Where To Download Free Audio Books? Best Guide [2022]

Where To Download Free Audio Books

Audiobooks are immersive, educational, educational, entertaining, fantastic for the time wealthy and the time inferior. Audiobooks may also alter the way people listen, learn, and read, improving young readers’ literacy and people for whom English is a second language. Then, where to download free audio books? These sites offer free audiobooks that you download and listen to whenever you desire. You won’t find any samples on these sites; you will have the ability to download whole books.

Where To Download Free Audio Books?

The downloads below are legal. They’re public domain, or the sites have consent from the writer.

Audio Books


What We Like

  • Listen to specific chapters without needing to download all of them.
  • Several approaches to locate a particular title.
  • Get new audiobooks from the podcast.
  • They are offered in several languages.
  • Works on cellular devices.

What We Do Not Like

  • I cannot sort by hottest.

LibriVox has a massive choice of totally free audiobooks, which are records of volunteers who have read chapters from books in the public domain.

You will find one by searching by name, writer, genre/subject, or speech. You may also browse all of the characters in the catalog, see just the maximum developments, and join fresh releases as podcasts.

As soon as you get to a book’s description page, you can read more about it and even listen to the chapters separately without needing to download every one of these.

But should you wish to download the entire audiobook, each chapter comprising, you can do this in a ZIP file, right from LibriVox. Some are also accessible through a torrent and M4B file.

LibriVox is also readily available for iOS here and Android apparatus here so that you may download books for your tablet or phone computer or stream on the go.


What We Like

  • There is a massive selection.
  • Get two audiobooks entirely free.
  • They are yours to keep forever.
  • Listen from a mobile device or pc.

What We Do Not Like

  • The trial period is just for a single month.
  • It is restricted to 2 downloads.
  • I need to pay after the trial to maintain downloading audiobooks.

Audible includes a 30-day free trial heading, meaning you could download some audiobooks of your own choice, and any two Audible originals, for free during this time.

Audible has a fantastic choice of audiobooks, and you will have the ability to locate nearly any name you’re looking for, such as bestsellers and new releases.

Following the 30 day trial, it is possible to get one book every month for $14.95 /month, whatever the cost of the book.


What We Like

  • Enables you to borrow audiobooks free from the regional library.
  • Works with thousands of libraries.
  • You could listen from a pc or a mobile program.
  • Contains complimentary audiobook samples.

What We Do Not Like

  • Have to have a library card from a confirmed library.

If your regional library has a subscription to OverDrive, then this is a fantastic spot to find free audiobook downloads of current fiction and non-fiction books, such as bestsellers.

You will check out these exactly as you would a library book, and they will be returned at the end of the loan period. You may also do all of it from Libby, the cell program for iOS and Android.

Apart from audiobooks, OverDrive also includes free eBooks, films, and audio.

Internet Archive

What We Like

  • Has a large number of audiobooks.
  • Many sorting options for locating the ideal audiobook.
  • It lets you filter out the audiobook downloads by particular standards.
  • Commonly multiple sound format choices after downloading.
  • It could be downloaded in volume or by individual chapter.

What We Do Not Like

  • Many audiobooks are poorly named and challenging to recognize at first glance.
  • There are not many non-English audiobook downloads.

The Internet Archive also offers many free audiobook downloads that you could navigate through by topic, keywords, or even using the search box. You will find more than 20,000 outcomes for audiobooks and poetry on this site.

Our favorite way to discover books here is by simply sorting by view count to obtain the most well-known ones. A Few of Those includes The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Jane Eyre, The Swiss Family Robinson, Moby Dick, The Art of War, and Dracula.

Some can be found in many formats to download the book in the MP3 or OGG format, for instance.

Mind Webs is one portion of this Internet Archive which has many dozen classic sci-fi audiobooks.

Loyal Books

What We Like

  • Multiple language choices.
  • It makes locating the best 100 audiobooks simple.
  • Audiobooks are arranged in many genres.
  • Thousands of Alternatives.

What We Do Not Like

  • Few sorting choices.

It’s simple to use Loyal Books (formerly called Books Must Be Free) to get free audiobooks. You can watch the audiobooks from the speech, the best 100, and genres such as Children, Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, and over a dozen other people.

You can listen to those books on the Loyal Books site, download MP3s of these chapters entirely at once in 1 ZIP file, download the entire audiobook in 1 M4B document for iPhones and iPods, save specific chapters, stream from the telephone or tablet computer, and also get the book through an RSS reader.

All these are public domain books, so you may not see anything that differs from other public domain audiobook sites we have previously mentioned.


What We Like

  • Ideal for children.
  • Contains text using the audiobook.
  • New audiobooks are introduced frequently.

What We Do Not Like

  • Very restricted compared to many other audiobook sites.

If you’re interested in finding free audiobooks for children, then Storynory must be your first stop.

The collection consists of original tales, fairy tales, classic tales, educational books, and a few little tales for the tiny ones.

You may download audiobooks here, stream them straight from the site, or join through Apple Podcasts or a different podcasting service. There is also a program for iOS apparatus, but it is not free.

