Why Are Books Better Than Movies? Best Guide [2022]

Why Are Books Better Than Movies?

Even though the novel and the feature-length film are two very different artistic media, cinephiles always discuss the triumphs and failures of many adaptations. The widely held notion is that books are sometimes a hundred times better than their film counterparts; if you need any more proof, consider the following. Why Are Books Better Than Movies? Read the article below.

Why Are Books Better Than Movies

Because of their limited time, books are better than movies.

A book can take you a few days, weeks, months, or even several months to read. You can read at your own pace, in your own time. You can read during lunch or when you take a break throughout the day. That’s not possible with a movie. You must sit still for at least 2 to 3 hours if you see a movie in the cinema.

This is why it matters. Because of the short time frames for movies and our limited attention spans, the filmmaker doesn’t have the time to incorporate everything from the book into the movie. This will naturally make the book appear ‘better. The movie may not have everything, but a book does.

For blunting, you can only fit so much ‘stuff in a movie.

Because of their limited time, books are better than movies.

Books can span decades in great detail; movies can’t

Let’s take the example of an epic novel and an epic movie or series of movies. Let’s take a look at J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. This trilogy of books spawned a trilogy directed by Peter Jackson.

You don’t have to read the books, but I can provide some context on why the movies won’t be better than what you do. The trilogy spans over 100 years and covers decades. Tolkien gives great detail about each character’s thoughts, actions, and words, often going into the background of why they are doing it.

This is how you can do it in a movie. How do you capture every thought event and happening in a three hour movie? You can’t. Some people will be upset if things aren’t right. The books are more entertaining than the movies.

As you can’t include every event of the book in the movie the book will always feel like it’s better.

Movies often leave out personal details.

Many people complain that some characters or events in a book are not represented in a movie. They are upset because the missing part may have had a special resonance. It may be missing. This makes the movie feel incomplete.

The director can’t know every personal resonance that the book had for you.

Because of your imagination, books are better than movies.

Because of your imagination, books are better than movies.

Your imagination is the main reason why books are better than movies. Your imagination is the key to understanding why books are better than movies. You create mental images of characters, sounds, landscapes, and how they look.

What is the secret to your imagination?

Let’s try something quick and simple to understand what this means. Take a look at the next few paragraphs of a book and see how you feel.

Brian sat on the wall that he sits on every evening. It’s an old wall, with crumbling walls and weathered edges. Small plants and moss are growing from it.

Brian spent many evenings at this spot, looking out at passers by, occasionally speaking to them and sometimes darting around, but his efforts were often vain. For their rude acts, passers by get a blank, unblinking look.

What are you seeing? Is there an old, crazy man who sits on a wall and is ignored by the people? Is there a younger man happy and trying to make others smile? Are you seeing an armed guard directing people? Although there isn’t much information, your imagination is already creating a picture of something based on your personal experiences. Continue reading.

As Brian sat down, a new person approached, and he once more initiated communication. Brian spoke with a desperate tone, one that makes you squirm and drags yourself out of your daydreams.

Brian was the first to notice. The person smiled, then stopped. Slowly, he reached out to Brian with his hand. The stranger slowly moved his hand towards Brian and was met with a still body and gaze. It was as if he was ready for self-defense. He hesitated and seemed to be questioning his actions but continued, gently resting his hand on Brian’s forehead.

Brian raised his back as he moved his hand along Brian’s body. The stranger smiled and said, “Hang on, old boy, I’ll get you some food “.

Okay, that’s a bit of a twist. Brian is a cat. It’s not a story; it was my creation. However, that’s not all. There are many things you can imagine as you read the story: Who or What is Brian? Why is he ignored? What is Brian doing here? What is the wall made of? The bricks The plants/sounds/brightness/atmosphere? All!

Your imagination is creating all things in the world.

Books are utterly personal to you

We just saw this with my Booker Prize winning story. You are the one filling in the details when you read it. The world is made up of your experiences. The director dictates what the movie is about. It’s almost impossible for a movie or book to be as good.

The author tells a story. But, your imagination creates a world from your own experiences and interests

Tolkien could write thousands of words about the incredible scenery that the fellows were traversing. From the high peaks of the mountains down to the drops of water from the leaves, the detail is amazing. It is pages upon pages. It’s a paradise for your imagination. A movie can’t make what your mind can create.

This is why movies are not as good as books.

This is why movies are not as good as books.

The imagination and mind are powerful, and every person will have their unique view of each aspect of the book. A filmmaker creates a movie with a vision of how it should look and sound. This means that 99 percent of the time, a movie won’t be as good or as good as a book. The book is your world, and the movie is another person.

Your mind is why movies are better than books.

You might find it interesting to read more about the mind, as it is such an amazing thing. You might be interested in learning more about mindfulness, including why it isn’t as effective as you think. Also, how to get back to reality and how to overcome it.

You can also visit my self-development page to see a variety of great life and mind hacks. Enjoy reading. Keep watching.


Are books really better than movies?

You can read a book and interpret the plot and story to your heart’s content. You can be creative with books. Books are also more detailed than films. A film usually lasts around two hours, while a book can have hundreds (or even thousands) of pages.

Why are movies bad for you?

The University of Toledo’s Department of Health and Recreation conducted a 2017 study that found binge-watching TV and movies can cause anxiety and disrupt sleep.

Is watching a lot of movies bad?

Bakris stated that intense movies could raise heart rate and, if you have coronary artery disease, they can cause chest pain and high blood pressure. Be aware that horror movies can increase adrenaline and cortisol levels.

Is watching a lot of movies good for you?

Oxford University research suggests that endorphins are produced when you watch a traumatic movie. This chemical is associated with greater pain tolerance and, paradoxically, increased feelings of well-being. Movies can also help psychologically, so therapists often recommend movies as a treatment.

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