GTA: Vice City’s core characters and how to play the game

Even though GTA: Vice City is an old game, people are still interested in getting to know its plot. And there is no better way to understand the plot than investigating the characters. GTA: Vice City’s ambience places in Miami during the 1980s. The city was under the control of the mafias and these criminals run the underground business of the entire city.


The game heavily involves drug dealing, business expansion, avoiding cops and many exciting activities in the daily life of the criminals. But, the point where everything went south is when a certain mafia betrayed his own subordinates. Continue to read and find out who betrayed whom in this list of GTA: Vice City’s most important characters.


GTA: Vice City was released in 2002 by Rockstar Games and it easily became the best video game of its time. The game sold over 500 thousand copies after 24 hours of its release. Which is very impressive considering its time. The game includes action and adventure. It tells the story of Tommy Vercetti, a gangster who just got out of prison and later planned to take over the criminal network in Vice City.

In the game, players have to help Tommy advance in the criminal world by going around to rob from stores, deal with the police and enjoy the fun of being a wanted criminal. There are missions to be done and money to be earned. It is very hard to advance in the game without doing tasks that help players gain extra cash. They can rob the bystanders, help the cops, or be taxis drivers, etc. Every car is the game is free to rob. Players can even stop a car, kick the driver out of his seat and steal it. But these actions will make the character exposed to more danger with the police.


Tommy Vercetti
Tommy Vercetti is the protagonist of GTA: Vice City. He was one of the most important subordinates of the Forelli Family. Tommy went on a mission that Sonny Forelli had given him. He was supposed to assassinate a man in the Harwood District but he was ambushed and caught right handed by 11 men. Tommy later was sent to prison for having killed said men in order to survive. He was given the nickname of Harwood Butcher.
In 1986 he was released from prison and the guy wanted to work for Sonny Forelli again. He was sent on another mission with Ken Rosenberg to sell the drug in Vice City and bring back the money to Sonny. However, the deal was ambushed and Tommy lost both the drug and the money. He was ordered to retrieve what is lost and on the way, Tommy established a relationship with some influential gangsters and he started to run his own business there. Tommy expanded his reputation and became more formidable among the gangsters in Vice City. He became a threat to Sonny Forelli and faced the former boss later on when he found out that it was Sonny who planned the ambush.

Sonny Forelli
Sonny Forelli is the villain of the story, though it is safe to say that there isn’t any good citizen in the game. Sonny was Tommy’s old boss and he sent the guy out on a fake mission. It was Sonny who planned the ambush to end with Tommy’s life. When Tommy was out of the prison, he sent Tommy to handle the drug deal in Vice City and was raged when he found out that Tommy had lost the drugs and the money. He ordered Tommy to retrieve them. Later, the former boss found out that Tommy has been running his own business behind his back. The mafia came to Vice City to claim what was his and faced Tommy in a shootout. Sonny Forelli was killed by Tommy Vercetti at the end of the game.


Lance Vance
Lance Vance was the head of Vance Crime Family and he ran the business with his brother Victor. The mafia boss sent out his brother to handle a drug deal with the Forellis but he was killed in an ambush, carried out by the Diaz’ Gang. Tommy was there to receive the drugs from Vance Crime Family and he was the only one who survived. Lance kept that detail in mind. After Tommy’s release, Lance teamed up with Tommy and he attempted to kill Diaz but failed. Tommy had to do it to save himself and Lance from future a enemy. So he saved Lance and killed Diaz. At the final scene of the game, it was revealed that Lance had betrayed Tommy for his own insecurity. The mafia boss felt uneasy witnessing the rise of Tommy in the gangster world. In the end, Tommy killed Lance himself for his betrayal.

Ken Rosenberg
Ken Rosenberg was a lawyer that worked directly with the mafias. He even defended them in the court. Ken was sent to handle the drug deal with Tommy as the middle trader. But the deal was ambushed and he and Tommy escaped it. Later in the game, Ken became Tommy’s ally. He arrived at the final shootout after it was done, he helped Tommy to run Vice City when the guy replaced Sonny.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an iconic and original game. The features of the game were ahead of its time. That is why people still consider that this is the best game in the GTA franchise. Players can now enjoy it on mobile by downloading the app from Google Play or App Store. It takes longer to complete missions on the phone since players can’t cheat on this version. On the other hand, players can download the game and enjoy it on PC with Steam. GTA: Vice City is available to download at a cutting price on every platform.

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