Where Can I Get Free Books By Mail? Best Full Guide [2022]

Where Can I Get Free Books By Mail?

Would you enjoy reading but also be sure that you don’t break your budget with book purchases? Then, “Where can I get free books by mail?

It is never a bad idea to put your notebooks and telephones and pull out a few old-fashioned reading stuff to get your mind moving. Many outreach companies exist, and many let you check out books at no cost!

With so many internet services on the market, let us peek at significant areas to score free books by email services for your home library.

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Where Can I Get Free Books By Mail?

Below are 30 Easy Ways to Get Free Books Mailed to Your Property

Free books for children by email

Free books for children by email

Encouraging children to read is among the most significant things you can do to them. And as somebody who was able to sneak a flashlight beneath the covers to continue reading after my pregnancy, trust me once I state many children love a fantastic book.

Nevertheless, finding children’s cheap books may be a struggle. In my instance, when we did not understand that getting free books for children was an option, I am convinced my parents spent a small fortune on financing my book addiction.

Therefore, if you seek free children’s books in the email, you have come to the ideal location.

These websites have some fantastic programs for sending out books for children of all ages. You may even find free baby books employing a number of these!

1. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Dolly Parton launched her Imagination Library for the sole purpose of sending out free children’s books by email.

She sees this as a means to inspire children to accomplish whatever they could dream about. It is an unbelievable program.

Free books sent to your home by dolly parton’s imagination library that gives free books for children by email

After all, up to now, the company has sent out nearly 134 million books to over 1.5 million children.

Any child from birth to age five could be signed up for the program, which sends one book a month free of charge.

You have to be found in engaging communities inside the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and the Republic of Ireland, so jump onto their website to determine whether your child participates.

2. Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA has a program to send free books for children by email to anywhere in the United States.

These activity books aim to promote environmental awareness in children while making sure that they have fun in the process. They are also adapted to different age classes and also have some available in Spanish.

Have a peek at the five choices available here to catch one for your son or daughter.

3. Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Programs

Barnes & Noble has a fantastic summer reading program each year where they will send free books for children by email to any kid from grades 1 to 6 that reads eight books.

Child studying a free children’s book she obtained through the free books for children by email program

There are approximately ten books to select from for every age level, and all your kid must do is fill in a form available at the link above in which they state the name, writer, and favorite portion of every book they have read.

Only hand this completed form in at any Barnes & Noble store, and also, the free book is theirs!

4. Read Conmigo

Read Conmigo provides free books for children by email in Spanish and English to preschool to fifth grade.

Since its institution in 2010, this program has contributed more than one million books on households, libraries, and schools.

This means it is also a good way for teachers to acquire free books in both languages!

It is currently available only in California, Florida, and Texas. Still, if you register to their mailing list, they will allow you to know whether the program expands into different US states.

5. American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults

If your child is blind or has low vision and can read Braille, this program given by the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults will probably be excellent for you.

Kids who register for this will get 12 free books for children by email, all of which are names that have not been made accessible by Braille before.

Random free books by email

6. Amazon

Most of us know Amazon among the principal areas to purchase books; however, it is possible to get free books sent to your residence from these also with a couple of clicks.

Swagbucks is a program that provides you free cash for performing a range of things you would probably be doing, such as purchasing on the internet, searching the net (yep, you get compensated for Googling), and playing matches.

(You get a complimentary $5 sign up bonus only for verifying your email address)

And one of those ways it overlooks the money you get is via gift cards – like Amazon ones.

This usually means that a nifty way to receive free books by email from Amazon is by simply utilizing Swagbucks to do things you are doing online anyhow.

7. Audible

While this isn’t likely to get you real free hardcover books, it is worth mentioning that another method to get a free book from Amazon is using Audible.

It is possible to find a free 30-day trial by registering here with Audible. Throughout this time, you will receive one free audiobook of your own choice.

And even if you don’t stick around after the free trial, you will continue to gain access to this audiobook!

8. GoodReads

GoodReads is a big website for anybody who enjoys reading. Countless individuals have used this to provide book recommendations, so it is a fantastic website for locating another book in your reading list.

But in addition, it includes a giveaways segment where writers (and, occasionally, publishers) give away free books.

