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Top 24 Best James Patterson Books of All Time Review 2021

Top 24 Best James Patterson Books of All Time Review 2020

James Patterson is a famed American thriller writer. He’s a best-selling writer who has written more than a hundred novels, such as people who have co-authors. He writes series and stand-alone books and has authored novels of varying genres.

If you have read James Patterson earlier, you know his fast-paced composing and brief chapters. Otherwise, it is something that you ought to take notice as it may not interest you if you’re not into that rate of growth.

Top Rated Best Selling James Patterson Books To Read

Top 24 Rated Best James Patterson Novels To Read

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James Patterson is famous for his investigative/crime-thriller book series. In reality, the majority of the works are in this class. Although some were co-authored by a few of the most well-known authors of this genre, some functions were single written by him.

Below is a list of the Best James Patterson books 2021 that Pennbook recommended reading:

Along Came a Spider

Along Came a Spider is the first publication in Patterson’s hottest show, Alex Cross-where each publication is utterly addictive. Compelling and twisty, this is a quintessential thriller and the ideal place to get started with his job. The story kicks off with the kidnapping of a celebrity’s daughter and a politician’s son. It pits a brilliant forensic psychologist against a dangerous serial killer, the FBI and Secret Service can not outsmart-with him.

The Murder of King Tut

James Patterson is famous for his page-turning books, but sometimes he brings his literary prowess into nonfiction. Explore one of the oldest unsolved puzzles through the lens of Howard Carter’s rocky discovery of this Pharaoh’s hidden grave. It can be accurate, but the narrative still has all of the intrigue, passion, and betrayal of their best thrillers.

Cross Justice

Alex Cross returns to his North Carolina hometown for the first time in more than three years to assist his cousin, who has been convicted of a crime. But hunting for this particular killer will unearth secrets about his past he never understood.

Hope to Die

The stakes have never been more significant as Alex Cross may need to forfeit to provide a killer they need to save the people he enjoys the most. But how much will a madman attempt to make Alex go until he could get back his family?

Cross My Heart

There’s nothing more important to Alex Cross compared to his household: his wife, Bree, his grandma, and his kids. That also means he’s an Achilles heel, one an unidentified enemy will exploit, forcing Alex to discover what he is ready to give up to keep them secure.

Target: Alex Cross

As the nation mourns a fallen leader, Alex Cross has to assist his wife, Bree Stone, to locate a sniper until they charge Bree her occupation and Washington, D.C.’s lives. Appointed to the President’s task force, Alex starts to suspect that the attacks would be the launch of a bigger plot-but can they stop it in time.

Roses Are Red

Alex Cross is up against the very elusive enemies of the profession as he searches for many bank robbers who’ve been frightful Washington D.C. using a series of heists that end in murder. Since Alex races to get the people responsible, ” he learns that there could be one brilliant nevertheless harmful mastermind pulling strings.

Kill Alex Cross

And last, however, a couple of the virtual instances of Alex’s professional career. Detective Alex Cross is among those very first on the scene following the President’s kids’ abduction. Still, it immediately becomes evident that somebody very high-up is attempting to keep him off the situation. Soon after, a deadly contagion is discharged into Washington D.C.’s water source. Alex must work quickly to resolve both dreadful crimes, regardless of the resistance to his participation.

NYPD Red (NYPD Red, #1)

Formed from the New York Mayor, this unit is tasked to protect the exceptionally influential and wealthiest Manhattan styles.

Detective Zach Jordan and his ex-girlfriend Detective Kylie MacDonald of the particular unit are equally assigned to look into the situation of Sidney Roth, a planet’s famous producer that had been murdered by poisoning. Even though Zach and Kylie possess orders to stop at nothing to capture the killer, this proves to be more challenging than they’d imagined.

One thing to love about Zach and Kylie’s connection is their incontrovertible dynamics.

If you’re into investigative cases where offenses are complete bizarrely outside in the open, you may want to try this publication. It’s simple to read, and also the instances, in addition to the point-to-point place changes, are a breeze to follow.

