Top 53 Best Books For 7 Year Olds of All Time Review 2020

Top 53 Best Books For 7 Year Olds of All Time Review 2020

If you’re interested in finding the best books for 7 year olds, that is your listing for you!

At age seven, children are searching for exciting books that will keep them interested, and they need to read. Parents need these items also!

We discovered fiction and non-fiction books they will genuinely get into!

Many children are getting reasonably comfortable studying at this stage though a few are still learning how to read. It truly depends upon the kid and whether they are in college.

Top 53 Rated Best Books For 7 Year Olds To Read


Top 53 Rated Best Books For 7 Year Olds To Read

Does that your 7 year old fly through novels like it is their job? Are you trying hard to find publications they would appreciate? How can you promote reading for enjoyment with your 7 year old, mainly when they would instead do anything else?

Purchasing these books that pique their curiosity and challenge them without inducing frustration will make sure they create a permanent love of reading.

We will discuss some tips and techniques for finding the ideal books for you and give you our recommendations for the best books for 7 year olds.

7-Year-Olds and Reading

Between the ages of 8 and 6 is when kids develop a passion for reading. Studies have indicated that kids who show poor reading abilities at the end of the first tier tend to stay poor without early intervention (1).

It is essential to keep your eye on your kid’s reading progress and increase concerns if necessary. Schools typically possess a reading expert on the team, to aid with reading issues.

A beneficial approach to keep this from occurring would be to read out loud along with your child. This can get hard today. They’re old and will not be eager, but finding time to get this particular moment together will make a massive impact.

How would you know whether a book is in the ideal reading level for the kid?

  1. Glance on the density and dimensions of this text and see whether there are examples.
  2. Have your child use the five finger test to determine whether the publication is too simple, just right, or too complicated. Bear in mind; if you receive a book that’s too difficult, you could always store it later.
  3. If you understand your kid’s DRA or Guided Reading degree, utilize those to (just ) help you make book collections. Please do not restrict yourselves by these amounts, use them only as an overall guide since children are more than the usual degree. I am just adding numbers to assist adults.
  4. It’s fine to read books at different reading levels. If your son or daughter is considering a publication, do not get stuck in believing they should not read it due to a degree. Let them try it. Occasionally curiosity about the book or subject is a good incentive.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate Di Camillo

Edward Tulane is a China bunny that’s loved by Abilene. Treated with the utmost caution, he’s an item of joy and pride. And then, one afternoon, he becomes lost and begins the very long and weary journey of Edward Tulane where he ends up in the bottom of the sea, then months afterward will be rescued by a fisherman and ends up in a pink dress with ruffles. Edward Tulane ends up moving on several journeys for a long time to come until eventually, he ends up in the area where he is reunited with a lost loved one.

Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers

You are probably more comfortable with all the singing, all-dancing Disney movies of the same title. However, the book is just as lovely, if not more – just do not expect the twinkly-eyed Julie Andrews Mary. This, you can be very harsh and lacking in tenderness. Jane and Michael Banks find out right off their new nanny resembles no other they have had before. She slides the banisters, unpacks unlimited amounts of things from her empty carpetbag, and speaks into the starlings beyond the nursery.

Finn Family Moomintroll by Tove Jansson

They could be little, shy, and fat hippo-like monsters, but it does not prevent the Moomins and buddies from getting the many amazing adventures. Everything starts when Moomin finds a black hat, which makes funny and exciting things happen. The tales of the Moomins possess a timeless quality. Fantasy and reality are beautifully fused. Family time together against a domestic background (at a large blue home in the design of an old fashioned Finnish stove) alongside enchanting journeys at the most enchanting environment makes this a superb read.

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes


A peculiar and occasionally terrifying tale of a monster that crashes down to Earth and lies smashed and scattered along a shore. Subsequently, his various components get up and hunt for one another. The monster befriends a little boy and keeps the entire world out of a dragon out of outer space.

