What Are Board Books? All Things You Should Know In 2022

What Are Board Books
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Many parents are interested in reading to their children, but not all know what the best books to read are. Board Books are becoming increasingly popular among new parents who want an easy way to introduce reading and toddlers who love holding the book themselves without breaking it.

There is a lot of confusion on this subject because there are so many different opinions about books. Reading on to know more about What are board books?

What Are Board Books?

What Are Board Books

Board books are small, durable books with thick pages made of cardboard. They are specifically designed for infants and toddlers, who are still developing their fine motor skills and are not yet able to read traditional paperbacks.

Board books are often brightly illustrated and have simple stories or rhymes, making them ideal for reading aloud. Many parents choose to start their child’s library with a selection of board books, which can be easily stored and carried around.

What Is The Purpose Of A Board Book?

A board book is a type of children’s book that is printed on thick paperboard. The pages of a board book are glued to the spine of the book, rather than being sewn or stapled.

Board books are usually intended for infants or toddlers, who are still learning to handle fragile objects. Many board books have simple stories, rhymes, or songs, and are often illustrated with bright, cheerful pictures. Board books are an excellent way to introduce young children to the joys of reading.

What Age Are Board Books Appropriate For?

Most board books are appropriate for children ages 0-2, though some are geared towards slightly older toddlers. Board books are typically shorter and have thicker pages than traditional picture books, making them sturdier and easier for small hands to grasp.

Many board books also have simple stories or rhymes, as well as brightly-colored illustrations, which can help capture a child’s attention. While board books can be enjoyable for children of all ages, they are often best-suited for younger readers who are still developing their fine motor skills and learning to recognize basic shapes and colors.

Types Of Board Books

Types Of Board Books

There are three types of board books: picture books, story books, and concept books. Picture books are usually about one subject, such as animals or trucks, and contain few words.

Story books usually have a plot and several characters, and often teach a lesson. Concept books introduce young children to ideas, such as counting or the alphabet.

Most board books are intended for children ages 0-3, but some are made for older kids as well. Board books make great gifts for new parents and are a fun way to introduce young children to the world of reading.

How Is a Board Book Made?

Board books are usually made with a cover of thick cardboard, and the pages are usually made of paper that is coated with a thin layer of plastic. This makes the pages durable and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. The pages are usually glued to the spine of the book, and then the book is trimmed to its finished size. Board books are usually printed using a 4-color process, which means that they can have full-color illustrations.

What Makes a Good Board Book?

There are a few key things that make a good board book. Firstly, the book should be made of thick, sturdy cardboard pages. This is important because young children will inevitably drop and throw their books around, and you want a book that will withstand this abuse!

Secondly, the illustrations should be bright and engaging, with simple shapes and lines that are easy for little ones to follow. And finally, the text should be short and sweet, with easy words and phrases that babies and toddlers can easily understand.

Benefits Of Board Books

Board books are designed for babies and young toddlers to handle. They are short and concise with bright pictures and few words. Board books are also very durable, which is important for little hands that like to pull and chew on everything.

Benefits of board books for babies and young toddlers include:

  • They are easy for little hands to hold and manipulate.
  • Board books are very durable, so they can withstand a lot of abuse from little hands.
  • The pictures and words in board books are simple and easy for babies and young toddlers to understand.
  • Board books help to develop pre-reading skills in babies and young toddlers.
  • Board books are usually less expensive than other types of books.
  • In addition, board books can promote bonding between parent and child and foster a love of reading.

Why People Love Our Board Books

Why People Love Our Board Books

There are many reasons people love our board books. They are sturdy, colorful, and entertaining. Plus, they are a great way to introduce young children to reading. Our board books are designed to capture a child’s attention and help them learn basic concepts such as colors, shapes, and numbers.

They are also a fun way for adults to bond with their little ones. Whether you are reading to your child or having your child read to you, board books are a great way to make reading time special.

What Is The Difference Between A Board Book And A Hardback?

