Best Things Aren’t Always What They Seem Quotes 2022

Things Aren't Always What They Seem Quotes

Positive thinking does not mean you ignore the unpleasant situations in life. Positive thinking is simply a positive approach to unpleasant situations. The best thing that can happen is the best. These Best Things Aren’t Always What They Seem Quotes will help you see that not everything is as it seems.

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem Quotes


Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden. ― Phaedrus

In the spirit of the Irish people, Osama bin Laden, you can kiss my royal Irish ass! ― Mike Moran

Guys aren’t so different from us, I think, which no matter how many times I think it will always seem like a remarkable revelation. ― Emily Giffin

Things aren’t always what they seem, are they? ― N.E. Bode

Because people aren’t always as they seem and the moral of the story is the apple isn’t always sweet. ― Jasmine Sandozz

Primary goal for the ‘Write what you mean to say

The primary goal for the reader: ‘Read what the author actually writes ― Falcon Dove

The characters that aren’t what they seem to be or women who are stronger than people give them credit for or characters you underestimate, I always think are really interesting because there are so many possibilities with them. ― Valorie Curry

In Washington, the venerable were often vulnerable. ― John Taliaferro

Well, we can stay friends if you want. I know I’d like to. But I’ll understand if you ― ” “No, I mean what happens right now. Like, how do you finish a breakup? Like . . . how does this scene end?” (Okay. ― Anna Kendrick

I’m cool with failing so long as I know that there are people around me that love me unconditionally. ― Dave Chappelle

It’s always weird to go from my mom to Mitch. It doesn’t seem like I should have been able to get to this life from my old one like there aren’t even roads between those two places. ― Rainbow Rowell

Life is crazy, unexpected, and endlessly beautiful. ― Daniel Wallock

You’re only seeing part of me

There’s more than you could ever know

Behind the scenes. ― Francesca Battistelli

Integrity is simply doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do…not the easiest path, but the right one. ― Robert S. Carlisle

If what philosophers say of the kinship of God and Man be true, what remains for men to do but as Socrates did: never when asked one’s country, to answer, “I am an Athenian or a Corinthian,” but “I am a citizen of the world. ― Epictetus

things aren’t always what they seem. ― Courtney Rice Gager

I can’t paint the way they want me to paint and they know that too ― Rembrandt

The question nowadays is not what makes government work. The question is how do we make it stop. ― P. J. O’Rourke

Things aren’t always as bad as they seem. ― Janet Gurtler

In some pictures of Provincetown the persons of the inhabitants are not drawn below the ankles, so much being supposed to be buried in the sand. ― Henry David Thoreau

Sometimes, courage is really just cowardice. Sometimes the bravest thing is to let go. ― Miguel Syjuco

A thing is what it is….and not something else. ― Robert Parker

Stay open-minded. Things aren’t always what they seem to be. ― Scottie Waves

People aren’t always who they seem, Detective. Am I anything like you thought?”

“No,” I admitted. You’re a million times better than I could have imagined. ― Dani Alexander

I know it doesn’t seem like much now, but sometimes the biggest problems are solved in bits and spurts. Solutions from the universe aren’t always detailed, or direct for that matter. ― D.A. Henneman

D.A. Henneman

Nice girls aren’t always what they seem. ― Taylor Cole

Esteem your friends,

revere your teachers,

honor your parents,

regard your supporters. ― Matshona Dhliwayo

Christianity is a lie, and possibly the best one ever constructed because aside from architecture, it is all that survives from the Roman Empire. ― Alejandro C. Estrada

Husbands and wives always loved each other, and that was what marriage meant. It was just so. Janie felt glad of the thought, for then it wouldn’t seem so destructive and moldy. She wouldn’t be lonely anymore. ― Zora Neale Hurston

Names are not always what they seem. ― Mark Twain

I’ll say this, Arik: the old man’s warning proved to be true – things are not always what they seem. She was no young lady -“

“If it’s the demon you speak of,” interjected Rith, as she stepped back into the ruin, Lyssa following after, “she was not even a toothless old hag. ― Dennis L. McKiernan

People who are too optimistic seem annoying. This is an unfortunate misinterpretation of what an optimist really is.