Step on a Crack (Michael Bennet, #1) with Michael Ledwidge

Here comes the most challenging situation in Detective Michael Bennet’s profession: a hostage-taking tragedy happens throughout the funeral of a former First Lady, and the lives of a few of the most prominent and most influential individuals in the nation are at risk. To improve this, he also finds out that his spouse, who has cancer, has been counting her times.

Michael Bennet is probably one of my beloved James Patterson creations. The emotional and psychological struggle of the most crucial character has when doing his obligation, adds more character development in the story. This publication brings readers into psychological changes -by the mystery/crime-thriller events into the touching scenes.

Kiss the Girls

This publication is the mother of suspense books, not due to its attractive plot but due to two serial killers creating the narrative much more complicated. Alex Cross has a great deal of work to perform, such as searching for the cousin who’s probably intimidated by one of the killers. Casanova, one of those killers, is somewhat more suggestive in the kidnapping and finally raping young and lovely ladies. The Gentleman Caller, an insane murderer, is much more barbarous. Both killers are bothersome police for not getting captured, but Alex isn’t accepting his defeat. He’s decided to chase them until eternity.

1st to Die

James Patterson’s book becomes intriguing due to its four-woman analysis team leading in a group’s manner and is bringing much-stalled killing evaluation to the entire life. The credit belongs to James Patterson because of this box creativity that has caused the writing of this type of renowned publication. The girl team shares their differently discreet departmental advice for discovering clues of double-homicides occurring.

The Angel Experiment

Fantasy and fiction are at their finest when we talk about James Patterson’s books. It includes six children who’ve gained magic powers, and they’re running to their survival as somebody hunts them. Mostly devoid of any function in their lives due to being homeless, they’re captured in doldrums concerning their special powers.

Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas

This psychological novel is based on a romance that has jagged ends. Katie Wilkinson, adored by her spouse, considers her love life to be perfect till her boyfriend abruptly leaves her alone. She finds a journal in which a gorgeous romance of a household is composed whose protagonist is her very own boyfriend, which has abandoned her. Suzanne’s problem is to learn the reason behind her boyfriend’s abrupt disappearance from her entire life.

Maximum Ride: Saving the World and other Extreme Sports

Third, in the series of this much-read Maximum Ride, it produces a profound effect on the reader’s soul once it depicts Max and her winged flock to find their real goal in life by rescuing humanity. Their enemies are attempting to re-evolve a pick population to make them clinically superior to present human inhabitants. Max has a job in hand, to prohibit them from experimenting. When humanity’s existence is at stake, Max and her firm show an immense urge to resist change.

The Beach House

This publication throws some light within the corrupt system in which a lousy servant’s death finds no justice. Jack Mullen, a law student, is making use of boundless human humor and finally conquers billionaire suspects that strive their best to conceal his brother’s departure. Such an astonishing publication barely loses its grip over its readers.

Woman of God

This is a literary thriller about a girl who might, or may not, become the next Pope. The principal character, Brigid, is an unbelievable woman whose religion hasn’t come easily to her. This is set against the background of a Sudanese civil war, drug dens, high-powered lawyers, Boston churches, and a growing Catholic Church.

Unlucky 13, by J.P and Maxine Paetro (Women’s Murder Club Series)

The 13th book in Patterson’s favorite Women’s Murder Club series, Unlucky 13, finds Detective Lindsay Boxer alive the fantasy with a brand new baby, a beautiful husband, a fantastic job, and a group of buddies who only get her. What’s going right for Lindsay-that is, until her exceptionally harmful nemesis Mackie Morales surfaces, together with revenge in her thoughts. The Women’s Murder Club’s mission is to protect Lindsay’s vulnerable household by discovering Morales-until she discovers them. Of course, the gruesome crime scenes, a few stressed interlocking storylines will keep you hooked from beginning to finish.

