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When Calls The Heart Books
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Janette Oke is the founder of modern inspirational literature and the author of 75 novels as of 2016. Her famous Love Comes Softly Series is well known all around the world. The Canadian West series, for example, follows a man and a woman as they make dumb errors and misunderstandings yet discover a depth of character and strength within themselves as their love grows.

The first book in the series, When Calls the Heart books, is a Christian historical fiction that has inspired a Hallmark Channel TV program of the same name. With Return to the Canadian West and When Hope Calls, Janette Oke and her daughter, Laurel Oke Logan, have continued to develop the story.

Canadian West Books in Order

When Calls The Heart

Canadian West series

When Calls the Heart Books

Elizabeth was raised in an Eastern family and is shocked by the simple life when she visits Canada to start a new teaching job.

When Comes the Spring

Elizabeth braved the frontier to teach in a small schoolhouse. Wynn may be used to living in the North, but Elizabeth isn’t. Will their love be enough to sustain them amid a winter of loneliness and harsh winters?

When Breaks the Dawn

After surviving the hardships of their first year living in the Northwest, Elizabeth and Wynn (her Royal Canadian Mountie) face new challenges. They are given a new assignment just as they have made new friends and established a new school.

When Hope Springs New

Wynn and Elizabeth leave Beaver Creek to become close friends. They take over a more primitive RCMP post in the Canadian Northwest. Elizabeth is left completely isolated by the fear of being contacted by local Indian women. What if they were able to overcome the obstacles ahead?

Beyond the Gathering Storm

Henry, a Canadian Mountie just like his father, struggles to choose between duty and his heart. The loss of his husband haunts him for many years after he tells a young logger about it. Five years later, he is assigned to a new job and finds Amber. He also wins her trust and eventually her heart.

When Tomorrow Comes

Christine is still healing from a broken heart. She finds comfort in helping Henry, her beloved brother, settle into married life. She feels the call of North, which makes one young man interested in her. But it also fills her with uncertainty. Christine is willing to let God choose her lifelong love and give up her dream of living in the North.

Return to the Canadian West series

Return to the Canadian West series

Janette Oke, her daughter, and Laurel Oke Logan co-wrote the series.

Where Courage Calls

Beth Thatcher, a new school teacher, is given a job in remote mining communities. Her courage and her heart will be tested unexpectedly.

Where Trust Lies

After spending a year teaching in the Canadian West for one year, Beth Thatcher returns to Canada with her family for a luxury steamship tour of Canada’s eastern coast and the United States.

Beth soon realizes how much has changed since her departure and that it will be difficult to rekindle the relationship with her family. Will Beth find her true heart? Or will she be torn between her family’s dreams and her family’s?

Where Hope Prevails

Jarrick proposes to Beth Thatcher when she returns to Coal Valley. There are more schoolchildren than ever, as the mine is growing. Beth is confronted with a completely different view of education and finds herself facing off against her teacher. Beth is afraid for the children under Robert Harris Hughes’ influence and struggles to find the right response.

When Hope Calls series

When Hope Calls series

This companion book is for Return to the Canadian West. Also co-written with her daughter, Laurel Oke Logan.

Unyielding Hope

Lillian Walsh must make a new life after the loss of her adoptive mom. Lillian Walsh is about to embark on a long trip to Wales with her adoptive father when a lawyer arrives at her door to tell her that she has inherited some property from her birth parents. She also learns that her sister, whom she believed to be dead, is still likely to be alive.

Sustaining Faith

It has been so much. Lillian Walsh has done more than she ever imagined. Grace Walsh, her sister she rediscovered, has settled three children from England in new Canadian homes. Grace and Lillian are ready to place two additional children after the New Year.


How many books are in the series When Calls the Heart?

Six books are included in the book series that the show is based on. Canadian West, Janette Oke’s book series that began with When Calls the Heart is the basis for the TV show.

Does Jack die in the When Calls the Heart books?

Jack Wagner will be returning; this was one of the big revelations. Jack Thornton, a handsome constable, was killed in the series When Calls the Heart.

Who does Elizabeth marry in When Calls the Heart books?

In When Calls the Heart’s 8th season finale, Elizabeth chose Lucas.

What is the order of When Calls the Heart books?

Canadian West Series #1-6 (When Calls the Heart. When Spring. When Breaks the Dawn. When Hope Springs New. Beyond the Gathering Storm. When Tomorrow Comes. Paperback


The When Calls the Heart book series is a great way to get introduced to the world of Christian fiction. The books are well-written and offer a great message about love, faith, and hope. If you are looking for a light and easy read, this series is definitely for you. Thank you for reading!

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