Who Was Books: Top Full Guide 2021

Who Was Books

The Who Was books were first published in 2002. They feature a diverse group of culturally and historically significant people like Amelia Earhart and Steve Jobs. They are most likely available in bookstores. Penn Book has the best information available about this amazing series.

How many Who Was? titles are there?

More than 250 Who Was? Titles have been published. Since 2002, the series has seen over 250 titles published. What Was? The Series was also published. What Was? The Und Where Is? series has been added. More than 200 books have been added to the collection, including books on influential people, famous landmarks, and historical events.

What are the Who Was books reading levels?

Although the recommended reading level for each title is different, they are generally within these guidelines:

  • Scholastic Reading Level N-S
  • Lexile(r), 620-900
  • Ages: 8-12
  • Grades 3rd-7th

If you are looking for a specific book, I suggest using the Scholastic Book Wizard to search the title. It will allow you to search for Scholastic, Lexile(r), equivalent grades, and DRA levels in one place.

Books List

Who Was Book List

  1. Who Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? (2002)
  2. Who Was Ben Franklin? (2002)
  3. Who Was Annie Oakley? (2002)
  4. Who Was Ben Franklin? (2002)
  5. Who Was Albert Einstein? (2002)
  6. Who Was Sacagawea? (2002)
  7. Who Was Harry Houdini? (2002)
  8. Who Was Maria Tallchief? (2002)
  9. Who Was Harriet Tubman? (2002)
  10. Who Was Amelia Earhart? (2002)
  11. Who Was Thomas Jefferson? (2003)
  12. Who Was Helen Keller? (2003)
  13. Who Was Eleanor Roosevelt? (2004)
  14. Who Was Mark Twain? (2004)
  15. Who Was Ferdinand Magellan? (2004)
  16. Who Was Ronald Reagan? (2004)
  17. Who Was Louis Armstrong? (2004)
  18. Who Was John F. Kennedy? (2004)
  19. Who Was Charles Darwin? (2005)
  20. Who Was Leonardo da Vinci? (2005)
  21. Who Was Thomas Alva Edison? (2005)
  22. Who Were the Beatles? (2006)
  23. Who Was King Tut? (2006)
  24. Who Was Daniel Boone? (2006)
  25. Who Was William Shakespeare? (2006)
  26. Who Was Anne Frank? (2007)
  27. Who Was Elvis Presley? (2007)
  28. Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.? (2007)
  29. Who Was Abraham Lincoln? (2008)
  30. Who Was Neil Armstrong? (2008)
  31. Who Was Queen Elizabeth? (2008)
  32. Who Is Barack Obama? (2009)
  33. Who Was George Washington? (2009)
  34. Who Was Pablo Picasso? (2009)
  35. Who Was Walt Disney? (2009)
  36. Who Was Claude Monet? (2009)
  37. Who Was Franklin Roosevelt? (2009)
  38. Who Was Jackie Robinson? (2010)
  39. Who Was Rosa Parks? (2010)
  40. Who Was Dr. Seuss? (2011)
  41. Who Was Paul Revere? (2011)
  42. Who Was Steve Jobs? (2012)
  43. Who Is J.K. Rowling? (2012)
  44. Who Was Roald Dahl? (2012)
  45. Who Is Jane Goodall? (2012)
  46. Who Was Maurice Sendak? (2012)
  47. Who Is Bill Gates? (2013)
  48. Who Was Sally Ride? (2013)
  49. Who Was Christopher Columbus? (2013)
  50. Who Is Bob Dylan? (2013)
  51. Who Is Michelle Obama? (2013)
  52. Who Was Alexander Graham Bell? (2013)
  53. Who Was Davy Crockett? (2013)
  54. Who Was Laura Ingalls Wilder? (2013)
  55. Who Was Nelson Mandela? (2013)
  56. Who Was Frida Kahlo? (2013)
  57. Who Was Ernest Shackleton? (2013)
  58. Who Is Steven Spielberg? (2013)
  59. Who Was Milton Hershey? (2013)
