What is Dana Loesch Net Worth 2024: Family, Relationships, Wiki, Weight, Age, Height, And More

What is Dana Loesch Net Worth 2024 Family, Relationships, Wiki, Weight, Age, Height, And More

Dana Loesch is a well-known‍ American conservative political commentator, radio host, ⁣and television personality. She⁢ is best known for her work as the former ​spokesperson for‌ the National⁤ Rifle Association (NRA) and ​for hosting ⁤her own ⁢show, The Dana Show. Loesch has ⁤made a name for herself through her conservative views and articulate speaking style. In this article, we will take a deep look at Dana Loesch net worth.

Quick‍ Facts

Full NameDana Lynn Loesch
Popular NameDana Loesch
Birth DateSeptember 28,​ 1978
ParentsGale Eaton
Birth ‌PlaceMissouri,⁢ United ​States
EducationWebster University
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseChris Loesch
Net Worth$2 ⁢million
Source of⁢ WealthMedia
Height5’6″ (167.5 ​cm)
Weight136‌ lbs (61 kg)

What is Dana Loesch’s Net Worth and Salary ⁣in 2024?

What is Dana Loesch's Net Worth and Salary in 2024

Dana Loesch’s current net worth is estimated to be around $2 ⁤million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Much ⁣of her wealth comes from‌ her successful‍ career in⁤ the media industry. As a⁤ conservative political ⁣commentator, Loesch has ⁤worked for various outlets and organizations, including the NRA, where she served as a spokesperson.

Additionally, she has hosted her own radio and ⁤television shows, which have contributed to her⁤ overall net worth. Her‍ annual salary is not publicly disclosed, but it is believed to be ⁣in‍ the‍ high six figures. Also, check out Charles Bukowski Net Worth.

Why is ⁣Dana⁤ Loesch⁢ Famous?

Why is Dana Loesch Famous

Dana Loesch gained fame through her passionate and outspoken conservative views, which she has shared on various media platforms. She became especially well-known during her tenure as the NRA spokesperson, ‌where she defended Second ‌Amendment rights and ​advocated for gun ownership.

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Loesch’s ability to⁢ articulate her viewpoints and engage in heated discussions ⁣on radio and television ⁢programs has​ earned her ‌a dedicated following⁤ and ‍made her a prominent⁣ figure‌ in conservative circles.

Dana⁤ Loesch⁢ Biography‌ Overview

Dana Loesch Biography Overview

Early Life

Dana Loesch was born on September 28, 1978, in Missouri, ‍United⁣ States. Loesch’s family was Southern Baptist, and she lived with her mom, Gale. She says her family comes from Cherokees in Georgia and also has Irish background from her dad’s mom.


After finishing at Fox High School in Arnold, Missouri, she went to St. Louis Community College at Meramec. Later, she moved to Webster University to study journalism. During her time there, she was a Democrat and was involved in Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign.

Career and Awards

Loesch’s career took off when she started writing for St. Louis Magazine and launched her website Mamalogues. Her column won the Best Newspaper Columnist St. Louis award in 2007. In 2008, she began hosting her radio show, which later became nationally syndicated.

That same year, she was recognized as one of St. Louis Business Journal’s top 30 Under 30 and one of the Top 50 Most Powerful Mom Bloggers by Nielsen ratings.

In 2010, Loesch was appointed editor-in-chief of Big Journalism, a conservative website. The following year, CNN hired her as a political analyst for its 2012 election coverage.

She also guest-hosted for other national radio hosts like Glenn Beck and Michael Savage. In 2012, she received Accuracy In Media’s Grassroots Journalism award and was added to Talkers Magazine’s top 100 heavy hitters.

Loesch hosted the program Dana on TheBlaze TV from 2014 to 2017. During the 2016 Republican presidential primary, she endorsed Ted Cruz’s campaign but later became a passionate defender of President Trump.

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She also served as a spokesperson for the National Rifle Association (NRA) from 2017 to 2019, appearing in several NRA-produced videos.

Loesch has authored three books: Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America, Flyover Nation: You Can’t Run a Country You’ve Never Been To, and Grace Canceled: How Outrage is Destroying Lives, Ending Debate, and Endangering Democracy.

Personal Life

Dana Loesch is married to Chris Loesch, and the couple has two children together. She is​ known for being a devoted mother and often ⁢shares insights into her personal‌ life on her various social media platforms. You might also like Charlaine Harris Net Worth.

Social Media​ Accounts

  • Instagram: @dloesch – 700k followers
  • Twitter: @DLoesch – 1.1 million followers
  • Facebook: ‍The Dana Show – 300k followers
  • LinkedIn: Dana Loesch – 10k followers
  • Pinterest: Dana ⁣Loesch – 5k followers

FAQs about‌ Dana ‍Loesch

What is ⁢Dana Loesch’s political affiliation?

Dana Loesch is a well-known conservative and aligns ⁢herself with the Republican​ Party. She often​ voices ‍her support for conservative⁢ policies and candidates.

Is Dana Loesch still affiliated with the National Rifle Association?

No,⁢ Dana Loesch served as the spokesperson for the NRA from 2017 ‌to 2019. She ‌stepped down from her​ role after ‍her ⁤contract‌ ended.

Does Dana Loesch have any⁤ other endeavors besides her media ‌career?

Yes, ​aside from her media work, Dana Loesch has authored several ‌books on political and social issues.⁤ She is ‌also an advocate for Second Amendment rights ​and ⁣often speaks at conservative events.


Dana Loesch is a prominent conservative political commentator and media personality. Her career in broadcasting, along with⁤ her outspoken views and‍ articulate speaking style, has earned her ⁢recognition and a devoted following. With a net worth of $2 million, Loesch⁤ has established herself as a successful​ figure in the media industry while continuing to advocate for conservative​ principles.

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