Where Are Kindle Books Stored On Android? Best Full Guide [2021]

Where Are Kindle Books Stored On Android

The Amazon Kindle app is a great ebook reader for Android tablets. It allows you to access the Kindle library right from your Android tablet, just like a Kindle ebook reader. But you were smarter. You might also be wondering Where Are Kindle Books Stored On Android?. Continue reading to find out more about Penn Book.

Where Are Kindle Books Stored On Android?

The Kindle App will display your books in a carousel whenever you open it. These books are not necessarily the ones you have saved to your device, but they are the books in your Library.

Long Press the book cover, and you will be able to manage the book properties.

Click the icon (three horizontal lines) to get started.

You can find the link to your kindle icon in the upper left corner.

  • Download the Book to save the Book
  • Also, take out the Book.
  • You can also sync the Library between your Amazon account and Android.

You can access the library section by tapping on the link ON DEVICE. You will then see a list of all books that you have downloaded and saved to this device.

The tick also indicates that it has been downloaded.

You can easily remove a book by long-pressing the cover. The top of the screen displays a menu and a trash icon.

To remove the Book, tap on the trashcan.

Please note:

It will not be deleted from your Amazon account.

  • To download a book, go to the Library to see all available items.
  • A book that has not been downloaded will not be ticked.
  • Tap on the book cover to open a menu bar. To download the Book, tap on the Download icon.
  • Click on the cover to open a book.
  • You can open a book, and it will appear on full screen.
  • To move between pages, swipe left or right, or press the screen to the left or right.
  • Click in the middle of your screen to see the menu options at the top left and right. There is also a location bar at the bottom.
  • A white circle shows your current location.
  • The location bar can be manipulated by dragging the white circle (the pointer) on the mouse.
  • You can also drag the pointer to a different position on your location bar.
  • Continue reading
  • These are your last two positions. The smaller gray icons represent them. To instantly move to the desired location, tap on one of them.
  • Click on the icon for the book cover (three horizontal lines).
  • You can navigate to the Book’s table of contents in the upper left and return to your Library to select another book.
  • The display icon Aa is located in the upper right corner.
  • You can modify the screen display properties by clicking. Two fingers can be used to change the size of the text.
  • You will see the menu option next to the display icon. Click here. You can also access your bookmarks and kindle store.
  • If you’re in full-screen mode, you can add bookmarks by clicking at the top of the screen.
  • A blue bookmark will also appear at the top of your screen when you do this.

Where are Kindle files stored

Where are Kindle files stored?

These books are stored in which folder? You can change the folder in which files are kept. They may have been moved to a different location on any computer. You can search for MOBI files, which are the files that the Kindle uses to locate the files.

Where are books stored on Android?

If you want to add books you downloaded on your computer, the books are stored in: /data/data/com.google. Android. Apps. Books/files/accounts/{your google account/volumes, and when you are inside the “volumes” folder, you will see some folders with a name that is some code for that Book.|You can add books that you have downloaded to your computer by going to/data/data/com.google. Android.books/files/accounts/your Google account/volumes. Some folders contain a code that corresponds to the name of the Book.}

How do I extract Kindle books from my Android?

Convert eBooks

  • Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Kindle/My Kindle Content/Drag all of the .azw files into the Calibre window.
  • Choose the books you want to export from the Calibre window.
  • Click on the “Convert books” toolbar item.

In the top-right corner of the converter window, choose “ePub”.

How do I open a Mobi file on my Android Kindle app?

  • Email or download the a.mobi file for your iPhone or iPad. Open the Kindle app.
  • Save the a.mobi file on your Android device. Open your file manager or file explorer on your Android device.
  • Install the Kindle app on your computer.
  • Open ‘Settings” on the Kindle.

How do I archive books on my kindle app for android?

To view your Kindle library, press Archive. Press the book cover to download the Book to your Android phone. Then, select Download to Home from this menu. To open the Book, go to Home. Go to your Kindle app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and select cloud.

Can you read Kindle books on Android?

Once the Kindle app has been registered on an Android phone, all previously purchased Kindle books will automatically be synced under “Archive” together with related notes, highlights, and the furthest page (only for books purchased) thanks to Amazon Kindle’s whisper sync.

How do I find Kindle files?

Method 6: Download a previously-purchased book to a Mac/PC

  • Click on Your Content. It is located in the upper-left corner.
  • Click on the title.
  • Click Deliver to Default Device or Other.
  • Choose from Kindle for Mac or Kindle PC.
  • Click Deliver.
  • Open the Kindle App on your computer.
  • Click on the Archived Items tab.

How can I read my Kindle books offline?

These steps will allow you to read your books offline. Chrome and Safari: Click the Library button in Kindle Cloud Reader or refresh the page using the Reload button. To enable offline reading, follow the prompt dialog.

How do I put Kindle books on my Android?