Mr. Majeika by Humphrey Carpenter

As a guideline, magic carpets do not generally turn up in colleges, but that is just what occurs when Class Three’s new instructor flies through the classroom window and lands on the ground with a bump. Mr. Majeika can act exactly like every regular teacher if he wants to, but something needs to be done about Hamish Bigmore, the course nuisance. He uses a little magic to turn him into a frog. And to everybody’s delight, it seems like Hamish might need to stay a frog since Mr. Majeika can not recall the spell to turn him back!

Catnapped! Puppy Pirates by Erin Soderbergh

We are calling all dog lovers! Read about the very fantastic pirate dogs who, because of an unfortunate prank you pulled, are culprits about the pirate kitty’s boat –with no escape. This is a magical and humorous rollicking experience and #3 at the new Puppy Pirate series. See also: Puppy Pirates #1 Stowaway and Puppy Pirates #2 x Marks the Spot.

Egg or Eyeball? Chick and Brain by Cece Bell

If your reader enjoys odd, quirky, and ridiculous stories, they’ll love this publication! The brain finds an eyeball. However, Chick and Spot attempt to explain that it is an egg. Back and forth, they go with misunderstandings, classes in ways, and goofiness. Four chapters are written in a comic format that is fantastic for growing readers with lots of repetition of phrases and words. Who would not love this unique cast of characters, along with the unexpected ending?

Sofia Martinez My Vida Loca by Jacquline Jules (series)

Perfecto! My Vida Loca is a warm-hearted beginning chapter book about the experiences of a spunky lady named Sopha, those her singing (that annoys everyone anyhow Abuela) into some cooking mishap of Arroz con Leche her family helps her fix. Illustrations are enjoyable, capturing the emotions and activity perfectamente.

Stink and The Shark Sleepover by Megan McDonald

I loved this experience since it is exciting, and it includes a good deal of factual information regarding marine life. Stink has to sleepover in the aquarium. While he is there, he sees about critters, gets to resolve a puzzle, learns a ghost story, and also contains lots of fun. I enjoy that children can easily relate to the characters from the narrative and the setting obviously, that the Peter H. Reynolds examples are ah-mazing as consistently.

Judy Moody Was in a Mood by Megan McDonald

Want to get your children reading a fantastic series? Attempt Judy Moody. She is a relatable third grader with a great character, an annoying little brother, the coolest aunt in history, and many funny antics. Box Sets Here.

Rabbit & Bear: Rabbit’s Bad Habits by Julian Gough & Jim Field

This beginning chapter book is superbly bizarre, humorous, and tender-hearted! Neil Gaiman states that this publication is”a laugh-out-loud narrative,” and I agree. There is a lot to appreciate, including the tidbits of science: gravity and a bunny’s diet (they eat their poop– but just some poop!). I also adore the thoughtfully developed personality arc of Rabbit, who starts by stealing Bear’s food and is still a rude, know-it-all but becomes self-reflective, repentant, and sort.

Bird and Squirrel on Ice by James Burks

Within this book, Bird’s over-confident, laissez-faire personality pairs perfectly with Squirrel’s plausible one. The duo crash property in the Penguin globe where Bird is believed to be the”Chosen One” supposed to rescue the penguins in the Great Whale.

Dory and the Real True Friend by Abby Hanlon

Dory is among my favorite publication characters since her creativity is the very best! She’s three imaginary friends: a monster buddy, one fairy godmother that is not a woman, and one awful woman nemesis. I like this story because she matches a real-life buddy who knows about imaginary friends, and collectively, they are the ideal game.