An optimist is neither naive, nor blind to the facts, nor in denial of grim reality. An optimist believes in the optimal usage of all options available, no matter how limited. As such, an optimist always sees the big picture. How else to keep track of all that’s out there? An optimist is simply a proactive realist.

An idealist focuses only on the best aspects of all things (sometimes in detriment to reality); an optimist strives to find an effective solution. A pessimist sees limited or no choices in dark times; an optimist makes choices.

When bobbing for apples, an idealist endlessly reaches for the best apple, a pessimist settles for the first one within reach, while an optimist drains the barrel, fishes out all the apples, and makes pie.

Annoying? Yes. But, oh-so tasty! ― Vera Nazarian

I’m always looking for silhouettes that seem ‘invisible’ to the eye, as in that it’s so well-tailored to your body that you won’t even notice what you’re wearing. It needs to be dramatic in a subtle way. ― Lykke Li

I remember keeping a lot of journals and diaries and trying to form a complete thought just based off of those immediate, raw feelings. If anything, I was conscious about how I just always wanted to be as honest as possible, no matter how vulnerable it would make me seem. ― Gallant

I seem to have always one little window looking but into life. ― Emma Lazarus

One result of this productive system is that the middle class has grown from being about 15 percent of the population in 1920 to be 86 percent of the population in 2011. While some of the population always seem to live at the poverty line, the vast majority of Americans today are affluent compared to their grandparents. They have the money to buy the products produced by American industry. In the process, the definition of poverty has changed.

The majority of Americans who are classified by the government as living at the poverty level have indoor plumbing, color television sets, cell phones, air-conditioning, washers and dryers, microwaves, automobiles, and access to free health care. They are also a significant buying group. ― Arthur Hughes

People who try hard to do the right thing always seem mad. ― Stephen King

A too constant preoccupation with money may seem to indicate the lack of a proper sense of moral values, but [let] those who have always had money … be without it for a while, and they will soon discover how quickly it becomes their chief concern. ― Moss Hart

The Buddhist explanation is that we feel this uneasiness because we’re always trying to get ground under our feet and it never quite works. We’re always looking for a permanent reference point, and it doesn’t exist. Everything is impermanent.

Everything is always changing – fluid, unfixed, and open. Nothing is pin-down-able the way we’d like it to be. This is not actually bad news, but we all seem to be programmed for denial. We have absolutely no tolerance for uncertainty. It seems that insecurity ― Pema Chodron

There’ll always be that prep in me that I can’t seem to get rid of. ― Chloe Sevigny

More intriguingly, in poll after poll, when Americans are asked what public institutions they most respect, three bodies are always at the top of their list: the Supreme Court, the armed forces, and the Federal Reserve System. All three have one thing in common: they are insulated from the public pressures and operate undemocratically. It would seem that Americans admire these institutions, precisely because they lead rather than follow. ― Fareed Zakaria

Apparently some people (who don’t know history) seem to think that marriage ‘always has been’ exclusively between males and females – and that this modern inequality somehow justifies the enforced continuation of this inequality. ― Christina Engela

Second letter from Mom:

So! What if you colored the world? This still does not seem a great thing. In fact, it seems very natural that you eventually got to paint the entire world. Those colors of yours were always strange; they didn’t go away since you were born. ― Elena D. Calin

Bits have unique properties, then, that we can use to our advantage: they’re super-small, super-fast, easily acquired and created and copied and shared in near-infinite quantity, protected from the ravages of time, and free from the limitations of distance and space. In practice, though, bits reveal several paradoxes: they’re weightless, but they weigh us down; they don’t take up any space, but they always seem to pile up; they’re created in an instant, but they can last forever; they move quickly, but they can waste our time. ― Mark Hurst

At night, the valleys of my body curve around him, creating a geography I never knew existed before, where size is relative and more is always better, and I can’t seem to get enough of it. ― Tiffany Baker

Tiffany Baker

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