NameJosh Malerman
Birth DateJuly 24, 1975
Birth PlacePontiac, Michigan, United States
SpouseAllison Laakko (fiancée)
Net Worth$1.55 million
Source of WealthWriting and Music
Notable Works– Bird Box

– Unbury Carol

– Inspection

– A House at the Bottom of a Lake

– Daphne

– Malorie (sequel to Bird Box)

Why is Josh Malerman Famous?

Why is Josh Malerman Famous

Josh Malerman rose to fame as a bestselling author and member of the rock band The High Strung. His first book, Bird Box, received praise and was made into a popular Netflix movie.

In addition to Bird Box, Malerman has written other novels such as Unbury Carol, Inspection, A House at the Bottom of a Lake, Daphne, and the sequel to Bird Box, titled Malorie.

Josh Malerman Overview

Josh Malerman Overview

Early Life

Josh Malerman was born on July 24, 1975, in Pontiac, Michigan. As a child, Malerman loved telling stories and being creative. After finishing school, he went to Michigan State University to improve his storytelling and learn new writing methods.


In 2000, Malerman co-founded the indie rock band, The High Strung, where he served as the lead vocalist and songwriter. The band achieved moderate success, touring nationally and internationally.

In 2006, Malerman started writing full-time. He focused on storytelling and his interest in the mysterious and unknown. With his debut novel, Bird Box, published in 2014, Malerman swiftly gained recognition and acclaim.

The book’s unique concept became popular and grabbed readers’ attention everywhere. Characters in the book must navigate through a destroyed world without sight.

The success of Bird Box opened doors for Malerman. He took advantage of these opportunities and published more novels. In 2017, he released Black Mad Wheel and in 2019, he came out with Inspection.

Each book showcased Malerman’s mastery of suspense and his ability to create intense and unpredictable narratives.

Josh Malerman Career

Malerman wrote short stories in addition to his novels. His book Goblin was published in 2017, which helped establish him as a skilled writer.

The stories within Goblin explored a wide range of themes, from supernatural horror to psychological suspense. It captivates readers with their imaginative and haunting tales.

Malerman’s literary prowess extends beyond traditional print media. In 2018, Bird Box was adapted into a successful Netflix film, starring Sandra Bullock. The movie became very popular, making more people aware of Malerman’s work and confirming his reputation as a famous writer.

Malerman keeps captivating audiences with his public appearances. He attends book festivals, discussions, and events, where he shares his creative process and gives advice to aspiring writers.

Personal Life

Josh Malerman currently resides in Michigan with his fiancée, artist-musician Allison Laakko. He continues to make music with The High Strung while also focusing on his writing career.

FAQs about Josh Malerman

FAQs about Josh Malerman

How did Josh Malerman develop his unique storytelling style?

Malerman’s music background greatly influenced his writing style. He was particularly impacted as a songwriter and singer. His writing style focused on rhythm, atmosphere, and suspense in his stories.

What impact did the success of Bird Box have on Josh Malerman’s career?

Bird Box made Malerman famous, establishing him as a well-known author in suspense and horror. It led to numerous opportunities, including book deals, adaptations, and collaborations.


With a talent for crafting gripping and suspenseful stories, Malerman has captivated readers worldwide. He is a successful writer and musician who entertains and inspires people, establishing himself in the world of literature and art.

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