Meet Yasmin!by Saadia Faruqui

What an adorable principal character! Yasmin is an extravagant woman who’s interested in everything from researching to building to style. This publication tells four brief stories from Yasmin’s lifetime, all in chapters and vibrant, full-color examples. Each narrative shows Yasmin as a creative problem solver, even if things get tough. Her Pakistani American civilization is embedded across the story like the foods Yasmin’s household eats, such as naan or the way she calls her dad Baba. I adore the diversity, the gutsy main-character, and also the gorgeous design of the whole book. (Watch a webpage sample on my Instagram accounts )

Sadiq and the Desert Star by Siman Nuurali

Not only is that a fantastic STEM narrative about a young boy who sees that out the celebrities to be interesting, but it is also a narrative with diversity since Sadiq’s Muslim family is originally from Somalia. The story is about a field visit to the planetarium, Sadiq and his friends begin a distance club and also function together to raise money for a DIY telescope. Growing readers will appreciate the friendship, teamwork, STEM themes, and diversity within this first publication of this Sadiq show from Capstone Publishing’s Picture Window Books.

Lulu and the Rabbit Next Door by Hilary McKay

This is one of my favorite early chapter books this season! I adored this story of how Lulu and her uncle assisted their neighbor Arthur in understanding to appreciate and pay attention to his bunny. She does so by composing George the bunny notes giving him gifts – not from her pet rabbit named Thumper. (I also love that the main characters are varied – Lulu and her family have brownish skin!!)

The Claude series by Alex T. Smith

Best Books For 7 Year Olds- Claude in the city

Meet Claude, the average dog having an outstanding life. When Mr. and Mrs. Shinyshoes set off for work, Claude decides he and his very best buddy, Sir Bobblysock, will have that afternoon!

Owl  Diaries series by Rebecca Elliott

The ideal read for people who love friendship tales starring creature characters! In book one of this show, Eva Wingdale gets in over her head when she offers to arrange a spring festival in college. Despite her very best friend Lucy’s aid, there’s not any way she’ll get everything done in time.

Bink and Gollie series by Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee

Meet Bink and Gollie, two friends – just one miniature, only tall, and equally wholly irrepressible. Placing out of their super-deluxe tree home and powered by lots of peanut butter (such as Bink) and sandwiches (such as Gollie), they discuss funny experiences involving everything from bright socks an impromptu trek into the Andes, along with a most improbable marvelous companion.

Katie Fry, Private Eye: The Lost Kitten

If you would like to acquire a series for the child, but you do not feel they are entirely ready for chapter books. However, this is a great alternative. Katie Fry is a”level 2″ phonics reader string that takes your child on experience as Katie simplifies a variety of crimes in her area.

The first in this series, we picked this name mainly because it is intended to get a typical 7-year-old’s reading level. It is designed to challenge the reader without being overly intricate.

How Things Work Inside Out!

Introducing non-fiction is essential for children, particularly since they become older. This NatGeo publication is an informative one to enhance your 7-year-old’s bookshelf if they are interested in how things operate.

From mobile phones to lava lamps and everything in between, it goes into detail regarding natural objects while keeping it comfortable enough for young children to know.

The Never Girls Collection

This can be an optimal series to grow your kid’s bookshelf if you are beginning to be confident in reading comprehension. Occurring in Neverland, there is fantasy waiting, together with much-loved Tinkerbell.

We love this publication series since it requires the reader to have a magical experience and keeps them hooked with an intriguing storyline. Four novels contained.

National Geographic Kids Just Joking

If you’re searching for a few light-hearted fun to grow your child’s collection, this amusing book by National Geographic is for you to have a peek at. These novels are particularly helpful because they are very compact and great for carrying on a road trip.

We enjoy this type of joke publication since it appeals to even the most reluctant readers.

Ivy & Bean

Ivy and Bean did not enjoy each other from the beginning, but if Bean played a joke about her sister and had to conceal, Ivy came to the rescue, and they soon became friends. This story indicates that the unlikeliest duo will be companions.

This publication is admirable for instructing kids never to judge a book by its cover and provide everybody a chance. We adore this book, and it is undoubtedly one of a string, so if your kid ends up enjoying it, you can get more Ivy and Bean experiences.