While competition may be fierce, this is sometimes a fantastic way to get items such as free books by email if you are fortunate enough to win.

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9. FreeCycle

FreeCycle is composed of classes worldwide involving individuals giving out free items in their regional regions – and the men and women that are benefiting from those free things.

They often have free books readily available, although occasionally you do need to pick them up instead of getting them by article.

However, as a means to find free books by email, which might be from a couple of decades back, FreeCycle will have something available.

10. Craigslist

You probably know Craigslist as a means to get (occasionally ) dodgy furniture (frequently ) suspicious housemates, but it may also be a fantastic source of free books.

While, generally, it is possible to discover books for cheap on Craigslist, individuals will frequently also give free books on this particular website when they are attempting to clean up some distance.

And their loss is your gain!

11. Harlequin Reader Service

Reader Service provides two free books sent to your house, no questions asked.

The catch is if you do not cancel, they will continue to ship two books each month; however, following the initial month, you’re going to be billed a”members-only discount cost.”

However, so long as you do this, this is a simple method for free books by postal mail.

And while it is marketed at girls, there is no reason men can not make the most of this also!

12. Your Regional library

Many libraries offer you a”book by email” program where books are sent to your property. Sometimes, you must ask about certain books; however, you will provide your reading interests in others, and the library will send texts it thinks you will like.

By way of instance, the New York Public Library provides this to folks that are homebound.

Verify the libraries in your region to find out when this is available for you.

And remember that if you are attempting to spend less, libraries have a range of other free items on offer that don’t have anything to do with books. This listing of 200 things is a fantastic place to get started.

13. Hillsdale College

If you are on the search for a free copy of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence, you’ll have it delivered to you for free from Hillsdale College.

It is “just” pocket-sized – but perhaps that is a fantastic thing if you believe you will want to whip it out in the future!

14. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a selection of over 60,000 books, all of which are free, mainly because their copyrights have expired.

However, the collection is excellent and certainly worth mentioning for any avid reader searching for free books – even though they are “just” ebooks.

Recipe books

Recipe books

15. JIFFY Recipe Book

If you’re searching for free recipes and you reside in the continental US, the Jiffy Recipe Book could be precisely what you want.

It is free, and you may check it on the internet at that connection first to confirm it’s something you desire.

16. Sun-Maid Recipe Booklet

You probably know Sun-Maid since the go-to for raisins, but they also provide three recipe booklets.

You may either download them as a PDF or purchase a hard copy if you want, and, before you know it, your free recipe book will probably be in your mailbox.

Free books by email in exchange for an overview

Sometimes, you will find websites that enable you to get free books sent to your house, but only if you review them.

Sure it means you’ve got to do some work to make your free book. However, given you were planning to read it anyhow, it hardly counts as work in any way!

17. NetGalley

NetGalley is among the top websites providing free books in exchange for testimonials.

And supposing it partners with a number of the largest publishers globally, the books on offer are incredibly striking.

(And it is not just restricted to the US, since it also has versions of its website for people from France, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom.)

18. Lola’s Blog Tours

Lola’s Blog Tours is more than NetGalley, meaning it does not always have too many free online offers.

Nevertheless, there are choices available from time to time, and also, your payment would always be to do a review. So check back to see if there is something suitable for you.

19. Enchanted Book Promotions

Enchanted Book Promotions might not have a high number of free books available. However, it has got a pretty good assortment of genres on its website.

Pick your book and place your review within a month to satisfy their needs for much more free books.

20. Fresh Fiction

Fresh Fiction is very similar to the others listed above so that you can pick from among the countless offerings, and you will get a free book by mail.

You’ll need to complete this form to apply for a reviewer. But as soon as you qualify, the range of New Fiction is likely to be sure you always have an assortment of free books out there.

21. LibraryThing

On LibraryThing, it is possible to view a listing of books, the number of free copies available to critique, and the number of members who have asked for them.

It is uncommon to see less than 100 people asking for a book, although there are generally only between 15 and 50 free copies. However, with some persistence and luck, there is no reason you can not receive a free book to review through this website.

22. Baker Publishing Group

Baker Publishing Group is just another website where you can examine books in exchange for free copies.