Open Culture

What We Like

  • Countless free audiobooks.
  • Audiobooks are recorded in alphabetical order for simple reading.

What We Do Not Like

  • I cannot filter or sort the listing of audiobooks.
  • No choice to look through the listing.
  • Some are just flows, not downloads.

Open Culture has just one thousand fiction, non-fiction, and poetry audiobooks you may download at no cost. Simply scroll down the alphabetized listing to navigate through what they need to give.

These audiobook downloads are situated on several different sites, so many of them might be direct links to the MP3. At the same time, some may be streamed from the download page but not readily available for download.

Apart from free audiobooks, Open Culture also includes free films, online classes, language classes, and eBooks.

Digital Book.io

What We Like

  • Change the playback speed.
  • Audiobooks could be started as podcasts from iTunes.
  • Some approaches to find a new free audiobook.
  • Contains a lot of well-known names and lesser-known ones.
  • Several languages and classes to pick from.

What We Do Not Like

  • Has a whole lot more books than audiobooks.

Digitalbook.io (formerly called Librophile) is just another directory that makes it effortless to locate public domain audiobook downloads.

Read by trending or top-rated to locate one you might prefer or search through the writers or genres.

It is possible to download the entire audiobook or simply specific chapters, in addition, to listen to it in bits directly on the site.

You will find more than 100,000 items at Digitalbook.io, and while others are audiobooks, others are routine eBooks.

Light Up Your Brain

What We Like

  • Audiobooks are aimed at children.
  • A text version can be found under every audiobook.
  • Most audiobooks are below 10 minutes.

What We Do Not Like

  • Has just children audiobooks.

Lighting Up Your Brain has many read, brief, totally free audiobooks for children. Stream them and download the audiobooks for your PC.

A transcription of this narrative is also provided so that beginning readers can read together with the sound.

Additionally, there are some free games for children here who are made to challenge their heads and keep their brains active.


What We Like

  • Provides PDF transcripts of the audiobooks.
  • Contains classic audiobooks.
  • Let’s stream straight from the site.

What We Do Not Like

  • Need to download each chapter separately; no majority download choice.
  • No apparent download button.

ThoughtAudio has timeless works of philosophy and literature books out there for downloading as free audiobooks. You can browse the entire list or search for books and view them in a sequence of the ones who were most recently added to the group.

To find these audiobooks, you need to listen to them on the ThoughtAudio site or download installments by right-clicking every part you would like to store.

PDF transcripts for these audiobooks are also available for download.

Audiobook Sync

What We Like

  • Encourages children to continue reading in the summertime.
  • Gives two away audiobooks weekly in the summertime.
  • You may register for alerts to understand if new audiobooks can be found.

What We Do Not Like

  • Audiobooks are not available all through the year.
  • Limits your audiobook downloads to 2 a week.

Audiobook Sync (SYNC) is a free summer reading program intended for children 13 and older. However, everyone can get involved in it to receive free audiobook downloads.

SYNC gives two free audiobooks weekly in the summer. It is the ideal way for children to maintain their understanding skills sharp before returning to college and provides a means for adults to catch some free sound eBooks.

You may register for email alerts to get educated when SYNC releases new names. The books are usable via the Sora program.

Free Classic Audio Books

What We Like

  • Some audiobooks can be found in multiple sound formats.
  • Perfect location for antique audiobooks.
  • You may download individual chapters in addition to complete books.

What We Do Not Like

  • Not too many audiobooks as similar sites.
  • The website is not easy or fun to use since there are no graphics.

This free audiobook site specializes in fiction and classic audiobooks, and you’ll be able to see them by many famous, newly added, or by the author’s last name.

Some instances include Romeo and Juliet, The Wind in the Willows, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, and The Autobiography of Mark Twain.

All audiobooks here may be downloaded as an MP3 file and a few of them as an M4B file to get iOS apparatus. To download countless audiobooks simultaneously and encourage the website, you can obtain the brief stories onto a DVD.


What We Like

  • User-friendly website.
  • Access from several devices.
  • A lot of genres to select from.

What We Do Not Like

  • Requires a valid library card.

Similar to OverDrive, detailed at the peak of this listing, hoopla has free audiobook downloads, but only if you’ve got a library card in a library that is supporting it.

While browsing for audiobooks in the unrest, it is possible to sort the results by popularity, new arrivals, title, and average score and filter them by tags and language for children or ones for adults. Additionally, there are plenty of categories to navigate through.

These audiobooks may be streamed from the personal computer or on different devices such as iOS, Android, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, etc…

Project Gutenberg

What We Like

  • Provides a vast supply of free downloads.
  • It supports tons of languages.
  • It lets you save audiobook chapters independently or download the whole book.

What We Do Not Like

  • A computer reads many audiobooks, so they are not as straightforward or fluid to obey.
  • Most chapters do not have descriptive names.

Project Gutenberg includes human-read audiobooks and a few which are computer-generated. These are public domain books that were turned into audiobooks that are currently readily available free of charge for anybody interested.

The simplest way to locate a book here would be to navigate those hyperlinks above or search for something by name, author, topic, or speech.