  60. Who Was Louis Braille? (2014)
  61. Who Was Abigail Adams? (2014)
  62. Who Is Dolly Parton? (2014)
  63. Who Was Theodore Roosevelt? (2014)
  64. Who Was Bruce Lee? (2014)
  65. Who Is George Lucas? (2014)
  66. Who Was Ulysses S. Grant? (2014)
  67. Who Was Robert E. Lee? (2014)
  68. Who Was Clara Barton? (2014)
  69. Who Was Queen Victoria? (2014)
  70. Who Is Muhammad Ali? (2014)
  71. Who Was Marie Curie? (2014)
  72. Who Was Henry Ford? (2014)
  73. Who Was Roberto Clemente? (2014)
  74. Who Was Isaac Newton? (2014)
  75. Who Was Susan B. Anthony? (2014)
  76. Who Was Rachel Carson? (2014)
  77. Who Was Julius Caesar? (2014)
  78. Who Was Gandhi? (2014)
  79. Who Is Stan Lee? (2014)
  80. Who Was Alfred Hitchcock? (2014)
  81. Who Was Charles Dickens? (2014)
  82. Who Was Genghis Khan? (2014)
  83. Who Was Sitting Bull? (2014)
  84. Who Was Betsy Ross? (2014)
  85. Who Was Andy Warhol? (2014)
  86. Who Is Gloria Steinem? (2014)
  87. Who Was Frederick Douglass? (2014)
  88. Who Was Jesus? (2015)
  89. Who Was Galileo? (2015)
  90. Who Is Wayne Gretzky? (2015)
  91. Who Was Robert Ripley? (2015)
  92. Who Was Jacques Cousteau? (2015)
  93. Who Was Harriet Beecher Stowe? (2015)
  94. Who Was Winston Churchill? (2015)
  95. Who Was Mother Teresa? (2015)
  96. Who Was Steve Irwin? (2015)
  97. Who Was Woodrow Wilson? (2015)
  98. Who Was Beatrix Potter? (2015)
  99. Who Was J.R.R. Tolkien? (2015)
  100. Who Is Richard Branson? (2015)
  101. Who Was Edgar Allan Poe? (2015)
  102. Who Were the Brothers Grimm? (2015)
  103. Who Was Jesse Owens? (2015)
  104. Who Is Malala Yousafzai? (2015)
  105. Who Is Derek Jeter? (2015)
  106. Who Is Jeff Kinney? (2015)
  107. Who Was Julia Child? (2015)
  108. Who Was Marie Antoinette? (2015)
  109. Who Was Seabiscuit? (2015)
  110. Who Was Blackbeard? (2015)
  111. Who Was George Washington Carver? (2015)
  112. Who Was Frank Lloyd Wright? (2015)
  113. Who Was Sojourner Truth? (2015)
  114. Who Was Maya Angelou? (2016)
  115. Who Was Lucille Ball? (2016)
  116. Who Was Joan of Arc? (2016)
  117. Who Is Elton John? (2016)
  118. Who Was Jules Verne? (2016)
  119. Who Was Milton Bradley? (2016)
  120. Who Is Bruce Springsteen? (2016)
  121. Who Were The Three Stooges? (2016)
  122. Who Is Stevie Wonder? (2016)
  123. Who Was Charlie Chaplin? (2016)
  124. Who Was Jacqueline Kennedy? (2016)
  125. Who Is Sonia Sotomayor? (2017)
  126. Who Was Cesar Chavez? (2017)
  127. Who Are the Rolling Stones? (2017)
  128. Who Was Princess Diana? (2017)
  129. Who Was Bob Marley? (2017)
  130. Who Was Pete Seeger? (2017)
  131. Who Was Andrew Jackson? (2017)
  132. Who Are Venus and Serena Williams? (2017)
  133. Who Is Pope Francis? (2017)
  134. Who Was Alexander Hamilton? (2017)
  135. Who Was Fidel Castro? (2017)
  136. Who Was Lewis Carroll? (2017)
  137. Who Was Coretta Scott King? (2017)
  138. Who Was Chuck Jones? (2017)
  139. Who Was Jane Austen? (2017)
  140. Who Was Booker T. Washington? (2018)
  141. Who Was Henry VIII? (2018)
  142. Who Was Aretha Franklin? (2018)
  143. Who Is the Dalai Lama? (2018)
  144. Who Was Leif Erikson? (2018)
  145. Who Is Pele? (2018)
  146. Who Were the Tuskegee Airmen? (2018)
  147. Who Was Selena? (2018)
  148. Who Is Judy Blume? (2018)
  149. Who Is Bono? (2018)
  150. Who Was Nikola Tesla? (2018)
  151. Who Was H. J. Heinz? (2019)


How do you choose the subjects for the Who HQ titles?

