What Are Board Books? Best 2022

What Are Board Books
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Many parents are interested in reading to their children, but not all know what the best books to read are. Board Books are becoming increasingly popular among new parents who want an easy way to introduce reading and toddlers who love holding the book themselves without breaking it.

There is a lot of confusion on this subject because there are so many different opinions about books. Reading on to know more about What Are Board Books.

What Are Board Books?

Board books for babies are typically 1 to 8 inches in height, depending on the child’s age. Some can be more than a foot tall! And while some books are made with soft materials, most are durable enough for kids three years old or older sturdy enough for little hands but cushioned enough not to hurt if they throw their book at you.

If you’re giving a board book as a gift, make sure it includes your loved one’s name(s) within the illustrations and text. That way, your special gift will be treasured for years to come.

Board Books

How many pages are in a board book?

Board books come in many shapes and sizes, from simple to elaborate. Some babies’ board books are as short as two pages or less; some have 20 or more!

The average number of pages is around 6 to 8, though some may have more (and some have fewer). Pages can be relatively thick (thicker than standard picture books) or thinner (about the same thickness as standard picture books), depending on the book’s content.

There’s no set rule for what makes a board book… because there are so many different kinds! For example, babies love interactive board books ones that they can touch and feel, such as Baby Einstein board books by Simon and Schuster with textures, sounds, or even velcro to add interest. If the book is cloth bound, babies can chew on it as well!

Many board books are lift the flap, allowing a baby to lift a flap from the page and peek underneath. This allows them to look for something specific, like an animal that’s hiding in the grass.

Babies also love rhyming board books because they’re easy for them to follow along with and enjoy reciting out loud especially if you make up silly sound effects!

If your little one isn’t quite old enough for longer stories, try board books by Penguin Random House for young babies (0-12 months). These have just one word or simple sentence per page in fun illustrations that will capture your baby’s interest.

What Age Are Board Books Appropriate For?

What Age Are Board Books Appropriate For

There’s no real set chart for this, but most board books are designed for children two years old and older. Babies under one year usually don’t have the skill or talent to turn the pages of thicker board books, so that thinner ones might be a better choice. This is especially true if they’re teething you don’t want them chewing on something that will cause injury!

If your child is at an age when he can turn the pages with ease, then give him thicker books as well. Though your baby may not understand what it all means just yet, you’ll still capture his attention with bright colors and fun illustrations. As time goes by, he’ll begin learning more through repetition.

As your child gets older, he’ll be ready for longer stories in thick board books. The words and sentences will become more complex, and the illustrations will tell a much fuller story. Older children also have a better understanding of numbers and letters, so look for books with those features especially if you want to teach your child at home!

How Is a Board Book Made?

Cardboard books are typically made with paper pages printed together, but there are some newer board book options available. Some of these have electronic capabilities or even more advanced graphics than traditional paper bound books. How is a board book made? Everything starts in the planning stages.

First, writers and illustrators develop an idea for a story based on their knowledge of what kids of a certain age (or younger) like to see and learn about. Then they write it all down so everyone involved can get a sense of what will go into the illustrations, too!

After that, designers create the look and feel of each page on the computer: How many words should be on one page? How many pictures? How will the words be arranged? How will they flow with the pictures? How big should the letters be for each word? How many pages should there be in total? Once this is all nailed down, it’s time to get to work.

A board book can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months to make, depending on how long and complex it needs to be. For example, A basic board book with ten pages might only take a few weeks, while a larger one with 20 or more pages could take over three months!

The first step in making a board book is printing different versions of its pages called proofs. This way, designers can see exactly how it’ll look when printed. The next step is to print the final copy, which can take as long as 10 hours! After that, the pages are cut and jacketed glued together with a cover on top.

There may be a few more steps after that (like inserting velcro into your book), but once all of these steps have been completed, you know you’ve got yourself an awesome board book!

What Makes a Good Board Book?

What Makes a Good Board Book

Good cardboard books have some key components. First of all, they’re durable in case your little one gets into them and chews on them! Hardcover books can get damaged if your child decides to gnaw on them, so stick with soft board books instead.

Board Book also means that the pages are heavy duty enough for babies who may not yet be able to turn or hold a book by themselves.

What else can you look for in a good board book? Books with bright colors and fun illustrations make great board books for babies! What’s more, you’ll probably want words that are simple yet still interesting, which means that the book has a happy ending, too. Most children like books with happy and simple endings that don’t leave them in suspense!

Why Board Books are Safer for Babies?

A Personalized Board Book is the Perfect Building Block for Your Baby’s Library

Well, you’re probably already aware that anything your baby can put in his mouth might be hazardous to him — especially if it’s sharp or sticky. Why are board books safer for babies? Because they’re made of thick cardboard pages that don’t pose a choking hazard. These pages also make the book more durable.

Board Books Help Build Motor Skills

Because they help your baby develop his motor skills, which are key to learning how to move on his own, they’re also great for developing your child’s hand eye coordination and dexterity.

Your baby will build up her sense of touch by feeling the bumps and ridges in the illustrations or photos. She’ll improve her hearing because she needs to hear you reading her a story to follow along with what’s going on. And lastly, they’re great because they keep your little one interested longer especially when she can’t turn the pages herself.

The Educational Entertainment of Children’s Books

Because they’re an important and fun part of your baby’s life. Why are board books safer for babies? Your child can develop her reading skills, learn about new things like animals or colors and make connections between images and words on the page.

You can choose a variety of titles that will keep your little one happily entertained! Cardboard books are perfect for building your child’s library because they’re safe, long lasting, easy for you to clean, and fun for your little one.

Board Books in a World of Technology

Board books help you pass your love of reading to your child because it’s something you can do together! These days, there seems to be a gadget or device for everything including reading.

They’re great now that eBooks and apps have made it easy to purchase and download new titles. All you need is a smartphone! Cardboard books offer an added benefit: they give your baby the chance to snuggle up close with you while she listens to stories.


Reading with your toddler is a wonderful experience. You and your child will have fun, spend time together, and model the love of books and reading to them as you share these precious moments reading side by side. We hope this list has given you some ideas on what types of board books are best for toddlers so that you can find one perfect for your baby’s age range!

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