What D And D Books Do I Need: Top Full Guide 2024

What D And D Books Do I Need
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Do you want to learn more about Dungeons & Dragons? The first question that pops into your mind is, What D And D Books Do I Need? We have created books that beginners can use to save you time and money. To find the right book for you, read the entire article!

A Beginners Resources Guide To D&D 5th Edition – For New Players And Dungeon Masters

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Sometimes I need to remind myself that not everyone is as interested in D&D as me. I spend a lot of time listening, watching, reading, and learning from different sources about the basic rules, DMing techniques, and news.

Writing articles helps me understand the game better and allows me to improve my writing skills. You could say that I am obsessed with D&D and its running.

This is why I’ve encountered a few people who don’t know what I am talking about when I discuss a resource that I found for the game or a blog/podcast that covers these topics.

This article was originally going to be a Dungeon Masters Resource Guide. However, I realized that the lines between players and DMs regarding resources were very blurred. Anyone who wants to join the community or look to see if it is for them, I have one word to say.

We are glad you are here!

The most important aspect of this hobby is its community. This guide will help you achieve your goals. This guide will help you play the game even if you’ve never set foot at a table or picked up a character page.

The Essentials

Before I can dive into the specific resources, I need to do some research. This section contains everything you need to run a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game (D&D 5e books). All of these are either free or can be used as an alternative.

Basics Rules

Wizards of the Coast (WotC, or Wizards), the people who create and sell D&D have made the rules available for free. These rules provide the minimum information you need to play the game and the resources you’ll need to become a Dungeon Master (DM).

Character sheets

You won’t likely be creating your character sheet templates as a beginner player. But who knows, you might surprise yourself. You don’t have to download the Players Handbook. All of the character sheets Wizards created for the game can be downloaded.

For those who prefer to keep their character sheets digital, several options can be filled out. If you don’t feel up to creating your own, they provide pre-generated character sheets.


This resource is what many people in the community refer to, like tattoos. You can’t have only one set. Although it’s great to have a set of physical dice to roll, there are many digital options. Some of the digital resources I’ll mention having their digital dice rolls.

First, I will assume that you are playing with friends and don’t want any dice yet. Both Android and Apple offer free dice-rolling options. Note that I do not use Apple products, and my Apple product recommendations are based on reviews.

Best Dungeons And Dragons Books

Best Dungeons And Dragons Books

The Dungeons And Dragons Player’s Handbook

Whether you’re DMing or playing, you won’t be leaving home without this. It’s the player’s bible. Although you may find the fundamental guidelines online, this book goes further.

It provides all the information required to play Dungeons & Dragons. The most extensive section is dedicated to character development, with several pages on the various classes, races, and techniques for giving your character’s personality and background.

There is a ton of mythology to read, not to mention lists of spells, tools, and laws for combat and non-combat situations. It is a gorgeously drawn book that feels satisfyingly substantial.

You’ll use this one a lot, so hold onto it.

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Volo’s Guide to Monsters

The Monster Manual’s follow-up supplement adds additional playable races for gamers who choose monsters, including the angelic Aasimar, Tabaxi (catfolk) Giants, and Lizardfolk.

You may make use of an extensive section on monster lore, which includes, among other things, information on how to create a lair for your hag, create your own Beholder, and the structure of a Mind Flayer colony.

Volo’s Guide to Monsters includes commentary from the scholar and wizard light Volo, who sprinkles the book with insightful observations like “Kobolds are a lot less charming when they learn how to shoot fireballs.”

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The book also includes an illustrated bestiary with over 120 creatures, detailed mythologies for each one, and tale ideas.

The Dungeon Master’s Guide

If you just want to play, you may safely skip this, but if you feel the need to take control of the table, as it often does, this is the book you need.

It includes all the materials required to “craft legendary legends”. There is a ton of information about world-building. You may also learn about deities and the many multiverse regions.

Not to mention recommendations for what kind of fantasy to focus on and instructions for creating adventures ranging from simple dungeon crawls to elaborate epic campaigns.

The DM’s Guide is brimming with advice on essentially being the greatest Dungeon Master ever, and valuable dice-based creation tables show you how to generate anything from backstories to happenings.

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Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes

The name Mordenkainen may be familiar to you from the Dungeons & Dragons characters list. Since the days of Gygax, the creator of Dungeons & Dragons, the super-powerful wizard has existed.

The most significant battles in the Dungeons & Dragons universe are chronicled in this book, including Mordy’s notes. You may learn more about the horrors of Gith, the Blood War’s etymology, and why there are so many different kinds of elves here.

