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Who Is A In The Pretty Little Liars Books
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Do you enjoy the show Pretty Little Liars? I’m a huge fan of the program. From the first episode, I was hooked. If you enjoy the program as much as I do, you’ll enjoy the books even more!

Even though the Pretty Little Liars novels are aimed at young people, the characters are so sophisticated, and the tales are so beautifully written that you will love the series even if you are older.

The A character may be noticed during these fascinating occurrences. Then, Who Is A In The Pretty Little Liars Books? Continue reading to learn more.

Who Is A In The Pretty Little Liars Books?

A is the anonymous antagonist and main character of the series. She sends embarrassing and sometimes threatening texts to Spencer Hastings (Aria Montgomery), Emily Fields (Hanna Marin), and Aria Montgomery (Emily Fields).

The series has three “As”. Mona Vanderwaal dies, and Alison DiLaurentis becomes the second A. Since everyone believes she is dead, Alison, her boyfriend Nick Maxwell, and her helper A resume being A. Alison is arrested and then captured.

The First A

The First A

Three years after “Alison,” DiLaurentis disappeared, Aria Montgomery’s four friends, Spencer Hastings and Emily Fields received messages from “A” claiming to be “A.”

Because the girls had been drifting apart over the years, they didn’t know that other girls were receiving texts. The texts also revealed past secrets that only Ali knew about. The messages were initially teasing, and the girls wondered if Ali was the one who sent them.

Although they knew Ali was dead, they were still the only ones who knew their darkest secrets. The girls become even more confused when they continue to receive threats after Ali’s body is found in her backyard.

The girls reunite at Ali’s funeral and discover that they have been receiving strange messages. After the funeral is over, the girls are reunited and receive a text message saying, “I’m still there, bitches.” And I know everything.

The messages become more threatening from that point. Aria is given a deadline to inform her mother by midnight about her father’s affair after Foxy. Or A will do it for them. A continues to play the life altering game with the girls.

From encouraging suspicion about Spencer’s involvement to outing Emily’s sexuality to her conservative mom, A encourages Spencer to be suspicious. A makes a grave mistake by texting Hanna at Mona’s birthday party.

A uses her/her phone instead of the blackberry she bought to torture the girls. Hanna recognizes A’s number on her new phone, so Hanna must act before Hanna can reveal A’s true identity. An SUV hits Hanna, and A destroys her phone. Hanna eventually experiences a temporary loss in memory.

I knew there was a good chance Hanna would regain some of her memories. Mona Vanderwaal, Hanna’s best friend, confides in the girls that she received text messages from A. This brings the girls closer together as they try to find their tormentor. Mona encourages Spencer to fear that Melissa, her sister, might be A’s murderer.

Hanna suddenly remembers the recovery masquerade party and reveals that Mona is A. She, Emily, Aria, and her can’t help but be concerned, as Spencer and Mona are already on their way towards the police station.

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Spencer is text warned about Mona. She tries to escape Mona’s car, but Mona quickly catches on and takes her to a different path in Rosewood.

She tells Spencer all about her experience with Ali, including how she launched a firework into Toby Cavanaugh’s treehouse, blinding Jenna, and finding Ali’s secret diary among the St. Germains junk, which revealed the secrets of the girls that only Ali knew. She wanted to avenge her friend’s blindness. Jenna and Ali had planned to launch the firework together.

Mona didn’t know and was left with a scarred stomach. Mona also reveals that Ali killed Ian Thomas due to Ali’s last diary entry in which he gave him an ultimatum about breaking up with Melissa.

She offers Spencer to be A with her, and Hanna tells her that she doesn’t remember correctly. They fight at Floating Man’s Quarry. Spencer accidentally pushes Mona, and she falls between rocks. Mona is immediately killed.

The Second “A”

The Second "A"

The girls are shocked when an “A” claiming person sends them messages as they move into their big red house. They initially believe it is a prank since the first “A”, major news, has been reported.

The girls then believe that Ian Thomas is the main suspect in the investigation. Spencer was certain until he found Ian’s body in the woods surrounding her estate and the DiLaurentis house. All the girls receive a message from “A”, saying that “He had to go.” -A

This “A,” however, is more sinister than the first. Ian’s body vanishes, and the entire town believes it is a hoax. Spencer is even teased by “A”, who says, “Just cause I said Ian had gotta go, it didn’t mean he had a to die.” “A” pretends he is Ian using the IM screen name USCMidfielderRoxx.

This is a tribute to his alma mater as well as his love of field hockey. Spencer can access this fake identity and learn interesting details about Spencer’s family, including her father’s affair.

DiLaurentis, and Ali’s possibility of being her half-sister. “A” continues to torture the girls more: Spencer is forced to concentrate more on her father’s secret.

Spencer’s surrogate mom scams Spencer and takes out her trust fund of two million dollars. Aria is taunted by “A”, who shows her pictures of her mother’s new love interest in compromising circumstances.

They threaten Aria’s mother by sending them, even though Aria tried to protect her mother from her new boyfriend. Hanna is landed by who is A in the PLL books at the Addison Stevens Preserve, a beautiful clinic for troubled patients. To find out more about Officer Wilden, “A” sends Emily to Lancaster’s Amish community.