Dog Man

The Dog Man string is a favorite option among several second-tier boys. This series is composed of precisely the same writer of Captain Underpants, that utilizes his witty comedy to catch the attention of the reader.

Additionally, it is installed in comic-strip design, which means that your kid will be introduced to another writing arrangement. Comics come a long way because of the old-school fashion with a reputation for being somewhat lowbrow, so maintain your decision before believing it is not worthwhile.

Justice League Reading Collection

Perhaps superheroes are the reader jam. If that is true, they will adore this reading assortment, including members of the Justice League. It is a terrific way to invite your child to read for enjoyment.

This collection includes five”level 2″ readers, including your child’s favorite Justice League characters. It caters to some average 7-year-old reading level and contains characters that they will recognize and respect.

The Best Seat in Second Grade

A”level 2″ reader with entertaining watercolor illustrations and a grand narrative to keep your reader thinking, obviously focused on second-grade struggles and tribulations.

The narrative follows Sam, who’s eager to have the best seat in the course, besides the pet. He decides to throw the course pet on the field excursion, and insanity ensues if the hamster jumps to the museum’s crab habitat.

The Best Chef in Second Grade

This second-grade narrative utilizes an edge-of-your-seat story to keep viewers engaged and relatable characters, which will help your child know what is happening. It follows Ollie, a boy that does not think he is excellent at anything, but he likes to cook. He is excited because a famed chef’s coming into town and works hard to impress.

It’s simple to read, and the narrative encourages children to work at something, even when they are still building their confidence.

The Night Fairy

Reading is a valuable way to help calm down the body for sleep. Locating books your child can enjoy bedtime will promote this and provide them a relaxing action to anticipate.

This name and its amazing illustrations are an ideal bedtime read for the 7-year-old dream enthusiast. It follows Flory, a nighttime fairy who loses her wings and immediately learns precisely how vast and scary the world could be. We love this book because of its epic storyline and dream theme.

The Tale of Despereaux

The Tale of Despereaux: Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup

If your child feels modest and has trouble becoming courageous, this is a must-have for them. Despereaux is a tiny mouse who longs for a knight, but he is a mouse. He goes on an epic adventure where he finally saves the princess, and his fantasy of knighthood goes true.

This is a perfect chapter book for many more confident 7-year-olds and makes a beautiful together-read family storytime.

JIm Nasium, by Marty McKnight

In case you’ve got a sports enthusiast in your home, give him among those Jim Nasium novels, and he is going to be delighted. My students love these books, and they’re always on rotation within our library. This show is all about ten-year-old Jim Nasium, that, sadly, can not meet his title! Poor Jim is completely uncoordinated and consistently one of the last children to have chosen for a group. Can Jim become an all-star athlete?

Jasmine Toguchi, by Debbi Michiko Florence

Jasmine Toguchi is among my favorite new roles in kid lit because of her spunk, bravery, and above all, her strong will to succeed in any given new job she undertakes. I love her varied family and the whole plot and personalities, and I can not picture the four novels in this series! The most recent book in this series, Jasmine Toguchi, Drummer Girl, was this year’s CYBILS winner for simple chapter books!

Absolutely Alfie, by Sally Warner

If your children were lovers of the EllRay Jakes show, his small sister Alfie currently has her string to delight young readers! From the first publication, Alfie gets a new best friend – she also needs a new kitty. However, Alfie’s parents have a strict”no pet” rule within their home since they believe Alfie has allergies. Can Alfie have the ability to sneak the kitty in their house and keep it a mystery? A magical series!

Ballpark Mysteries, by David A. Kelly

Baseball super-fans Mark and Kate team up to address several baseball’s best mysteries in beloved stadiums across the USA! From stolen eyeglasses to haunting ghosts, these cousins are always there to discuss the instances with a home run. Baseball fans will love these!