A ton of brand-new monsters are also included, focusing on the most terrifying and multifaceted ones. A few additional sub-races, such as the Eladrin and seasonal Feywild elves, are available.

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

The rulebook for Dungeons & Dragons as a whole is expanded, and Xanathar’s has a plethora of curiosities. A variety of delightful new character classes are included in this.

Samurai, shadow sorcerors, and the famed Hexblade warlock are just a few examples. That person can crush your skull with bare hands while still casting dark woo-woo spells.

This book, in particular, provides a ton of additional character flavor, inspiring you to consider why you struck a bargain with your patron as a warlock or what your goals are as a wizard.

For instance, the chapter “This is your Life” provides plenty of ideas for character backstories, whether they concern where a character was born or the motivations behind their actions.

There is also a ton of extra inspiration for the dungeon master, such as new uses for traps (fire blast pit, anyone? ), magic items, and ideas for keeping a campaign interesting, such as encouraging players to engage in gambling or religion in their spare time.

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Mythic Odysseys of Theros

There is a world primarily influenced by the culture and mythology of the ancient Greeks, with new races, gods, objects, and monsters to face as part of this theme. It is another book based on a Magic: The Gathering set. Want to take on the role of a Satyr sailing out to adventure or a Minotaur prowling through the olive trees in the sun? You can see now.

A significant component of it is how the players see the gods. The gods of Theros are notoriously capricious and have been known to act cruelly in response to even the slightest insult or simply because someone forgot to thank them. On the other side, if you succeed in your plea, you can be given a divine spear with solid magical abilities or the abilities of an oracle.

It has some of the most incredible artwork we’ve ever seen from a Dungeons & Dragons book, both in terms of quality and design. It has a vividly detailed universe that feels ready for adventure. The cover opens with a gorgeously drawn space hydra, and the whole artwork maintains that iconic vigor in each subsequent image.

The Monster Manual

This Dungeons & Dragons bestiary has several dragons, giants, mind-flayers, and beholders that may be used in any game.

Each monster has useful statistics for combat and a wealth of story and stunning artwork to satisfy your creative appetite.

It also emphasizes how to do it compellingly while providing you with a ton of interesting details on the origins and personalities of the animals.

You won’t only learn how to toss goblins at your players; the Monster Manual has many huge, burly guys with all kinds of gimmicks like Legendary actions and Lair effects. All lethal techniques to add to your repertoire. Turn become the monster.

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Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

Therefore, if you like the Forgotten Realms (basically a reasonably classic fantasy setting made famous by the computer game Neverwinter Nights), this is the book for you. It will provide you a wealth of information about the region, its Gods, and its inhabitants, which will help you develop a setting there.

Discover the practices of the bizarre Bardic schools, the Kuldjargh Battle Rager (Dwarvish for “a fool”), and many more.

Additionally, you’ll discover the area’s history, including a thorough introduction to its violent and colorful past.

Not to mention, new character sub-races like the Undying Warlock and Swashbuckler Rogue have been introduced. Warlocks take note this book also has a ton of gloomy patrons.

Guild Master’s Guide to Ravnica

Based on the well-known Magic: The Gathering set, this sourcebook gives any campaign or player character many fresh features. You first get guidelines for Ravnica’s 10 guilds, which serve as factions in the brand-new, colossal world.

For instance, the Rakdos guild consists of fire-breathing acrobats and general mayhem producers, or the Azorius, the Saturnine Law Markers. Being associated with a particular guild is an excellent place for any character to start.

The centaur, Loxodonta (prominent elderly elephant people), minotaur, vedalken, and Simic hybrid are five additional races. Lastly, the first-level adventure Krenko’s Way is a fantastic starting point for any adventures you may like to run in the milieu. Not to add, you can also experience some extra monsters.

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What D And D Books Do I Need?


Essential: The Player’s Handbook

The Player’s Handbook is a must-read. The Handbook contains everything you need, starting with the basics (What’s your initiative?).

What is the best way to kill something? What are your ability scores? To create your character (What additional benefits does a halfling give you?) Which race is the best if you want a barbarian job? What are the differences between humans, elves, and dwarves? To spells.

You can even find little tidbits and asides to D& D-based novels. Although it is possible to have someone else explain the rules or get a character pre-made from the Internet, D&D will remain somewhat obscure if you don’t at least read the Handbook. Trust me.


