What Are Visual Novels? Best Full Guide [2021]

What Are Visual Novels?

Did you know that Japan wasn’t the first country to invent computer games? Space War is the recipient of this award. The game was created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1962. Japan did not invent the first computer games. Space War is the recipient of this award. This game was created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the United States, in 1962. Visual Novels is one of the most well-known video games in Japan. What are visual novels, then? The article below will provide the complete information from Penn Book.

What are Visual Novels?

A visual novel can be described as a videogame if one considers it from a market perspective. They are packaged like video games, sold in the same digital and physical stores as video games, and look and feel just like video games.

Yet, they have something strange about them. Despite being video games, they don’t have much “game” in them. While “videogame” is a broad term that covers a wide range of genres and games on computers, visual novels still have a unique place. However, the main attraction of the visual novel isn’t to play it but to read it.

What are visual novels? Visual novels are not games because they lack gameplay mechanics. However, the addition of interactivity and visuals make them less like literature. This is also evident when looking at the literature or the game studies academics: neither has done much on visual novels.

Visual novels can be described as a digital format, which means they can run on computers. While visual novels may include other gameplay elements, the core gameplay mechanic of visual novels is the choice-making moment. At certain times, the narrative flow will stop. Options will then appear. This allows the player to choose. Any decision they make will affect the story’s flow.

A common screen design is to place a character in front of a background. The dialogue box below the screen shows narration, inner monologues, or any dialogue that pertains to the character. However, this approach is not common. Many visual novels use different approaches, such as the screenshot of Bury Me, My Love. When used properly, the dialogue box can create tension by changing when clicked. The limited text that it contains allows for a form enjambment, where the player must click to continue.

Like other video games, visual novels have to save files that allow players to store their progress and go back to it later. In the same way, readers/players will often read a storyline, then replay it from the beginning to make new decisions and obtain different results.

Visual novels are designed around this particular choice-making moment. However, the form allows for different gameplay options that either extend it or modify it in any way. As it were, the fluidity of the form is fluidity in categorization. Video games are often categorized by genre. However, the lines between them are, at best, blurry. Although visual novels were born out of an early American text-based adventure, they have not been considered adventure games.

I have already pointed out that American text-based adventure games are the source of the original form. However, visual novels are made mainly in Japan. Their history evolved from American adventure games to Japanese adventure games, a genre marked by puzzle-solving mechanisms. They then went through a style that used different frames in manga and dropped the puzzle mechanics in favor of narrative. This is what they are today.

This article is part of a series on video games and visual novels. This article on Bury Me, My Love provides more information on visual novels. These articles provide a deeper understanding of the theory of video games being literary. They include a retelling of Hamlet through Ophelia’s eyes in Elsinore and a discussion on literature in video games.

Doki Doki Literature Club was the topic of previous articles! And Bury Me, My Love, but there are also two visual novels: Oxenfree and VA-11 Hall-A. These will be discussed in detail in future articles to help you better understand what a visual novel is.

Visual Novels

Are Visual Novels Legitimate Games?

Umbrella Terms & Subject Matters

As with all other types of games, there are many kinds of visual novels. Kinetic novels are the simplest form of visual novels. You only need to read a linear story without any choices.

There are also sound novels. These are similar to kinetic novels but used almost exclusively by Spike Chunsoft (well-known for their many visual novels). They are used to distinguish their games from other visual novels. The name suggests that there is more emphasis on sound design. This makes them an excellent format for atmosphere building and slow-burning horror.

Many games can be seen as visual novels, serving as secondary roles to the main genre role (such as the modern ‘Persona’ games, JRPGs, and the ‘Ace Attorney’ games, which are puzzle games). Western players can easily access these hybrids because they are more “gamey”, but they can also be very lengthy, so you need to commit to them.

Emotional catharsis is a common theme in visual novels. The goal is to make the viewer feel sorry for the cast.

Sci-Fi and horror are very popular, which is no surprise considering how common they are in western culture. These visual novels can be quite complex, as is the case with ‘Steins; Gate.

The ‘Dating Simulators’ is the most well-known of all modern visual novels. The ‘Dating Simulators’ main goal is to romance and date as many wives/waifs as possible. They can be run side-by-side with any subgenre. However, they all revolve around winning a prince/princess. Depending on the novel, you can either follow one or become a huge pimp. Some of these scenes are full-on sex and can even go into hentai territory.

Some dating simulators have a strange twist, like “Hatoful Boyfriend”, which allows you to date…pigeons. I am not lying. If you aren’t convinced, go and check it out!


Visual Novels 2

An interesting conversation that I had with someone who tried to make fun of me by claiming that visual novels weren’t games inspired me to create this blog. “They’re just audiobooks!” the other person laughed…as though that was a bad thing.

They behave and run much like classic games (via an app or disc on a console/PC), but they also look very similar to games. These interactive stories are no different from ‘Bioshock’ and ‘Assassins Creed 2′. They all play differently and are different from one another.

Visual novels have influenced western developers, such as Dream Daddy’ or Doki Doki Literature Club! This is clear evidence that Telltale Games, once in operation, was inspired by the genre to create all their games. “Life is Strange” was inspired by “Danganronpa” and “Heavy Rain”. This is an essentially playable novel/drama.

Many of them are more expensive than books and cost much more than standard game releases to return to the book argument. My standard edition of Chaos; Child for PS4 costs PS20, which is about the same as a hardback book. It contained the game and a beautiful glossy art book. It is long and contains a great story. I only played as much of it before being distracted by uni work. That is slowly changing now.

If you enjoy books and video games, you will find at least one visual novel that you can be fully invested in. These are legit genres of games.


How do visual novels work?

Visual novels tell stories through text, voice-overs, and background music. Most allow players to take control of the main character and see the story from their perspective. They can then make decisions throughout the story.

Do visual novels count as books?

Visual Novels consist primarily of text and can be read like a book. However, you can enhance the experience with music and pictures. It’s more than a picture book.

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Are visual novels good?

Visual novels are a balance between movies and novels, which leave too many details up to the imagination of the reader (“too open”), and novels that provide all the facts on the screen (“too close”)

Why are visual novels so popular?

VPNs are quite popular because they are cheap to make, cheaper than anime or video games, but more expensive than creating a novel. It is better to have everything explained than it is shown.

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