Clementine, by Sara Pennypacker

Should you love Ramona Quimby if you’re growing up, you may love Clementine – and so will your children. Prepare for the humorous third-grader’s jokes, together with her spunk, electricity, and one of a kind spin on college and friends. Your kids will find themselves needing Clementine was their actual companion, and they’ll be laughing out loud as they read these novels, so much so you are going to want to read them too!

Ivy and Bean, by Annie Burrows

Among the most challenging things about being a child is that your parents attempt to handpick your buddies. And what happens when they select someone you weren’t supposed to enjoy? That is what happens from the beautiful Ivy and Bean show about two women – silent, inventive Ivy who dreams about becoming a witch, and crazy and goofy Bean, that enjoys being involved in everybody’s business. The plots are healthy, the figures have these spunk, and such stories hook small subscribers from the very first page. A dear set within our library, so I can not recommend them enough!

Team Jake Maddox, by Jake Maddox

These sports publications FLY off the shelves at our library as fast as they arrive. My student-athletes, both boys and girls, cheer wildly for all these novels, and I’ve gotten many reluctant readers hooked on those tales. From soccer to softball to basketball to football to gymnastics, this enjoyable series provides something for everybody. Your sports fanatics will probably be thrilled with all these choices to select from! One of my favorite elements of the show is that it features many female protagonists playing competitive sports. The ideal!

Girls Who Code, by Stacia Deutsch

Women in STEM? Yes, please! We adore this chapter book collection! Released in partnership with Women Who Code, this fantastic series is fantastic for any kid interested in programming, computer science, and engineering. The novels are based around the college coding team and adopt friendship and creativity topics as far as they concentrate on sequencing and loops. Hailed as The Baby-Sitters Club with this creation, you surely don’t want to miss this collection!

Super Happy Party Bears, by Marcie Colleen

The Super Happy Party Bears is continuously satisfied. Believe donuts, dance, and nonjudgmental cheer. However, their neighbors at Grumpy Woods are always grumpy, and they never wish to combine from the Super Happy Party Bears enjoyable! Will the bears be in a position to turn frowns upside down for their joyous parties? Your children will be thrilled the moment they pick up a novel in this enchanting series!

Narwhal and Jelly, by Ben Clanton

A graphic book for new readers? Sign us up! My students go mad with this show about a happy-go-lucky Narwhal and a single jellyfish who does not mess around. Regardless of their differences, they do have many similarities, like their love for waffles and their desire for experience. These two have a great deal of sea to research, and it is enjoyable when they do this exploring together!

Kung Pow Chicken, by Cyndi Marko

If your children love superheroes, they sure will love this new crime fighter! Gordon Blue transforms into, you guessed it, Kung Pow Chicken, an avian superhero that protects the great town of”Fowladelphia.” Need I say more? Entertaining, funny, and playful, these novels will crack your kiddos up!

Bad Kitty, by Nick Bruel


Bad Kitty is, well, just that, a kitty that is not great. In reality, this kitty is just downright awful! She does not necessarily mean to be terrible, but trouble appears to discover her where she goes. Bad Kitty is such enjoyable, which can be just another cherished show in our college library. If you adore reto readeth your small ones about good intentions gone awry, you may love these books!

Tales of Sasha, by Alexa Pearl

In case you’ve got a tiny unicorn fan in your house, she will not have the ability to keep her hands away from this one! A young horse named Sasha knows she is different from her loved ones and friends – but she does not understand why. Suddenly, she discovers that the white patch on her back is sparkling. And she can fly! This series is cute and treasured by horse fans who also adore a hefty dose of magic!

Heidi Heckelbeck,by Wanda Coven

Heidi Heckelbeck seems to be an ordinary woman, but the reality is that she’s one outstanding secret. She is a witch! With over twenty books in this delightful series, young readers will be mesmerized by Heidi and her jokes. These fly off the shelves of my library, along with also my pupils, simply love them!