Roll20 is for you if you don’t live near friends but still need a resource to help you play together. This service is free for players, while DMs pay nothing. You will need to pay a monthly subscription fee if you require dynamic lighting or other features.

Although I don’t want to sound like you’re losing out on subscriptions, I did play with the free version for almost a year. Wizards partnered with them to bring you full-length adventures, including art assets!

This service can be used to enjoy the full D&D experience. They also support other games, so you don’t have to play D&D. This is a great service that’s worth investigating.

Recommended: The Monster Manual and The Dungeon Master’s Guide

The Handbook is sufficient if you only want to play Dungeons and Dragons and not Dungeon Master (DM) or immerse yourself in the culture. If you want to create your world or guide your group through certain doom, you should get The Monster Manual and The Dungeon Master’s Guide.

The Monster Manual provides stats for dozens of monsters. It tells you how difficult they are to kill (the challenge score), how much damage they can do under melee and ranged attack, and their special skills (such as blind vision or resistance against certain types of damage).

This can be used to learn about the many amazing creatures, monsters, and aberrations found in the multiverse. It is also necessary if you are planning on constructing a game.

Although The Dungeon Master’s Guide may be a little more complicated, it still provides a wealth of magic items that can enhance your play. It also helps you to calculate how characters work and live in the world. This guide is best used once you have read The Player’s Handbook.

D&D Beyord

If you are a community member who already owns several books, I don’t recommend this product. This is the only legal way to get the pdf versions of all books you purchase. The good news is that all the source books can be found on this site at a fraction of their hardcover counterparts.

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The service includes a character creator tool, but it is limited to the characters you can create. The service allows you to manage an entire campaign. Although their online tools are very useful, they come with a price. Subscriptions are available if you’re willing to pay for some extra features.

Nice to have: Modules

In D&D, a module is a pre-made campaign or “story” that you can play/run/DM. You will find adventure hooks that your characters can use to choose which adventures to take, maps of different areas, villains to defeat, NPCs (nonplayer characters) to play role-play, and many other features.

There are many modules that you can play. They correspond to the various editions, which are updated every few years.

The newest edition of D&D 5e is now available. The modules are The Lost Mines of Phandelver (the Starter Kit), The Curse of Strahd, and The Storm King’s Thunder. You can find it here.

Each module gives the player different worlds and different monsters. You can do what you want. You can either pay through the pages or listen to other people play it.

Volo’s Guide to Monsters

This one is a good example. It’s a fantastic book for DMs. We discussed it from a player’s point of view. You will find a lot of new stats for monsters that can be added to the Monster Manual. You can also learn more about particular monster types so that you can create your dungeons. This is a deep book.

Extraneous: Guides and Companion books

Guides and companion books are available for hardcore fans and those who want to know the details of the multiverse. You can choose Volo’s Guide to Monsters or Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. There are also some special books on different lairs and monsters.

Each book offers something different, such as new monsters you can fight and learn about, new ways to create dungeon crawls, and new races. These books are not essential, but they’re pretty cool.


Where do I begin my D&D books?

It’s great to have a starter set. This set is intended for starters, as the name implies. Player’s Handbook (PHB). Every D&D player will want to begin with this. Roll20. Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide – SCAG

Read more: https://www.nerdolopedia.com/articles/2017/12/4/dnd-resource-guide

How can I find out which edition of My D&D book it is?

How can I find out which edition of My D&D book it is? The logo on the front cover is the logo. A small red “D&D” logo indicates the 5th edition. A large red “Dungeons and Dragons” logo signifies the 4th edition. “Dungeons and Dragons” is a logo with a sword through. This logo represents the 3rd edition. The barcode that begins with a single letter indicates 5th edition.

Why is the DND book so expensive?

Why is the DND book so expensive? Many people have been paid for many years to create the book. Although the book costs only 25 dollars to print, 5e took three years to design. This includes three years of salary, plus the salaries of an editor, graphic design, and many artists. All of this is included in the cost.

Is there going to be the sixth edition of D&D?

Wizards of the Coast released many editions of Dungeons & Dragons. They have also occasionally modified core D&D rules during middle editions. It is almost certain that there will be the sixth edition of Dungeons & Dragons.


Are you passionate about D&D and would like to learn more? You won’t be disappointed by books about D&D. You will find the right book for you by reading this article. Choose a book that helps you grow.

We also provide answers to many of the most frequently asked questions on the forum. You can also leave comments below if you have other questions. We will quickly add information to the problem and check it again.

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