A board book is a type of children’s book that is made out of thick paperboard. Hardback books are made out of stiff cardboard covered with cloth, paper, or leather. Board books are usually smaller than hardbacks and have round corners. Hardbacks often have dust jackets.

How To Choose A Board Book

When choosing a board book for your child, it is important to consider a few factors. The first factor is the age of your child. Board books are typically geared towards children aged 0-2 years old. If your child is older than 2 years old, they may be ready for a more traditional book with fewer pictures and more text.

The second factor to consider is the subject matter of the book. Board books often have bright colors and simple illustrations. Look for books with themes that interest your child, such as animals, numbers, or shapes.

The third factor is the size of the book. Board books are smaller than traditional books, which makes them easy for little hands to hold. Choose a book that is the appropriate size for your child, so they can easily flip through the pages.

Finally, consider the price of the book. Board books are often less expensive than traditional books, which makes them a great option if you are on a budget. However, there are some premium board books that are more expensive. Choose the book that fits your budget and your child’s needs.

Why are Board Books Safer for Babies?

Why are Board Books Safer for Babies

A Personalized Board Book is the Perfect Building Block for Your Baby’s Library

Well, you’re probably already aware that anything your baby can put in his mouth might be hazardous to him — especially if it’s sharp or sticky. Why are board books safer for babies? Because they’re made of thick cardboard pages that don’t pose a choking hazard. These pages also make the book more durable.

Board Books Help Build Motor Skills

Because they help your baby develop his motor skills, which are key to learning how to move on his own, they’re also great for developing your child’s hand eye coordination and dexterity.

Your baby will build up her sense of touch by feeling the bumps and ridges in the illustrations or photos. She’ll improve her hearing because she needs to hear you reading her a story to follow along with what’s going on. And lastly, they’re great because they keep your little one interested longer especially when she can’t turn the pages herself.

The Educational Entertainment of Children’s Books

Because they’re an important and fun part of your baby’s life. Why are board books safer for babies? Your child can develop her reading skills, learn about new things like animals or colors and make connections between images and words on the page.

You can choose a variety of titles that will keep your little one happily entertained! Cardboard books are perfect for building your child’s library because they’re safe, long lasting, easy for you to clean, and fun for your little one.

Board Books in a World of Technology

Board books help you pass your love of reading to your child because it’s something you can do together! These days, there seems to be a gadget or device for everything including reading.

They’re great now that eBooks and apps have made it easy to purchase and download new titles. All you need is a smartphone! Cardboard books offer an added benefit: they give your baby the chance to snuggle up close with you while she listens to stories.

How To Store Board Books

One option for storing board books is to use a bookcase designed specifically for them. These bookcases are often shorter and have smaller shelves to accommodate the smaller size of the books.

If you don’t want to buy a special bookcase, any type of bookcase or shelving unit can be used to store board books. Just be sure to arrange the books so that the heavier ones are at the bottom and the lighter ones are at the top.


  • In the car
  • Beside the bed
  • In a tote to take outside



Are Board Books The Same As Hardcover Books?

Board books are small, lightweight books with stiff pages. They are usually shorter and have fewer words than a hardcover book. Board books are easy for young children to hold and carry.

Hardcover books are larger and have more pages than board books. Hardcover books often have dust jackets. Dust jackets are made of paper and are wrapped around the outside of the book. They help protect the book from dirt and damage.

How are they different from regular books?

Board books are made out of cardboard, which is much more durable than regular paper. This makes them ideal for small children who are just learning to read, because they can’t easily rip them or tear them. Board books are also usually smaller in size than regular books, which makes them easier for small children to hold.

Finally, board books often have pictures on every page, which helps to keep children’s attention focused while they are reading.


Reading with your toddler is a wonderful experience. You and your child will have fun, spend time together, and model the love of books and reading to them as you share these precious moments reading side by side. We hope this list has given you some ideas on what types of board books are best for toddlers so that you can find one perfect for your baby’s age range!

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