Rabbit & Robot, by Cece Bell

We love novels about mismatched buddies, and that could be more inconsistent than a Rabbit & Robot? If Rabbit learns Robot is coming for a sleepover, he leaves nothing up to chance and creates an inventory to plan the whole night. However, what happens when Rabbit loses control? The absurd and zany antics of those two will love the experiences of a commanding bunny and his obliging robot! Disclaimer – there are just two books in this series up to now, but they’re so much fun that we could not share!

Eerie Elementary, by Jack Chabert

Sam Graves creates a remarkable discovery about the first day of college as a brand new hallway monitor: the college is living! And today, Sam has a challenge – that he needs to keep his fellow pupils secure! Will he be able to shield his classmates contrary to the frightening construction before the school plays? If your children love creatures and puzzles, this is the show for them!

Big Foot and Little Foot, by Ellen Potter

In case you’ve got a little person who enjoys adventure and the world of the Sasquatch, then he’ll adore this new show about Big Foot and Little Foot! Hugo is a young Sasquatch using a longing for pleasure, and Boone is a child who is disarranging to observe a real-life Sasquatch. When their worlds collide one eventful day, they turn into an improbable – but incredible! -a couple of buddies. After all, who states a Sasquatch must remain hidden from people?

Roscoe Riley Rules: Never Glue Your Friends to Chairs by Katherine Applegate

Here is the first publication in the set of these innocent but humorous misadventures of Roscoe Riley. As you’ll understand, it’s those misadventures that result in Roscoe’s extensive collection of principles for his behavior. (That may be common sense to people. However, they are not to Roscoe. At least not till after the truth.) Within this narrative, Roscoe would like to help his teacher with his unruly classmates throughout their college performance. His thought to assist is super gluing children to seats and bug headbands on heads! This latest tragedy leads to more principles.

Enjoy Fun, Anna Hibiscus! byBytinuke

Anna Hibiscus resides in amazing Africa, but in this particular story, she goes by herself to see Granny Canada in Canada, where it is cold and snowy. Anna has to wear hot clothing and eat fresh foods. She gets comfy with Granny Canada’s puppy and makes new friends. This is a beautiful story of a candy woman on a thrilling, unique experience.

Polly Diamond along with also the Super Stunning Spectacular School Fair by Alice Kuipers

Book-loving Polly Diamond includes a magical diary. Anything she writes in regards right – that she discovered the hard way from the very first publication could have a means of backfiring. Now, Polly’s preparation for her college fair. Maybe she did not quite remember what could occur when she writes what was inside her magical book since this college fair is all about to become a magic-carpet-ride, dragon- and – a fairy-filled occasion to remember! What is worse is that Polly can not find her novel to compose everything back to normal.

Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye by Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo Stilton is a paper writer/adventurist. These novels share his experiences with intriguing fonts and vibrant examples. I discover the plan of these novels deflecting as did my children, but for many children, the design increases the participation and amusement element.

Oona Finds an Egg by Adele Griffin

Oona brings home an enormous egg which she expects will creep into a great pet. At college following her opposable thumb drills and tall tale-telling, she learns that Egg wants a habitat so that she earns Egg a habitat. A crazy adventure of stolen Egg and hatching in the neighbors who wish to maintain himOona has to keep her pet, Steg! I like this story and love Oona’s family since they defy all stereotypes regarding cave-people — that the daddy is quite the cook (crepes with mushrooms, anybody?), And the mother is your hunter/gatherer for your household.

Reading Rocks!

Your child turns into a more confident reader; it is time to get a few slightly more complicated books. Kids have to be contested, so be sure you purchase books that are age-appropriate and appropriate for their reading level.

Our favorite is Where the Sidewalk Ends. Adding kids to rhyming poetry at a young age can help them create refined reading skills. Additionally, amusing poems are sure to create your reader laugh daily.

Do your children like some of those novels on this listing? What’s your favorite? Pennbookcenter hope to hear from you!

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