The second half of the series sees the second “A”, who continues the forced information search with the girls. He pushes them to find out more about Wilden and Jason DiLaurentis. “A” even suggests that Ali was killed. Jenna’s body is discovered in “Heartless” and “A” plants, all their text, photos, etc. On a random, lecherous construction worker.

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This is the same worker who helped build the DiLaurentises’ pavilion when Ali was still alive. Although the girls think it’s over, they are both troubled because the suspect seems so random.

Rosewood is stunned when Courtney DiLaurentis, the third child of the DiLaurentises, is announced. She is Alison’s twin and was kept in different clinics as she was ill. But, she is Alison DiLaurentis and Courtney.

To win their friendship, she reveals her true identity and tells them that she didn’t die the night of the sleepover. She says Courtney must have run into the construction worker and killed herself.

Although the girls believe Aria and are happy to have her back, Aria is most suspicious. Courtney used to pretend to be Ali, which was discovered recently.

Wilden and Melissa also suspect Courtney. Melissa was familiar with the twins’ history since high school. Jason confided in Melissa. He said they hated one another, but Spencer told her about Courtney ‘s statements that she and Ali shared everything.

Ali is losing her time. The police begin to suspect that Ali might have an alibi. Aria sends in a photo showing a reflection of someone watching the girls at the sleepover. Although the reflection is blurry, it belongs to a female.

Mona gives Ali the idea, and she convinces Spencer that Melissa was the perpetrator. She kidnaps Melissa, who has just discovered the truth and keeps her in her Poconos family home. She puts Melissa in a closet along with Ian’s body.

Ali convinces the girls that they should go to the Poconos home with Ali on the night of their Valentine’s dance. They abandon the party and spend a lot of time at her house. She asks them to reenact the night and hypnotize her.

They reluctantly agreed, and a few minutes later, Ali was gone. The door to the room was locked. A letter is placed underneath to inform the girls that the Alison they were friends with was Courtney, and she had killed Alison.

Courtney was mentally unstable and tried to drown Ali when she was a child. Courtney stole Ali’s ring one day while she was at home in the mental institution and tried to imitate her when Spencer and the other children entered their yard.

Ali was sent to Courtney’s new mental institution, the Preserve. She was made to live in Courtney’s mess. She spied on Courtney and followed her after Spencer’s fight, killing her as revenge for her perfect life.

She is furious at the girls for ruining her life and attempts to kill them by setting fire to the whole house and boarding it up. Melissa and the girls manage to escape. However, no one knows if Ali is still alive.

Emily, however, opened the door to Alison so that she could escape before the Poconos collapsed. She wasn’t sure if Ali had escaped. Emily can hear a faint giggle from Courtney as she visits Courtney’s grave that evening.

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The Third “A”

The Third "A"

Emily wants Ali to be the third letter in “A”. They are racked with grief about the Jamaica Incident. Spencer was accused of drug dealing, and Emily was framed. Hanna was also implicated in Madison’s car accident. Guess what?

A later confesses to Tabitha’s murder. They are next. The new “A” seems more violent. So far, four people (Tabitha and Gayle, Kyla and Graham) have been murdered, and many more have been injured under this “A”.

The Liars discover that Alison’s Second “A” has been accompanied by a Third “A” since the beginning of “Crushed“. They believe Alison survived the fire at Poconos House and that the Third and Second “A” are working together to bring them down (and ultimately kill them).

How Many Pretty Little Liars Books Are There?

The order of all the Pretty Little Liars books:

  • Book 1: Pretty Little Liars (2006)
  • Book 2: Flawless (2007)
  • Book 3: Perfect (2007)
  • Book 4: Unbelievable (2008)
  • Book 5: Wicked (2008)
  • Book 6: Killer (2009)
  • Book 7: Heartless (2010)
  • Book 8: Wanted (2010)
  • Book 9: Twisted (2011)
  • Book 10: Ruthless (2011)
  • Book 11: Stunning (2012)
  • Book 12: Burned (2012)
  • Book 13: Crushed (2013)
  • Book 14: Deadly (2013)
  • Book 15: Toxic (2014)
  • Book 16: Vicious (2014)

FAQs About Pretty Little Liars Series Books

Are Pretty Little Liars books appropriate for 12-year-olds?

Each for their own. After watching the television series, my daughter became hooked on the books. She can read any book she likes, but if she is more mature, she will spell the words swear.

What happens in Pretty Little Liars in the books?

The series is about four teenage girls: Aria Montgomery (Emily Fields), Hanna Marin (and Spencer Hastings), whose clique collapses after Alison DiLaurentis’s disappearance. These four girls are known as the Pretty Little Liars, or simply the Liars.

Who lost their virginity first in PLL?

Hanna was the first girl to lose her virginity (to Caleb). However, the girls believe that Emily had already lost it to Ben while Alison still lived. Hanna was arrested three times.

How old were the girls in Pretty Little Liars?

Hannah Marin was 16 years old when she appeared on Pretty Little Liars in 2010. Ashley Benson, however, was only 20 when she made her debut as the glamorous queen honey. Marin was 23 years old at the end of the show, while Benson was 27.


The Pretty Little Liars series books are a great way to spend some time. They are full of suspense and mystery, and they will keep you guessing until the very end. If you are looking for a good series to read, then you should definitely check out the Pretty Little Liars series books. Thank you for reading!

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