They mostly have Christian books and say they are searching for individuals with a “powerful platform which may help writers.” Therefore, when you’ve got a reasonably nicely viewed YouTube station or a well-established site, then you could have more luck.

23. Book Look, Bloggers

Page Chaser (formerly called Book Search crawlers ) is directed at bloggers eager to post reviews on their websites.

If it sounds like you and imagines you will need to have a minimum quantity of visitors to be eligible, check out this website to find out what free books you can pick up here.

Religious books

Religious books

There are lots of websites that provide entirely free religious books by email.

Whether you believe in that specific religion or are merely interested in learning more, these sites may have what you’re searching for.

24. My Reader Rewards Club

My Reader Rewards Club was calling Tyndale Blog Network, based on the simple fact that it is conducted by Tyndale Publishers, a writer of primarily Christian books.

On this website, you can earn points towards free books. Points are earned by doing things like buying books (out of Tyndale Publishers), speaking to friends, taking polls, and registering for newsletters.

While all of the available books are religion-oriented, you’ll find options for all ages so have a look to find out whether there is something to enhance your library.

25. Bibles of America

Bibles of America has contributed away 1.6 million complimentary Bibles because the year 2000

Simply filling in your data gives a free Bible and other free books comprising Christan teachings.

26. BDK America

BDK America provides free hardcover copies of The Teaching of Buddha to anybody in the continental United States (also, if you reside in Hawaii, you can contact them).

If you seek to find out more about Buddhism, this might be a fantastic way to achieve that.

27. Christian Focus Publications

Christian Focus Publications includes a record of 13 free”pocket guides” that, they explain, provide “an introduction to essential theories and individuals that are significant to the Christian religion.”

28. Wake Up America Seminars

Wake Up America Seminars also offers free books according to Christian principles.

Sometimes, the books themselves are free, but you’ll be requested to pay for postage but maybe not necessarily.

29. Mormon.org

If you’re searching for a free copy of the Book of Mormon, you’ll have this shipped to you at Mormon.org.

30. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

You can also obtain a free copy of the King James Version of the Bible by completing this form on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Coloring books

You could be asking yourself why coloring books have not been set into the part of free children’s books?

Well, who stated that children need to have all of the fun?

So read on to learn ways to acquire free coloring books sent to your house – such as for those adults who reside!

31. Natural Inquirer

If you had ever thought you might like to”be” a scientist, then the complimentary coloring book given by the Natural Inquirer might be for you.

They will send you a free book by mail as soon as you submit your information, together with the present one being a”Make a Scientist” coloring book.

Who could withstand it?!

32. ThatDailyDeal

Coloring books for adults have gotten super popular in the past few years as a means to destress and unwind.

Well, ThatDailyDeal delivers a free coloring book with this specific purpose. It might take up to eight weeks for delivery. However, this is a free book that is likely to be more healthy for your pocket, along with your thoughts.



33. ValueMags

ValueMags has a fantastic variety of free magazines available – and you do not have to input a credit card to get them.

Just enter your name and address along with your new free journal will be on its way for you.

34. LEGO

The free LEGO Life Magazine is the nearest you will get to obtaining free comic books by email.

This magazine is targeted at children from five to eight years old and can be full of books, activities, posters, and much more.

And the best part is that they will send it to you at no cost four times annually.

35. Guide2Free

Guide2Free includes a range of free books available, but its main offerings are all free magazines.

In the time of writing this guide, it has got a no-cost Marie Claire subscription, a free Popular Science subscription, plus a free subscription to People Magazine, amongst others.

Sometimes, you will want to provide a credit card to read the fine print to understand when the free period ends.

Although, this is an excellent way to find some free magazines sent to your property.

Free books sent to a home in exchange for the books

Occasionally there is a little give and take in existence. In cases like this, you can receive free books by email, but you provide a different book in return only in case.

However, in this case, you will receive a double advantage: you will declutter your house a little and get something fresh in return for your reading list!

36. BookCrossing

BookCrossing brings together a community of nearly 2 million book-lovers from all over the globe who prefer to discuss their books with other people.

Just place your book in their”Book Map” and then determine what is available near you. Using books in Europe, North America, Australia and much more, you are bound to find something nearby.