Who Was? The subjects for Who Was? Series are usually decided far in advance. The best subjects are those who are either the best or first in a particular field or have made significant contributions to their field (or all three!) Where Is It? Titles are among the most interesting places on Earth, and What Was? Subjects are often things we wish we knew more about.

What was the first Who Was? Book?

The first four Who Was? The first four Who Was books, Who Was Sacagawea, Who Was Ben Franklin, Who Was Albert Einstein, and Who Was Annie Oakley, were published on the same day in 2002. When February 18 arrives, make sure you wish these books Happy Birthday!

Does the same person illustrate every cover?

It’s almost! All Who Were? Cover (except for two!) Nancy Harrison illustrated the book.

How many illustrations are in each book?

Each book has approximately eighty illustrations. One illustration is on nearly every page and one for each sidebar.

How do you decide what to illustrate in each book?

Who HQ books can be both educational and fun. They are also very eye-catching. Each book’s illustrations are intended to highlight important scenes and give readers a better understanding of the subject’s daily life. The book will depict what it would look like if Walt Disney drove around in an ambulance decorated with cartoon characters during World War I.

How often do you update the information in the books?

Who HQ books provide factual, up-to-date information. We also work with experts in certain titles to ensure that we cover our subjects in the most precise and clear way.

How long does it take to complete one book?

It can take many years. Sometimes the books can be completed in much less time. It takes for an author to complete a manuscript to be published, including editing, copyediting, and illustration.

How many Who HQ books do you publish in a year?

Each year, there are 24 exciting Who HQ books for readers!

Why do you put bobbleheads on the covers of the books?

These big heads were inspired by the caricatures drawn each week for the New York Times Book Review cover. The Who Was? is now a common name. The “Bobblehead Bios” or “Big-Head Biographies” series is popular, and nearly everyone has a favorite.

WHO HQ books

Why are the Who Was books perfect for integrating social studies and language arts?

These biographies of Who Was are fun to read and rich in history and culture. The writing is more fun than some history textbooks and brings each person’s stories to life. The books make connections between historical topics and current life.

Every book starts with a chapter that provides context and sets the stage for the reader’s life. The majority of the books can teach and support growth mindsets, and readers are encouraged to explore their potential to change the world.

The series is upbeat, but they don’t hesitate to explore difficult topics such as racism, religions, extramarital relationships, and drug use. These issues often play a central role in the stories of the people featured in them. Harvey Milk is one example of a book that must address issues related to homophobia and gay rights.

Rosa Parks’ story cannot be told without addressing racism, Jim Crow, and the history of violence against Blacks. Despite these difficult topics, the series manages to balance facts with knowing how to present them to young students. They do this by linking them into biographies and providing context.

Incorporating Social Studies Skills

Additional information is also available in the Who Was books, which are great for social studies skills. Each book includes a timeline detailing the life of the individual and a timeline showing the history of the world in the same period.

Bibliographies are always available. Sidebars in the book provide additional information on related topics. Sidebar in Who was Ida B. Wells? Talks, for instance, about Reconstruction and three civil rights amendments that were passed during this time.

Who Was Netflix Series

Did you know that there’s an entire Netflix series dedicated to the Who Was books as well? There is! Let me be real; even though I have decent taste, I could not make it through the entire series. We all know that our students love things we don’t like. Each episode features two characters from the series, and each episode has a specific theme about how they are related. Pablo Picasso and the Wright Brothers were paired together as free thinkers. Isaac Newton and Amelia Earhart are featured in the same episode to celebrate their respective roles as innovators. The educator guide to the Netflix series includes quick teaching tips that you might find useful.

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