What is Garth Nix Net Worth 2024: Family, Relationships, Wiki, Weight, Age, Height, And More

What is Garth Nix Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Age, And More

Garth Nix is an Australian author of young adult books who has seen a great deal of success in his career. He has written over 30 novels including the popular Old Kingdom series and The Seventh Tower series.

In this article, we will delve into the information of Garth Nix net worth, and discover his impressive life and career.

What is Garth Nix Net Worth and Salary in 2024?

What is Garth Nix Net Worth and Salary in 2024

Garth Nix has a net worth of approximately $1 million as of 2024. His wealth is primarily derived from his successful career as a novelist. Nix’s most notable works include the Old Kingdom series, The Seventh Tower series, and The Keys to the Kingdom series.

Full NameGarth Richard Nix
Popular NameGarth Nix
Birth DateJuly 19, 1963
Birth PlaceMelbourne, Australia
SpouseAnna McFarlane (publisher)
Net Worth$1 million
Source of WealthAuthor, Book Sales
Notable Works– Old Kingdom series

– Seventh Tower series

– Keys to the Kingdom series

– Shade’s Children

Why is Garth Nix Famous?

Why is Garth Nix Famous

Garth Nix is famous for his exceptional talent as an author, particularly in the genre of children’s and young adult fantasy novels. Some of his most renowned works include the Old Kingdom series, the Seventh Tower series, and the Keys to the Kingdom series.

His writing style resonates with both young and older readers, making him a favorite among fans of fantasy literature.

Garth Nix Overview

Garth Nix Overview

Early Life

Garth Nix, was born in Melbourne on July 19, 1963. He grew up in Canberra, attending Turner Primary School, Lyneham High School, and Dickson College, where he joined the Australian Army Reserve.

After working for the government, he traveled in Europe before returning to Australia in 1983 to pursue a BA in professional writing at Canberra University.


Following his graduation, he found employment in a bookshop in Canberra. In 1987, he relocated to Sydney, where he entered the publishing industry.

Nix’s career in publishing began with roles as a sales representative and publicist. However, his passion for writing led him to become a senior editor at HarperCollins. During his journey as an author, Nix demonstrated remarkable versatility and creativity.

In addition to his fantasy novels, which earned him widespread acclaim, Nix contributed to the role-playing genre. He authored scenarios and articles for games like Dungeons & Dragons and Traveller, with his works appearing in various publications such as White Dwarf, Multiverse, and Breakout!.

Furthermore, Nix ventured into the information technology field, writing case studies, articles, and news items for publications like Computerworld and PCWorld.

After traveling through Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, Nix founded his own marketing consulting company, Gotley Nix Evans Pty Ltd. He even worked as a literary agent with Curtis Brown (Australia) Pty Ltd for a time.

In 1999, Nix transitioned to becoming a full-time author, dedicating himself entirely to his craft. His dedication paid off as his books garnered immense popularity, earning him a devoted fan base.

One of Nix’s most famous works is the Old Kingdom series, which follows the adventures of strong-willed heroines and takes readers on thrilling journeys through a magical realm filled with danger and wonder.

Garth Nix’s The Seventh Tower series is another beloved collection of books in his impressive writing career. This captivating series consists of seven thrilling novels that transport readers to a unique and imaginative world.

Personal Life

Nix currently resides in Sydney with his wife, Anna McFarlane, who is a publisher, and their two sons, Thomas and Edward. In his spare time, Nix enjoys traveling, fishing, bodysurfing, book collecting, reading, and watching films.

FAQs about Garth Nix

FAQs about Garth Nix

Is Garth Nix his real name or a pseudonym?

Garth Nix is his real name. Despite sounding like a perfect name for a fantasy writer, he has confirmed that it is not a pseudonym.

Is Garth Nix still actively writing?

Yes, as far as the last update, Garth Nix is still actively writing and continues to create new stories for his readers.

How did Garth Nix start his writing career?

After studying professional writing at Canberra University, Garth Nix worked in the publishing industry as a sales rep, publicist, and senior editor at HarperCollins before becoming a full-time author.


Garth Nix has left an indelible mark on the world of children’s and young adult fantasy literature. His dedication and creativity as an author have earned him prestigious awards and critical acclaim, making him a beloved figure in the genre.

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