Where To Buy Used Books? Best Full Guide [2021]

Where To Buy Used Books?

Like buying secondhand books, purchasing used books can be a great way to save money. Because they are brand-new, new books can be expensive. What’s the best part? You can trust the words no matter if the book has just been published or if it’s been read many times before. Where to buy used books? These are the top online places to buy used books. They’ll fill your bookshelves and not drain your bank account.

Where to Buy Used Books?



ThriftBooks is a great place to buy used books online. ThriftBooks offers more than 13,000,000 titles. Genres include biography and memoirs, history, young adult, and other books. This website has both the classics and newer titles. Did we mention that the books are extremely affordable? A copy of Goodnight Moon, the classic children’s book, was found in “very good” condition at $4.69. We also found a copy of The Hill We Climb by Amanda Gorman for only $14.59. Stock up on your library and save some money.

Goodwill Books

Many people have seen it used in Goodwill stores. But, you might not be aware that Goodwill also has a website for selling used books. You can find a wide range of books, from fiction to technology books. You could buy a book about microprocessors and minicomputers for $18.75 and add a used copy of Pride and Prejudice for $7.00. You can talk about many topics.

You can find movies, music, and books at Goodwill Books. See for yourself what you can find.


AbeBooks offers a wide selection of used books. The website allows you to search for used books by author, title, or keyword. You can even browse categories about popular authors like Toni Morrison and Stephen King. You can purchase Morrison’s debut novel, The Bluest Eye, for $5.99 as of the time of writing. AbeBooks offers more than books. You can also find comics, vintage photos, sheet music, and maps on sale.

Powell’s Books

Powell’s Books is another great online source for used books. Powell’s Books has a wide selection of books. They have fiction, poetry, young adult, and non-English language books. For just $13.50, you can purchase a copy of Pulitzer-Prize winner All the Light We Cannot See. Or, if you need Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for $7.50, you can find a copy here. You’re sure to find something you love on this site, given its wide selection of books.


Please bookmark this website to save it for future book browsing. Alibris allows you to find books on almost any topic. There are categories for fiction, textbooks, children’s books, and craft books. They even have eBooks. You can even find 99-cent books here. You read that right; you can buy a book from this site for as low as a dollar. Have a look!


What books does Amazon not sell? Amazon has you covered if you are looking for used books. Amazon allows you to search for your favorite titles and then save money by buying used books instead of new ones. If you already have a book or five in your cart, we won’t judge.

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Book Finder

Book Finder has an extensive selection of books for you to choose from. You can also search for rare books, textbooks, and out-of-print books. The best part? The best part? It shows you where to find the book you are looking for online, and it compares prices across different websites. You can choose whether you wish to buy new or used books. You don’t have to switch between tabs to compare prices. This can help you save time and money.

Better World Books

This website is one you will want to share your love of books with. Better World Books offers many books from many genres, including romance, science, and mystery. You can also browse audiobooks and DVDs. The bargain bin is a great section that lists tons of great books at amazing prices. Some books even ship free. You can find it here.

Book Outlet

Book lovers beware: You could spend hours on this website. Book Outlet offers a wide range of great books at an affordable price. You can shop for books below $20, $15, $10, $10, or even $5 if you are on a budget. Book Outlet offers more than just books. You can also browse puzzles and toys as well as other fun gifts.

Second Sale

Another great site for books on a tight budget is the Second Sale. There are many fiction and nonfiction books to choose from and a large selection of books on specific topics. You can find informational books about architecture, computers, and law, as well as gardening. You can purchase a book on this website if you are interested in learning something new. You can also sell your books to the Second Sale if you need extra cash.

Half-price Books

Half Price Books is another great site to visit if you are looking for books at a discount. You can choose from many genres and titles, including fiction for children, history, and self-help. You can also browse music and movies, as well as television series and textbooks. You can also find puzzles! Half Price Books also offers “Super Buy” categories where you can look for books that are under $10, $5, or $2. You’ll be a blessing to your library and wallet.


