Cody Lundin Net Worth 2024: Early Life, Career, and Financial Insights

Cody Lundin Net Worth 2024 Early Life, Career, and Financial Insights

Cody Lundin, a renowned survival expert, has intrigued many with his off-the-grid lifestyle and impressive career. Let’s explore Cody Lundin net worth, early life, and education at PennBookCenter.

Quick Facts

Real NameCody Lundin
Popular NameCody Lundin
Birth DateMarch 15, 1967
ParentsSharon Lundin
EducationPrescott College
Marital StatusN/A
Sexual OrientationBisexually oriented
Net Worth$1.5 million
Source of WealthTV shows, Books, Survival School
Height1.88 m

What is the Net Worth of Cody Lundin in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Cody Lundin in 2024

As of 2024, Cody Lundin net worth is estimated at $1.5 million. This places him among other notable survival experts and TV personalities. Here are a few comparisons:

  • Bear Grylls
  • Les Stroud
  • Mykel Hawke
  • David Canterbury
  • Richest Authors

What is the Salary/Income of Cody Lundin in 2024?

While specific figures for Cody Lundin‘s 2024 salary are not available, his income sources include earnings from TV shows, book sales, and survival training sessions. These ventures significantly contribute to his overall wealth.

Cody Lundin Finance Overview

Cody Lundin Finance Overview

Early Life and Education

Cody Lundin’s early life was shaped by his father’s military career, which involved moving frequently before settling in Wyoming. He attended junior high and high school in Laramie, Wyoming.

After high school, he pursued higher education at Prescott College, where he earned degrees in Depth Psychology and Holistic Health. This educational background laid the foundation for his future endeavors in survival skills and holistic health.

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Career Beginnings and Aboriginal Living Skills School

In 1991, he founded the Aboriginal Living Skills School in Prescott, Arizona. Here, he teaches modern wilderness survival skills, primitive living skills, urban preparedness, and homesteading.

His school trains individuals, corporations, and groups, emphasizing practical survival techniques. This initiative has been a cornerstone of his career, significantly contributing to his net worth and establishing his reputation in the survival community.

Television Career and Earnings

Cody Lundin’s most notable television role was as a co-host of the Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival from 2010 to 2014. On the show, he demonstrated various survival skills, often barefoot and in shorts, regardless of the weather. His unique approach and expertise garnered a substantial following and significantly boosted his earnings.

Although he was fired from the series in 2014 due to safety disagreements, his time on the show remains a major highlight of his career. Besides Dual Survival, he hosted the Discovery Channel show Lost in the Wild in 2004, further adding to his television credits.

Authorship and Book Sales

Cody Lundin is also a successful author, having written two notable books: 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive and When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes.

These publications have been well-received and are popular among survival enthusiasts. The revenue from book sales contributes significantly to his overall income, underscoring his multifaceted career.

Lifestyle and Sustainability Practices

Lundin is renowned for his off-the-grid lifestyle. He resides in a passive solar earth home that he designed himself. This home utilizes rainwater collection and composting waste, allowing him to live sustainably and with a minimal carbon footprint.

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His lifestyle choices not only align with his survival expertise but also result in considerable cost savings, enhancing his financial stability.

Public Speaking and Training Sessions

In addition to his television and writing endeavors, he conducts public speaking engagements and training sessions. He shares his survival knowledge through seminars and workshops, charging fees that contribute to his income. These sessions are highly sought after, given his reputation and expertise, providing another revenue stream.

Other Ventures and Investments

While Cody Lundin‘s primary sources of income are his survival school, television appearances, book sales, and public speaking, any additional ventures or investments further supplement his wealth.

These could include consulting, brand partnerships, or other entrepreneurial activities related to his expertise in survival skills and sustainable living.

Social Media


FAQs about Cody Lundin

FAQs about Cody Lundin

What books has Cody Lundin written?

He has authored 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive and When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes. These books focus on survival skills and preparedness.

Where does he live?

He lives off-the-grid in a passive solar earth home in the high-desert wilderness of northern Arizona. His home is designed to be sustainable, using rainwater and composting waste.

What is his educational background?

He holds degrees in Depth Psychology and Holistic Health from Prescott College. This educational background supports his career in survival instruction and holistic living.

Why was he fired from “Dual Survival”?

He was fired from Dual Survival in 2014 due to differences of opinion on matters of safety. Despite this, his contributions to the show are well-remembered.

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What is the Aboriginal Living Skills School?

The Aboriginal Living Skills School, founded by Cody Lundin in 1991, is a survival school in Prescott, Arizona. It offers training in wilderness survival, primitive living skills, urban preparedness, and homesteading.


Cody Lundin‘s unique lifestyle and career have made him a notable figure in the survival community. Explore more about his life and career, and feel free to leave comments or share this content. For more detailed analyses, visit

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