Invisible, by J.P and David Ellis

Get ready to burn the midnight oil-since there is a frightening new James Patterson stand-alone thriller coming this June, and I forecast several sleepless nights in your future. Invisible tells the story of Emmy Dockery, an FBI researcher who becomes obsessed with the notion that she’s found a connection between millions of upsetting unsolved instances. Patterson is at top form, and it’s among the most grisly, spine-tingling tales yet. Pre-order in hardcover or even NOOK to get a June 23 launch.

Gone, by J.P and Michael Ledwidge (Michael Bennett Series)

Detective Michael Bennett is doing what he knows is ideal for his loved ones -protecting his ten adopted kids from the consequences of his reckless, high-stakes profession by concealing them off in an isolated farm in California. However, his callous archenemy, the crazed killer Manuel Perrine, is out of prison and out for blood revenge. He can consider the very best way to lure Michael from hiding by leaving a trail of bodies in his wake throughout the nation. Can Michael show himself to halt the carnage or keep to put low to protect his kids, even more innocents die?

The People vs. Alex Cross

Alex Cross was charged with shooting the followers of nemesis Gary Soneji; however, Alex Cross has never been on the wrong side of the law until today. Alex Cross becomes the flipped poster that believes they activate the cops who believe they were over the law. Just Alex Cross knows what he’s done was self-defense. Alex Cross struggles professional life together with his life’s liberty along with his spouses’ John Sampson. Regardless of his suspension, Cross started the illegal investigation that contributes to the world wide web’s darkest corners. The People vs. Alex Cross: the trial of this century watched from the entire country and cupboard to the Cross starts to doubt that innocence.


An outbreak empties the roads and also preys on childhood. With turning the holiday, Barouche did not tell the complete story of this perfect community and mortal vice. Local cops discover a crime scene that has buried yesteryear in forests. They consult Bennett from New York City along with the town road and know him quite well.

Sam’s Letter to Jennifer

Not long after two consecutive declines, Jennifer is welcomed with her grandma’s sad news. She receives a telephone and goes back to her grandma’s place-the same city in which she grew up. While spending some time there, she finds many letters recapping the romance of her grandmother, Sam.

If you are not fond of thriller tales but wish to read James Patterson, I’d advise you to read this publication. I provided that you don’t mind reading a romance book, also.

Reading this book may also be a fantastic rest if you have been consecutively reading Patterson’s thriller works. If You’re Looking for a Fantastic romance novel, This Might also be for you.

The President Is Missing by J.P and Bill Clinton

The book confronts a danger so enormous that it jeopardizes Pennsylvania Avenue and Wall Street and most of America. Uncertainty and fear hold the country. There are whispers of cybert error and espionage along with a traitor from the Cabinet. The President himself becomes a suspect; then, he disappears from public opinion.

Place throughout three times, It sheds a glorious light upon the state’s internal workings and vulnerabilities. Filled with advice that just a former commander in chief may understand, this is the most accurate, frightening novel to come along in several years.

The Thomas Berryman Number

You are just about to start one of those traditional American novels of humor from a few of the world’s bestselling authors. It begins with three frightening murders from the South. It finishes with a constant and unforgettable search from the North. In between is the most bizarre story of a fearful assassin, the girl he loves, and the beloved leader He’s hired to kill with extreme prejudice.

What is best books by James Patterson?
What is best books by James Patterson?

The Harriet Blue Series

By J.P and Candice Fox

The Coast-to-Coast Murders

This is Best Patterson books on Amazon. See also: Cat and Mouse

Confessions of a Murder Suspect (Confessions, #1) with Maxine Paetro

Sixteen-year-old Tandy Angel, along with her three brothers, is out of a wealthy and productive family. They’re overachievers and prodigies in their fields. But following the mysterious death of the parents, things begin to change. Law enforcement can’t identify other suspects apart from Tandy, along with her brothers. The matter is, she might even be guilty of this offense herself, even though she can not say for sure. She must learn the facts behind their parents’ death and find a few of the strangest and most shocking family secrets.

This publication has more of a thriller and not as much of a pursuing storyline than the earlier mentioned show from the young adult list. The personality, Tandy, narrates the story right to the crowd, which adds a stimulating effect.

This is suggested for readers who like reading about family secrets and mysteries.

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