Top Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Movies 2024

Why Are Books Better Than Movies?

Even though the novel and the feature length film are two very different artistic media, cinephiles always discuss the triumphs and failures of many adaptations.

The widely held notion is that books are sometimes a hundred times better than their film counterparts; if you need any more proof, consider the following. Why Are Books Better Than Movies? Read the article below.

Are Books Better Than Movies?

There is a general belief that books are superior to movies. Of course, that greatly depends on whom you ask, as some people may have a different viewpoint and may even have some evidence to support it.

Many believe that one of the telltale signs of our society’s demise is the fact that the majority of teenagers today would rather watch a movie than read a book. And there is undoubtedly some truth in it.

Reading has amazing advantages for our mental growth; it can help us become better persons, more compassionate, and generally wiser beings. Reading is important, and a society that doesn’t appreciate it can bring out the worst in most of its members.

In spite of the fact that both the book and the movie tell the same story, reading a book offers a lot more benefits for the reader than watching a movie does. Reading is clearly far better for us than watching movies, as evidenced by the comparison between the two activities.

Why Are Books Better Than Movies?

Free of Time

A book can take you a few days, weeks, months, or even several months to read. You can read at your own pace, in your own time. You can read during lunch or when you take a break throughout the day. That’s not possible with a movie. You must sit still for at least 2 to 3 hours if you see a movie in the cinema.

This is why it matters. Because of the short time frames for movies and our limited attention spans, the filmmaker doesn’t have the time to incorporate everything from the book into the movie. This will naturally make the book appear ‘better. The movie may not have everything, but a book does.

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For blunting, you can only fit so much ‘stuff in a movie.

Because of their limited time, books are better than movies.

Books Can Span Decades In Great Detail

Let’s take the example of an epic novel and an epic movie or series of movies. Let’s take a look at J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. This trilogy of books spawned a trilogy directed by Peter Jackson.

You don’t have to read the books, but I can provide some context on why the movies won’t be better than what you do. The trilogy spans over 100 years and covers decades. Tolkien gives great detail about each character’s thoughts, actions, and words, often going into the background of why they are doing it.

This is how you can do it in a movie. How do you capture every thought event and happening in a three hour movie? You can’t. Some people will be upset if things aren’t right. The books are more entertaining than the movies.

As you can’t include every event of the book in the movie the book will always feel like it’s better.

Movies Often Leave Out Personal Details

Many people complain that some characters or events in a book are not represented in a movie. They are upset because the missing part may have had a special resonance. It may be missing. This makes the movie feel incomplete.

The director can’t know every personal resonance that the book had for you.

Books Let Your Imagination Fills in The Gap

Because of your imagination, books are better than movies.

They enable the reader to picture the characters’ appearances, voices, and the setting of the story. Visualizing has a significant function in our brain growth and is a key component of the reading experience.

Reading a book is much more intimate than watching a movie because you can imagine each character in your own mind’s eye and hear how they speak. Our individual interpretation, which is personal to each of us, becomes our mental property. Simply put, movies don’t compare.

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Your imagination is creating all things in the world.

Books Are Utterly Personal To You

We just saw this with my Booker Prize winning story. You are the one filling in the details when you read it. The world is made up of your experiences. The director dictates what the movie is about. It’s almost impossible for a movie or book to be as good.

The author tells a story. But, your imagination creates a world from your own experiences and interests

Tolkien could write thousands of words about the incredible scenery that the fellows were traversing. From the high peaks of the mountains down to the drops of water from the leaves, the detail is amazing.

It is pages upon pages. It’s a paradise for your imagination. A movie can’t make what your mind can create.

Reading Will Expand Your Vocabulary

Reading Will Expand Your Vocabulary

Reading will increase your vocabulary far more than watching movies. This is because the language in movies must be limited. A moviegoer cannot pause the movie to research a word’s definition via context the way a reader can.

More significantly, reading improves your mental exercise. You should keep your brain engaged and busy to be healthy. According to neuroscientists, watching a movie requires more visual and linguistic processing from your brain than reading does.

Reading helps you think more clearly and expands your vocabulary. Other research demonstrates that:

  • Reduce stress: According to research, reading reduces tension more effectively than going for a walk, listening to music, or drinking coffee.
  • Improve your sleep: It is simpler to teach your brain to connect reading a book with sleep than it is to relate using electronic gadgets like TVs, which emit disruptive blue light, with sleep.

Simply, reading alters the way our brains function. You’ll learn more, improve your ability to see patterns, and develop empathy.

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FAQs About Why Books Better Than Movies

Why Books Better Than Movies

Are books really better than movies?

You can read a book and interpret the plot and story to your heart’s content. You can be creative with books. Books are also more detailed than films. A film usually lasts around two hours, while a book can have hundreds (or even thousands) of pages.

Why are movies bad for you?

The University of Toledo’s Department of Health and Recreation conducted a 2017 study that found binge watching TV and movies can cause anxiety and disrupt sleep.

Is watching a lot of movies bad?

Bakris stated that intense movies could raise heart rate and, if you have coronary artery disease, they can cause chest pain and high blood pressure. Be aware that horror movies can increase adrenaline and cortisol levels.

Is watching a lot of movies good for you?

Oxford University research suggests that endorphins are produced when you watch a traumatic movie. This chemical is associated with greater pain tolerance and, paradoxically, increased feelings of well being. Movies can also help psychologically, so therapists often recommend movies as a treatment.


Books are better than movies because they offer a more immersive experience, provide more complex character development, and allow readers to use their imaginations more.

Books allow readers to immerse themselves in the story in a way that movies cannot. Readers can picture the characters and settings in their minds, making the experience more personal.

Additionally, books often provide more complex character development than movies. This is because books have more time to explore the characters’ thoughts and motivations.

Finally, books allow readers to use their imaginations more. This is because readers must create the images in their minds, which can be more enjoyable than watching someone else’s interpretation.

Thank you for reading!