There are many formats to get the book in, and you may save it to a personal computer or an internet storage site such as Dropbox.


What We Like

  • Provides audiobooks that generally price.
  • Let’s filter the audiobook results by speech.
  • Tons of filtering options for styles, character information, etc.

What We Do Not Like

  • Most audiobooks aren’t free.
  • It is challenging to locate only the free audiobooks.
  • Must register to get books.

Scribl is a different audiobook site because while there are several free audiobooks, most of them come at a price. It is a genuinely hit-or-miss kind of scenario when you start looking for free sound eBooks here.

But, we have included it here since you might discover unique books which are not free everywhere else. Just be sure that you catch them fast because as books become more popular, Scribl sets a cost on them.

Since Scribl has other items, such as eBooks and podcasts, you wish to filter the results only to show audiobooks.

You will find cellular apps if you would like to listen out of your cell phone.

There was a free audiobook site at Podiobooks.com, but it’s currently part of Scribl.


What We Like

  • It lets you stream audiobooks completely free.
  • Works on computers and mobile devices.
  • Additionally includes plenty of free songs.

What We Do Not Like

  • It is not simple to discover audiobooks, one of all of the audio.
  • Simply paying customers can download the free audiobooks.

Free audiobooks on Spotify? Yes! Using a catch: it is only free to get the books if you are a paying person. Spotify memberships permit downloading articles, while free users may simply stream the books.

The free audiobooks in Spotify aren’t organized very nicely since Spotify is an audio streaming service, not an audiobook site, but there are many of these accessible.

If the link below does not possess the audiobook you need, try doing a general search for audiobooks on Spotify. Utilize these Spotify search suggestions if you require assistance.


What We Like

  • Any audiobook you locate is free to flow.
  • No user accounts are necessary to see or download audiobooks.
  • It also has plenty of free videos and audio.

What We Do Not Like

  • It does not provide a built-in method of finding audiobooks.
  • Many audiobooks do not have a download link

Very similar to Spotify, YouTube is not primarily a fantastic resource for audiobooks because most of the content is videos and audio. But you may have luck finding some amazing free audiobooks on YouTube in case you understand how to look for them.

If you can not locate an audiobook on YouTube by looking for the name followed by “audiobook” (e.g., the six columns of self-esteem audiobook), try out the audiobooks on the youtube segment of Reddit. It is explicitly constructed for sharing which videos on YouTube are now audiobooks.

Really free audiobooks may have download instructions in the description.

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Audiobooks Online

Even More Free Audiobook Websites

Because this informative article originally went up, I have discovered a couple more websites for audiobooks. A number of them aren’t as user-friendly as others, but with a little bit of work, you may receive your free listening at these websites also.

  • Learn Out Loud for instructional audiobooks and videos
  • Free Classic Audiobooks for, you guessed it, classics
  • Digital Book that boasts tens of thousands of books and a clean interface

Not Free, But Cheap Audiobooks Online

If you can not find the audiobook you need at no cost, you could always look at other services for more affordable alternatives. Audible currently has a sharing service where you can send a complimentary book to anybody you desire. Downpour permits you to rent audiobooks for a portion of the price tag. Chirp Audiobooks is just another discount audiobook retailer. You may read our full Chirp inspection.

Or, you could always register for Book Riot’s Deal of the Day newsletter, in which our staff sometimes features cheap audiobooks available.

And, only for Book Riot readers: subscribe to an account, and receive two free audiobooks! If you adore their monthly subscription, you will receive one audiobook for a month for only a couple of bucks.

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How Can I Download Audiobooks On My Iphone Or Android?

One thing you’ll find, and fast, when using these websites to locate free audiobooks is that, well, they are often tough to link to your telephone (or whatever device you are listening to audiobooks on).

Additional Rioters swear from the Bound program, which downloads your audiobooks straight out of a DropBox account on your Bound program. Additionally, it lets you use bookmarks and can recall where you stopped your book. And it is only prettier and easier to use.

The program is just another place to find free audiobooks, with a far easier-to-use interface.

In the end, in case you don’t desire audiobooks, it is possible to discover so, so lots of free internet for your viewing enjoyment.

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Audiobooks For Children


Can you listen to audiobooks for free?

OverDrive. OverDrive also provides access to free audiobooks and e-books throughout the regional public library or college. … Along with the OverDrive program (that has a 4.6 score on both Google Play along the App Store), you could even download the Libby program for iOS or Android.

How do I download audible books for free?

Click here

What is the best free audiobook app?

We’ve got the very best audiobook programs for Android and iPhone, completely free possibilities, compensated audiobook subscriptions, along with a ton of websites for rapid, bite-sized listens, for example, Mind Webs, Open Culture, Project Gutenberg, Lit2Go, Scribl…

Does Amazon Prime have free audiobooks?

Luckily, Prime members do have access to complimentary Audible content because of Prime Reading: a service that provides Amazon Prime members using a rotating library of books and magazines which they can enjoy within the membership. Below, ten can not -overlook audiobooks available free of charge with Prime.

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