What is Gary Larson Net Worth 2024: Family, Relationships, Wiki, Weight, Age, Height, And More

What is Gary Larson Net Worth 2024 Family, Relationships, Wiki, Weight, Age, Height, And More

Gary Larson, best known for his whimsical and often​ absurd cartoons, has been a household​ name in the world⁤ of comic strips⁤ for nearly⁢ four decades. His renowned comic series, The ⁣Far Side, has not​ only ⁤brought⁤ joy and ⁢laughter to millions of‍ global readers but also ‌contributed significantly to his⁤ net worth. ‌In this article, we will delve into the details of Gary Larson net worth.

Quick ⁤Facts

Full NameGary Larson
Popular ⁢NameGary Larson
Birth DateAugust 14, 1950
ParentsDoris Larson, Verner Larson
SiblingsOne Brother
Birth PlaceTacoma, Washington, United States
EducationWashington State University
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual⁤ OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseToni Carmichael
Net Worth$70 million
Source of WealthCartoonist
Height5 ft 8 in
Weight74⁢ kg

What is Gary Larson’s Net Worth and‍ Salary in 2024?

What is Gary Larson's Net Worth and Salary in 2024

As of 2024, Gary‌ Larson’s net worth⁢ is estimated⁢ to ‍be approximately $70 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Larson’s wealth is primarily derived from ​his career⁣ as a cartoonist, ⁢particularly from⁤ his creation, The ⁢Far Side.

His⁤ comic series, known for its unconventional humor‍ and surrealistic scenarios, has been wildly successful. Trademarked books, calendars, ‍greeting cards, and merchandise related to The Far Side have also significantly boosted his earnings. You might also like Fran Lebowitz Net Worth.

Why is Gary​ Larson Famous?

Why is Gary Larson Famous

Gary Larson is primarily famous⁣ as the man ⁤behind The Far Side, ​a ‌single-panel comic strip that ran from 1980 ⁣to 1995. The globally popular comic, unique in its twisted humor and bizarre scenarios, often featuring animals, insects, and imaginary characters, has had a ⁣huge cultural impact. The term Larson-esque has​ even been coined to describe the⁣ particular style of offbeat humor found in his work.

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Gary⁣ Larson Biography Overview

Gary Larson Biography Overview

Early Life

Gary Larson was born on August 14, 1950,‍ in Tacoma, Washington. Raised alongside his older​ brother Dan⁣ by​ Vern,​ a car salesman, and⁤ Doris, a secretary, Larson grew up with a keen interest in​ drawing and a love for animals and nature, which later significantly ⁣influenced his comics.


Larson studied ⁣communications at ​Washington State University. His real passion, however, ​was⁣ always in‍ drawing and comedy, which were ⁣not⁣ directly related to ‌his major. Also, check out Ernest Hemingway Net Worth.

Career ⁣and Awards

Gary⁣ Larson journey into cartooning began in 1976 when he submitted six cartoons to a Seattle-based magazine. This marked the start of his illustrious career.

In 1980, Larson’s work was picked up by the San Francisco Chronicle, which renamed his strip The Far Side. The comic series quickly gained popularity and was syndicated internationally to over 1,900 newspapers. For fifteen years, Larson entertained readers with his unique blend of humor and science until his retirement in 1995.

However, Larson’s retirement didn’t last forever. In 2019, after learning to draw digitally, he made a comeback and started publishing new comic strips on his website. His return was welcomed by fans who had missed his distinctive humor.

Throughout his career, Larson has been recognized for his exceptional talent and contribution to the field of cartooning. He has received numerous awards, including the Newspaper Panel Cartoon Award by the National Cartoonists Society in 1985 and 1988.

He also earned the society’s Reuben Award for 1990 and 1994. Additionally, Larson was honored with the Regents’ Distinguished Alumnus Award from Washington State University in 1990.

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Larson’s work has not only brought laughter to millions but has also made a significant impact in the scientific community. A newly discovered insect species was named Strigiphilus garylarsoni in his honor, reflecting his influence and popularity.

Social Media Accounts include followers of Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn,⁢ Pinterest

Despite his fame, Larson maintains a low profile and does not‌ have any official social media accounts. The Far Side’s official website and Facebook page, Twitter Page, however, keep ⁤fans updated and engaged​ with his work.

FAQs about Gary Larson

Is Gary Larson‍ retired?

Yes, Gary Larson officially retired his⁣ daily cartoon strip, The Far Side, in 1995. However, he⁢ occasionally ‍releases new comics on The Far Side’s official website.

What makes The Far Side unique?

The Far Side is known for its distinctive and offbeat humor, often featuring anthropomorphic animals and bizarre situations that challenge conventional norms.

When did Gary Larson start The Far Side?

Gary Larson began The Far Side in 1980, and it ran until his retirement in 1995.


Gary Larson, with his unique sense⁣ of humor and artistic⁢ talent, has carved a special niche in the world of comic strips. Although he⁣ retired The Far Side decades ago, his legacy ⁤continues‍ to‌ impact and inspire, ​making his net worth of $70 million well-deserved.

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