Where To Sell Used Books? Top 10 Best Places 2022

Where To Sell Used Books

As we strive to be more environmentally conscious consumers, reusable coffee cups, bamboo toothbrushes, and paper straws are now part of our everyday lives. Have you ever thought about how your reading habits could positively influence the world around you? If you just sold books that you don’t need, you could help make a difference in the world. The perfect example of how small habits can make a big difference in combating climate change is buying and selling used books. Where To Sell Used Books? and How to sell books online? Continue reading to learn the best way to sell used books.

Where To Sell Used Books?

Used Books

This is the best place to sell used books:


BookScouter.com is my favorite place to start. BookScouter claims they are only for textbook buyback. However, I have had good luck finding the prices of regular trade books. Bookscouter will let you know what websites are currently paying for the book you want to sell. This will help you decide if it is worth selling your book. These websites charge based on how much they believe they can sell books, so books in high demand will sell at a higher price.

Set a Watchman is a hardcover book that I paid full price for but never see again on my shelves. I checked the selling price with BookScouter. BookScouter claims that my copy will be purchased by one (just one!) of the websites they can. It’s horrible. It was not what I liked, though it’s $0.25 less than the cost of printing the book. For as little as $0.75, my paperback copy of To Kill a Mockingbird will be distributed to three sites.

My friends, that’s supply and need.

Before we get started: Unless you are a collector or plan to do this in large volumes, you won’t make much money from your books. It’s quite possible to make only $1 per book. It would help if you waited to have at least one stack of books ready before selling them. You can put the books in a Little Free Library if you have only two or three books to re-home.


Half Price Books was my last stop. I found a banker’s box with hardcovers in excellent condition. I made $20, which was enough for the cost of some magazine boxes and bookends that I needed to organize my bookshelves.

This is a great way to sell your books if you live near an HPB. The process is simple: you pack your books and bring them in. After that, a bookseller will appraise your books. They’ll let you browse through the stacks and call you when your offer has been accepted.


You have a variety of options when it comes to selling books online via Amazon.

You can do the first by using their trade-in program. Search for the book edition you are interested in, and then find the ISBN (the 13-digit code usually found on the back of the book or copyright page) to see if Amazon offers you money. After filling out a short questionnaire about the book’s condition, Amazon will issue you a shipping label. After they have received your book, they will issue you an Amazon credit.

This system could make you more money overall, as Amazon wants you to spend the money they give you. To make your book-buying karma better, you can buy a book at a local bookstore. Amazon also allows you to sell books traditionally. You can set up a seller account and list your books. You will need to create a product page for each book you want to sell and then wait for a buyer. Although this is possible, it requires some effort.

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Powell’s, like Half Price, will allow you to bring books into their shops for appraisal. However, if you aren’t near a physical location, you can sell to them online.

They only accept books in good condition. Enter your ISBNs into the form, and they will send you a price estimate and a shipping label. You can either get store credit or money through PayPal.


You can enter your ISBNs and answer some questions about your book quality. Then they will provide you with a price quote and a shipping label.

You won’t be allowed to cash out unless you have sold X amount of books. BookScouter can help you determine which site will give you the best return on your investment.

Used Books for sell


AbeBooks is an international digital marketplace that sells used books, fine arts, and collectibles. AbeBooks sellers are responsible for creating their listings, managing their inventory, and shipping their items. You can also choose your shipping rates and speeds.

Trustpilot reviews have shown that AbeBooks is great at quickly paying sellers.


It’s something you already use to shop for cute handmade goods. But, what you didn’t know is that there are thousands of sellers selling books on Etsy.

Like Amazon, selling used books on Etsy requires more time and effort than selling a bookshelf.

If you are selling rare books in excellent condition, Etsy is a good option. Liz McCrory from Houston said that she often purchases books from Etsy, especially when looking for a rare paperback in a first or second edition.


Decluttr can be compared to AbeBooks in that it uses both an app and a website to sell used goods. However, there are key differences between the platforms, including how to get started and navigate them.

You can use it if your goal is to clear the clutter from your home. But don’t expect to make more than a few dollars.

People who sell technology or other physical media such as DVDs can also use Decluttr. It’s likely to make you more money if it is used to sell older gadgets than books.


Letgo can be described as a simpler and more modern version of eBay. First, you choose the price for which you wish to sell your book. Then you wait for a nibble.

This could be the perfect platform for you if you are an experienced seller who wants to make some extra money selling to your local area.

You may also be at greater risk if your sales experience is not extensive. In this case, you might want to consider Decluttr or AbeBooks.


Also, check out local indies to find places to buy used books. Many offer cash back or store credit, and many of them offer cashback. Make sure to call ahead to verify their requirements.

Used Books Selling


These are some tips to help you find the best places to sell your used books. This will allow you to avoid any complaints or costs when you sell books.

Be honest about the condition of your books.

Sellers will not be pleased if you misrepresent the book’s condition and may report you to the seller. You should inform the seller if there is shelf wear on the book.

Be careful when shipping.

You might consider investing in shipping envelopes and other packaging materials if you plan to do much bookselling. You should make sure that the material you use is water-resistant and that it is well wrapped.

Don’t forget the tracking numbers. Although the seller may have sent you a shipping label, you are still responsible for ensuring that the book arrives at its destination. You will need the tracking number to contact the post office.

You can always donate!

Don’t worry if selling your books is too difficult; if your book doesn’t make enough money or isn’t selling, you can always donate it!

Many organizations are always in need of books. You can also drop off your book at a Little Free Library. You can also donate your books directly to prisons. We have some ideas to help you repurpose those books if none of these options are possible.

Have a goal

You might be tempted to buy more books using your book money. But, it’s best to wait! It is helpful to have a plan of how I will spend my book money.

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How do I find the value of old books?

Checking the current market prices for similar books is a great way to find out how much your book is selling. This form will provide you with enough information to receive a list of similar copies. It is not necessary to include every word in the title or the author’s name.

Who pays the most for used books?

Amazon: Amazon offers a book buyback program that allows you to receive gift cards rather than cash. Amazon claims it will pay up to 80 percent of a book’s value, which could be significantly higher than what book resellers currently charge.

Are old books worth anything?

The condition of a book is very important. It will have a significant impact on its value. A book that is in poor condition and is not being used will be of little value. Book collectors love first editions. A first edition is often more valuable than a later edition. An autographed first edition will be even more valuable.

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