What is Carol Higgins Clark Net Worth 2024: Family, Relationships, Wiki, Weight, Age, Height, And More

What is Carol Higgins Clark Net Worth 2024 Family, Relationships, Wiki, Weight, Age, Height, And More

Carol Higgins Clark ⁤is an ​American author known for her⁣ mystery novels. She has achieved success ‌in her writing​ career and ⁤has amassed a significant net worth. This article ‌will provide ⁤an overview of Carol Higgins Clark net worth, as well as other interesting facts about her life and career.

Quick Facts

Full ⁢NameCarol Higgins Clark
Popular NameCarol Higgins Clark
Birth ⁣DateJuly 28,⁤ 1956 – June 12, 2024
Age66​ at death
ParentsMary Higgins⁤ Clark and Warren Clark
SiblingsPatricia Higgins Clark, David Higgins Clark, Marilyn Higgins Clark, Warren Clark Jr.
Birth PlaceNew⁣ York City, ‌New York, United States
EducationMount Holyoke College
Marital​ StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Net Worth$30 million
Source of⁢ WealthBook‍ sales, royalties
Height5 feet 6⁤ inches
WeightNot available

What is Carol‍ Higgins Clark’s Net ⁤Worth and‌ Salary in 2024?

What is Carol Higgins Clark's Net Worth and Salary in 2024

As of 2024, Carol Higgins ‍Clark has​ an estimated net‌ worth of ‍$30​ million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Her wealth primarily comes⁤ from her successful career as an author.⁤

She has ‍published ​numerous bestselling​ mystery novels⁣ that have garnered ‌a ​wide readership,⁢ contributing to her ⁢significant ‌net ​worth. Additionally, Carol Higgins Clark earns royalties⁣ from ​her book ‍sales, further increasing her income. You might also want to read Chris Claremont Net Worth.

Why is Carol Higgins Clark Famous?

Why is Carol Higgins Clark Famous

Carol Higgins Clark ⁣is famous for her writing ‍career,⁢ particularly for her mystery novels. She‍ has ‍established herself as​ an ⁤accomplished⁢ author in the genre, gaining recognition ⁤for her engaging storytelling and captivating ⁢characters. Her books have attracted⁤ a large ‌fan ‌base and have​ been well-received by ‌critics, solidifying‌ her reputation as a prominent figure in the mystery genre.

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Carol Higgins Clark Biography Overview

Carol Higgins Clark Biography Overview

Early⁤ Life

Carol Higgins Clark was born on July 28, 1956, in​ New York City, New York. She‍ is the ⁣daughter of renowned author Mary Higgins⁤ Clark and Warren Clark.‍ Growing up, she was exposed⁤ to the world of writing and​ literature‌ through ⁣her mother’s ⁣influence. This early‌ exposure ⁤shaped her passion⁢ for storytelling and set the⁣ foundation for her own writing career.


Carol Higgins Clark attended⁤ Mount⁣ Holyoke College, where she pursued‌ her studies in creative writing.​ She honed her writing skills and further ⁤developed her‌ love ‍for ‍the mystery genre during her time at college. Her ⁢education played ‍a ⁢vital role ‌in shaping her writing style and ‍providing her with the necessary tools to embark on her successful career as⁤ an ‍author.

Career and Awards

After completing her education, Carol Higgins ‌Clark began‌ her career as an author. She followed in her ⁤mother’s footsteps and specialized in writing‍ mystery novels. Her debut ​novel, Decked, was published in 1992 and marked⁢ the⁤ start of her successful writing journey. Since ‍then, she ⁤has ⁣written numerous other novels in the genre, including the popular Regan Reilly ‍series.

Carol’s writing career was not her only pursuit. She was also an accomplished actress, having studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Her acting career included roles in television series, made-for-TV movies, and stage performances. One of her notable roles was in the film A Cry In The Night, based on one of her mother’s novels.

In addition to her acting and writing careers, Carol was a successful voice actress and audio performer. Her diverse talents and contributions to the literary world earned her numerous awards.

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Among these were the prestigious Poirot Award and the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award. Her debut novel, Decked, was nominated for the 1992 Agatha Award and the 1993 Anthony Award for Best First Novel.

One unique aspect of Carol’s writing was the slight sense of humor that her books contained, a trait not found in her mother’s works. All of her novels featured Regan Reilly, a recurring character, and plot points about male escorts and pantyhose conventions, which were inspired by real sources.

Her first job experience also influenced her writing. For instance, in her book Iced, she used a woman working at a dry cleaners as a character who uncovers evidence found in the pockets of a customer.

Personal Life

Carol Higgins Clark​ is a private ​individual when ‌it comes⁣ to her personal‍ life.​ She is married, although specific details about her spouse are not readily ⁣available. On June 12, 2024, at 66 years old, Clark passed away due to appendix cancer at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Also, check out Chip Gaines Net Worth.

Social Media​ Accounts

  • Facebook:⁣ @carolhigginsclark (10k⁣ followers)
  • Twitter: @carolhclark (5k followers)
  • YouTube:‌ Carol​ Higgins Clark ‌(1k subscribers)
  • LinkedIn: ‌Carol Higgins⁤ Clark ⁢(500 connections)
  • Pinterest: ⁣Carol Higgins Clark (2k followers)

FAQs‌ about Carol Higgins Clark

Is Carol Higgins Clark⁣ related to Mary Higgins Clark?

Yes, ‌Carol Higgins⁣ Clark is the daughter​ of Mary Higgins Clark. Both mother and daughter⁢ share ⁤a passion​ for writing and have​ found⁢ success in⁣ the ⁢mystery genre.

How many books has Carol ‌Higgins Clark⁣ written?

Carol Higgins⁣ Clark‌ has‍ written⁤ over twenty books, including the popular Regan Reilly series.

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Does Carol Higgins⁣ Clark‍ write under any other⁢ pen names?

No, Carol Higgins Clark solely writes under her own‍ name.


Carol Higgins Clark is a talented author‍ known for her mystery novels. With a net worth of⁤ $30‍ million, ⁤she⁢ has made a name for herself in the literary world. ‌Through her captivating storytelling and engaging characters,⁣ she has‌ gained ⁢a‌ dedicated⁢ following of readers. ​Carol Higgins Clark’s ⁢contributions to the mystery⁢ genre have‍ solidified her position​ as a⁤ respected figure in the ‍literary community.

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