BookMooch is great if you don’t want to search for specific titles. You can trade books with other book lovers worldwide and get a copy of something you haven’t read before. Plus, you earn points. BookMooch boasts around 74,000 members from 90 countries. This means you are bound to find a novel or two here.

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble

This website is for college students. You know Barnes and Noble for their huge selection of books. But did you also know that they also sell used textbooks? To find a used textbook, you only need to search by author, title, ISBN, and ISBN. This option will allow you to save money instead of buying brand-new textbooks from your college bookstore.


Biblio is the right website if you are looking for rare books or first editions. You can search books by author, title, keyword, ISBN, and more. You can also choose whether you would like the books signed by the author or if they are the first edition. You’re sure to find the perfect book on Biblio. Explore now to see what you can discover!


There is no bidding here. You can buy used books from eBay right away at affordable prices. Even books below $5 can be searched for – that’s something we love to see. You don’t have to be broke to buy books.

Book Depository

Book Depository was founded by an ex-Amazon employee in 2004. Amazon later purchased the company in 2011. Although it doesn’t sell used books, this UK-based company still sells them at affordable prices. Book Depository charges a small discount on almost all books, both new and used. This means that you can purchase a new book at a lower price than elsewhere.


Chegg, a well-known online retailer, specializing exclusively in college products, is an educational hub for today’s students. For ebooks and textbooks, students can search by author or title. Chegg offers a free online copy for textbooks while you wait for your book to ship. You can also get 24/7 tutoring online, internship programs, and deals from local vendors close to your college campus.


SellBackYourBook.com, a Better Business Bureau registered company, is a trusted online resource that allows students to resell books they have purchased and rent/buy used textbooks. Just type your ISBN in the search bar to instantly see results for books in stock. SellBackYourBook.com is a great place to buy back textbooks you have already bought. The turnaround time from the moment you mail your book to receiving funds depends on where you live. It can take anywhere from five to 21 business days.


This site is designed to assist students in deciding on whether to rent or buy a used book. You can also find out if the textbook is available at your local library.

CampusBooks.com was founded in 1999 and offered fair pricing for your books to help you recoup some expenses. Although the site doesn’t allow you to search by ISBN, the customer support team can help you find the right book for you. The books are in excellent condition.


Bookfinder.com is best known for finding rare and out-of-print books. However, they also offer students the ability to search for text using ISBN, author, or title names. Although they don’t store books, Bookfinder.com has a powerful search engine that will direct students to the best-quality books online.



Text BOOK to 87955 to receive $5 off your first order. Plus, get free shipping when you spend $35 or more with this long-standing retailer of used textbooks.

Unlike many other sites, ecampus.com offers a loyalty program where students can accumulate points to use towards future purchases. This will help you save even more money over the long term.

You can also purchase books directly from the seller on the site. There are also ebook options if you have waited too long and still need your book.


This last entry is a great source for older textbooks. Although they don’t have many older textbooks, the prices for the ones they do have are low enough to be included. You can also expect to pay only $3.95 shipping for most of their items. ValoreBooks.com offers a good rental program and a return policy so that you can be confident doing business on this small retail site.


Is it safe to buy second-hand books?

It is perfectly acceptable to buy a used book in good condition from a charity shop, especially when it is something you have wanted for a long time. If you’re a serious collector or want to ensure your books are preserved in value, you should always purchase the best copy possible.

Are second-hand books from Amazon good?

You can sell used books on Amazon. Zen Arbitrage is my favorite tool for used book research. I recommend that you only sell books with a Best Seller Rank below 1M to ensure good book sales.

Do Barnes and Nobles sell used books?

Only the best-quality books are sold. We won’t sell books with mildew stains or missing pages. Even lab manuals and study guides are in good condition and almost scribble-free.

What store sells the most books?

Amazon’s print sales are very close to the US market. Our Bookstart-derived total, 312,000,000 print units, was 45.5% of Bookscan’s total 2017 print sales of 687million. This means that Amazon’s print sales now account for the majority of Bookscan’s “Club & Retail” share.

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