1. Connect your Android tablet/smartphone to the PC. 2 Open the “Kindle” folder on your Android device storage. Paste the MOBI books into that folder. To check the books that have been transferred, tap the menu icon at the top-right corner of the Kindle App.

Where do I put Mobi files on Android

Where do I put Mobi files on Android?

Method 2: Cool Reader

  • Cool Reader can be downloaded and installed on your Android tablet, smartphone, or laptop.
  • Open the app, and then tap the icon to browse the file system.
  • Please navigate to the folder containing the Mobi ebook file on your computer and tap on it.
  • Can I access my books via Google Play offline?
  • After the Book is downloaded to your device, it can be accessed anywhere you are connected to the Internet. You can save data by downloading books only via Wi-Fi. Play the Play Books app to turn Wi-Fi downloading off or on your Android device.

How do I sync my Kindle to my android?

Tap on the menu tab. Next, navigate to Settings, Device Options, and Personalize Your Kindle. Please tap on the Whispersync button to enable it. Your Whispersync Device synchronization may be disabled on Amazon if your books do not sync.

How do I remove DRM from Kindle books?

How to remove the DRM from a Kindle Ebook

  • Install Calibre ebook management software.
  • Get Apprentice Alf’s DRM Removal Tools for Ebooks.
  • Start Calibre, and then go to Preferences->Advanced->Plugins.
  • Click on the “Load plugin from file” button.

How do I save Kindle books?

You will need to decide whether to save the file or run it on a PC. Choose to save the file and pick a destination. Connect your Kindle to your computer, and then drag the downloaded Book into its ‘documents folder.

Where is my Kindle folder on Android?

TL;DR. The ebooks from the Amazon Kindle App can be found below the folder /data/media/0/Android/data/com.amazon.kindle/files/.

How do I open a Mobi file on my Android?


  • Get eReader Prestigio from the Play Store. This app is free and supports many file types, including MOBI and epub.
  • Open eReader Prestigio. It’s located in the app drawer under the open book icon.
  • Tap Skip
  • Click the menu.
  • Tap Files.
  • Navigate to the folder containing the MOBI file.
  • Click on the MOBI file.

How do I read Mobi files on my Kindle app?

Drag-and-drop the MOBI file that you saved in step 1 into the Documents panel. After the file transfers, safely remove the device from your computer. The MOBI file should be displayed on the Device Library screen of the Kindle app.

How do I add books to my Kindle app?

Import ebooks directly from your Kindle

  • Get the Kindle app on iOS.
  • Register the Kindle App with your Amazon Account
  • Only import the books that you are interested in.
  • Cloud tab.
  • Device tab.
  • Save the article that interests you.
  • Select Send to Kindle from the open share menu
  • Select the option you prefer and then send the article.

How do I archive books on my Kindle app?


  • Connect your Kindle with the Internet. You must be able to access the Amazon Cloud to archive or retrieve books.
  • Locate the Book that you wish to archive. Click the Books tab in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.
  • Take the Book out of your device.
  • Locate books in your archives.

Where are my Kindle books?

The title is automatically saved to the cloud after you purchase a Kindle book or companion audiobook. You can access the titles you have purchased from Manage Your Content & Devices.

  • Kindle Books
  • Click the Store tab to shop in the Kindle Store.
  • Browse or search for the Kindle books you are interested in reading.
  • Click Buy Now.
  • Do I need WIFI to read my Kindle books?
  • Both the Nook app and the Kindle require internet access for the initial download. Either 3g or Wi-Fi works. You don’t need to have internet access to download the Book to your phone to read it.

Is Kindle only for reading books

Is Kindle only for reading books?

Amazon Kindle, an electronic reading device, allows you to buy and download magazines, books, and newspapers right to your tablet. The Kindle is not just for reading.

How do I get my Kindle books to download from the cloud?

Download content from the cloud

  • To view Kindle content that has not been downloaded to your Kindle device, you can tap Home to tap a Kindle Content Library (for instance, Books).
  • To download the title to your device, tap on your content type.
  • To view your Kindle content, tap the Device tab.
  • Can I download it from the Kindle cloud reader?
  • The Kindle Cloud Reader offers online and downloadable books that you can use in your online class. Click on the book title to open it. To read a book, even if your Chromebook doesn’t have Internet access, you must download the Book.

How do I transfer my Kindle books to a new device?


  • Log in to the Amazon account for both Kindles.
  • Open Amazon using an internet browser
  • Click on your name in the menu bar.
  • Click on Your Content and Devices to open the menu.
  • Choose the books that you wish to move.
  • Click the yellow Deliver button.
  • Click on the Devices Selected tab.
  • Choose the Kindle to which you wish to transfer your files.

How do I access my Kindle Cloud?

To open Kindle Cloud Reader, go to read.amazon.com Sign in with your Amazon account to access Kindle Cloud Reader. Your Kindle Library will be displayed on the main page. To start reading, choose a book.

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