37. BookMooch

BookMooch functions in a similar manner. Each time you give someone a book, you make a point. This then enables you to get any text you need from anybody else in their stage.

And if you send a book to a person abroad, you will earn three things!

You’ll need to cover postage when mailing a book to other people. This implies, however, that getting a book is entirely free.

38. PaperbackSwap

PaperbackSwap is the same thought as others, so you make books accessible to others.

When someone takes it, then you will then have access to a few of those free books that they have available. And at the time of writing, there are over 1.2 million books in their library!

You will also cover stamps for books you send which means that it is free once you get your book.

Random lists of free books

39. Hunt4Freebies

Hunt4Freebies lists a lot of free books (and magazines) which you can get around the net.

A few books can only be purchased in Kindle type, but there are also free hardcover books accessible, so it is well worth checking from time to time to determine what’s there.

40. Scam Free Samples

Scam-Free Samples is also, along with it not being a scam, a fantastic website for locating free samples.

(So I suppose you can say it is pretty nicely called…!)

It’s a range of free hardcover books, comic books, ebooks, and audiobooks, so have a look to find out whether any of its range interests you.

41. Sweet Free Stuff

Sweet Free Stuff has yet another somewhat blended range of free books available, in addition to books and magazines.

Out of all of the websites with arbitrary lists of free books on this listing, the free books with this one looked the most intriguing to me personally.

So it is well worth checking out to see how they seem for you also.

42. The Free Site

The Free Website has a good collection of freebies, many of which can be religion-oriented, although not all.

They are primarily for US subscribers only, but there are some available to Canadian citizens that set it apart from a few other websites on this listing.

43. Yo Free Samples

Yo Free Samples is not as concentrated on free books as the other websites on this list. However, it will have them from time to time.

However, its record of free ebooks is pretty impressive, with over 100 choices that are updated frequently.

Could I get free books by email worldwide

Could I get free books by email worldwide?

A number of these websites are just for those located in the US – although maybe not all.

Some illustrations from this record that Allow You to receive free books by email worldwide (or in certain countries beyond the US) are:

  • Amazon (through Swagbucks)
  • Imagination Library
  • The Free Website
  • NetGalley
  • FreeCycle
  • BookCrossing

How do I win a free book online?

The majority of the choices on this listing are not competitions.

In other words, all you’ve got to do is register, follow the prompts, and you ought to be on your way to getting free books sent to your property.

In a couple of instances, such as where there are just a limited number of books to examine, it is correct that it is very similar to a contest.

But if you genuinely need a feeling of winning, then there are scores of techniques you could acquire a book on the internet.

Googling any variant of”win books” and”contest” should show you a few fantastic alternatives for this.

How do I get free books on my iPhone?

A number of the websites on this listing also supply free ebooks.

So supposing that the program in your iPhone is free, you may use these websites to find free books on your own iPhone.

Android phones also include a free book program, which means you don’t have to get a Kindle or alternative ebook reader to have the ability to take advantage of all of the free ebooks which are accessible through the websites on this listing.

How do I download PDF books at no cost?

Most ebooks are in the arrangement EPUB; therefore, when websites on this listing offer free ebooks, that is generally the file type where you will see them.

Nonetheless, in some instances, you will have the ability to download PDF books at no cost through these websites, which might be simpler if you intend to browse your free ebook on your PC.

And, yes, these websites have free PDF books, which are lawful.

It should not need to be mentioned, but do not hesitate to download books to spare a couple of dollars. Otherwise, you are taking that cash straight from the pockets of those writers.


Where do I get free books?

Google Play permits you to see many free books directly on your computer or your Android cellphone.

Why are books on Amazon more economical?

Amazon, however, does. It costs vendors to list products on their site, and in addition, it requires some of the money made from selling the book. But bad news: Amazon sells some popular books at a discount (5) and makes up for its removal with its other profits, and that’s why these books are affordable.

Could I browse free books on Amazon Prime?

Tap or click “Read for Free” or “Read and Listen at No Cost.” The latter means there is also an audiobook. When a free eBook comprises an audiobook, it’ll be added to your Audible accounts automatically. You can download the Audible program for iPhone, iPad, or Android; however, it is preinstalled on Fire tablet computers.

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